ALRI and Evolutionary tale

  1. ALRI and Evolutionary tale

    Happy birthday to me!!

    Today I turn 30 and I can think of no better way to usher in this decade than by getting in the best shape of my life with the Evolution stack by ALRI. As if the Evolution stack wasn't enough FNF and Viper also selected me to use Lean Dreams and Special Tactics. Since they have been so kind I have gone out and purchased additional bottle of all 5 products and will be running this log for 8 weeks if its ok with them.

    The products I will be testing are

    Jungle Warfare
    Bad Ass Mass
    Lean Dreams
    Special Tactics

    I will be taking all products as directed and descriptons can be found on this site.

    I will not be starting taking these supplements until Monday because I am leaving for NYC tonight and will be incredibly busy running my event. I just figure I will not be healthy or active and want to get the best results possible. I will give this log 110 percent.

  2. About me

    On March 1st of this year I began my transformation. I was 329 pounds, very depressed and grossly out of shape. I made a commitment to get in the best possible shape I can no matter how long it takes. I have nicknamed my quest "Operation Physical Specimen. I have been eating clean and working out hard going on 11 months. In the past when I would attempt to get in shape I would starve myself and try to lose weight very fast. I have made a huge commitment to nutrition which I feel is the key for me. I will post some progress pictures for you to see.

    Approx 18% BF

    7 meals a day typically 2500 calories
    330 grams protein
    100 Carbs
    The Rest fat

    I eat very clean...lean meats, oats, yams,nuts...etc. My only real vice is Alcohol which I tend to limit to 1-2 a month but want to make a commitment to going 8 straight weeks in this log without it.

    I am using a constant confusion workout I found that will be very interesting and I have been looking forward to trying it for a while. It varies from 4-6 days lifting per week. I will perform cardio 4 days per week for this log.

    Other Supps: Keeping it basic (for me)
    Costco Multi
    Whey and Casien Protein
    Fish Oil
    DS Xceed
    DS Vigor

    Goals: I am going to try and Recomp. I have been cutting so long that I think this will be a nice change of pace. I will lift hard and heavy. I want to be my BIGGEST and LEANEST at the end of this.

  3. Old Pictures

    Man was I fat...The first is before I started....The others are 12 weeks into my transformation
    Attached Images Attached Images    
  4. Current pics

    Better but a long way to go
    Attached Images Attached Images      

  5. man.....for 12 weeks.....the difference is remarkable...keep up the good work....

  6. Quote Originally Posted by mpkonig
    man.....for 12 weeks.....the difference is remarkable...keep up the good work....

    No the last photos are current. I may have accidentally been misleading. The second set of pictures in the first post id 12 weeks in.

  7. great start to the log and happy birthday and man you have really done a great job in your transformation very impressive

  8. ok...well...regardless....your doing a great job...

  9. Impressive and inspirational Bernie. Your hard work will all pay off in the end.

    Keep it up.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  10. Started taking the stack yesterday. Headed to the Gym for the first time in 5 days....I's go time. All dedication now.

    I threw a big event in NYC for New Years which took up all my time.

    I am headed to the gym and will be back with a proper update.
  11. Measurements

    My measurements all cold

    Height 6"1
    Weight 252

    Chest 49
    Neck 17 1/2
    Right Arm 16 1/2
    Left Arm 16 1/4
    Left Thigh 26 1/2
    Right Thigh 26
    Right Calve 16 1/2
    Left Calve 16 1/2
    Waist (at naval) 40.5
  12. Back to reality


    I have spent the last 10 days in NYC living like an old school Roman Emporer. All I did was eat , drink and fornicate...My diet sucked. My lifts were so-so and my lack of attention to this log inexcusable. Today also marks my first workout using the routine I was planning to use at the beginning of the year.

    Weight 254 (better than I thought it would be after my feeding frenzy)

    Today's workout 6-8 reps 120 seconds rest


    Leg Press
    5 PlatesX8X3

    Bench Press

    Incline Dumbell Press
    100X8X3 (heaviest my gym has)

    Dumbell Press

    Side Lateral

    Front Lateral

    Bodyweight 3X12
    Pushdown 145X8X3

    Comments: This was a very good workout. Strength was down a bit but intensity was off the charts and I really pushed myself. Felt great to really hit it hard and I can't wait to get back in there tommorow. The only supplement I have definate feedback on is lean makes me sleep like I'm dead. Back tommorow.

    I remain

  13. Wow, good work man. Congrats.

  14. Sometimes it takes living like a Roman for a little while to get the focus back . Here's to a great new year bro. Keep up the good work.

  15. Officially back on track. Second straight brutal workout. Diet has been very clean the last 2 days so I believe I have that under control.

    Today's workout

    Leg Curls 140X8X4

    Body weightX6x4 (brutal)


    Barbell Rows

    Barbell Curls

    Dumbell curls

    Standing Raises

    Comments: Kept excercises in the high end of my rep range. Really pushed myself and was too taxed to do cardio. I think I may actually cut back cardio for this log to 2 days per week. I want to see if I can make some good gains. To offset this I will be super clean on my diet. I am a week in and I can say for sure agression is up. I would also comment that vascularity and pumps are increased especially when NOT working out...Be back tommorow.

    I remain

  16. Today is active recovery. I did 45 minutes of low intensity cardio. I am pretty sore from the last 2 workouts and I don't typically get that sore. I can't wait until tommorrow to hit it hard.

    I remain

  17. Havent updated this board. Things are good. Workouts are awesome and the diet has shaped up. My strength has been down a bit but that is expected as my shoulder just healed.

    About half way through.

  18. Sorry for not keeping this very up to date. I can say the stack is going very well. My weight is slowly rising but I am on a cut so its obvious these are potent supps. I will be updating from time to time here and will certainly post pics and measurements. If you want to check out my more detailed log check out Bodybuilding dot com.

  19. Update

    Things are steaming along. I have a little over one week left on the supply FNF supplied me with and then I will dig into my own goods. I am full steam ahead. I am not sure if this an effect of the product but my desire to train has never been higher. It is a battle to stay out of the gym on off days(this may just be my obsession). Here is my workout yesterday.


    Flat Bench

    Incline Dumbell


    Body weight 3X10



    NO CARDIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Notes: Desire and agression were there. My strength is still not where it was before the shoulder injury but is coming back. Hopefully my additional calories will help there. I am trying not to monitor my weight to closely but if I go above 260 I may freak out. Either way after I am done with this I am going on a HARDCORE cutting stack. Possibly Melting Point, Lean Extreme, Thyrotabs and Sesamin??? We will see....I love turning myself into a science experiment.

    I remain

  20. Wow, thats incredible. I can't believe Konig thought you had made that progress in 12 weeks. I guess with gastric bypass that would be possible. Anyways, unbelievable achievement already, and it doesn't seem like you'll stop.


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