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  1. Quote Originally Posted by maddenizor
    Nice..Ok I am going to start my stack tomorrow.:bb2:

    nice, good luck

  2. Day 25, BAM Day 2


    Today is my 2nd day on BAM. I'm following the instruction to the very last word, taking the two caps 12 hours apart.

    More weight gain to report. I'm weighing in at 210 in the morning now, and walking around at about 215 during the day. Pretty excited

    Chest day today, I felt really sleepy this morning and took a nap right after breakfast, which is like an hour after I woke up..

    I was trying out some stretches I saw in the book I'm studying for personal training certification, one of the static pec. stretches seemed to have hurt my left pec, when I was warming up it felt a bit sore. To my suprise it didn't hurt during my sets, but in between it was still bothering me a little bit, so I kept my sets to 12 instead of 15 like last week. The workout was still tremondous though, pump was great, as I still had a pump going 45 minutes after the workout.

    I'm getting my strength back up, but the endurance still feel like it's lacking a bit.


    Flat Barbell bench: 225x10, 245x7, 255x5
    Inc. DB bench: 100x8, 100x6, 100x5
    Cybex Incline Press: 180x10, 230x8, 230x7
    Flat DB Flyes: 60x10, 60x10, 60x8


    Had some good meals yesterday and today. We had some Hotpot last night, putting raw lamb, beef and shrimp straight into boiling water and dipping it in some peanut butter/garlic/soil sauce dip that my mom made.

    A lot of chicken, beef and fish today, everything's going well.

  3. Just took my first cap of jungle warfare, I cant wait to get into the BAM.

  4. Day 26, BAM day 3


    Back day today. My right low back is still bothered a little bit by a strain I sustained about 3 weeks ago while playing basketball, so I haven't been able to do any barbell rows or rack deads that I like to do before the injury.

    Overall the workout was very good. I felt really strong and pumps were great once again. I need to somehow find a way to improve my pullups. I was doing about 10 pullups when I was weighing around 190 lbs. Now that i'm 210, I'm down to the 6-8 range depending on the day.


    Iso Row (single armed): 115x9, 115x10, 125x7, 125x8
    Pullups: 7, 6, 6,
    Close reverse grip pulldowns: 170x10, 180x11, 180x10, 190x9
    1 arm cable rows: 90x12, 120x12, 150x10
    back extensions: 4 sets to failure with a plate


    I forgot to cook chicken before going to workout today, so after workout me and my friend decided to go eat out somewhere. I ended up getting a footlong roast beef grinder and a whole thing of chicken and sphgetti. I also had some vegetable stew and pork chops at someone's house. That's about 3 seperate meals in a 2 hour span. So some extra calories today.
  5. Day 28, BAM day 5


    Rest day yesterday, stayed home all day and just studied.

    Back to the gym with Delts today. Strength is definitly going up, weights has gone up in every exercise. I changed the big movements up a little bit from last week, but the weights went up for the exercises that repeated (DB laterals, reverse pec deck). Arms tomorrow, can't wait.


    Smith Machine millitary press: 185x10, 205x8, 205x7 (PRs)
    Seated DB Laterals: 55x12, 60x10, 60x10
    Arnolds superset w/ DB Rear delt raises: 70x9, 70x8, 70x6 + 40x8, 40x9, 40x9
    Reverse Pec Deck: 3 sets (up 2 plates on machine from last week)


    Diet is still not much different from day to day. I feel like I'm definitly gon miss the rice and beans when I get back to school though.
  6. Day 29, BAM day 6


    Last day of the year! Did arms today, pump and strength were awesome. My strength is definitly going up. I've never done so much weight with close grip bench before. Weight this morning was 214. Up 9 pounds from beginning of the log.

    My right elbow was still hurting a bit, preventing me from doing too many isolated extension exercises. I'm definitly going away from the skull crushers and dumbbell extensions for awhile to take the extra stress of of my elbows.


    V-bar pushdowns: 200x12, 200x12, 200x11
    Smith machine close grip bench: 225x9, 245x7, 245x7
    Rev. Grip cable extensions across body: 3 sets each arm

    Straight bar curls superset w/ Overhead extension machine last 2 sets:
    100x9, 100x11, 100x10 + 2 sets OH ext.
    Alt. DB Curls: 55x8, 55x7, 55x7 + 45x5 + 30x5
    Rope Curls: 4 sets


    Diet is still on point. Had some dumplings today. My mom learned that I don't like fatty grounded meat so she's been using lean ground turkey for the dumpling fillings. I love it

  7. WOW 9 lbs. 6 days on EVOL Awesome ! You are getting increased nitrogen retention for optimal muscle growth, Oh this is gonna be a good ride :bb2:

  8. wow that is impressive. Keep it up bro!

  9. Wow 9 lbs after 6 days on the BAM. I CANNOT WAIT to start the bam. Good work bro..keep it up.
  10. Day 31, BAM day 8


    I woke up early to do some stuff on new years day, so I took a rest day. Legs yesterday. My effing knees still hurt from tendonitis, I realize that I should either accept having chicken legs for a long time to let it heal or let it hurt and limit me to do many things but keep working them out. Haven't decided yet...


    Leg Press: 360x20, 540x10, 540x10
    Hack Squat: 3 sets
    Lying Leg Curls: 4 sets
    Seated Leg Curls: 3 sets
    Seated Calf Raises: 5 sets


    Had a lot of ham/pork and chicken yesterday, everything's pretty normal.
  11. Day 32, BAM day 9, Shoulder injury

    I think I'm really over working my body. Both of my shoulders started hurting last week after shoulder day. Somewhere inside my shoulder feels very tender. Today was supposed to be chest day but I was recommended by a few people to take it easy for at least a week so it doesn't get worse. I think that's for the best.

    I made today's chest day into an abs/forearms/cardio day. I will do back as usual tomorrow, then friday will be a controlled chest/shoulders day, where I will keep the weights fairly light with selected exercises. This is really discouraging as I've been making great progress last few weeks, but I have to do what needs to be done to come back even stronger.

  12. 9 lbs. in 6 days?? no offense bro, but that has got to be atleast half water-weight

  13. Quote Originally Posted by P4D2A022
    9 lbs. in 6 days?? no offense bro, but that has got to be atleast half water-weight

    nah it's not 6 days. If you read the beginning of the log, I started the log at Day 17 of Jungle warfare. It was the 6th day of Bad Ass Mass when i posted the weight gain, but i didn't gain the 9 pounds in those 6 days.

  14. you should try working out after ur second dose on BAM.. youll see a difference most def

  15. i have a quick question for you Commonpremier21 ive been keeping up on your log and am pretty impressed..I was looking into the evo stack and was wourndering how the stregnth gains have been because that would me my main concern??

  16. Quote Originally Posted by P4D2A022
    you should try working out after ur second dose on BAM.. youll see a difference most def

    I take the 1st dose of BAM with breakfast, the direction says to take the 2 caps 12 hours apart. If I follow the directions, there's really no possible way to workout after the 2nd cap of the day.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by clippers41
    i have a quick question for you Commonpremier21 ive been keeping up on your log and am pretty impressed..I was looking into the evo stack and was wourndering how the stregnth gains have been because that would me my main concern??

    Strength has gone up in basically all lifts so far in this log. I've been on BAM for just over a week, not quite enough time to make a conclusive judgement IMO. I would give it until the end of the week.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Commonpremier21
    I take the 1st dose of BAM with breakfast, the direction says to take the 2 caps 12 hours apart. If I follow the directions, there's really no possible way to workout after the 2nd cap of the day.

    I was also wondering about this? How would it be possible?
    P4D2A022, have you tried this?

  19. Quote Originally Posted by steve0178
    I was also wondering about this? How would it be possible?
    P4D2A022, have you tried this?

    I have just done this with x-mass. i only took 2 pills for 3 weeks, but i made sure to space both servings out before i worked out.. and let me tell you, craaaaazy pumps/workout! try it
  20. Day 33-34, BAM day 10-11


    Had a great back day yesterday. Shoulders didn't hurt much during the workout and the pain actually went away this morning when I woke up. The original plan was to do some light chest and shoulders today, but I figured if I let my shoulder rest one more day, I can train chest normally 2morrow.

    I managed to leave my notebook and stop watch at the gym yesterday, just realized i did that when I went to grab it for the log. I guess I'm just gon post whatever I can remember for the workout.

    Workout was great, great pumps in the back and bis, weights went up again on similar lifts.


    Iso Row (single arm): 115x?, 135x7, 135x7
    Wide Cable pulldowns: 3 sets
    Narrow neutral grip pullups: 6, 5, 5
    Reverse Grip pulldowns: 3 sets, last set 200x9
    DB Rows: 3 sets, last set 95x9
    Back extensions: 4 sets, 45lb to failure


    Had some subway yesterday, other than that, things haven't changed much last 2 days.
  21. Day 35-36, BAM day 12-13


    Did some chest yesterday like planned. There weren't much pain in my shoulder but it still felt tender and a bit sore. I started with flat bench, and after the first set, the shoulder didn't feel too great, so I just continued on with my workout but kept the weight a bit lower than usual. Even though my shoulder was sore, I still had a good workout with great pumps.

    Watched football today (hell yea Patriots), then went to the gym for a half hour of cardio after the first game (Bike, Eliptical, Incline Walk).


    Flat bench: 225x8, 225x10, 225x10
    Hammer Strength Incline press (narrow grip): 180x10, 180x9, 180x8
    Pec Deck: 3 sets
    Cable Flyes: 3 sets


    Last meal last night was a bit weak, I fell asleep on the couch and was way too tired to boil eggs or make anything, so just settled with a shake and some enova oil.
  22. Day 37, BAM day 14


    Sorry I've been lazy with the updates. I got 2 updates today: 3 days, 2 workouts. I've been studying for my certification a bit, but also hanging out with friends a lot before going back to school this sunday. Monday was arms, so I'll get righ to it.


    V-bar pushdowns on double pulley: 80x12, 90x11, 110x6
    Skulls: 85x12 (stopped, elbow tendonitis was killing me on this)
    Reverse grip Pushdowns: 3 sets
    BB Curls superset w/ OH ext. Machine: 95x12, 105x10, 105x10 + 3 sets
    Reverse seated preacher curls: 70x10, 70x8, 70x8, 70x7
    Rope Pushdowns superset w/ Wide campered bar curls: 3 sets each


    I've been eating pretty much all chicken lately for solid protein, nothing else are much different.
  23. Day 38-39, BAM 15-16


    Rest day yesterday, I was just being lazy since my workout partner ain't going because he started a job. Today was leg day, but I must've slept wrong, my right knee tendonitis was extremely bad today, it was hurting without me doing anything at all. So I just did some hams and calves. The good news is that my low back is finally healthy enough to do bigger movements, so I got back into doing some moderate weight stiff legs today, felt pretty good.


    Stiff Legged Deadlifts: 135x12, 135x12, 185x10, 185x10
    Lying Leg Curls: 4 sets
    Alternate Leg standing curls: 3 sets
    Heavy Calves: 3 sets
    Alternate rep calve raises: 3 sets


    Went out to eat tonite and had some Triple prime burger from Ruby Tuesday's, it was pretty good

  24. How are your weight gains? Any noticeable body recomp or size changes?

  25. Quote Originally Posted by maddenizor
    How are your weight gains? Any noticeable body recomp or size changes?

    I was going to update on that tomorrow as I forgot to take my weight this morning. I've had noticeable size gains and some fat gain around my mid section. My friend that saw me in the beginning of the break went on vacation, came back couple days ago and told me I got bigger, I'm filling up my sweatshirts even more. My arms are well over 17' now, haven't taken the measurements on anything else yet. My pants around the legs even without any heavy leg work because of my tendonitis knees. Overall, pretty good so far, although strength gains are not fully what I expected.

  26. Fair enough, at least the mirror is looking better
  27. Day 40, BAM day 17

    Yesterday was a great amount of ab work and 20 minutes of cardio. I left my workout log in the car outside, but since I already showered and about to head to bed, too lazy to get out in the cold, so I'll update my back workout from today, tomorrow

    Here's a quick look at what's been going on:

    - Weight is up to 219 lbs (+14) in the morning
    - My abs has faded a bit, but skinfold hasn't increased much, i figure that in the future, once the carbs are cut down a bit, things'll be fine.
    - Arms are both over 17' now
    - I've been experiencing a great amount of thirst the hour after each of my BAM dose.
    - strength is still climbing steadily
  28. Day 41, BAM 18

    alright, time for updates. I'm back in school and starting classes 2morrow morning 8am, feeling pretty depressed about that

    here's the back workout last friday:

    Wide neutral grip pullups: 7, 6
    Narrow neutral grip pullups: 5, 6
    Wide grip pulldowns: 220x9, 220x7.5, 230x6.5
    Cybex pull back machine: 3 sets, last set drop set
    Reverse grip on Flex Fitness seated rows: 3 sets

    my back was SORE after that workout, haven't had a back workout like that in awhile, feeling pretty good
  29. Day 42, BAM 19


    I am in some serious trouble with my left rotator cuff. It felt sore last week on chest day but I ignored it and just went on with my workout. This week the pain got worse. I tried to bench twice during the workout but couldn't do it, so I just went with a shoulder day instead with a bunch of breaks in between trying out my chest. Not that great of a workout overall, but I did have a personal best on DB press.


    DB Press: 70x12, 85x10 (PR), 70x13
    Side Laterals (slower, controlled): 50x10, 50x12, 50x10
    Behind the back cable side raises: 3 sets


    Diet on saturday was a bit messed up, went out for my last day in massachusetts and had to skip a meal, other than that everything was normal
  30. Day 43, 44, BAM day 20, 21, Restore 0, 1

    Two off days, yesterday I traveled all day from MA to IL. Had two Potbelly sandwiches at the airport and didn't have time to eat 6 meals, so I just went with 5.

    Couldn't resist playing basketball today, i only played one game though since everyone was back and the gym was extremely crowded.

    1st day of having Restore in the stack.

  31. Wow 14lbs so far thats f***in awesome bro congrats.
  32. Day 45, BAM day 22, Restore 2


    SOOOO EFFFIN BUSSY. I woke up at 6:45 yesterday morning to eat before the 8am class. **** ended up being cancelled without noticing us. Today, I woke up at 5:45 to go to a personal trainers' meeting. Starting tomorrow, I'll be having 4 three hour training/learning sessions for the next week to prepare for work. Ontop of that, I have classes from morning to afternoon. Good thing I don't have labs at night this semester.

    Lifted at night time both yesterday and today. Arms and Back respectively. I was so tired yesterday from lack of sleep, grocery shopping for 3 hours, and 3 classes, but ended up getting a pretty effective workout at 10pm.

    ***Important note***

    I'm back at school so the machines are a bit different.


    Cambered bar pushdowns: 20plates (full rack)x9, 20x11, 20x9
    Rev. Grip Pushdowns: 17x10, 17x9, 17x8
    OH Tricep extension machine: 3 sets
    BB Curls: 95x12, 115x8, 115x8 (PR)
    Rev. Preachers: 65x12, 75x9, 75x7


    No one to cook for me now that I'm back at school. Meals are not that much different, but I'm having oats more often now and barely any yams cause I hate cooking them. Proteins are actually leaner and better since my mom's not cooking the pork and fatty beef.

    My 6 day time meals are turning into 7, even 8 smaller meals, especially during earlier part of the day. I really have no time to sit down for a big meal.

    I might have lost a pound or two last couple of days, with schedule all messed up and no time for meals. I'm sure it's just water.
  33. Day 46, BAM day 23, Restore 3


    2nd update of the day, this one is for today.

    I won a product naming contest for Omega sports and got some free supplements. I'm going to start with the Omega flex tomorrow to help out my joints through the last period of my bulk.

    Back day was great today, felt really strong and the pump was great.


    Wide neutral pullups: 7,7,5
    Wide Pulldowns: 14platesx10, 15x7, 15x8
    DB rows: 100x10, 100x10, 100x9
    Pullovers: 3 sets
  34. Day 47-49, BAM day 24-26, Restore 4-6


    Off day on Day 47, i didn't get home after my morning classes until 7 at night. Yesterday I did some shoulders and hams. Threw hams in there because I'm not gon be able to go to the gym saturday and sunday, not having a car sucks. My usual rides on weekends to the gym are all outta town this weekend.

    Shoulders got stronger once again, even though i can still feel a bit of pain from couple weeks ago. I'm trying to be very careful not to over work them right now. After this bulk, I really need to phase out of heavy weights for awhile, go into higher reps, conditioning work while cutting to relieve my joints and tendons.

    ***Today is day 49, last day of Jungle Warfare***


    DB Press: 85x10, 90x7 (PR), 90x6
    Rear delt on bench: 45x12, 50x10, 50x10
    Side Laterals: 50x12, 50x12, 55x9

    Stiff Leg deads: 135x10, 135x10, 185x8, 185x10
    Seated Leg Curls: 4 sets


    I don't know if anyone has a restaurant called Flat Top around their area. But one just opened on campus and it's definitly my favorite place to go now after just one visit. You basically pay 9 dollars for unlimited food. All kinds of vegetables, noodles put together with over nearly 20 different sauces. Not only that, you also have beef tenderloin, chicken, pork tenderloin and catfish to add to together and they will stirfry it all together. I'm definitly going there at least once a week from now on.
  35. Day 50, BAM day 27, Restore 7


    Busiest week of the year so far. Sunday after my Patriots blew the 21-3 second quarter lead, I headed off to the gym at 10pm to take my mind off of it. My left chest is still hurt when I tried to bench, so I went high reps, short rest on 3 kinds of cable flyes. Haven't really hit chest directly for 3 weeks now until that day, so it was pretty sore and fatigued came very fast after I started.


    Cable Flyes: 3 sets, 12-16 reps
    Pec Deck: 3 sets, 10-12 reps
    Underhand cable flyes: 3 sets, 10-14 reps


    I haven't had time to get my 6 solid meals in past few days. My 6th meal is usually a big Pro Complex PM shake with some enova oil. I got so much going on during the day, I sometimes have to go over 3 hours without eating. Playing catch up do not sit well for my stomach so I'm just doing whatever I can.
  36. Day 51-52, BAM day 28-29 Restore 8-9


    Did arms yesterday, went around dinner time and the big gym at my school was still extremely crowded. I didn't move up in weight on the barbell curls because my wrists wasn't feeling so good. I felt a lot of stress on the ulnar side, so since I had wrist problems before that prevented me from doing flat barbell curls, I made sure I didn't have a repeat.

    Good workouts are pretty much a given now, everytime I step in the gym I'm feeling strong and the pumps are always there.

    Today (day 52), I had orientation until late afternoon after my classes, so I just went later on and did 20 minutes of cardio plus some abs.


    V-Bar Pushdowns: 20x11, 20x11, 20x9
    Rev. Grip Pushdowns: 17x10, 17x9, 17x10
    BB Curls: 95x12, 95x12, 95x11
    OH Rope Extensions: 14x12, 15x9, 15x8
    Rev. Preachers: 85x9, 85x8, 85x6
    Alt. DB Curls: 45x9, 50x8, 40x9 (slow reps)


    i had 2 steak burritos last night. Buy one get one free at Qdoba's mexican grill, great stuff. Tonite I went back to the Flat Top Grill and had 3 nice sized bowls, combinations of rice, noodles, vegetables, shrimp, catfish, beef, chicken...
  37. Day 53, BAM day 30, Restore 10


    Finally finished the busy ass week. I've been away from my apartment almost all day except less an hour during the day to eat and make food to bring. I'm gon update every workout now instead of cramming a few together a couple days later.

    Wednesday I had to wake up at f'ing 5:40 AM to go do orientation for my personal training thing. I was so tired afterwards as I still had 4 hours of class left. At night I started coming down with a cold, but I wasn't going to be able to train on thursday because I had an easy busier schedule, so I went and did some quick back work. It wasn't a bad workout but I was careful not to overwork myself and get a worsen my light cold.


    Wide PDs: 15x9, 15x10, 16x7
    Prone bench rows: 115x8, 115x8, 115x8
    Reverse grip PDs: 14x9, 14x8, 14x8
    Back extensions: 5 sets to failure with 45lbs


    Diet has changed a bit. I've been eating a lot of brown rice with smoked salmon and drizzled olive oil stirred in. I also got some low sugar jelly for some PBJs. I've had no time recently so just been eating whatever's easy. I been averaging 2 cans of tuna a day also and less chicken because lack of time to cook them.
  38. Day 54-55, Restore 11-12


    Off day yesterday.

    Chest day today, my left pec suprisingly feels a lot better. I was able to bench pretty normally. I haven't done a normal chest workout in a month until today, the strength was very suprising, even got a personal record in there with incline barbell, and that's after 3 sets of flat barbell.


    Flat BB: 225x10, 265x4, 265x4
    Incline BB: 225x7 (PR!!), 225x5, 225x5
    Cable Flyes: 4 sets

    Rotator Cuff work: 7 sets
  39. Day 56-57, Restore 13-14


    Damn, finally done with week's HW and CPR class, etc. I'm gon update here and there with my workouts in the past few days.

    Day 56 was off day. Chest was pretty sore but it's recovered pretty nicely now.

    Day 57 was leg day. My knees and back has felt the best I've felt in weeks so I decided to do some vertical leg work. Went on the LifeFitness squat machine and went up to the full rack and did 8-12 reps for 5 sets total. My knee felt great so I decided to give barbell squat a try and it suprising didn't cause any pain. So I did some deep squats with 135lbs then 225lbs for couple of sets.


    LifeFitness Squat Machine: 5 sets, 10-12 reps
    Barbell deep squats: 135x14, 135x12, 225x10
    SLDL: 135x12, 185x12, 225x12, 225x12
    Leg Curls: 3 sets

  40. Hey CP give me the quicky on your weight, libido , acne , hunger , and anything else please


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