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  1. DAY 19

    DAY 20
    Well, I was really looking forward to see how progress would be into the third week. One thing I've noticed is the pounds aren't really coming on but that figures as I suck at gaining weight period, but the strength is going good.

    Incline db press: 55x12, 65x12, 80x10, 90x6

    Decline bb press: 155x12, 165x10, 185x8

    Incline db fly: 40x12, 45x10, 50x8

    Cable crossovers: 70x12, 75x10,8

    Flat bb bench: 165x12, 135x12
    *just for a good pump, used a wide grip*

    Overall I was pleased with this workout, sadly it was crowded as hell and one of the flat benches disappeared so the chances of getting on the only one left was close to none, so no flat db bench. On incline however, I was suprised to find I could handle the 90's which is a first for me so I'm still impressed.

  2. OFF?

    you are allowed to take off days!!?!?!?!? FIT! he is taking OFF days!

    You are in trouble now!

    Good job, buddy!

  3. DAY 21
    Did a nice back workout with my cousin who was down from the army.

    Pullups: 12,10,8

    BB t-bar rows: 180x12, 190x10, 200x8

    Narrow reverse grip pulldowns: 150x12, 160x10, 170x8

    BB rows: 165x10,8 165x6-ds-155x6-ds-135x6

    Seated cable rows: 150x12,10,8

    Had a lot of endurance in this workout, strength is still climbing also. Forearms were smoked too!

    DAY 22

    DAY 23
    Decided to once again superset bi's and tri's and do shoulders as well, been really tight on time and I want to push my limits as far as endurance and rest time goes.

    Seated hammer strength shoulder press: 80(each side)x12, 90x10, 95x8

    Seated db lateral raise: 35x10, 30x10,8

    Cable uncrossovers: 35x12, 40x10, 45x8

    Alt db curls:45x10,8 50x6
    ssw/seated 2-hand db extension: 70x12, 75x10,8

    Hammer curl: 40x12,10,8
    ssw/Decline CGBP: 135x12,10 155x8

    Cable straight bar curls: 120x12, 130x10, 140x8
    ssw/V-bar pushdowns: 130x12, 140x10, 150x8

    Wow, felt way strong today, especially on my last superset of arms. Had a pump that lasted quite some time as well!

  4. DAY 24
    Friday, leg day!


    Squats: 135x12, 185x12, 225x12, 275x8, 295x6
    *didn't feel up to par energy-wise and mentally, so I didn't attempt 315*

    Front squat on smith machine: 110x12, 140x10, 150x8

    Db lunges: 40'sx12,10,8

    Seated Calf Raise: 135x12, 145x10, 155x8

    Leg press calf raise: 270x12,10,8

    Seated leg curls: 120x12,10,8

    Had a good workout, everything felt strong except for my squat, but I feel it was more mental than physical...oh well.

  5. i'll be fully updated tonight, been busy with school and work!

  6. DAY 25 & 26
    Took the weekend off!

    DAY 27

    Chest Day!
    Flat db bench: 90x10, 100x5, 90x8

    Incline smith machine: 170x12, 190x10, 200x6

    Flat db flye: 45x12,10,8

    Incline hammer strength: 140x10,8,6

    Cable crosses: 60x12, 65x10,8

    Had a solid workout, almost got ruined from the 07 resolutionists taking up space, but I got it done. Still feeling good with the 100's, need to increase reps though.

    DAY 28

    Wide grip pulldowns: 160x10, 170x8,6

    T-bar rows w/bb: 180x12, 190x10, 200x8

    Rack pulls: 225x12, 275x8,6

    Narrow grip pulldowns: 150x10,8,6

    Underhand grip bb rows on smith: 100x12, 150x10,8

    Had a good workout, felt pretty strong with the t-bar and rack pulls...last week is almost over

  7. DAY 29


    Seated smith machine shoulder press: 130x12, 140x10, 150x8

    Cable one arm lateral raise: 30x12,10,8

    Reverse pec-deck: 120x12,10 135x8

    Smith machine bb shrugs: 210x10, 230x8,6

    Had a nice short shoulder workout, I've found that I feel stronger and overall better when I don't overdo shoulders. Numbers on shrugs went up also.

    DAY 30!!
    Well, this is the last day on the stack . Watch for the final review with measurements and before/after pics, as well as a comparison of this with MassFx/Hyperdrol, probably be up tomorrow.

    BB curls: 80x12, 90x10, 100x8

    Db hammer curls: 40x12,10,8

    Incline db curls: 30x12,10,8

    CGBP: 135x12, 155x10, 175x8

    V-bar pressdowns w/backpad: 65x12, 70x10, 75x8

    Seated 2-hand db extension: 65x12, 70x10,8

    Had a good pump, felt strong, my biceps felt fried early in the workout but still managed to get good numbers up!
  8. Final Review!!

    First, a big thank you to ALRI, FnF, and Viper for picking me to test this product!

    This is where I believe the best asset of the stack lies. I had good strength increases throughout the entire month of using the stack. It felt as if every week my numbers/reps were moving forward, which is great for a weakling like me . For example, if you check my log, I started off db flat benching 90's on my last set for 6. The last week of the stack I was up to the 100's for about the same number of reps.

    Sadly, this was the weak point of the stack FOR ME. Although my final weight ended up being 186, which I am some what satisfied with, I had a hard time putting on weight, unlike the Massfx stack in which I put on a good 5-6 pounds without really changing my diet. However, I was sick for a couple days during xmas which let my weight drop to about 179 at the lowest. The stack did help me put that missing weight back on pretty easily. Maybe with a better diet I might have gained some more. Being a working college student SUCKS!

    Overall, I would definitely recommend this stack to someone looking for solid strength gains that stay! My gains in strength have not gone down a bit yet. BUT, in comparison to Mass Fx/Hyperdrol, it loses IMO in terms of mass gaining. In terms of comparison of strength gains I feel they were both pretty equal. Good solid increases in every area.

    Before pics are on the left, afters on the right. I can see a good change in my back pics; front is hard to tell because of different lighting...let me know what you think!
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  9. Bad Ass Mass & Jungle Warfare Before and After pics

    Mass Fx / Hyperdrol Before & After Pics

  10. Whoa! Impressive


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