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  1. SmithsonGA ALRI Evolution Sponsored Log

    SmithsonGA BULKS:

    The EVOLUTION Stack:

    Bad Ass Mass, Jungle Warfare, and Restore

    Bad Ass Mass:

    Bad Ass Mass™ is designed to support serious mass gain through the most effective pro-anabolic pathways.

    -Stimulate muscle AR’s for enhanced protein synthesis and tissue repair.
    -Bind SHBG to increase levels of free testosterone.
    -Increase LH/FSH to maximize output of natural testosterone.
    -Increase glycogen retention and optimize internal hydration levels.
    -Support superior protein synthesis through modulation of transcription factors.
    -Inhibits excessive cortisol levels for an anti-catabolic effect.
    -Promote recovery of the neuromuscular matrix.
    -Provide superior results either in a synergistic stack or as a standalone supplement[/CENTER]

    Jungle Warfare:

    Pro-Hypertrophic Proprietary Matrix For Increased Myotrophic Activity!

    So, obviously by now everyone knows that anabolic/androgenic steroids (AAS), prohormones (PH) and prosteroids (PS) work rather well for aiding lean tissue growth by increasing the anabolic response in muscle tissue thus shuttling nutrients away from fat and feeding them to muscle...and most know that they can have serious side effects like jail, HPTA shut-down, liver enzyme and lipid issues. Oh, and they are banned by about every sporting organization on the planet. Many are willing to take these risks, but it may not be necessary or a best choice for the goals desired.

    The way that all androgens (AAS, PH and PS alike are types of androgens) trigger anabolism (protein synthesis/myotrophic activity) in muscle cells is interesting. Once an androgen is in the circulatory or lymphatic system, its molecules merge with androgen receptors (AR’s...remember that term, there will be a test at the end) thus acting as an AR agonist. (Agonist cause a response...antagonist stop one...unless it is an ex-girlfriend of course) The molecule basically delivers a message to the cell telling it what to do. The reason AAS and other androgen-type compounds are so coveted in the underground is simply due to the fact that they deliver a "make more proteins" message in a get bigger and perform better way. (Did I mention the negative side affects?) It is possible to do this without hormones and deliver a significant myotrophic message muscles will pay attention to…without the negative side affects.

    What's So Great About Jungle Warfare?

    -Increased myotrophic activity
    -Favorable nutrient repartitioning
    -HPTA modulation
    -Estrogen management
    -Significant Pro-Hypertrophic capacity

    What's In It?

    Naturally, our design was intended to have a synergistic effect in that one compound’s actions amplifies the others. (I am sure some can think of comparisons to this important point of design). The result is a synergistic Pro-hypertrophic from ALRI featuring an Herbal Proprietary Myotrophic Complex. (Get the name Jungle Warfare™ yet?) Mormordica Chirantia Extract - We use a specific dual extraction/standardization process that allows us to use both the insulinogenic and non-androgenic AR agonistic fractions unique to a proprietary mormordica chirantia extraction. By doing so, we can foster the hypertrophic event in lean tissue via the two most important mechanisms without the usual negative side effects.

    ADED (5a-dehydro-etiocholane-1,4,6-trien-3-one-17-ol)
    - Many are aware of both the positive and negative physiological issues relating to the naturally occurring aromatase inhibitory ATD. Most of the benefits are the result of one of its physiological 17-OH metabolites. ADED is a natural non-androgenic metabolite of ATD with improved oral bio-availability. Please, do not confuse this with ATD itself as the difference is very important both in structure and action: Some may recall this one from our Ultra H.O.T.ter matrix but to recap…By modulating estrogen build-up the negative feed-back look to the hypothalamus is put in check. The result is that the body optimizes natural testosterone production. We use our favorite aromatase inhibitor to do this and it works pretty well to modulate, instead of obliterate, estrogen. So we still have the right amount of estrogen for optimal growth of lean tissue, without the excess water weight and fat feeding aspect.

    Conjugated (-)3,4-divanillyl-tetrahydrofuran - We utilize an excellent free testosterone optimizing compound called Conjugated (-)3,4-divanillyl-tetrahydrofuran. This is simply the result of a series of extraction processes performed upon nettle root. Many know of this herb due the anti-aromatase capacity and the studies that show its positive affects upon BHP in men. Some of the nettle extracts also have a positive affect upon the total testosterone to free/active testosterone ratio. More free testosterone means more “active” (as in the part that really matters) testosterone. Nothing really trick here other than it just works better than one would expect. (Nice for a change when something can be simple and effective). Of course, it is all about effective delivery into the body that makes it an asset.

    Proprietary Conjugated Coleonol Extract - Hypotrophic-type receptor health and integrity is paramount to lean tissue optimization. In reality modulation is surprisingly dependant upon cAMP stimulation. Without it, receptor activity down-regulation occurs rapidly and the lean mass promoting symbiotic relationship between hormones goes in the toilet. The ALRI Proprietary Conjugated Coleonol Extract supports this need rather well.[/CENTER]


    Support Testosterone, Inhibit Estrogen To Promote Lean Mass!

    In the ever expanding world of performance and health supplementation today, there is an assumed division between products considered "hard-core only", and those that are intended to promote lean mass acquisition by way of improved over-all health. Both groups of users actually may have the same goals…especially men. Facts are we are performance oriented men and want as much muscle building, sex-driving testosterone as humanly possible. I mean come on, can you find a guy that says "I want to be fat and feminine" (okay, one that isn't looking for a sex-change). We all want to be healthy optimized males! We don't want to deal with the negative side affects of excess estrogen from any source. It shuts down testosterone production and makes people fat and *****y. We like being men!

    A Solution

    ALRI Restore is not just another testosterone booster. Though an increase in testosterone production alone is pretty cool, and one of the reported major benefits of Restore, it would be only part of the Restore optimized male matrix. Instead we have opted to see how many arguments we can start (and knock-offs we can inspire) this time by raising the bar for product expectations beyond what any one product can currently offer performance oriented males; by doing the whole job. Its okay, we are men, we like competition!

    Increased Free Testosterone

    Free-T (Proprietary Pure Avenacosides Matrix) - Seems most males who use supplements for lean mass gains have heard of Avena Sativa. Yeah, I know, lots of products already have some form avena sativa or its extracts in it, so what makes this one special? Of course we used an extraction process for maximum active compound content (greatest possible amount of active milligrams per capsule), but in truth Restore™ as a product is special, our Free-T (Proprietary Pure Avenacosides Matrix) from avena sativa just works well in the whole matrix to provide maximum results.

    In the body testosterone travels around in two forms: Bound or inactive; meaning it is bound to a protein called SHBGB, and Unbound or free; meaning it is free to do manly things like build muscle. Basically there are phytochemicals in avena sativa called avenacosides A and B. Some studies indicate avenacosides increase actual active or free testosterone in the body by freeing up the bound testosterone from SHBG so there is more active testosterone.

  2. Now for some history.

    I have been chosen by ALRI to run a sponsored log of their new BAM product. I am already 3 weeks into my Jungle Warfare/Restore stack, so I will add BAM to that stack to make the EVOLUTION stack. (lots of stacks!)

    My detailed status to date can be found here:

    SmithsonGA MAX-OT Jungle Warfare/Restore/BAM Bulk - Forums

    I will post a summary prior to starting BAM.

    I will receive BAM this Tuesday, and will start it on Weds.

    Here is my dosing schedule: (I am current at day 21, end of week 3)

    Jungle Warfare
    weeks 1, 2, 3 : 3 caps JW 3x day
    weeks 4, 5 : 1 cap JW 4x day

    weeks 3, 4, 5 : 1 cap Restore 3x day
    weeks 6, 7, 8 : 2 caps Restore 3x day

    Days 24-53 (mid week 4 thru mid week 7) : 1 cap BAM 2x day

    I am 175lbs, 5'11", eating 3300-3400 cals/day. typically P/C/F 40/30/30

    I train utilizing MAX-OT routine. 5 day split. Cardio on 1 weekend day.

    Starting Tuesday, my training will split:
    1 Legs
    2 Chest/Abs
    3 Back/Traps
    4 Shoulders/Triceps
    5 Biceps/Abs

    This will be constant until week 7 when I shuffle the order/exercises a bit.

    Moooooooooore later!

  3. Week 3 Summary

    This is my latest summary as I am on Day 24 of my original JW/Restore log and took my first BAM today.

    Initial Weight: 168.6
    Week 1 Weight: 173.2 +4.6
    Week 2 Weight: 172.8 +4.2
    Week 3 Weight: 175.4 +6.8

    Based on my measurements, my body fat has remained the same at 11.5%. My waist has increased a small amount to 84cm (33.1). (increase of 1cm)

    Measurement summary (pre-BAM):
    .........Week 1....Now
    Waist: 32.7.......33
    Chest: 40.5.......41.7
    Bicep: 14.5......15.3
    Quad: 22.5........23.8
    Calf: 15..........15.1
    Shoulders: 46.6 47.2 (hard to get repeatable measurement here)

    Many shirts are feeling tighter...where the sleeves are a bit short because of my shoulder width...OH darn.

    I definitely see in the mirror increased vascularity and size which I believe is showing up more in my measurements than in my weight.

    Based on the above info, my LBM has increased from 149.3 to 155.1 which is a 5.8lb increase and my fat lbs have increased by only 1 lb. (approx 90% LBM gain)

    Week 1 Average Calories: 3333 (P,C,F) 313,287,111 38%,31%,30%
    Week 2 Average Calories: 3323 (P,C,F) 316,295,107 38%,32%,29%
    Week 3 Average Calories: 3406 (P,C,F) 318,285,116 38%,31%,30%
    Overall Total average: 3356 (P,C,F) 316,289,111 38%,31%,30%

    I had MANY PRs this past week and expect more this week. I improved in Legs which is rare for me. I got a HUGE improvement today in legs. Update later tonite.

    The main effects I have noticed this week are increased focus, good energy, a general tightness in my body. I have been less sore than Week 1.

    I have felt at bit more aggressive and impatient, but nothing crazy.

    I have only had 1 zit and no noticeable oily skin increase. NO headaches. Sleep is OK..I seem to wake up a lot (to pee!) and fall asleep easily but I feel quite awake. I cannot sleep in either.

    I added Restore last Monday...and my biggest effect noticed is PEEING. ALL the time.

    I cannot say how impressed I am with this stack so far. I have NEVER experience such strength gain so quickly. I hope for even more size increases to accelerate for my final 5 weeks. Especially with BAM added.

    Here is a cool graph...showing daily morning/evening weights and calorie intake. I will update weekly.

    Thanks for following

  4. Great setup bro, Lookin foreward to all this ALRI Madness!!

  5. Day 24
    Day 1 -BAM

    Weight: 176.4 +7.8
    BAM: +0 - Baseline today

    Calories: 3404
    300 281 115
    36% 30% 30%



    Incline Machine Press - Much easier on my shoulder. Weights mean nothing on this machine, so will only post reps
    x12, x10, x8 warmups
    x8, x8, x5

    Db Press
    8x60, 6x60 Wierd...shoulder hurt badly today. Obviously the above incline sets also didnt allow me to use the higher Dbs I am used to.

    Machine Flys
    9x130, 6x140

    Cable Crunches
    15x99, 8x108, 7x108 Going to max out the weight stack here soon...

    Weighted Crunches
    11x35, 9x35

    Chest day is a bit frustrating for me lately due to shoulder, but I am getting it. Mixing in some machine work etc has helped.

    I have a HUGE need for water seems I simply cannot drink enough. I also have to pee about 3-4x / night..which is quite annoying.

    Legs darn sore today, which is awesome.

    Back tomorrow....again, workout has changed some this week.

  6. Day 25
    Day 2 - BAM

    Weight: 178.2 +9.6
    BAM: +1.8

    Calories: 3402
    312 308 113
    37% 33% 30%



    New workout today, no reference for PRs on most exercises

    Bb Rows
    95x10, 95x8, 115x6 warmups
    7x145, 7x145

    V-Bar Lat Pulldown
    6x217, 6x217

    x5, x5

    Seated Wide Row

    8x135 warmup
    6x225, 8x225 Only my 2nd time doing this exercise, so PR but still getting used to it and not pushing too hard to keep form.

    7x225, 7x225 forgot my straps...I normally use 305 here but my grip failed

    Upright Row
    7x150 Added this due to not being able to do the shrugs I wanted above. NO shoulder pain this time!

    I LOVED this workout. Very intense, heavy weight (for me) and my back has been burning all day. Incredible pumps and focus at the gym.

    BIG weight gain these past 3 days. Curious how this continues.

    I have been quite aggressive and impatient lately...literally focused on calming myself down a few times.

    One annoying thing today, I often put my next dose of caps in my pocket if I have to go out and don't want to miss a dose. Well, I have been doing this without any issues with JW and Restore, BUT the mega BAM cap busted in my pocket apparently. Sucked. It maybe BAM but it isnt Bad Ass Capsule, let me tell you. So I am down to 59 caps Bunch of crappy smelling powdery crap in my pocket.

    OH, my legs are still slightly sore from TUESDAY. Geesh.

    Shoulders and Triceps tomorrow.

  7. Good set up here man. Sucks about the bam cap. Never had that happen to me before, but I have had some caps fall out of my pocket while sitting around with some co-workers. Imagine the weirdness that brought up.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  8. Day 26
    Day 3 - BAM

    Weight: 177.0 +8.4
    BAM: +0.6

    Calories: 3397
    312 310 115
    37% 32% 30%



    New workout today, no reference for PRs on most exercises. Shoulders were burning from being hit hard on chest and back days, so I skipped those.

    Skull Crushers
    45x12, 55x8, 55x6 warmups
    6x80, 6x80, 4x80 - Not a PR, but very good recovery in 2nd set, felt great.

    Cable Pressdowns
    7x77, 5x77, 5x77

    Overhead Db
    8x45, 5x55 - 45s waaaay too light, stopped and picked up the 55s

    Nice quick workout but my triceps were finished. Still burning and pumped/sore 9 hrs later.

    Today my aggression is out of the park. Very impatient and at times, rude.

    I told a guy off at the gym cuz I went to fill my water bottle, leaving my skull crusher setup there (next to my journal etc) and when I came back he had changed the weight and was using it. Rare I would do that....

    But that was the start....these two guys (one of which is who I told off) were annoying the piss out of me! Just talking up a storm...chit this chat that...UGH. Sorta jumping from one exercise to another...typically what I was currently working on...wanting to cut in continuously. The gym is for WORKING OUT, NOT social hour. I actually caught myself gritting my teeth.

    Just a 'tad' bit of aggression..

    Still very dry lips and mouth...seems to be since I started BAM.

    My whole body feels I was hit by a truck..I love it!

    Biceps and Abs tomorrow

  9. Day 27
    Day 4 - BAM

    Weight: 177.8 +9.2
    BAM: +1.4

    Calories: 3448
    308 328 114
    36% 34% 30%



    Bb Curls
    12x55, 10x55, 8x65 warmups
    5x100, 5x100, 4x100 - Not a PR but more total set reps, felt great.

    Hammer Db Curls
    6x40, 4x40

    Cable Curls
    6x138, 5x138

    Leg Lifts
    15x10, 12x12

    Cable Crunch
    9x104, 10x99

    Not as aggressive in the gym today. I didnt really hit much in the way of PRs, but I did have good recovery between sets and had higher volume.

    Another idiot in the gym today...saw him doing Db press and flys...with a toothpick in his mouth...a first for everything I guess.

    My whole body is still pretty sore!

    OFF or Cardio tomorrow, depends on how I feel. I need rest.

    Some lethargy today...I think I pushed myself this week pretty hard.

    Curious on measurements this week, I feel I am getting a bit of fat in the mid-section. I guess I expected some but still hate it.

    Legs on Tuesday.

  10. Where are my pictures? and....... Its your turn for the food check Spill it

  11. Geez, go to bed!

    hmmm...I posted pics on BB...need to put them here.

    I will do a screenshot of yesterdays diet later today.

  12. Here is an example of my diet:

    I need someone to remind me how to do a screenshot....I tried with my imageshack toolbar, but it only does it of my browser window...not another window. I know I did this before.......

  13. Ok, your clean Take all my fun out of it why dont ya

    Carry on........Muscle Head :bb2:

  14. haha! Thx.

    I am going to tweak my breakfast a lower the fat content (ham, whole eggs) to less ham and more egg whites vs. whole eggs and up protein elsewhere in the day. See if I can lower the fat to 25% vs. 30%.

  15. Day 28
    Day 5 - BAM

    Weight: 177 +8.4
    BAM: +0.6

    Calories: 3629 - OUCH - Big new years party dinner.
    267 276 141
    30% 28% 34%

    OFF - Cardio

    22 min HIIT

    Quiet day. Good cardio, tough tho.

    Week 4 summary later today.

    Nothing else to report, no sides etc.

  16. Week 4 Summary

    Initial Weight: 168.6
    Week 1 Weight: 173.2 +4.6
    Week 2 Weight: 172.8 +4.2
    Week 3 Weight: 175.4 +6.8
    Week 4 Weight: 178.4 +9.8
    Weight Since BAM (5 days): +2.0

    Based on my measurements, my body fat has increased to 12%, an increase of 0.5%. My waist has increased to 85cm. (increase of 2cm, 1cm of that increase in this past week)

    Measurement summary:
    .........Week 1....Now
    Waist: 32.7.......33.5
    Chest: 40.5.......41.9
    Bicep: 14.5......15.3
    Quad: 22.5........24
    Calf: 15..........15.2
    Shoulders: 46.6......47.2 (hard to get repeatable measurement here)

    Based on the above info, my LBM has increased from 149.3 to 157.1 which is a 7.8lb increase and my fat lbs have increased by 2 lbs. (approx 80% LBM gain)

    Week 1 Average Calories: 3333 (P,C,F) 313,287,111 38%,31%,30%
    Week 2 Average Calories: 3323 (P,C,F) 316,295,107 38%,32%,29%
    Week 3 Average Calories: 3406 (P,C,F) 318,285,116 38%,31%,30%
    Week 4 Average Calories: 3450 (P,C,F) 299,298,120 35%,31%,31% - this was skewed by a bad 12/31 diet.
    Overall Total average:... 3379 (P,C,F) 311,291,113 38%,31%,30%

    I had a HUGE Pr improvement in Legs last week and other misc PRs as well. I expect more this week as I am going into the 2nd week of my modified training routines. (just shuffled days and some exercises, still max-ot technique)

    Interestingly, I am EXPECTING PRs at each workout...and it bums me out if I don't get them. Psychological babble...but effects mindset as I go through the workouts.

    I have been crazy sore this week..either from my new exercises/routines or something else...hard to say.

    I have been much more aggressive and had a small amount of lethargy..mainly towards the end of the week.

    NO acne, oily skin, headaches...nada. I have had a dry mouth, chapped lips and pee all nite.

    Here is my latest graph showing daily morning/evening weights and calorie intake.

    Now, this past week I seemed to have gained more in my waist. I expected to gain some fat during this bulk, but as this is week 4, halfway, I want to reevaluate my diet. I have creeped up from 3300 cals to 3400 cals over the past 2 weeks and the #s show maybe a bit higher fat content (mainly nat PB and morning eggs/ham). I have almost gained 1" in my waist...with 1/2 of that in the past week.

    I want some feedback on my options here:

    - Continue diet as is...suck it up...I am getting good gains everywhere, take a little mid-section fat and cut it after this bulk.
    - Adjust calories down from 3400 ... -100 or -200?
    - Change macros a bit...reduce the fat to 20-25%. I am getting 300g of protein on average everyday...doubt more than that is necessary, but willingly to listen.

    Thanks for following

  17. Day 29
    Day 6 - BAM

    Weight: 178.4 +9.8
    BAM: +2.0

    Calories: 3467
    338 340 97
    39% 36% 25%

    OFF Day

    Quiet day.

    Nothing else to report, no sides etc.

    Legs tomorrow...hope to improve on my 400lb PR last week.

  18. Day 30
    Day 7 - BAM

    Weight: 178.2 +9.6
    BAM: +1.8

    Calories: 3526
    333 330 108
    38% 35% 27%



    Leg Press
    10x170, 10x170, 8x260 warmups
    8x400, 6x420, 6x420 ALL PRs here again. +110 lbs since Day 1 of Legs.

    6x275, 6x275 No increase here, BUT no decrease after smoking my legs above good recovery/stamina

    Leg Curl
    7x120, 6x125 I followed a guy using 50 lbs...haha...different training technique I am thinkin

    8x155, 7x175 More increases. Switched to using Bb. Like it better. Expecting more increases next week as I feel comfortable with this exercise.

    Calf Machine
    10x345, 10x345 weird machine. Wish my gym had a standing or donkey calf raise machine.

    Seated Calf
    8x240, 7x240

    Felt good today. I was bloated yesterday but felt tight and strong today. I am just amazed at my leg progress and LOVE it. Been my weak body part for a long time.

    No sides to report. Everything running like clockwork!

    Chest/Abs tomorrow.

  19. Lookin great man...GL moving foreward. Only thing missing is pics.

  20. wow very nice log and nice squatting keep up the great work!

  21. Quote Originally Posted by bLacKjAck.
    Lookin great man...GL moving foreward. Only thing missing is pics.
    He's special Ill go beat him till I get them in here ok? :bruce1: Im sure he will listen to me lol He has them at the other site I think. He was chosen midway through another stack and we are trying 2 testers with adding bam after 4 weeks of jw & restore to see the effects . So like I said he is special

  22. OK OK

    Here are my pics. I HATE the double bicep pose...looks like a retard

    These are from a week ago prior to BAM, but after 3 weeks of JW/Restore (ok, 3 weeks of JW, 1 week of Restore)

    Very Xmas like, eh?

    P.S. My wife just saw these as I posted and she laughed so hard, she fell out of her chair. It is good to be loved.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by bLacKjAck.
    Lookin great man...GL moving foreward. Only thing missing is pics.
    Thanks. Pics up

    Quote Originally Posted by panic66
    wow very nice log and nice squatting keep up the great work!
    Appreciate that. I now like Leg day...

    Quote Originally Posted by FitnFirm
    He's special Ill go beat him till I get them in here ok? Im sure he will listen to me lol He has them at the other site I think. He was chosen midway through another stack and we are trying 2 testers with adding bam after 4 weeks of jw & restore to see the effects . So like I said he is special
    I feeeeel sooo special.

  24. Day 31
    Day 8 - BAM

    Weight: 178.8 +10.2
    BAM: +2.4

    Calories: 3541
    333 365 93
    38% 39% 24%



    Incline Machine - this hurt my shoulder like a .... bad
    12x, 10x, 8x warmups
    6x, 5x Stopped. Something about this machine kills my shoulders.

    Db Press
    8x60, 7x60 - Hammer grip. Shoulder was OK. But didnt push it.

    Machine Fly
    10x140, 6x150, 6x150 - Stronger here.

    Cable Crunch
    9x108, 10x104, 9x104

    Crunch w/ Weight
    10x35, 8x35

    Sore shoulder is a bummer. I was using 75 Db for press prior to this bulk cycle. I am going to have the doctor check it within the next couple weeks to be safe.

    Looking forward to Back tomorrow.

    Weight up again.

  25. Day 32
    Day 9 - BAM

    Weight: 179.4 +10.8
    BAM: +3.0

    Calories: 3545
    336 338 96
    39% 37% 24%



    Bb Rows
    95x10, 95x8, 115x6 warmups
    7x145, 7x145

    V-Bar Lat Pulldown
    8x217, 6x225

    x5, x5

    Seated Wide Row

    7x245, 5x255 I keep pushing on this to get heavier but focusing on strict form. all PRs tho.

    6x305, 6x305 Nice finish

    This is my favorite workout. I love moving the heavier weights etc. (ok, heavy for me). My back and traps feel burnt all day.

    More major weight gain these past 3 days....really has picked up since starting BAM.

    Not as impatient lately.

    I do have a major sore throat last 2 other symptoms tho. Getting my rest and vitamins.


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