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  1. Day 44
    Day 21 - BAM

    Weight: 182.2 +13.6
    BAM: +5.8

    Calories: 3595
    351 349 99
    39% 36% 25%



    Lat Pulldown
    12x83, 10x117, 8x150
    7x225, 5x233 Great PR here...

    V-Bar Close Pulldown
    6x225, 6x225

    Bb Row
    6x145, 6x145 - not a PR, but nice to get this volume after the above

    Db Curl
    7x40, 4x45 ALL PR here...very pleased especially after Back

    Bb Curl
    5x100, 4x100 - Nice volume after everything above.

    I felt good and strong today...looked very vascular and thick in the gym mirrors (so thats why they have mirrors )

    For some reason, Db curls really hurt my shoulder...WEIRD.

    My weight is back up....we will just keep watching the overall trend. Eating good.

    Legs today, expecting Squat PR...see if we can get 300 in my 4-6 rep range!

  2. Day 45
    Day 22 - BAM

    Weight: 181.8 +13.2
    BAM: +5.4

    Calories: 3614
    347 365 97
    39% 37% 24%



    12x95, 10x135, 8x155
    8x285, 6x300, 6x305 OHHH yah! had to bump the last 5 lbs to be +60 lbs since day 1 of this stack.

    Leg Press
    7x440 After above thought for sure I would be weak here...nope.

    7x205, 6x215 BAM! Actually my grip was slipping on the 2nd set....wimpy hands.

    Leg Curl
    6x110 - lower than hams were toast

    Seated Calf
    8x240, 8x240

    Leg Press Calf


    Obviously felt good in the gym today...focused but not pissed...haha, if u know what I mean.

    Weight staying up there

    NO side effects...this stack is amazing. I dont get headaches, acne, oily skin...just peeing a lot and PRs! Did I mention PPPRRRSS??

    Oh, one more side new jeans...I bought these after I finished my cut 2 months ago...well, either they legs have grown enough to cause them to be floods...waist is still perfect, length is now short. My wife prefers I get the skinny leg (no saggy butt jeans allowed) and I am noticing my 'new' thighs are tight.

    Now, I got Squat to 300...need to get Deads there...275 last week...maybe in 2 weeks?

    Eating like a tank. Bottomless pit lately.

    BOO yah!

  3. Day 46
    Day 23 - BAM

    Weight: 182.0 +13.4
    BAM: +5.6

    Calories: 3604
    332 378 89
    39% 37% 24%


    Bad News today. Shoulders are fried...something is wrong

    I couldnt even do 1 rep of my first warmup set with Db Bench.

    Had to completely skip chest today...just did abs which I wont even summarize.

    I called Dr. for a ortho referral, but will have to skip chest and shoulders next week also (last week of this cycle). I will be able to crank out traps (DEADS!) and triceps tomorrow.

    The ONLY good thing is next week I am at a sales mtg in Orlando all week and will have to go to the "Y" at 5:30am prior to all the now I only have to do that 2 times, not 4. Trying to see the bright side of it.

    I will crank on Deads tomorrow!


  4. Day 47
    Day 24 - BAM

    Weight: 182.2 +13.6
    BAM: +5.8

    Calories: 3605
    327 346 104
    37% 38% 26%



    8x135, 6x185, 6x185 warmups
    6x275, 5x275 Set PR, good volume.

    8x305, 6x305

    Tricep Pushdowns
    10x45, 8x54 warmups
    7x77, 6x77

    6x80, 5x80

    Wrist Curls Bb
    9x45, 7x45

    Wrist Curls Db

    I was very lethargic in the gym today...feels like my body is a bit beat up. Most likely from the shoulder injury. Sucks to have to limit my workout routine. Oh well, I have an appt next Friday with ortho.

    Eating good and weight is creeping up a bit, but fairly steady.

    Next week will be interesting as M-Th I will be at a sales conference...trying to track diet and get good workouts in. I have to use the hotel gym which I hope is ok. It is supposedly a 'spa' it should have more equipment than usual.

  5. Day 48
    Day 25 - BAM

    Weight: 182.4 +13.8
    BAM: +6.0

    Calories: 3631
    309 335 101
    35% 36% 25%


    Overall good feeling today. Traps pretty sore.

    Had a nice cheat dinner (Birthday) Prime Filets, birthday cake, red wine...oh yes.

  6. Day 49
    Day 26 - BAM

    Weight: 182.4 +13.8
    BAM: +6.0

    Calories: 3614
    286 363 115
    32% 38% 258%


    Lazy day. Traveled to Orlando...will be here all week.

  7. Day 50
    Day 27 - BAM

    No Weight. Traveling.

    Calories: 3343
    319 288 101
    38% 33% 27%


    In meetings all day. Lucky to eat what I did...ever sit at 9pm eat an apple and trying to down 3T of Nat PB to get calories?!??! Geez.

    finally able to workout tomorrow. Week 7 update will be a bit later this week due to travel schedule.

  8. Day 51
    Day 28 - BAM

    Weight: 183 +14.4
    BAM: +6.6

    Calories: 3567
    300 274 88
    34% 30% 22%


    Working out at the out of routine.

    Did Lat pulldowns and Db rows. Felt fine.

    Tried to do Bicep Db curls, but it really hurt my shoulder. Lovely. Again, Dr. on Fri.

    This cycle is winding down.....only 2 more BAM and about 4 more days of Restore.

  9. Day 52
    Day 29 - BAM

    No Weight - traveling

    Calories: 3048
    322 223 95
    43% 28% 28%


    Working out at the did Cardio...22min HIIT on stepper and 20 mins fast walk, incline treadmill.

    Hard to get my food in while traveling.

  10. Day 53
    Day 30 - BAM

    No Weight - traveling

    Calories: 3069
    282 303 87
    38% 37% 25%


    Traveled all day. Finally back tomorrow. can workout legs.

  11. Day 54
    BAM Over

    Weight: 180.4 +11.8

    Calories: 3505
    348 325 86
    41% 36% 22%



    12x95, 10x135, 8x155
    6x305, 5x305, 5x305 Same weight as last week, BUT 3 sets of my max PR a definite Set PR.

    Leg Press

    8x215, 6x225 Nice.

    Leg Curl

    Seated Calf
    8x240, 7x240

    Leg Press Calf

    Legs feel good. Nice to not deal with the shoulder on this day. This is the last Leg day of this stack

    My BAM is gone....2 more days of Restore is all.

    Weight was down (but already up again this am...probably something odd with traveling).

    Last workout tomorrow for this stack. Monday am will be my final weigh in and measurements and photos.

  12. Day 55
    BAM Over

    Weight: 182.2 +13.6

    Calories: 3323
    301 294 106
    37% 34% 28%



    8x135, 6x185, 6x185
    6x275, 5x275 Felt good...not as tiring as last week, but same weight.

    8x305, 6x305

    Tricep Pushdowns
    10x45, 8x54 warmups
    8x77, 4x81

    Skull Crushers
    6x80, 5x80

    Db Wrist Curl
    10x60, 8x60

    Leg Lift w/ Weight
    10x15, 10x15

    Cable Crunch
    10x104, 7x104

    Last workout of this stack.

    I will be taking the next week off at minimum. Depends also on my MRI results.

    Tomorrow will be my last Restore dosage..about 2 caps left.

    I will have a final summary on Monday.

  13. Day 56
    BAM Over

    Weight: 184 +15.4

    Calories: 3291
    315 302 98
    39% 35% 27%


    Tomorrow am is my last weigh-in.

    Weight jumped these past 2 days...weird.

  14. Final Review

    Initial Weight: 168.6
    Final Weight: 183.0 +14.4

    Weight Gain Since Starting BAM: +6.0

    Final Weight/Calorie Graph

    Based on measurements and BF%...I estimate a good 80% LBM vs. fat gain.

    Overall Total Calorie average:... 3440 (P,C,F) 319,312,106 38%,34%,27%
    I really cut my FAT in the 2nd half of this cycle. See graph on macros:

    Based on my measurements, my body fat has increase by about 0.5%. I think the pictures show a bit more, but nothing crazy.

    Measurement summary:
    Waist: 32.7......33.5....+0.8
    Chest: 40.5......43.1....+2.6
    Bicep: 14.5......15.55..+1.05
    Quad: 22.5......24.4......+1.9
    Forearm: 12......12.2..+0.2

    Regardless of measurements, shirts are fitting much tighter and new jeans are very tight on thighs but still loose in waist...

    Awesome strength gains on this stack, some examples of strength gains:

    Leg Press: 6x310 up to 8x440
    Squats: 5x245 up to 6x305
    Lat Pulldown: 7x208 up to 5x233
    Bicep Curl: 5x95 up to 7x100 with higher set volume
    Skulls: 5x75 up to 7x80

    I made great progress on Deads as well, but the exercise was new for me during this cycle, so I wont detail it.

    Unfortunately my shoulder injury didn't allow for shoulder or chest PRs.

    The major sides I noticed on this was:
    - Aggressiveness/Impatience
    - DOMS (typically worse when I changed up exercises)
    - Thirst! thus Peeing!
    - Odd sleeping...sometimes a rock...sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night...not really tired..but I could fall back asleep without issue.
    - I had no acne, only minor lethargy, no cramping.

    - HUGE strength increases...PRs every week.
    - Weight gain
    - Calories...I believe this stack allows you to eat MORE than normal while minimizing fat. This is important, I think some do not eat enough.
    - Great recovery between sets. Going to complete failure and 2 minutes later, get the same reps again.

    If I take these separate:

    Jungle Warfare: I got immediate weight gain and strength by week 2. I got MOST of my weight gain while on JW. I gained 12.6 lbs by the end of my JW (day 35) and only 1.8 in the remaining 21 days. However, strength continued.

    BAM: Huge thirst. I stopped JW 10 days into my BAM cycle...which seemed to stall the mass increases. Hard to decipher BAM input as I was on JW and Restore at the same time.

    Restore: I didn't feel much from Restore to be honest. I believe there could have been some thinning waist did decrease some while weight stayed. Again, strength still continued to climb, if not as dramatically.

    Summary, awesome stack. Jungle Warfare is very potent and is just the BOMB. I may extend my JW portion of the cycle next time.

    Now, here are some pictures. hard to get exact before/after comparisons and to be honest I am very critical of my pictures. I don't believe these truly represent how different I look, but here goes:

    For reference, that first shot is at 169 lbs, 2nd at 175, 3rd at 183. I can see more definition in my 2nd shot...a bit softer in my 3rd, but more size.

    again 175 in the first, 183 in the 2nd. Also, for those that will ask, the jeans in my after shot are 32W vs. 34W in the first shot.

    After seeing these shots, I will be slowly shaving some fat lbs off as I heal my shoulder. Still plan on going heavy on back, legs and arms if possible and cranking some cardio while staying near maintenance of 2600 cals.

    I may try to squeeze in a another bulk prior to summer...depends on shoulder healing.

    Thanks everyone for following. It was quite a ride and I truly appreciate the support from everyone. Logging really keeps you honest and helps motivation and discipline.

    Finally, thanks to ALRI and FnF for supplying the BAM! Keep me in mind for future logs!


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