Welcome To the JUNGLE!! OLB33 adding More BAD ASS MASS!!!!!

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  1. Welcome To the JUNGLE!! OLB33 adding More BAD ASS MASS!!!!!

    They said it was impossible, They said " there's no way he can add more BAD ASS MASS!" Well screw the naysayers. ALRI has made it Possible Welcome to the Jungle! Enter at your Own risk, Leave the women and children at home, Its Time to party.

    BAD ASS MASS™ 60 caps Pro-Anabolic Matrix -

    Bad Ass Mass™ is designed to support serious mass gain through the most effective pro-anabolic pathways.
    1. Stimulate muscle AR’s for enhanced protein synthesis and tissue repair.
    2. Bind SHBG to increase levels of free testosterone.
    3. Increase LH/FSH to maximize output of natural testosterone.
    4. Increase glycogen retention and optimize internal hydration levels.
    5. Support superior protein synthesis through modulation of transcription factors.
    6. Inhibits excessive cortisol levels for an anti-catabolic effect.
    7. Promote recovery of the neuromuscular matrix.
    8. Provide superior results either in a synergistic stack or as a standalone supplement

    What’s In It?

    Naturally, our design was intended to have a synergistic effect in that one compound’s actions amplifies the others. (I am sure some can think of comparisons to this important point of design)

    The result is a synergistic Pro-hypertrophic from ALRI featuring an Herbal Proprietary Myotrophic Complex. (Get the name Jungle Warfare™ yet?)

    Mormordica Chirantia Extract
    We use a specific dual extraction/standardization process that allows us to use both the insulinogenic and non-androgenic AR agonistic fractions unique to a proprietary mormordica chirantia extraction. By doing so, we can foster the hypertrophic event in lean tissue via the two most important mechanisms without the usual negative side effects.

    ADED (5a-dehydro-etiocholane-1,4,6-trien-3-one-17-ol)

    Many are aware of both the positive and negative physiological issues relating to the naturally occurring aromatase inhibitory ATD. Most of the benefits are the result of one of its physiological 17-OH metabolites. ADED is a natural non-androgenic metabolite of ATD with improved oral bio-availability. Please, do not confuse this with ATD itself as the difference is very important both in structure and action: Some may recall this one from our Ultra H.O.T.ter matrix but to recap…By modulating estrogen build-up the negative feed-back look to the hypothalamus is put in check. The result is that the body optimizes natural testosterone production. We use our favorite aromatase inhibitor to do this and it works pretty well to modulate, instead of obliterate, estrogen. So we still have the right amount of estrogen for optimal growth of lean tissue and positive libido, without the excess water weight and fat feeding aspect.

    Conjugated (-)3,4-divanillyl-tetrahydrofuran

    We utilize an excellent free testosterone optimizing compound called Conjugated (-)3,4-divanillyl-tetrahydrofuran. This is simply the result of a series of extraction processes performed upon nettle root. Many know of this herb due the anti-aromatase capacity and the studies that show its positive affects upon BHP in men. Some of the nettle extracts also have a positive affect upon the total testosterone to free/active testosterone ratio. More free testosterone means more “active” (as in the part that really matters) testosterone. Nothing really trick here other than it just works better than one would expect. (Nice for a change when something can be simple and effective). Of course, it is all about effective delivery into the body that makes it an asset.

    Proprietary Conjugated Coleonol Extract

    Hypotrophic-type receptor health and integrity is paramount to lean tissue optimization. In reality modulation is surprisingly dependant upon cAMP stimulation. Without it, receptor activity down-regulation occurs rapidly and the lean mass promoting symbiotic relationship between hormones goes in the toilet. The ALRI Proprietary Conjugated Coleonol Extract supports this need rather well.

    Put it all together and Jungle Warfare™ becomes the new generation in health and performance optimization.

    I want to Thank ALR for allowing me to test this stack. I was lucky enough to try Mass fx Hyperdrol Before its release a few months back and Now I get to make a fair Unbiased opinion in comparison of the 2. Fortunately for me All the gains and size i picked up from the previous stack stayed with me which has me very eager to run this stack.

    Brief Introduction

    I need no intro , To eliminate boredom Ill get down to the point. 28 yrs old, Married with a kid. Im in the Us Airforce right now im in the Honorguard and I play Outside Linebacker for a semi-pro football team in my area going into my 7th season in the semi pro ranks and my 21st season overall ( god im old)

    Current Training Split

    For 1.5 yrs Ive trained DC style, Im a person who needs change from time to time. So after taking one full week off of training ( it started december 24th) Im gonna pick right up on day 1 of this log in the new year using the Power / Rep Range / Shock Method by Eric Broser.

    Current Supplementation

    Controlled Labs Yellow Neuphoria ( im coming close to the end of this log, Both Parties are aware of the simultanious logs)

    ALRI Lypolotic WHey ( before and after protein)
    Designer Sustain ( wake up and Night Night Protein)

    Isatori Eat smart MRP ( My all in one need a extra meal protein)

    iSatori Hblocker (Preworkout with add Cee)
    Scivation Xtend (for during workout)
    Waxy Maize starch with bcaa's cee and glut for right after last rep


    i take in close 5200 cals a day with the majority coming in the form of protein. SHAKES tuna steaks, chicken breasts, turkey, eggs and egg salad . stuff i can mix and eat with me all day while im on the road doing military funerals

    Tons of fruit and green beans alot of my carbs come on leg day and days I do deadlifts

    Current Daily water intake:1.5-2.0 gallons because im always thirsty

    Short Term Goal: Iver decided to start my cut til after this one final run at 230lbs. I want one more good month to 2 months bulking to reach my fat weight before I cut for the spring/summer. I want to come into this football season as strong as ever SO I can afford to really pound the weights Looking to dead lift 505 im close to 475 now.

    Long Term Goal: 230 - 235lbs solid for spring time just in time for semi pro ball But My Maing goals are power, with Power the size will come. I want the numbers to move up. Its all about numbers. deadlift squat bench i need to move some numbers.

    Supp History

    Im sure im missing some But
    :Ive pretty much taken everything thats been talked about on this board.

    NItric Oxide supps-
    4-nitro tropic

    Dymatize expand
    Shock Therepy

    iSatori CEXL
    green bulge
    omega thunder

    Recovery /BCAA's
    Scivation Xtend
    Epic Nutrition 8 beta anabol

    Bulk Bcaa's
    Bulk Lueicine

    Custom blends from true protein

    syntrax nectar
    ergopharm GF-pro
    ON whey
    iSatori eat smart
    True Protien


    Now Adam
    Animal pak

    Mass fx
    Bulk Maca
    Bulk Powerfull
    Bulk Mauria Puama

    Past logs and reviews
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  2. Ok these Pics suck ass but here are before Pics, yes I need a tan. and yes i havent workedout in a week and No I have no Idea how to pose

    Tanita scale is showing 14.3% b/f with a 58% total body water
    Personal best

    Squat Ive never maxed My current last set is 375 for 4 and 230 for 20 is my widow maker
    Dead lift is 475
    Bench was 375 wayyyyyyyyyyyyy back now maybe 335 i havent really maxed inawhile

    My shoulders are my worst body part so ill be really trying hard to bring them up
    My back is by far the best and strongest attribute followed by my arms basically cuz of my triceps

    all in all I hate the way i look in the winter but ohwell

    Biceps are cold flex 17.25 inches
    Quads Cold Flex are 26 inches

    Quads ( yes My **** was coming thru on my boxers Only the special get the originals


  3. PICS definitely SUCK!

  4. No Mace i will not Email you the original s

  5. Well It looks like today is Day 1 Jan 1-2007 the start of a New year and New Mass. Today Is also day 1 of p /rr /s ive taken a full week off from the gym and have read researched and asked. I think Ive laid out a good routine to start. Please feel free to critque. Eric if you see this Id love to have some feedback


    Incline DB - 4x4-6
    Flat BP - 3x4-6
    Weighted dips - 2x4-6
    Close grip Decline BP - 3x4-6
    Cable Easy bar pull downs - 2x4-6
    One arm pull downs - 2x4-6

    Lat Pull downs - 4x4-6
    Bent over Rows - 3x4-6
    Dead lifts - 2x4-6
    Straight Arm Pull downs - 2x4-6
    Hammer Curls - 4x4-6
    Incline curls - 3x4-6
    Concentration curls - 3x4-6

    Squats - 4x4-6
    Leg press - 4x4-6
    Calf Raises - 3x4-6
    Leg Curls or stiff legged deads 3 x4-6

    BB Upright rows 4x4-6
    Seated side raises 4x4-6
    Smith Machine behind the neck 3x 4-6
    Front raises 2x4-6
    Shrugs 3x4-6


    Incline DB - 4x7-9
    Flat BP - 3x10-12
    Incline cable Fly’s - 2x13-15
    Pushdowns 4x7-9
    Rope Pull downs 3x10-12
    Single arm pull downs 2x13-15

    V-Bar PD - 4x7-9
    Seated Rows 3x10-12
    Bent over rows - 3x13-15
    Dead lifts - 2x13-15

    BB Curls - 4x7-9
    Concentration Curls - 3x10-12
    Incline Curls - 2x13-15

    Leg Press - 3x10-12
    Squats - 4x7-9
    Standing Calf raises - 2x 13-15

    Arnold press - 4x7-9
    Cable front raises - 3x10-12
    Cable side raises - 2x13-15

    Drop set Incline DB press 2x8-10 drop 6-8 drop 4-6
    Superset Cable crossovers/Flat Smith Machine press 2x8-10
    Dips 2x8-10
    Drop sets Close grip decline BP - 2x8-10, drop 8-10. drop 6-8
    Superset Easy bar Pull downs / One arm pull downs - 2x8 of each

    Superset Lat Pull downs/Hammer grip Pull-ups - 2x8-10 of each
    Drop set seated rows - 2x8-10
    Superset BB curls/Hammer curls 2x8-10
    X-rep Incline Hammer curls 2x8-10
    Drop set concentration curls 2x8-10, drop 6-8

    Workout 3
    Im thinking Drop sets on leg press 8-10 6-8 4-6
    super sets of front squats with leg extensions
    single leg hammy curls

    Drop set Arnold press 2x8-10, drop 6-8
    Superset bent over db raies / Front raises
    Drop set Seated Side Raises 2x8-10. drop 6-8

  6. i'm not eric, but it looks good, buddy!

    Good Luck!

  7. Okey Dokey First Off I will not annotate warm ups in the log,. it isnt necessary so all lifts are after warm up

    Day 1

    I woke up at 7am to take my first dose of BAM and JW I had 2 scoop of sustain and back to bed til 10.
    10am 2 bowls of Bananna nut crunch glass of OJ with leucine
    11 am 20 oz of water
    12pm 1 serving of Hblocker and off to the gym
    1230 Gym Time.

    Music Today SLIPKNOT - Before I forget

    Now Im accustomed to DC training for the last 1.5 yrs QUick explosive reps little rest and move on. I havent anything with this type of volume in awhile. Well Let me say this. My ass was kicked right off the bat.

    Thoughts - It's cold Dark Rainy day, I was up late I drank but not alot. Just the opposite of what a day 1 should be, But ill get thru it

    Incline DB - press 4 sets of 6 reps 95lb DB's Its so strange to rest 2-3 minutes. i recover so fast that it was kind of annoying but nice. After these 4 sets My typical routine would be another BP so when I went to flat bench I was just about tapped lol
    Flat Bench - 255lbs 3 sets of 5 I knew this would be a struggle I was already pouring sweat and Im not acustom to this obviously .
    High Cable Cross overs 70lbs 2 sets of 6


    [COlor=red CLose Grip Decline 195lbs 3 sets of 6 reps[/color]
    Straight Bar cable Press down 150lb stack plus a 25lb plate 2 sets of 6
    Single Hand reverse grip pulldown 50lb 2 sets of 6

    I was soaked, sweating like no other. pumped all over my body It was very liberating. Im gonna be sore as **** tomm. I finished off with 3 sets of incline sit ups for 12 reps and left.

    After My last rep I ound down some Backer recovery formula ( TM) Waxy Maize Creatine Bcaa and CM precise ration as to not equal more then 30% total additions from here on out today It will be called Backer recovery drink .

    I came home about 35 min later had 2 scoops of ALRI Lypolatic Whey with a table spoon of Honey and 1/2 cup of steel cut oats ( i finally found these yesterday I was so pumped)

    I think during my workouts Im gonna add my xtend or a bcaa formula to drink .
    Ive also taken my second dose of JW and Im about to eat some tuna

    Tonight is Chicken breast Unless I feel like going out for steak

  8. Ok so a wrench really got tossed into My gears today

    I missed the gym because I had to go to North Carolina to perform a funeral today so looks like its wednes thru and fri 3 days straight

    since I didnt notate yesterday

    Current weight 224.2 body fat is showing 13.7% total body water 58.8% i pull all my measurements from My Tanita scale so take the bf and water for a grain of salt. if my water had been at 57% i woulda shower higer on b/f scale

    ill update weight every 7 days

  9. PERFORM a funeral?

    are you a chaplain or something? i guess i never knew what you did in real life! LOL

  10. yo olb logs looking good!!! nice pictures 2

  11. Quote Originally Posted by macedaddy
    PERFORM a funeral?

    are you a chaplain or something? i guess i never knew what you did in real life! LOL
    LOL no Im in the Airforce Honor guard for my base, Im hoping to trasnfer to DC next yr to do the white house detail. We had a ww2 veteran pass away so we cover about 4 states and perform congress mandated funerals for fallend antive duty retiree:bruce1: s and vets

  12. Day: 3

    Today is a day off for me, so i got some great sleep last night.

    However i did wake up with a slight headache today, but it eventually went away.

    Ok on to the goods.

    0830 Wake up 2 packages of oatmeal with Honey and a scoop of ALRI lypo protein. 1 JW 1 BAM
    0900 20 oz of water. Man im thirsty as hell today and last night too. I must have drank a gallon last night, but didnt piss very much over night.

    0930 @ scoops of hblocker and 1 scoop of leucine and im off to the gym

    1000 Gym time. Today is back Bi's and forearms
    Music is Trust Company /aka amity Lane

    Lat Pull Downs 213.5 x 6 223.5 x6 233.5 x6 243.5 x6

    I There are 2 3.5lb cylinders at the top of the lat rack I added 1 today the first 2 sets at 213 and 223 where way too light so next week they are upped

    Bent Over Cable Rows 150lb stack 3 sets of 6

    This was way too light so I worked on speed im gonna drop this and go to db or machine rows

    Dead lifts 315 x6 325 x 4

    I'm kind of pissed at the low weight I was hoping tp pull at least 365 but once i got to the first set i knew i wouldnt pull 365 for 6 today still adjusting to new routine

    Straight arm pull downs 120 stack x6 for 2 sets

    I love doing these for some reason they hit my lats and add to a great pump

    Hammer Curls 55x6 60x6 65x6 65x5

    again the first set of 55 was unnecesary ill start with 60 next time

    Incline DB curls 45lb x6 45 x6 45x6

    i decided to not do concentration curls today im gonna use them for drop sets

    forearm wrist curls 35lb db 3 sets of 10

    Reflections was the song that hit me good today

  13. Today starts my 9th year of serious training. I was a new years resolution guy back in 1998. Along the way ive hit several bumps , made a million mistakes and learned alot. I was never very big. My biggest in highschool was 173lbs. But I graduated at 162lbs prob soaking wet.

    My max bench My senior yr of HS was 205lbs i dont even think I had a max squat and i struggled curling 30lb dbs I knew nothing about training Just what my football coaches told me. I thought more was better and I didnt have the luxury of message boards or great tasting protein or top notch supps as we do today.

    Back then protein was terrrible chalk that barely mixed in a blender, Creatine mono was so new everyone thought it was cancer causing. I would do 20 sets of chest work to never get bigger. I barely trained legs lots of dumb **** lol

    it wasnt until 2000 time frame when i started playing semi pro football that i began to really get serious. Nutrition , supps, diet and training Ill never forget my first 225lb bench press I was now with the big boys lol, 315 was even a bigger milestone. same with squatting and deadlifting.

    I couldnt wait to get to 190lbs. I thought 190 would be awesome. Then at 190 I thought 200lb is a great mark. to say your 200lbs makes u sound like a house lol. then ****i it 215 is good size for a free safety. **** that 225 is nice for a Strang safety. Hell 230 and outside backer that is where I want to be. things like 1-ad and andro's were a god send to skinny hard gainers like me

    After losing 30lbs in basic training and starting over at 195 in 2004 my world was crushed. all that hard work and effort gone its been a long 3 years back but im right back to where i left off and I think ive finally reached my ideal size. How do I know? I cant find clothes to fit, food is more expensive since i eat more. and last I cant find any of my ****in favorite clothes to fit lol. I used to only rock Hollister clothes but after last weeks debacle of spending 4 hrs trying to use my 100.00 gift card only to find the pant are too tight in the quads and the biggest shirts look painted on i was sad yet happy

    reflections. I reflected today

  14. it is good to re-examine history!

    btw, no resolutions for me! JUST GOALS!

    Hope your 2007 is filled with lots of PRs and lots of time with the family!

    Youare a good man, OLB!

  15. Quote Originally Posted by macedaddy
    it is good to re-examine history!

    btw, no resolutions for me! JUST GOALS!

    Hope your 2007 is filled with lots of PRs and lots of time with the family!

    Youare a good man, OLB!

    with Many thanks Mace We hope to see PR's fall:bb2:

  16. Day: 4

    I did not sleep very well last night, I have no idea why but i was very lethargic this morning. I only had a color posting to perform at 0900 so i was in the gym by 0930.

    Just some thoughts early on. Im sore as a mother ****er. I mean no joke, i havent been this sore since I started lifting. My traps are fried as is My upper middle back. My tri's are experiencing some DOMS still.

    Today was shoulders. Since this is a laggin BP I dedicated a day just for shoulders to help bring them up to par. I dunno why but they dont grow and dont strengthen worth a hell.

    Also to note. I have a full long day tommarow on the road so leg day will be moved to saturday.

    Ok on to the goods.

    0630 Wake up 3 bowls of Bananna Nut crunch and a scoop of ALRI lypo protein. 1 JW 1 BAM
    0700 20 oz of water. Man im still thirsty as hell today. Even during my workout and all day Ive been really putting back alot of water

    0930 2 scoops of hblocker and 1 scoop of leucine and gymtime

    0945 Gym time. Today is Shoulders
    Music is Trust Company /aka amity Lane

    BarBell Upright rows 95 x 6 105 x6 115 x6 115 x6

    I havent done these in years, They hurt like a *****, joint pain not muscle when I go heavy

    Seated Side lateral raises 25x6 30x6 35x6 35x6

    I havent done these sitting down in a long while as well. I really enjoyed doing these

    Seated Arnold Press 50x6 55x6 60x6

    lol more new workouts for me I havent done arnold presses in years I absolutely loved doing these

    Front Raises 25x6 30x6

    no thoughts I do know I was pumped in my shoulders very nicely during these

    I didnt do shrugs today as I had planned seeing as mMy traps are killing me today I didnt feel it was necessary

    I did 15 minutes of Precor afterrwards just to pick off an addition 150 cals to help with the freakin pizza I ate last night. Im so pissed but its been a while and I had to eat some at the neighbors house

    One thing to point out, Im gonna try to get a pic shortly, My Muscle fullness across my chest and bi's all day has been very pleasent. the veins that portrude out of my upper chest are very visable and it looks as if I just did pushups.

    I feel very full prob from all the water but the veinyness is nice

  17. tired? too much extra-curricular activity with the wife?

  18. lol you must not be married Young mace extra curricular activy and wife are like summer and school it doenst happen

  19. I thought that was just MY wife! You mean they are ALL like that?

    28, married for almost 2 years now!

  20. ahhh 28 3rd year. 2nd yr of no sex lol

  21. Why do you think i convinced her to get pregnant? I figured that there would be aobut 3 or more months of "fun" well, wouldn't you know, she got pregnant RIGHT AWAY!

  22. and then they dont put out at all. My wife got no hormonal sex feelings with Joey. Man it sucked 9 months of begging ( I mean 3 years of begging )

  23. Standing Calf raises. 400x6 500x6 500x6

    Now Its a bodymaster machine. I dunno how accurate the stack is but i know it was heavy.


    By the time I was done with everything, I was dizzy sweaty and trembling so It really was like a good sexual experience . Funny story My legs were so pumped today that when i got home ( i was wearing shorts) My wife in a girly panic asked loudly " OMG what is wrong with your Knee Honey"? She was noting the muscle just above my knee was sticking out and almost over my knee lol. I laughed and just told her its the muscle and I had a good pump, and in typical girl fashion, " It looks gross" go figure

    Im kind of irritated about my sleep. My last dose of JW and BAm are in the evening 12 hrs from 1st dose It may be interfering or it could just be ive been stressed out lately.

    After the gym, I had my post workout drink then 25 min later 2 scoops of ALRI Protein, I Then went to Outback steak house to Eat steak and sweet potatoes and as Of right now Im like complete jello in my legs I can barely stand up.

    The hunger Im feeling lately is wayy up i did have to get up at 5am to eat a cup of cottage cheese because my stomach was killing me. and I take 2 scoops of sustain in milk before bed time. I wont touch the scale til monday

  24. h I want to spice My logs up today

    I love her by the way



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