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  1. Im working on My finall review this week. i like to usually wait a week or 2 after all said and done to get my final thoughts in order.

    It should be up this week. I added about 12-14 lbs and ironically My waist has dropped a size on My belt. ( my uniform has a fitted belt that I had to get pulled tighter)

    im in the middle of my week off of training right now to recover fully and even though I hate taking time off its very much neeeded
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  2. Great log bro, very impressed

  3. Looking forward to trying this product in the near future!

  4. Can't wait to see your final review!

  5. Sorry for the delay, Like I said Im on vacation so Internet access is limited

    I want to first off send thanks to Fitnfirm, Viper****, and the whole ALR crew behind the scenes. ( and atown i guess ) for giving me the opportunity to help establish thier new product BAM and the evo stack. What started out as a Comparison to the then "sister combo" from AX became a seperate log in itself.

    I started off at about 223 lbs I ended right at 235lbs. along the way I had to have a new service coat ordered froma size 48 to a size 50. as far as individual numbers I have them back in PA so Ill update them in 5 days

    My original goal was to provide a honest feedback of 2 seperate stacks in which I did at the 4 week mark, After that it evolved into a transformation for myself.


    I wasnt to concerned with size as I was strength. My whole goal was to lift higher numbers. The scale wasnt a concern as much as emptying the tree in the gym onto the bar. Looking back through the log, seeing the numbers climb every week, seeing the reps climb to heights I never one achieved was a indication of success of this stack. Each week I hit new records in either weight pushed or reps achieved.

    Most of my "lifting life" i lifted for mass in the 4-6 rep range. I never really ventured past 8 reps. so there was great joy in lifting weight i once used for 4-6 reps lifting it for 10-12 reps.

    Side effects good and bad

    * Early on lack of appetite was present, I found myself forcing food down my throat, I had no real hunger issues, I saw a few logs that indicated this as well, But other times during the log I couldnt eat enough food, it was non stop. take it for what its worth. that was a neutral effect.

    * The first 3 weeks oily skin very minor acne and oily hair, all are effects of increased test production. TO me that shows its working. Im older so acne isnt or never was a big issue. if your 21 -22 you could break out who knows each person is diff.

    * Labido, ego, feelings of well being. All were very increased. which sucks if your significant other cant hang in the bedroom. I foundmyself wrestling the bald headed champ often :0 even on days of matress wrestling. Im naturally egotistical so this was no big deal to me

    * Occasional headaches which came from lack of water I bet I drank 1000 gallons plus in 8 weeks i was constantly thristy which also left me pissing all night long from increased water and AI properties.

    Final mumblings

    In the post-prohormone era its nice to see products like this coming out on the market. Gone are the days of 15-20lbs in 4 weeks. But keep in mind half those gains vanish even with great pct. Sure there are some products out there now that fall thru the cracks. But in my line of work, lining up proper pct is very very very very very difficult , SO to be able to to pack on 12lbs plus of quality keepable gains, that Dont leave me scrambling for proper pct, or jiggling shrunken nuts or other side effects is a huge plus for us. Im glad to see more and more companies going this route.

    Im on week 3 of my post evo stack. I took 1 week off and didnt train at all. Im on vacation right now visitng family so My enviroment isnt "optimal" for muscle growth, with late nights, cocktails with the fella's and living out the good ole days one last time before im off oversea's , but all in all My weight is still 234. My strenght is still the same as it was 3 weeks back, which leaves me confident that all my gains will be kept and leaves me with a more solid foundation to build upon

    SO this gets a gigantic egotistical, labido driven thumbs up from outside backer

    If your 21 years of age or older and are looking for a good solid stack. go pick up some BAM, JW and Restore!
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