***BAM!!!! Cervasa and The ALRI Evolution***

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  1. ***BAM!!!! Cervasa and The ALRI Evolution***

    Cervasa's New Years Evolution Stack

    Alright time to get started so I get home form the gym today to find a nice suprise waiting on my doorstep, Now I know its the day after christmas but its never to late to open up presents. First big thanks to FnF and ALR for giving me the chance to test out this stack and what a better way to start the new year then testing out these products. I will be keeping a 30 day or longer if I am lucky log of this stack. The log offically will begin on 12/27/06 and I will be keeping a detailed log of my measurments diet and workouts. So lets get this bad boy started. Below is some info of the products that I will be taking along with the ALR EVOLUTION STACK I will be taking green magnitude and purple wraath. I have taking both purple wraath and green magnitude for a few months now and know the benefits that I get from these products and any changes out of the ordinary will be attributed to the addition of the EVOLUTION STACK. I am looking foward to testing these products and have been looking forward to testing for ALR for awhile now. Again, thanks to FnF and the ALR team and looking forward to giving back my feedback on this stack.

    Bad Ass Mass:

    Bad Ass Mass™ is designed to support serious mass gain through the most effective pro-anabolic pathways.

    -Stimulate muscle AR’s for enhanced protein synthesis and tissue repair.
    -Bind SHBG to increase levels of free testosterone.
    -Increase LH/FSH to maximize output of natural testosterone.
    -Increase glycogen retention and optimize internal hydration levels.
    -Support superior protein synthesis through modulation of transcription factors.
    -Inhibits excessive cortisol levels for an anti-catabolic effect.
    -Promote recovery of the neuromuscular matrix.
    -Provide superior results either in a synergistic stack or as a standalone supplement

    Jungle Warfare:

    Pro-Hypertrophic Proprietary Matrix For Increased Myotrophic Activity!

    So, obviously by now everyone knows that anabolic/androgenic steroids (anabolic steroids), prohormones (PH) and prosteroids (PS) work rather well for aiding lean tissue growth by increasing the anabolic response in muscle tissue thus shuttling nutrients away from fat and feeding them to muscle...and most know that they can have serious side effects like jail, HPTA shut-down, liver enzyme and lipid issues. Oh, and they are banned by about every sporting organization on the planet. Many are willing to take these risks, but it may not be necessary or a best choice for the goals desired.

    The way that all androgens (AAS, PH and PS alike are types of androgens) trigger anabolism (protein synthesis/myotrophic activity) in muscle cells is interesting. Once an androgen is in the circulatory or lymphatic system, its molecules merge with androgen receptors (AR’s...remember that term, there will be a test at the end) thus acting as an AR agonist. (Agonist cause a response...antagonist stop one...unless it is an ex-girlfriend of course) The molecule basically delivers a message to the cell telling it what to do. The reason AAS and other androgen-type compounds are so coveted in the underground is simply due to the fact that they deliver a "make more proteins" message in a get bigger and perform better way. (Did I mention the negative side affects?) It is possible to do this without hormones and deliver a significant myotrophic message muscles will pay attention to…without the negative side affects.

    What's So Great About Jungle Warfare?

    -Increased myotrophic activity
    -Favorable nutrient repartitioning
    -HPTA modulation
    -Estrogen management
    -Significant Pro-Hypertrophic capacity

    What's In It?

    Naturally, our design was intended to have a synergistic effect in that one compound’s actions amplifies the others. (I am sure some can think of comparisons to this important point of design). The result is a synergistic Pro-hypertrophic from ALRI featuring an Herbal Proprietary Myotrophic Complex. (Get the name Jungle Warfare™ yet?) Mormordica Chirantia Extract - We use a specific dual extraction/standardization process that allows us to use both the insulinogenic and non-androgenic AR agonistic fractions unique to a proprietary mormordica chirantia extraction. By doing so, we can foster the hypertrophic event in lean tissue via the two most important mechanisms without the usual negative side effects.

    ADED (5a-dehydro-etiocholane-1,4,6-trien-3-one-17-ol)
    - Many are aware of both the positive and negative physiological issues relating to the naturally occurring aromatase inhibitory ATD. Most of the benefits are the result of one of its physiological 17-OH metabolites. ADED is a natural non-androgenic metabolite of ATD with improved oral bio-availability. Please, do not confuse this with ATD itself as the difference is very important both in structure and action: Some may recall this one from our Ultra H.O.T.ter matrix but to recap…By modulating estrogen build-up the negative feed-back look to the hypothalamus is put in check. The result is that the body optimizes natural testosterone production. We use our favorite aromatase inhibitor to do this and it works pretty well to modulate, instead of obliterate, estrogen. So we still have the right amount of estrogen for optimal growth of lean tissue, without the excess water weight and fat feeding aspect.

    Conjugated (-)3,4-divanillyl-tetrahydrofuran - We utilize an excellent free testosterone optimizing compound called Conjugated (-)3,4-divanillyl-tetrahydrofuran. This is simply the result of a series of extraction processes performed upon nettle root. Many know of this herb due the anti-aromatase capacity and the studies that show its positive affects upon BHP in men. Some of the nettle extracts also have a positive affect upon the total testosterone to free/active testosterone ratio. More free testosterone means more “active” (as in the part that really matters) testosterone. Nothing really trick here other than it just works better than one would expect. (Nice for a change when something can be simple and effective). Of course, it is all about effective delivery into the body that makes it an asset.

    Proprietary Conjugated Coleonol Extract - Hypotrophic-type receptor health and integrity is paramount to lean tissue optimization. In reality modulation is surprisingly dependant upon cAMP stimulation. Without it, receptor activity down-regulation occurs rapidly and the lean mass promoting symbiotic relationship between hormones goes in the toilet. The ALRI Proprietary Conjugated Coleonol Extract supports this need rather well.


    Support Testosterone, Inhibit Estrogen To Promote Lean Mass!

    In the ever expanding world of performance and health supplementation today, there is an assumed division between products considered "hard-core only", and those that are intended to promote lean mass acquisition by way of improved over-all health. Both groups of users actually may have the same goals…especially men. Facts are we are performance oriented men and want as much muscle building, sex-driving testosterone as humanly possible. I mean come on, can you find a guy that says "I want to be fat and feminine" (okay, one that isn't looking for a sex-change). We all want to be healthy optimized males! We don't want to deal with the negative side affects of excess estrogen from any source. It shuts down testosterone production and makes people fat and *****y. We like being men!

    A Solution

    ALRI Restore is not just another testosterone booster. Though an increase in testosterone production alone is pretty cool, and one of the reported major benefits of Restore, it would be only part of the Restore optimized male matrix. Instead we have opted to see how many arguments we can start (and knock-offs we can inspire) this time by raising the bar for product expectations beyond what any one product can currently offer performance oriented males; by doing the whole job. Its okay, we are men, we like competition!

    Increased Free Testosterone

    Free-T (Proprietary Pure Avenacosides Matrix) - Seems most males who use supplements for lean mass gains have heard of Avena Sativa. Yeah, I know, lots of products already have some form avena sativa or its extracts in it, so what makes this one special? Of course we used an extraction process for maximum active compound content (greatest possible amount of active milligrams per capsule), but in truth Restore™ as a product is special, our Free-T (Proprietary Pure Avenacosides Matrix) from avena sativa just works well in the whole matrix to provide maximum results.

    In the body testosterone travels around in two forms: Bound or inactive; meaning it is bound to a protein called SHBGB, and Unbound or free; meaning it is free to do manly things like build muscle. Basically there are phytochemicals in avena sativa called avenacosides A and B. Some studies indicate avenacosides increase actual active or free testosterone in the body by freeing up the bound testosterone from SHBG so there is more active testosterone.


    Well lets see I was pretty active in sports in highschool especially soccer until my senior year when my knee decided to turn about 45 degrees the wrong way. I had to have my knee operated on go through all the great times in physical therapy. Well, college started soon after that and I got very lazy and only worked out doing beer curls for the next 4 years. Its wierd how one day you wake up and say damn when did I get so fat. Well around the age of 24 I weighed around 280. Well thats over 100lbs of fat that I put on. So I started going to the gym and hated every minute of it maybe because I realized how much weight I gained.Then one day after hitting a new best in the gym I realized that I now enjoyed actually loved lifting. I actually go to bed at night thinking about my next workout. Crazy I went from an unmotivated couch potato to a guy that can't wait til his next workout. Well I am 29 down to 230 and my frame is now starting to fill out with muscle not fat. I want to add quality lean mass to my frame. Over the last few years I started seeing some good gains in muscle while still dropping pounds and bodyfat. I will be posting results in the gym and also how I feel from work out to workout and any other changes from the norm over the month.

    I will be doing cardio twice a week and maybe add an additional session as needed I hate cardio but I will make sure to get in all my session or I know FnF will kill me.

    I will be doing a 6x6 workout during this log
    Monday- Chest
    Tuesday- Back
    Wednesday- Cardio
    Thursday- Shoulders
    Friday- Arms
    Saturday- Cardio
    Sunday- Legs

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  5. thanks guys for stopping by I have high hopes for this stack so lets see what it brings

  6. good luck man I'll be following

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Commonpremier21
    good luck man I'll be following
    I am pretty excited about this stack starting the first dose today

  8. Quote Originally Posted by bLacKjAck.
    thanks my expectations are high for this stack so I am ready to get this started

  9. Quote Originally Posted by smithsonga
    thanks I love doing logs helps keep me nice and motivated

  10. subscribed

  11. DOSAGE
    Here is my dosage breakdown and timing
    1 cap of Jungle Warfare, 1 Cap Bad Ass Mass, 1 Cap of Restore

    1 cap of Jungle Warfare and 1 cap of Restore

    1 cap of Jungle Warfare, 1 Cap Bad Ass Mass, 1 Cap of Restore

    Along with timing anytime I start new supplements I will also increase water intake. I tend to get dehydrated very quickly on certain supplements so this is normally a precaution that I take on my part.

  12. Today will be my first workout in over a week so I am very excited about being back in the gym. I actually hate missing any workouts but due to the holidays travel and trying to finish up everything at work prior to the holidays I really had no free time. This was the first time in a over a year that I took a week off from the gym so I am hoping the time off was needed. Started the stack today with breakfast so it has begun. I will have my workout later today. I will be working chest today along with some abs and maybe some cardio kinda ate a ton of mom and grandmas cookies over christmas.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by sdmf45
    thanks for stopping by

  14. I am running the same doses - 1 of each with Meal 1, 3, 5.

    What is your plan for daily caloric intake?

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Dros120
    I am running the same doses - 1 of each with Meal 1, 3, 5.

    What is your plan for daily caloric intake?
    I am going to reach for around 4400 - 4600 calories a day and adjust as needed but normally I gain great around that mark

  16. Quote Originally Posted by cervasa1977
    I am going to reach for around 4400 - 4600 calories a day and adjust as needed but normally I gain great around that mark
    Wow, thats a ton of cals. Hope your keepin em clean!

  17. Quote Originally Posted by bLacKjAck.
    Wow, thats a ton of cals. Hope your keepin em clean!
    oh yeah I am going to try and keep them clean as possible if I am seeing that I am gaining too much fat then I will adjust I am tring for around 15- 20 calories per body pound

  18. WORKOUT 1

    Exercise Training Log
    1. Bench Press Warm Up [ 2 Sets ]
    12x135 | 12x135 | - | - | - | - |
    2. Bench Press [ 6 Sets ]
    6x285 | 6x285 | 6x275 | 6x255 | 6x255 | 6x255 |
    3. Incline Bench Press [ 6 Sets ]
    6x185 | 6x185 | 6x185 | 6x185 | 6x185 | 6x185 |
    4. Seated Machine Press [ 6 Sets ]
    6x300 | 6x280 | 6x260 | 6x260 | 6x260 | 6x260 |
    5. Cable Cross Overs [ 6 Sets ]
    6x100 | 6x100 | 6x100 | 6x100 | 6x100 | 6x100 |
    Exercise Training Log (ETL System Beta) - Provided by Hybrid-X
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    Alright very happy to get this log started and even happier being in the gym today after taking a week off. Feels good to be home. Very happy with todays workout. Bench killed me today and usually after the first few sets using the 6x6 workout I am zapped. Happy with the weights especially after eating horrible over the holiday and not working out. Today was my first doses of the stack and can't really feel anything yet nor did I expect to see or feel any changes on day one. No sides either and will update as changes come about. Actually did 20mins of cardio today just to get the blood flowing again. I am really excited about this stack and after re-reading the jungle warfare logs and reviews and reading how great gains people made on just JW I am so excited to see what the addition of bad ass mass and restore will add. Energy was great today that could have been attributed to being excited to start this log anyways can't wait to see what this stack brings


    "He that can have patience can have what he will."
    --Benjamin Franklin

  19. CARDIO


    Well I am off today and I am bored so I thought I would get off my ass and go do some cardio this morning. I was on the treadmill for 30mins at a 4.0 speed and an 8 incline. Felt good gettinng some cardio in I always hate thinking about doing cardio hate during cardio but man I love how I feel after I also worked abs today lots of hanging knee raises crunches and cable crunches. I will be working out later today when my workout partner gets off work.


    Weight: 239
    Measurements (in inches):

    Chest (directly across nipples): 48
    Shoulders (directly over the middle of the delts): 54
    Arm (over peak): 17.25
    Forearm (2" below elbow): 12.75
    Thigh (8" above the knee): 24
    Calf (mid calf): 15.75
    Hips (directly over the glutes): 40.00
    Waist (3" above belly button): 36
    Abdomen (directly over belly button): 38

    Here are some pics

  21. I started my stack today to. My dosing is different. I am doing the first the weeks of just Jungle Warfare. Then over lapping two weeks on jungle warfare and BAM. Then 2 Weeks of BAM alone. Then over lapping 2 weeks of BAM and Restore. Then 2 weeks of restore alone.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by maddenizor
    I started my stack today to. My dosing is different. I am doing the first the weeks of just Jungle Warfare. Then over lapping two weeks on jungle warfare and BAM. Then 2 Weeks of BAM alone. Then over lapping 2 weeks of BAM and Restore. Then 2 weeks of restore alone.
    yeah I was thinking of doing the same but decided to try it this way I will be watching your log to see how it works out for you

  23. Quote Originally Posted by cervasa1977
    yeah I was thinking of doing the same but decided to try it this way I will be watching your log to see how it works out for you
    I think your receptors are squeaky clean anyway haha


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