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  1. Nice bro, Keep it up.

  2. i am confused,how many jw and bam's are yout taking? i think i missed this info in the log..great log tho

  3. the bottles directions 3 jw and 2 bam daily

    bam is 12 hrs apart

  4. got ya.your logs wre only showing one dose in the morning nohing later so i jsut wanted to be sure as i am about to try this myself if it goes well for you and the other logs i am watching thanx

  5. I apologize for that. I really should wait til teh night time to shoow the full day. I get a bit excited when i get home from teh gym

    Typical day for me is a 2nd dose of JW about 1pm ish. and final dose with BAM is about 630ish. any later and I cant sleep well at night. I sweat like hell I take all my doses with food as well. If not I get a reflux that burns

  6. Day off today. I planned on doing Back and Bi's this morning at 8am, But I had a detail witha showtime of 1030 which only left me a hour or so to train. I knew wednesday i have off so I took today to off. I was beat to hell some chest soreness today No tri soreness. LEgs are still sore dammit.

    Followed standard dosing today and I upped food intake.

    Ive prob eaten a dozen hard boiled eggs today and yesterday. Lots of WMS and bcaa's all day

    My hunger is what causes the Acid reflux I feel

    I noticed this same effect with Hyperdrol and Mass fx last yr. If I dont eat I get this terrible acid reflux that hurts like a mother ****er.

    I attribute part of this to me being old as ****

    Eating and water. Tom. morning Back and bi's rep range

  7. Day: 10

    Today is a day off for me, Sleep was fair last night, Some really crazy dreams.

    Rep range Back and Bi's again lower weights with higher reps kicked my ass today.

    Ok on to the goods.

    0830 Wake up 2 packages of oatmeal with Honeyand Maca, Glass Of OJ 1 JW 1 BAM
    0900 20 oz of water. Ive come to the conclusion No matter how much water i drink I cant get my Body water up over 58% anymore.

    1000 2 scoops of hblocker and 1 scoop of leucine and im off to the gym

    1100 Gym time. Today is back Bi's and forearms
    Music is MudVayne World So Cold

    I worked Security for these guys at the Staircase In Pittston PA, That was a ****in crazy Night. Myself and My best Friend ended up Partying with these guys afterwards til 5am. They are ****in awesome.

    V-Bar Lat Pull Downs 203.5 x 8 for 3 sets

    I There are 2 3.5lb cylinders at the top of the lat rack I added 1 today

    Yates barbell Rows 155 x 13 for 3 sets.

    These kicked my ass, I was so tired and my lower back was a bit uncomfortable. At this point the Swell In my middle back and lats was unreal.

    Seated Cable Rows 140 x 11 150 x12 160 x 11

    I wasnt expecting to pull alot of weight i was pretty beat from the yates rows.

    I decided notto do Deadlifts today, im strictly using Deadlifts for power moves

    Barbell Curls 95 x 8 100 x8 100 x 8 105 x8

    Man these killed me, I exerted all i had into these sets which led me to total failure on the next exercise, I performed these slow and controlled on the way down, and a total all i had explosion to the top, I envisioned tearing a ball out of the hands of a running back or reciever when I would explode up.

    Single arm Concentration DB curls 30lb x10 30lb x 10

    By the time I got to rep 6 was isng my other arm for assistance to get the last 4 reps. I was totally exhausted and the contraction at the very top hurt beyond anything ive felt in a long while

    [center]forearm wrist curls 35lb db 3 sets of 10 and Reverse wrist curls 15lbs 2 sets of 10

    I hit the precor machine afterwards for 10 minutes then had My recover WMS drink

    30 min later I had 2 scoops of alri protein and steel cut oats. cottage cheese and applesauce

    I should also note that I take my second dose usually about 1pm and my final dose of JW along with BAM at about 6pm give or take every day as to clear up any confusion in my logs

  8. Day: 11
    REP-RANGE Shoulders

    Again im having some issues staying asleep at night. Last night I laid down about 1030 fell asleep about midnight and I woke up about 3 times various throughout the night, To remedy this we are trying LEAN DREAMS I will take this now about 1 before bed and comment on its effects for sleep and recovery

    A few thoughts before I start. Muscle soreness Man o Man!, But the trade off is the fullness. The Muscle Bellies on My muscles are solid. My bi's Pecs legs are all solid all day long, its very nice feeling.

    Today was shoulders. Again this is a laggin BP I dedicated a day just for shoulders to help bring them up to par. I also threw calves in at the end so i can really focus on Leg work tommarow and not slouch on calves afterwards from being to tired

    Also to note. I just have a retirement ceremoney to perform tomm which is a nice start to a friday so Ill have a good leg workout without distraction

    Ok on to the goods.

    0630 Wake up 3 bowls of Bananna Nut crunch and a scoop of ALRI lypo protein. 1 JW 1 BAM
    0700 20 oz of OJ with some Leucine
    0800 2 sample Bars of FSI protein bars

    0930 2 scoops of hblocker and 1 scoop of leucine and gymtime

    0945 Gym time. Today is Shoulders
    1130 2scoops of ALRI chocolate
    1215 3 grilled cheese sandwhiches ( go dI havent had these in so long
    1300 Napped until 1500
    1600 Pork chops Pea's and rice along with leucine and juice
    No special Music today I just need to get these ****ers moving

    Seated Arnold Press 50x8 55x8 60x8 60x8

    If you look back to last weeks power week i did 50 55 and 60 for 60 reps each I was able to do more reps and another set this week same exercise. GOOD SIGN!

    Cable Front Raises 25x12 25x12 25x12

    I committed a sin on this one. I felt some slight aggravation in my front right shoulder But i faught through it which hurt me on the side lateral raises

    Cable side lateral raises 25x15 25 x8

    My right shoulder really hurt so I cut it short

    Reverse Incline Shrugs 35 x 12 3 sets

    Lay on a incline bench facing the pad and shrug it gives youa gret pump

    Standing single leg calf raises using bodyweight 20 reps 4 sets Then onto seated calf raise 100lbs for 3 sets of 15

    I really wanted to hammer out my calves today so i can focus on leg work tommarow and since I had the time and didnt want to leave the gym yet i did calves

    Afterwards I did Lying leg raises the first set was just legs for 15 reps holding a 10lb db between my feet. I performed these lying on a flat bench.

    I did 15 minutes of Precor afterrwards to eat up some more cals The downed My waxy Maize mix and went home to eat.

    Hunger has increased alot this week which is to be expected, I find myself eating any chance i get, beef jerky cottage cheese, fruit, what everi can get my hands on. Labido is on the rise, which isnt necessarily a good thing unless your best friends or married to a nympho. Agression is mild but controllable. Sense of well being is very nice Couple it with a evening dose of YN and its very relaxing Im gonna look over my log book from HD and mass FX and have some compare and contrasts after a full 2 weeks on!

  9. Day: 12
    REP-RANGE LEGS!!!!!!!!!1

    Finally , Last night I was able to fall asleep and stay asleep, I did wake 2 times to piss but whatever. i was happy. Enough so that I set my alarm for 9 am ( didnt have to arrive at work til 10am) But magically woke up at 8am refreshed it felt great.. I really want to thank ALR for hookin me up with LEAN DREAMS It really did help me sleep thru the night and not feel like hell.

    DOMS!! Man o Man!, Im glad I have the weekend to rest up Im sore all over but its a nice sore/.

    Today was Legs . and I dont need to go into the High I get when its leg day so Ill cut out all the bull**** and get to the good stuff

    0800 Wake up 2 packages maple brown sugar oatmeal and a scoop of ALRI lypo protein. 1 JW 1 BAM
    0900 20 oz of water
    1000 1 sample Bars of FSI protein bars then I had to do a color posting for a MLK luncheon

    1130 2 scoops of hblocker and 1 scoop of leucine and gymtime

    1200 Gym time. Today is legs
    1345 2scoops of ALRI chocolate with steel cut oats 1 serving of JW
    1500 2 tuna sandwhiches
    1630 2 sloppy Joes ( its friday **** it)
    1700 water water water
    Music was more mudvayne

    Tonight Im also gonna dose 2 Lean dreams 1 hr before bed time

    Dumbell Squats 70x8 90x8 100x8 100x8

    I did these today becuase it gives me a chance to really get LOW and explode up, the type of explosion you would do before you hit a ****er coming across the middle. The last 2 sets really had my outer quads burning and screaming

    Legpress 515 x12 for 2 sets 515 for 8 failure

    I dunno what I was thinking, after the first set i was about done for I was pouring sweat. Im notused to the higer leg press reps so 12 was a push for me as i got to my last set I was in shear pain and couldnt push thru ( im a *****)

    Lying Leg curls 80lbs 3 sets of 14 reps

    talk about wobbling around I felt the knot forming in my hammy on set too so Im shocked I made it to set 3 at this point my legs wer so full i need to rest before leaving the gym

    I worked on some obliques and the made my recovery WMS mix and headed out. Next week starts my first shock week. I should look like a total ***** next week. I was happy with todays leg workout as of right now im weak when i get up off the couch. My arms are still sore when I pick up my kid, this sat and sun off from the gym will be nice to have

    Being able to sleep last night really helped. Im gonna notate some quick comparisons tommarow between both mass fx , HD and BAM and JW It will be a crude comparison as its only week 2 the money really doesnt start for anoterh week or so

  10. I just wanted to drop in. I didnt lift this weekend ( rest and recovery)

    ive been able to eat and eat all weekend. and rest. its felt great. for the last 2 days ive been able to wake up naturally and its great. ofcourse today i didnt get up til 1030 id say that is the lastest ive slept in in years.

    ive had some mild headaches pop up here and there But I also did on HD and Mass fx. I want to take a 2 week look into my comparison with Mass fx and Hyperdrol stack I ran a few months back


    Ok I know this is only 2 weeks in, so bare with me. Ive been gettin alot of pm's asking me about the 2 in comparison.

    AT this current 2 week mark Im sitting about the way I was with HD and Massfx. 2weeks with this type of product really wont say much its week 3-4 is where the juice kicks in.


    I get the occasional headache like i did on the last stack. Muscle fullness is also about the same.

    although hunger isnt as increased as it was with Mass fx and HD. But ive also had some issues in personal life that could contribute to it.

    i experienced strength gains in both stack starting at the 2 week. Most noticbly in endurance.

    labido is up as is the sense of ego and cockiness.

    Some lethargy here and there as well


    In 2 weeks ive put more weight on then I did with HD and Mass fx even on eating less.

    Mass fx at the time was in alpha version no Devanil ( sp) so it was in trial stages so DOsing was diffrernt

    with JW i only have to space 3 pills out a day and 2 BAM a day this is very nice and convient

    with HD I was spacing 4 out and up tp 6 mass fx a day again this was the early version of Mass fx

    overall im right about where i thought i would be with this stack. the next 2 weeks and beyond is where we are gonna see the changes and if the 2 stacks can seperate themselves

  11. Way to go man, keep it up

  12. Day: 15


    It was great to sleep thru the night. the addition of LEAN DREAMS Has been a god send. i sleep nice and deep and wake up naturally early. With today being MLK day I had the day off so sleeping in eating and gym time with no issues.

    This week starts Shock training,I havent super setted or drop setted in ages.. SO this should really be interesting. alot of trial and error went into todays lift

    Last weeks weight 226.4 This weeks weight 228.2

    total weight is about 4lbs which is shocking. My hunger hasnt really been there. and ive been adding cardio at night and what not.

    My total body water is struggling to stay at my optimum 59% . im hovering around 55 56% due to teh anti e effects of JW im pissing about 3-4 times a night. not trickle pisses either. long water shedding pisses, in the morning i read about 54% by night time after 3 gallons i barely see 57% today im just barely above 57%

    Ok on to the goods.

    0830 Wake up 3 packages of oatmeal with honey and a scoop of maca witha bananna and 16oz of sunny D orange juice with glutamine peptides and leucine. 1 JW 1 BAM
    0930 20 oz of water. Lots of water but still cant get enough
    1000 2 scoops of H blocker with Leucine
    1030 Training
    1200 post workout drink
    1230 40 grams shake with steel cut oats
    1300 12 inch tuna sub with mustard
    1400 15 oz of OJ with glutamine peptides and leucine and 1 JW
    1500 cottage cheese with apple sauce , 2 handfull of mixed nuts and 6 inch turkey sub
    1600 whey shake
    1730 4 sloppy Joes ( i had to use the left overs i hate throwing food out
    1830 15 oz of OJ with glutamine peptides and Leucine

    Pantera was loaded on the player

    For my drop sets i performed the first set. Rest 1.5 min performed 2nd set then stripped the weight to next set and so on . Only rest was after first set.

    Incline barbell drop sets 205 x10 205 x8 drop 185x6 drop 135 x6

    wow. first off the first 205 for 10 reps went up so easy and so clean it was like a warm up. after rest and hitting the second set and started dropping. I wa struggling. no spotter sucks too ( im a loaner) by the time i had stip all the weight off i was in a good sweat with a creat pump

    Flat bench smith machine super setted with cable crossovers 225x10 185x10 185x7 185 x6

    I have no ****in idea what i was thinkin putting 225 on for the first set. i knew right away i was super setting with that. i dropped to 185 and used that weight.

    the 2nd half of super set Upper Cable flies 40x9 40 x 8 40 x6

    Goddamn one i got to the cable after the press. I could barely squueze oh teh pain. It hurt so good. as you can see i struggled alot toward the end. It was a endurance thing. i rested maybe 30 sec between sets i really wanted to push myself here

    Triceps Drop set CLose grip flat bench 185x10 rest 185 x10 drop 155 x 8 drop 135 x7 ...

    Vbar pushdown supersetted with Single hand reverse grip pulldowns. 140 x 8 140 x 8 140 x8

    SIngle hand reverse grip pull downs 40x10 reps 40x8 40 x7

    My tri's were beat from chest and close grip so i was really surprised i finished this super set.

    After the lifts I did some extreme stretching for about 15 minutes walked on teh treadmil at a #6 incline for 15 min and left
    had my post workout WMS drink on the way home


    My weight is up 2 lbs But My body water is still pretty low as noted above due to teh anti e effects i assume. endurance wise I still suck but alot of initial lifts were very very easy. Im intersted in next weeks power week to see where my numbers are after one full 3 week cycle of p /rr /s . The pump is becoming more profound all day long. the style of lifting im sure has a hand in it. Im trying to force alot of food in my mouth. i just havnet had much of a appetite lately. Tommarow will suck I have a long day on the road so teh gym will be early and eating all day on the road

  13. Day: 16

    SHOCK WEEK Back and Bi's

    Ok Im gonna get to the point. i had a long day on the road, im beat , im tired and im sure no one wants to read any stories today so Ill just get to the point

    Ok on to the goods.

    For my drop sets i performed the first set. Rest 1.5 min performed 2nd set then stripped the weight to next set and so on . Only rest was after first set.

    Lat Pull down Drop sets. 208.5x10 208.5x8 drop 180x8 drop 150x7

    these were nt as much of a stuggle as I anticipated, My back is by far my best body part for abuse so i knew i would fly thru these

    Seated Cable rows Superseted with Bent over flies. 150x10 ss to 20lbdbx8 for 3 sets. with 1 min rest between each set. 150x10 right straight to 20lb fly is one set.

    At this point I have the best back pump Ive felt in years. .

    Straight arm push downs 110 x10 3 sets 20 sec rest between sets

    Bicep EZ bar curl super set with Hammer curls. ( that is one set) 75x10 reps superset to 45lbx8 DB hammer curls 3 sets 1 min rest between

    Drop set concentration curl 25lb x10 20x8 15 x6 for 3 sets

    I performed these by bending over and letting my arm dangle straight down. I grabbed the weight a curled it to my chest bent over. after doing 10 reps of 25 i dropped the db and grabbed the 20 and continued on until i finished all 3 weights that was 1 set. rest 2 min and start again. i like these because hanging down lets gravity play a big role and really put all the focus on my bi's

    Im debating on taking the day off tommarow or do shoulders as of right nwo im just flat out tired and sore. My chest is still pumped from yesterdays lift. This shock workout is great. it is a big hit to the ego to really drop the weight but the non stop lifting is a real shock to the system

    Ive dosed as normal seperating all my doses and eating all day. I spent 7 hrs on the road traveling today so it was alot of sandwhiches and protein

  14. Day: 18


    Had to get a flue shot yesterday so naturally today i feel like ****. ugh! Its all good i hit the gym today about 3pm

    Ok on to the goods.

    I performed seated arnold Presses im a drop set giant set fashion.

    Seated Arnold Press. 55lbx10 45lbx8 35x6 = 1 set rest 2 min and repeat 3 times.

    I really need to blast my shoulders tehy lag behind and I need to pull them up. Needless to say these hurt like all hell. PAIN!

    Seated Lateral raises supersetted with Seated front raises 35lb lateral raise x10 superset right to seated front raise 25lb x8 3 full sets.

    At this point My shoulders were so beat that i was struggling to end these, but i loved them .

    Seated Shrugs 75x12 for 3 sets

    then i performed some rotator cuff strenghtening and stretching

    After this i did some ab work then hit the precor machine for 10 min

    Im irritated work is getting on my nerves. my wife is getting on my nerves. I need a vacation.

  15. double post

  16. Day: 19


    Ok today was busy as hell. I had alot of local stuff that kept me in the area but away from teh gym. I had a POW ceremony at 7pm which was only 15 min on my part. so I decided to hit legs at night . this is the latest ive been in the gym in years. SO despite the lack of food, being up all day I was very surprised with my strength and lifts today.

    Ok on to the goods.

    Lots of supersetting today

    Front squat superset with Leg extensions. 185x10 then 185x8 superset to 130lb leg ext x10 185x8 ss to 130lbx8 185x8 leg ext x8 185x6 130lb x8 . 1 sec pause at the top of the lift

    Needless to say as the sets went on My endurance dropped i couldnt push past the pain. My legs were very weak and i was hurting. I love it PAIN!

    Stiff Legged deadlifts superset with Lying Leg curls. 225x8 ss to 80lb x8 225x8 ss to 80lbx7 225x7 ss 80lbx8 225x8 ss 80lbx8

    As I would bend over to grab the bar sweat literally dripped all over th efloor. My legs would shake like a baby deer i was really in the zone

    Standing calf raises superset to seated calf raises 300lb x10 ss 100lb seated x8 rest rinse and repeat 3 times

    I was done and hobbled my ass out of the gym. I drank my post workout mix and im now drinking 60 grams of ALRI whey mixed with steel cut oats


    wELL WE ARE ENDING WEEK 3 on this stakc and just as i suspected its really begining to kick in now. The muscle density the fullness. the bellies of muscle feel as if they have just been worked. Im starting my second POWER week so im interested to see how far my lifts have increased.

    I really hope im selected to go all 8 weeks HINT HINT HINT

  17. Day: 22

    Today was total domination. I slept great. i arrived at work at 8am for them to tell me good job this weekend and take off. so day offs are good. Last night at 1030 i popped 2 lean dreams and by 11pm I was out until the alarm went off at 630am no getting up to piss look at the clock anything

    Ok on to the goods. ( ive added NOW adam, super enzymes, super antioxidents and vitaberries this weekend.

    0630 Wake up 3 bowls of oatmeal with Honey and a scoop of ALRI lypo protein. 1 JW 1 BAM 2 adam 2 super anti 1 super enzyme

    0800 20 oz of water. and arrived in the gym for chest No h blocker

    0930 post workout drink

    1000 alri shake with steel cut oats
    1100 sweet and sour chicken with rice. double order

    FLAT BENCH 275x6 295x6 315x4 315x4

    this is an increase of roughly 50lbs over my chest set from 4 weeks ago. Granted 4 weeks ago i did chest second after incline DB press, as you will see below I performed incline second and still performed the same amount Fatigued as I did when i was fresh 4 weeks ago. I honestly think I coulda did a 5th set. no muscle fatigue what so ever.

    INCLINE DB PRESS 95X6 95X6 95 X6

    i PERFORMED this same weight 4 weeks ago fresh. today after pushing my self on flat bench and came over and pushed these like nothing

    Low cable cross 45x8 45 x8

    I used these to finish off the already great pump i had in my chest

    DECLINE CLOSE GRIP BENCH 225x6 225x6 225x6

    4 weeks ago I performed these using 185 and 195lbs so this is 35 lb iincrease

    Behind the head rope raises 120x6 120lbx6 120lb x6

    I dont know the proper term grab a rope twist around and perfrom a skull crusher like movement. doing rope pushdowns is pointless i add weight to the stack so doing these this way gives me a good stretch

    Single arm under hand pull downs 50x6 50lb x6

    at this point fatigue was setting in on my tri's so i bolted after these

    Music = FOO FIGHTERS!


    MAJOR INCREASES in all weights across the board. which i kind of expected. also as noted earlier this is when things really get started. it just sucks the bottles is emptying fast. Hunger really has subsided im literally forcing food down my gullet. Im gonna weight in tonight. Weight gain isnt much of a concern. Strength and power is my major concerns and theya re being addressed right now

    back pump and i didnt even work back

  18. Day: 23

    Throughout my lifting years there has been one body part on me that has grown no matter what i do to it. Ive always been blessed with a good back. Its by far my strongest Body part and can take pretty much any abuse i throw at it without ever giving up. Every workout ive tried has produced some growth. My back also grows the fastest of all my Bp's i wish the same could be said for my chest or quads. SO when its back day I get giddy like a school girl because I know i can pound the hell out of it and My back just laughs at me. March 2004 I wore a 45 long Airforce Blues jacket. 6 weeks of Basic i lost 30lbs) January 21st 2005 My Honor guard coat was a 48 xl. December 2006 I had to get refitted with a 50XL and have the sides talored to fit my back but the waist brought in so i didnt look like a fat ass. They told me if I got any bigger they would have to special order the coats because 50 is the largest they stock. I have every intension of making them order me one.

    Ok on to the goods.

    0630 Wake up 3 bowls of LIFE whole grain cereal and 20oz of Orange jice with glut peptides and leucine 1 JW 1 BAM 2 adam 2 super anti 1 super enzyme

    0800 arrive at work for color posting

    0930 2 scoops of Hblocker

    1030 GYM
    1200 Post workout drinks food etc.......

    Lat Pulldowns 260x6 260x6 265x6 265x6

    this is an increase of roughly 25-40lbs from 4 weeks ago My lat pulldowns started at 213.5 and finished at 243.5 Today I jumped right to 260 before dropping down the little weights on the shaft. These felt real good. I dont think I coulda went past 6 reps without giving some major body english.

    DEAD LIFTS 315X6 335X6 365X6 405X4

    This is where i shattered last deadlifts mark. My sets last time were 315 325 and 350 . this week felt so good. i could kept going and was gonna try 425 for 2 or 3 but i had already had 4 sets and didnt want to over do it. I was sweating like hell but no major fatigue I felt great

    Straight arm Pulldowns 140x8 140 x8 140 x8

    I love doing these to finish off back they really help with width and give me nice butterfly wings I wanted to do some bent over rows or what not but after deadlifting and what not i didnt feel it was necessary

    STANDING BARBELL CURL115x6 125x6 125x6 125x4

    an increase of roughly 20-30lbs thru the sets. 125 was a good weight to stop at by the 6th rep it was in real pain and was losing form

    INCLINE DB CURLS 45X6 45X6 45X6


    after wards i did 12 minutes of precor machine at 80% heart rate.

    Music = Rick Ross. Im not a big rap fan But Push it to the limit comes to mind today


    As expected I knew the weight would go up today. Tommarow is a day off from the gym I have a far away detail so its rest day. I went grocery shopping today and picked up alot of foods that was mentioned in game over vol 2 from scivation. I really need to start getting my food intake more correct. i go home soon and i need to look my best since i havent been home in over a yr. so Im gonn attempt to follow thier food schedule

  19. Day: 25

    I intended on doing shoulders today but with a day off , i decided to do legs since i had time.

    Ok on to the goods.

    0900 wake up glutamine BCAA's and OJ with 1 jw 1 bam, 2 adam
    0930 finished up walking the dog for 30 min moderate speed

    1000 3 tbsp peanutbutter, 5 egg whites, 2 whole eggs, 1/2 grapefruit,

    1100 2 tbsp PB, 2 servings of broccalli, 1 serving of tuna

    1200 GYM
    1200 Post workout drinks food etc....... grapefruits, tna chicken beef

    Squats 295x8 320x6 370x4 405x2

    This is my first 405 attempt in along time. Even though i had knee wraps my right knee buckled in and i stopped at rep 2 i coulda skipped the first set of 8

    Leg press 550x6 625x6 625x5 625x4

    I utilized the 4 sec negatives on these they really made me struggle it was nice but it also limited the amount of weight i pushed up

    calf presses on leg press 200x15 400x8 500x8 single leg 200lbx8 200lb x8

    I was already sitting on the leg press i may as well do calves too

    Single leg Hammy curls 70x8 70x6 70x6 70x6

    4 second negs many i knotted up good

    Did some ab work and rolled out. tommarow is shoulders

  20. Day: 27

    0630 wake up glutamine BCAA's and OJ with 1 jw 1 bam, 2 adam 1super enzyme 2 super anti o's
    0700 4 peanut butter sandwhiches on wheat ( tired of eggs)

    0800 chicken salad, 1/2 grapefruit,

    1100 protein shake

    1200 bcaa's and glutamine mix
    1300 Gym time

    Military press 135x6 155x6 155x6 155x6

    I havent done these in ages. i usually do db's due to shoulder pain but today wasnt very bad

    Seated lateral raises 35x6 40x6 45x6

    This was a big increase from last power set

    Front raises 35x6 35x6 40x6

    By far the heaviest ive ever used to do front raises

    I finished up with a variety of rotator cuff work and took off. It was saturday and iw as on the road all morning

    Im compiling my numbers of the 4 weeks comparing my pwoer numbers from week 1 to week 4 I increased on every rep on every set. Ill go into more detail shortly after dinner

  21. Day: 29

    Today starts rep range week 2. Ive started the first half review ill post it up later tonight once i get everything done. I had work today at noon so i hit the gym early on

    Ok on to the goods

    0830 Wake up 3 whole eggs 2 egg whites 1 yogurt. 20 oz of OJ with glut and leucine 1 JW 1 BAM 2 adam 2 super anti 1 super enzyme

    0930 20 oz of water. grapefruit

    1000 GYM
    Im makingbbq chicken now yuuuuum

    all rest period was 2 minutes toward the end of my sets i had to extend some of my rest period because the pump in my chest wouldnt allow a full contraction and it was actually painfull. same thing with triceps actualyl worse on tri's lol

    FLAT BENCH 225x10 235x10 250x8 250x8

    I was really struggling on the 8 reppers. im slowly getting used to using higher reps. i didnt expect to get as many 10 reppers early on

    INCLINE BB PRESS 160x11 160x9 160x11

    goddamn I was toast. I really did feel heach fiber in my chest tear. They were killing me. and at this point i had one of the most tremendous pumps. I was wearing a long sleeve thermal t shirt and I looked like I had tits lol. I never say i look good. In fact I hate the way i look, but looking in the mirror going over to the cables i was like DAMN!

    High cable cross 45x15 45x15

    For some reason these were cake. i shoulda went heavier but physically was beat my chest was just full of blood.

    Standing DB behind the neck Tri press 2 hands 75lb db x12 80lb db x12 85lb x12 85lb x10

    i havent done these in 2-3 years . iwanted a new tri exercise and i didnt want to do decline close grip my chest was fried. these felt so ****in good. It was close to masturbation lol. i dont know the proper name i just grabbed a db stood up feet shoulder width apart and pressed behind the neck

    Rope press 120x12 120x12 120x8

    sheer pain was setting in toward the end of these. as i stated to be straighten my arm out killed me i had to rest longer between exercises to allow blood flow out of the muscle so i could contract

    Single arm under hand pull downs 40x8 40lb x8

    at this point fatigue was setting in on my tri's so i bolted after these

    one more day left. then final notes. Day 31 starts BAM JW and restore.

    current weight is 231lbs at 57.2% water

  22. Day: 30
    REP RANGE WEEK 2 Back / Bi's

    Ive said it a hundred times. The only thing im proud of about me is my Back. I love to train it because i can move the most weight

    Pain, that is what im in right now. I ****ing hammered my back and bi's today. Its basically put up or shut up time. I wanted another 30 days I got it. so i have no excuses to see what 8 weeks of bad ass mass can do

    0930 Wake up 3 packs of oatmeal peanutbutter and honey. 1 bam 1 jw 2 anti-o 2 adam 1 enzyme

    1030 20 oz of orange juice glut and leucine. grapefruit

    1100 cottage cheese applesauce

    all rest period was 2 minutes my bi's take longer to recover then my back does

    V-Bar pulldowns 185x12 190x10 195x10 195x8

    I love being able to add the little cylinders at the top of the lat rack . I was really pulling toward the end of these.

    Standing Bent over rows using vbar handle 3 45lb plates and 1 10lb plate x12 x12 x12

    Just put a bar in the corner of a wall load it with plates use a vbar handle stand up and pull it to youur chest. i love these. i can usually pull a ton

    Wide grip high bar seated rows

    140lbs x15 140lbs x15
    I added these in toward the end to build the top of my inner back and help make the top wider

    Seated ez bar preacher curls 80x8 80x8 80x8 80x8

    ****in A these really hurt by rep * was struggling. I added another 30 sec rest in betwwen sets

    Hammer curls 45lb db x12 45x12 45x12

    more pain. more fatigue more awesomeness

    Standing double Bicep cable curl 40x15 40x15

    at this point fatigue was setting in big time.The pump was killing my contraction. when I would contract and hold it. It huurt bad. Im still feeling it now 4 hrs after the gym

    standing barbell wrist curls 105x15 105x10 105x8 105 x8

    My grip gave out toward the end

    ab work oblique work and out the door

    whenever i bendover to pick my son up the pain in my bi's is intense. it feels like a nail right down the middle of the BI.Ill be plenty sore tommarow.

    Tommarow begins the next 30 days for me with restore added. One major hurdle Im gonna have to over come will be work. Feb1 is my last day of honor guard so its back to the 40 hr workweek. Im also going to mid-shift which means im working from 11pm to 7am. Its less stressful for me there. No politcal bull****. no extra duties . just peace quiet and work. so the first few days will be rough. Ill train at 730 am then ill head home to sleep for a few hrs until my son gets out of day care at 4pm. it will take som adjusting so feel free to make any sggestions

  23. Day: 32


    Just a quick story, This group is a local band that signed with universal records in 2001. They were freakin Great. The lead vocalist Nick I met him by accident when We found out we were banging the same chick . I was a counber locally and i was a tech for sprint PCS. I worked on his cell phone the day of his concert and that night during security He came up to me and we bull****ed and then we both said hey to the girl we were doing lol. Funny stuff. The band split after drummer and lead guitarist left for the Hit Band Breakin Benjamin also of the same home town. Regardless the music rocked

    Ok on to the goods

    0830 Wake up 4 egg whites 1 whole egg 2 scoops of peanutbutter 1/2 grape fruit. 1 bam 1 jw 1 restore 2 anti-o 2 adam 1 enzyme

    1030 20 oz of orange juice glut and leucine. peanut butter sandwhich on wehat

    1100 cottage cheese applesauce off to work
    12-1500 WORK
    1500 GYM

    I found out that im not going back to my Job until Tuesday I have a active duty funeral to perform saturday so it was a long day of practice. Active duty meaning an Airman Died on active duty so the funeral is a big deal and its several hours away

    all rest period was 2 minutes

    Standing Barbell Military press 135x9 145x9 145x6 135x8

    After struggling on the 3rd set of 145 i dropped the weight to keep my reps up

    Upright rows 75x12 75x12 75x12

    I dunno why I even do these. they hurt no matter how light of a weight I uuse

    seated side laterals straight arm 20lbx15 20lb x15 20lbx 15

    Seated front raises 20x15 20x15 20x15

    shrugs 135x20 135x20

    more pain. more fatigue more awesomeness

    Standing calf raises Toes pointed out 80x20 toes pointed in 80x20 toes out 80x20 toes in 80x20 toes out 80x20 toes in 80x20

    **** these hurt

    Seated calf raises Toes out 45x20 toes in 45x20 toes out 45x20 toes in 45x20 toes out 45x20 toes in 45x15


    I had a mix of WMS bcaa and creatine and left. I stopped to talk to this girl I know for a bit. well after about 45 min i started feeling really light headed. when I got home My hands were shaking I was sweating like no other and I relaly felt like ****. SO I downed a Protein shake, 2 handfulls of raisins 3 slices of wheat bread with peanutbutter and some orange juice. within about 20 min I was feeling OK again. that was a first for me

    Tomm is leg day.

  24. Day: 33

    Well the day started off great. I got my income tax refund last night. I was due in for work at 8 am for a quick practice for the active duty funeral tomm. it was gonna be a simple friday.

    Yeah right. Managment couldnt runa mcdonalds efficiently. This staff sgt couldnt due **** she kept ****ing up the order of events. making people who have been doing this for months and months practice over and over. The new guys couldnt get **** done right. people *****ing complaining when it was all said and done 30 min lunch break and we worked until 330. needless to say I was more pissed off then anything. I couldnt get a hair cut, I had to pick my son up so i had to cut down rest time to zip thru my leg workout ugh and tommarow ill be on the road all day 12 hrs . wht a way to recover
    oh and Im all out of ALRI protein but i did get my AI peanutbutter protein in

    Ok on to the goods

    0630 Wake up 3 packs of oatmeal 2 scoops of peanutbutter 1/2 grape fruit. 1 bam 1 jw 1 restore 2 anti-o 2 adam 1 enzyme and 3 scoops of AI peanutbutter protein

    0800 Work. Orange juice and leucine

    1000 Sample package of Scivation WPI
    1130 Lunch since i didnt prepare i had to eat chicken sandwhiches from Mcdonalds this infuriated me 1 jw 1 restore 2 anti-o's
    1400 water and a bananna i had

    1530 GYM

    all rest period was 2 minutes or less

    ATG squats 135x15 135x15 225x12 225x12 225x21

    I really have a hard time getting out of the whole. Being so tall that when i start my squat my body says im low enough but visually i dont look like im getting deep so I go deeper. well once im below paralell getting uop takes alot. so I really really focused on these ATG squats. my ass was almost touching the ground. My hips were pumped no **** right by my hips was pumped

    Hack squats 150x12 150x12 150x10

    At htis point I could really really fell the pump in my quads i was beat as hell tired but loving it

    Single Leg Leg ext. 80x10 80x10 80x10

    Stiff legged deadlifts 135x15 135x15 135x15 135x15

    I had to bolt after this to pick up junior so leg curls were out of the question which lead to more pissed offness One good thing tonight im going for steak and lobster i deserve it

    I had a mix of WMS bcaa and creatine and left. I just ate 3 egg salad sandwhiches on wheat then dinner will be soon

    Here are som crappy pics i snapped real fast. this weekend ill get some better ones if u take note that vein showing in my upper right of the pic on my chest ( right as ur looking at it ) this sticks out all day long all the time. it never did that before

    some legs

  25. Day: 36

    Music on mp3 player

    So this real test begins. I start work 3rd shift tonight. so I hit the gym at 0730 this morning got a haircut came home ate. slept til 2 got up ate some more and slept til 4 ill try to get in one more power nap. lean dreams is a godsend

    I got a package in today for regeneration X so that is gonna be added to my WMS after my workouts ( i have 5 kilos of plain WMS)

    CURRENT WEIGHT 232LBS! Heaviest I have ever been in my life

    35 days Ive added 8lbs if I can get another good 5lbs ill be set for my first cut

    Ok on to the goods

    0630 Wake up 3 packs of oatmeal 2 scoops of peanutbutter 1/2 grape fruit. 1 bam 1 jw 1 restore 2 anti-o 2 adam 1 enzyme and 3 scoops of AI peanutbutter protein

    0730 Gym
    0900 WMS then 30 min later shake

    1000 Chiken salad and water 2 lean dreams and sleep
    1230 WOke up to have a PB on wheat sandwhich 1 jw 1 restore 2 anti-o's
    1400 wake up for shake

    1600 wake now

    all rest period was 2 minutes or less

    Incline Bench SS with Pec deck 175 x10 ss 120x8 1 set rest. 175x10 ss 120x8 2 set rest. 175x8 120x8 175x8 120x6

    The pumps are getting better and better. I was kind of tired this morning., I didnt take any preworkout stims or anything. i was rnning off raw energy. this shock week really causes crazy pumps

    Flat bench drop sets 185x12 rest . Then non stop 185x10 165x8 145x6 135x4 The only rest came from standing up to take the plates off.

    WOw I almost got buried here

    High cable crosses 35x25 35x25

    Decline CLose grip press superset with standing 2 handed DB raise. 185x10 ss 65lbdb x8 rest. 185x10 ss 65lb x8 185x8 ss 65x8 185x8 65x6
    AS you can see the reps began to get less and less as fatigue set in

    Rope pushdowns dropset 120x12 100x10 80x8 60x6 40x4 I did these with 10 sec rest in between.
    I was gonna go thru this again but the pain in my tri's wouldnt allow that amont of volume again

    i tried to hit some single hand push downs my but tri's wouldnt let it

    Tommarow is when the actual test comes into play when I hit back and bi's tom morning after work

  26. nice another boxer owner. good log may have to try this after i finish HAVOC

  27. i think you are actually getting SMALLER!!!!

    j/k! doin' good, buddy! Making me proud! the agression sucks, huh?

    how's the little guy?

  28. Day: 36
    SHock week Back /bi's

    Tired as hell Lifting at 9pm before work. But still managed to have a kick ass workout , How I have no idea

    Ok on to the goods.

    Lat pulldowns Drop set 220x10 rest 220x10 drop 190 x8 drop 170x6 drop 140x4

    Ireally cramped up on this one

    Seated Low cable rows Supersetted with seated High cable wide grip rows. 180x10ss 120x8 180x10ss 120x8 180x10 ss 120x6 180x8 ss 120x6

    Straight arm pull downs 80x25 80x25

    Standing easy bar curls wide grip superset with Hammer curls 80x10 ss 45lbx8 80x10 ss 45x8 80x10ss45x6
    cramped up to all hell

    Concentration curls drop set. 30x10 drop 25 x8 drop 20 x6 1 set 30x10 drop 25x8 20x6 2 set 30x10 drop 25x8 drop 20x6 3rd set
    I grabbed these dbs and bent over and curled againts gravity they hurt

    after this I had 2 scoops of regn-x with some WMS and took a shoer. Now im eating and drinking til 7am then bed time.

    by far one of teh best pumps in the 36 days. not as weak as i anticipated being on 5 hours of off and on sleep all day. at 7 am its 3 lean dreams and bed time

    Did some ab work and rolled out. tommarow is shoulders
    toes-on-the-nose.blogspot.com Deployed blogging


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