HillBilly Rock's MassFx Cycle

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  1. HillBilly Rock's MassFx Cycle

    Ok guys this will be my first log for a supplement cycle.I will try to be thorough,but your going to get some good ole hill billy review too,lol.I will start by sayingwhat I do and do not have involved such as vitamins and other sups.I then will go in to detail about my training regimen and the exercises I will do for this cycle.I will post everyday with input from my gym notebook.I keep a notebook at the gym and right down how much I did,how hard I went and how did it feel.I will simply transfer this over to this forum so I do not lose any valuable data.Gentleman sit back and enjoy the ride,the ROCK is going to show you how to grow,lol.

    these are everyday sups i will be taking with the MassFX
    Omega 3 Fatty Acids
    Super Vitamin B Complex
    Whey Protien
    Time Released Protien

    I did not name the companies involved,at this point AX is the only company.I have to stay focused.

    Training Regimen:
    I will do between 8-12 reps on almost all exercises,I use a warm up set with lite weight on all my exercises.I then go as heavy as I can making sure I get at least 8 reps so as to reach Hypertrophy.
    I will also note that I do 15 minutes of cardio at the begining of ech day just to get the blood pumping and to get a good stretch.

    Monday: Back

    4 sets Lat Pulldowns

    4 sets Low Rows

    4 sets Incline Bench Reverse Press

    4 sets Seated High Rolls

    2 sets Lower Back Extensions,I do both sets till failure.


    4 sets Flat Bench BB

    4 sets Incline DB Bench

    4 sets Parallel Dips

    4 sets Cable Crossovers (Low)

    4 sets Peck Deck Machine

    4 sets Straight Bar Curls

    4 sets Zottman Curls

    4 sets 1 Arm Preacher Curls

    Wednsday: Legs,Abs

    4 sets Seated Leg Press

    4 sets Hack Squats

    4 sets Leg Extensions

    4 sets Leg Curls

    4 sets Seated Calf Raises

    Machine Crunches till failure

    Thursday: Shoulders/Triceps

    4 sets Military Presses on the Smith

    4 sets Lateral Raises

    4 sets Front Laterals(may be done with cables or db)

    4 sets Bent Over Lateral Raises

    4 sets Shrugs

    4 sets Skullcrushers

    4 sets Standing rope Extensions(pull down with cable)

    4 sets Kickouts (bent over)

    Friday: Cardio/Abs Oh Yeah Baby!

    45 minutes of pure excitement!

    Followed by everyones favorite,crunches and side lateral crunches,suck it up boys,you gotta do the mid section work,and no matter how many crunches you dp you will never see the six pack without cardio,lol.

    This is the routine I will be running.This is my first log,but I am going to be RAW with you guys.I will tell you how I feel,I will tell you how the dude next to me that was catching my spit from my Massive Failure reps felt.I will tell you how my dog feels after I chase him around the house letting him know I am the Alpha male feels.I might even tell you how the weights I use feel after I straight up crush them like worms!Stay tuned boys and girls,you are gonna see the red neck version of the ALPHA MALE!!!!!!!!!

    I currently weight 215.3 lbsI am really excited about this and hope you guys stay tuned.I am not a rep or any kind of product pusher.I am just trying to reach my goals without steroids.Here we go.

  2. Best of luck to ya from 1 hillbilly to another!!!

    Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths . Proverbs 3:5-6

  3. Right on brother,I wish someone would rep my points up,lol.

  4. looking forward to the log HB!!!

  5. H_ROCK!

    What are you doing!?!?!?! ARE YOU FOLLOWING ME?


  6. Alright it's about time we see more of these FX logs rolling in here. Looking forward to this one.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  7. In an AM world taken over by BAM logs, this is refreshing!!!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by bLacKjAck.
    In an AM world taken over by BAM logs, this is refreshing!!!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by prld2gr8ns
    Alright it's about time we see more of these FX logs rolling in here. Looking forward to this one.
    still waiting on your log, prld!

  10. Time will be pressed as I plan on starting FX the same week that grad school and work pick back up. If I have the time, I'm going to try and log it. If not, I'll update for sure. Until then I'm going to be reading all these fine logs that we have going on here.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  11. Yeah, theya re good, aren't they!

  12. I forgot to add that my current weight as of this morning is 215.4 lbs.I also have my before pics in the chat section.I will also update you guys on my weight everyday.Let the Games Begin!

  13. Ok guys I have been advised to put my before pics here.It only makes sence so you guys don't have to go find stuff,if your covering my log.

    I will continue to work on my posing.Just so there is no confusion I AM Flexing in the photos.There will be none of that relaxed one pic then flexed the next THE GREATEST SUPPLEMENT OF ALL TIME CRAP!I will be honest at all time and look forward to this.I would really like to have the prize but guys I just want to make a huge leap forward and want to pass good honest knowledge to you guys.Thanks and God Bless,and thankyou very much AX for giving me this shot,I Won't Let You Down!

  14. You guys can tell I am new to this log stuff,lol.I forgott to put in my eating cycle.

    protein: 300-350gr a day
    calories: 3000-4000 a day (I'm not a hard gainer)
    carbs: 250 to 450.

    Idk what exactly what split this would be,if someone could answer that question that would be great.I eat alot,I try to use a protein shake with extra aminos for a meal replacememnt for the in between meals.Breakfast,Lunch and Dinner I eat real clean,the other times I try to take meal replacements to stay away from fast food.

  15. Ok guys I haven't got my stuff yet,but I will log tonights workout just to see the difference with and without MassFX.I figure this will show the contrast.Just to let everyone know I am always intense so we will see just how good this stuff is once I get it.

    Routine followed above for Thursday:

    Man tonight was good,really got a good blast out of the traps,really focused on the squeeze at the top on the last couple of reps,on the last 2 sets.We alternated these with the lateral raises for the weekly superset.(I am trying to superset one muscle group a week,I am switching it up weekly to not put to much stress on one particular area but hit it hard enough to produce shock).Man you can really feel where the shoulders stop and the traps start with this SS.Triceps are always a bomb.I get super pumps in my arms!Really tried to feel the sqwish of blood through the head but it never came and I went to complete failure,oh well maybe next week,they still got bombed until they were numb!Pretty much a real good night,but I feel I could have done more now that I am home.

    Just to add one more thing to my above stats,I keep forgetting stuff,sorry guys.

    Arms:16.5 both
    Chest: 44 told you my chest was weak!
    Waist: 36
    Thighs:24 both
    Calves:17R 16.75L

    These aren't really good yet but they will be!I will strive to keep up to date and give yuo guys real time data and results.This won't be pretty but it will be the TRUTH!

  16. you forgot the pic with my favorite tat!

    oh well!

  17. This is for you mace!

  18. Quote Originally Posted by HillbillyRock
    This is for you mace!

    Dude, you have too much time on your hands! Poor you! Havent received your goods yet Ok, Ill go beat up macedaddy and make sure you get it PRONTO Actually that will be my pleasure

  19. Hey after you put that woopin on him get my bottle of hot massage oil back from him,lol.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by HillbillyRock
    Hey after you put that woopin on him get my bottle of hot massage oil back from him,lol.

  21. OH MAN! I figured atleast BlackJack would have my back in here! Can't a man get a break!

    H_ROCK, you are on your own!

  22. Hey don't everyone panic,it's for medecinal purposes only.Man I told you i didn't want in the snuggle club,the voices made me do it,lol.

  23. Yeah, okay! try to save yourself now!

    where's them updates?

  24. K guys watch for my date or day of the week in these posts as they may be late,
    K guys good night again.The gym was empty,I guess everyone parties on Fri night,lol.I love the gym empty I feel like it's all for me,lol.Ok I did 45 minutes of cardio on the ski machine and cycle machine,got a sweet pump in my legs,I then proceded to do abs but they just weren't feeling right,so,I did the bi's.They felt good no pain in them and I hadn't worked them since Teus. so I hit them a little with incline hammers,and some preachers,pretty much superseted them just to get a good pump,just 2 sets of each,moderatly light weight.I then swam 8 laps in the pool,man that is killer for cardio,hit the steam room for streching and then it was the locker room.Felt real good but since the FX is on the way I am really feeling it is the missing link now.Off for the weekend and back to work Mon.Thanks all for keeping up,I want to win this but more importantly I want the respect!

  25. Ok monday was good,worked hard on the back with the excercises I have already mentioned in my regimen before,I won't go into great detail about my lifts from here on out unless I move up in my max.I will however tell the excercises and the intensity I felt during these.I have still not got the FX so thats the reason for my log not being as thorough.I am just using this time to compare my workouts from now to then.Last night I did chest and bi's.My chest is really starting to get good pumps.I beleive this is do to me actually starting to add some size to it.Bi's always feel killer and always get the pump i am after.I will keep you advised and once my goods get here I will be really thorough.


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