Freezitos recompe log including Anabolic pump,dcp, and powerfull!

  1. Freezitos recompe log including Anabolic pump,dcp, and powerfull!

    Wish me luck! Im at work right now and when i get up this afternoon it is on. Im 6 ft tall, 245 and my bf% is about 20%
    Im 32 years old and Im ready for a change. i will post my diet and workout routine on a daily basis. I will be using anabolic pump and powerfull from usplabs and I will be adding DCP when it arrives in a couple of days. I am also thinking about adding sesathin, but havent decided yet. i dont want too do too much too fast. Wish me luck!

  2. Its gonna be interesting subscribing!

  3. What kinda dose will you be running the powerfull at? Do you have bulk or capped? Good luck with the recomp man.

  4. i will be taking powerfull in caps. i do have some bulk powder but im saving that for a rainy day. As far as dosage, I have it written down at home but im at work right now so I will post it later.

  5. Today is Thursday Dec. 28th

    Meal 1
    6 egg whites
    2 serv of mozz cheese
    1 serv of broccli

    Meal 2
    wg bagel

    meal 3
    chicken breast
    1/2 serv of mozz cheese

    meal 4 pre workout
    prot. shake
    wg bagel

    meal 5 post workout
    prot shake
    wg bagel

    meal 6 before bed
    skim milk

    AP 3 times fifteen min before carbs
    1 serv of stim x, taken upon waking up
    powerfull 2 pills 3 x daily
    Dcp will be added when it arrives
    Multi vitamin upon waking up

    Hows it look so far? Tonight will be leg day! I work night shift and workout before my shift starts!

  6. just a little side note for anyone that hasnt taken stim x. I take it for the energy boost but mainly for its appitite suppresant effects. it is excellent in both departments and it doesnt make u jittery or keep a person from sleeping. I only need too take one and it does the job for me. Its only draw back that I found so far is it gives u cotton mouth really bad and u have too drink drink drink drink. which is not a bad thing either if u drink alot of water.

  7. This looks good! I'm on board!

    Love me some Stim X!

  8. today is much of the same, the diet is the same, no dcp yet! Stim x kicks ass. IM taking powerfull upon waking up, 30 min. before workout and before bed. Its only been one day so its really hard too say how good the supps are working just yet.

  9. I just got a complament on my bi's looking full, i think this is the AP kicking in.

  10. Another day, No DCP yet. I figured it would be here by now, I usually get NutraPlanet in two days but what can u do. Everything is still going according too plan diet wise. Varied a little this moring due too uncrontrollable circumstances but still ate clean. Muscles still looking full from the Ap and strength seems too be up with the powerful. Not sleeping the greatest or getting that extra erection hardness some have gotten from powerfull but its only been two days.

    What do u guys think of bcaa's? my buddy gave me two big jugs of ice? I dont know much about them. Do they have there place in a recomp?

  11. You should definitely be taking BCAAs, especially during workout. I especially like mixing some up and leaving them by my bed, for when I get up to pee. Taking a few gulps will keep you out of catabolism during the night.
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  12. thank u dscade, my buddy bought it never opened it and said hey, do u want this and I was like sure. Cant knock free stuff

  13. OH YEAH! BCAA's are where its at!
    D, i may start doing that, mix em up and put in the fridge then when i get up to pee instead of chugging my milk, i'll chug the bcaa's!

    Man, never stop learning when dsade is around!

  14. dsade is full of good ideas

  15. he's full of something else, too!

  16. u can say that again. Today is sunday, new yrs eve so diet will be a little off today with a little partying tonight, I accounted for this, new years only comes once a yr. Powerfull is awesome, my workouts have been through the roof. Ap, im still not sure about this product but it takes time. No DCP yet. i hoped too have it for this day but thats life, i wont go overboard and one bad eveing isnt going too kill me.

  17. Subscribed. I was thinking of running something similar. I'm currently running bulk Powerfull, Avena, Cissus and Nettle. I've seen good results, but may discontinue for a few weeks and start over again with AP thrown into the mix.

  18. hope you had fun!

    lets get this log, jumpin'! LOL


  19. Ok, its back too business. I had one day off due too the holidays. Now its time too start really busting my balls for the new year. The Ap is making me look fuller and harder. Ive had more stamina in the gym. I dont know if thats the Ap or the powerfull or what. No DCP here yet, but i assume it will be in the mail tomorrow.

  20. Things went spot on yesterday. today is a diffrent story. I have come down with severe cold. I have eaten some but not near enough but I have no appetite. I hope this cold med. i just picked up kicks in and i can hit the gym tonight but its up in the air. My dcp did come today, I am going too put it into my program tomorrow. I am also dropping the stim x. I luv it, but i cant sleep and I think this product is the cause. Im up 4 pounds but I am much leaner. I guess a recompe isnt all about losing weight.

  21. BUMP and an apology for crappy delivery service. I have to remember that for next year/holidays.
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  22. not your problem bro,it happens. I have it now and will be starting with it tomorrow. Ive been sicker then a dog and havent been out of the house much in four days so i wouldnt of taken it anyhow. Thanks for your concern, u guys are awesome.

  23. What happened to this log?

    did you die?

  24. nope i made the mistake of getting a tat that got infected right after i started and it got infected and i was unable to lift for five weeks. so my log when down the toilet


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