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  1. Good Luck Big

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Ubiquitous
    I used to have quite a similar 5 day split as you described, other than having arms the day after legs, and 2 days rest after that. So it was basically a Monday to Friday routine with weekends off. I did that for a few years before I stagnated. It worked well for initial gains.

    Watch that volume on back.. I learned later that I was always on the brink of overtraining as I was hitting it with similar volume as you, with that split. I needed more rest to grow optimally.

    Your diet looks pretty good.

    Not bad at all... good luck.

    yeah man I realize the volume is a little high, but I figured that I'm on break and I'm getting a lot of food and rest. It should be interesting to see if I respond well to this routine with good supplementing and diet.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by smithsonga
    Awesome log. I will be following.

    I was also chosen to do BAM but I am at day 18 of JW/Restore, so I will continue obviously.

    thanks a lot, can't wait to see what this BAM will do for all of us

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Bigbridrol
    Nice log bro, i can twait to get my stack in as Ill be following similar protocal to yours. Good luck!
    thanks for the support man :bb:
  5. Day 20


    Weighed in at 208 this morning, + 3 lbs since the begining of the log.

    Delts today. Volume is down a little today compared to past couple of days due to two reasons. One, I started a new split and I did delts this past sunday for a good 15 sets. Second, I needed some extra time to do cardio today. I feel like my waist line has been getting bigger past few days, probably because of the extra carbs and the fact that I'm not walking around campus to class, etc.

    Weight for DB press is up from past sunday so everything seems to be going according to plan.


    DB Press: 80x9, 85x7, 85x6
    Seated DB Laterals: 55x10, 55x10, 55x11
    Reverse pec deck: 4 sets (slow reps, squeeze and hold during rep)
    Nautilus side shurg machine: 4 sets

    cardio: 30 minutes, Eliptical + stationary bike


    everything is normal. I've been eating my mom's dishes once, sometimes twice a day with my rice and beans. I think the extra grease might be putting some fat on me, so I'm gon try to limit that.

  6. Notes:

    I was really busy yesterday after the gym so I didn't update. Had to go xmas shopping with a friend and sleep early so I can go lift today as the gym closes early. I'm doing two updates today, one for yesterday one for today.

    Weight looks to be going up steadily still. I'm almost 210 in the morning and walking around during the day at about 215 ish. It wouldn't suprise me at all if I get up to at least a solid 220 by end of the log, which will be the heaviest I've ever been.

    Did arms yesterday, I fell in love with doing supersets, I feel that I don't lose any intensity and I get a much better pump. The workout was very good, my right elbow is still bothering me a little bit in the beginning of the workout but it's really no big deal after a few minutes.


    V-Bar Pushdowns: 190x11, 200x10, 200x10
    Alt.DB Curls superset w/ Overhead Press machine: 50x9, 50x9, 55x7 + 3 sets, 8-10 reps
    Straight bar cable curls superset w/ reverse pushdowns: 160x10, 160x9, 160x9 + 160x9, 160x11, 170x10
    BB Curls superset w/ DB Skulls: 95x10, 95x9, 95x10 + 35x9, 35x8, 35x8


    Diet was a little bit out of the ordinary yesterday. I had a normal 1st two meals then went to someone's house. I didn't eat for over 3 hours at one point but did snack on a lot of multi-grain chips dipped in homemade guacamole which was delicious. Had some fatty pork and rice cooked with spices and butter for the 3rd meal.
  7. day 22


    Leg day today. My right knee is still trying to recover from runner's knee, so every other week I'm keeping the weight light and going high reps. This knee problem is a pain in the ass, I hope it eventually goes away.


    Leg Press: 360x16, 360x20, 360x20
    Vertical deep hack squat machine: 135x12, 135x14, 135x14
    Leg Extensions: 3 sets to failure
    Lying Leg Curls: 3 sets to failure, slow reps
    Single leg vertical leg curls: 3 sets


    Diet was normal today except for one meal I had chinese dumplings, some simple carbs there with ground pork.

  8. Log is going great man. Nice size to start with also! Keep it up bro.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by steve0178
    Log is going great man. Nice size to start with also! Keep it up bro.

    thanks a lot man!
  10. Day 24, BAM Day 1

    YEAA BUDDYYY, got my BAM one day early it seems like, unless i read the date wrong. But anyways, it was on my table when I woke up this 'morning'. I just took my first cap as I'm typing this.

    I decided to change up my routine just a little bit. I realized that lifting 5 days in arole was not a great idea, so I will change it to 2 on, 1 off, 3 on, and 1 off. I am taking a 2nd day off today from serious weights, but I will be at the gym doing some heavy abs, forearms, and 20 minutes cardio.

  11. In order to correctly run this stack you need 2 of each bottle correct??

  12. Quote Originally Posted by maddenizor
    In order to correctly run this stack you need 2 of each bottle correct??

    nah, this is copied from, the BAM write-up. Check out the charts. Those two designs both require only 1 bottle of each. Forums - View Single Post - BAD ASS MASS by ALR Industries - Write up

  13. great looking log diff going to watch this one

  14. The log is looking good - keep up the detail now that you are into the BAM

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Commonpremier21
    nah, this is copied from, the BAM write-up. Check out the charts. Those two designs both require only 1 bottle of each. Forums - View Single Post - BAD ASS MASS by ALR Industries - Write up
    Nice..Ok I am going to start my stack tomorrow.:bb2:

  16. Quote Originally Posted by maddenizor
    Nice..Ok I am going to start my stack tomorrow.:bb2:

    nice, good luck
  17. Day 25, BAM Day 2


    Today is my 2nd day on BAM. I'm following the instruction to the very last word, taking the two caps 12 hours apart.

    More weight gain to report. I'm weighing in at 210 in the morning now, and walking around at about 215 during the day. Pretty excited

    Chest day today, I felt really sleepy this morning and took a nap right after breakfast, which is like an hour after I woke up..

    I was trying out some stretches I saw in the book I'm studying for personal training certification, one of the static pec. stretches seemed to have hurt my left pec, when I was warming up it felt a bit sore. To my suprise it didn't hurt during my sets, but in between it was still bothering me a little bit, so I kept my sets to 12 instead of 15 like last week. The workout was still tremondous though, pump was great, as I still had a pump going 45 minutes after the workout.

    I'm getting my strength back up, but the endurance still feel like it's lacking a bit.


    Flat Barbell bench: 225x10, 245x7, 255x5
    Inc. DB bench: 100x8, 100x6, 100x5
    Cybex Incline Press: 180x10, 230x8, 230x7
    Flat DB Flyes: 60x10, 60x10, 60x8


    Had some good meals yesterday and today. We had some Hotpot last night, putting raw lamb, beef and shrimp straight into boiling water and dipping it in some peanut butter/garlic/soil sauce dip that my mom made.

    A lot of chicken, beef and fish today, everything's going well.

  18. Just took my first cap of jungle warfare, I cant wait to get into the BAM.
  19. Day 26, BAM day 3


    Back day today. My right low back is still bothered a little bit by a strain I sustained about 3 weeks ago while playing basketball, so I haven't been able to do any barbell rows or rack deads that I like to do before the injury.

    Overall the workout was very good. I felt really strong and pumps were great once again. I need to somehow find a way to improve my pullups. I was doing about 10 pullups when I was weighing around 190 lbs. Now that i'm 210, I'm down to the 6-8 range depending on the day.


    Iso Row (single armed): 115x9, 115x10, 125x7, 125x8
    Pullups: 7, 6, 6,
    Close reverse grip pulldowns: 170x10, 180x11, 180x10, 190x9
    1 arm cable rows: 90x12, 120x12, 150x10
    back extensions: 4 sets to failure with a plate


    I forgot to cook chicken before going to workout today, so after workout me and my friend decided to go eat out somewhere. I ended up getting a footlong roast beef grinder and a whole thing of chicken and sphgetti. I also had some vegetable stew and pork chops at someone's house. That's about 3 seperate meals in a 2 hour span. So some extra calories today.
  20. Day 28, BAM day 5


    Rest day yesterday, stayed home all day and just studied.

    Back to the gym with Delts today. Strength is definitly going up, weights has gone up in every exercise. I changed the big movements up a little bit from last week, but the weights went up for the exercises that repeated (DB laterals, reverse pec deck). Arms tomorrow, can't wait.


    Smith Machine millitary press: 185x10, 205x8, 205x7 (PRs)
    Seated DB Laterals: 55x12, 60x10, 60x10
    Arnolds superset w/ DB Rear delt raises: 70x9, 70x8, 70x6 + 40x8, 40x9, 40x9
    Reverse Pec Deck: 3 sets (up 2 plates on machine from last week)


    Diet is still not much different from day to day. I feel like I'm definitly gon miss the rice and beans when I get back to school though.
  21. Day 29, BAM day 6


    Last day of the year! Did arms today, pump and strength were awesome. My strength is definitly going up. I've never done so much weight with close grip bench before. Weight this morning was 214. Up 9 pounds from beginning of the log.

    My right elbow was still hurting a bit, preventing me from doing too many isolated extension exercises. I'm definitly going away from the skull crushers and dumbbell extensions for awhile to take the extra stress of of my elbows.


    V-bar pushdowns: 200x12, 200x12, 200x11
    Smith machine close grip bench: 225x9, 245x7, 245x7
    Rev. Grip cable extensions across body: 3 sets each arm

    Straight bar curls superset w/ Overhead extension machine last 2 sets:
    100x9, 100x11, 100x10 + 2 sets OH ext.
    Alt. DB Curls: 55x8, 55x7, 55x7 + 45x5 + 30x5
    Rope Curls: 4 sets


    Diet is still on point. Had some dumplings today. My mom learned that I don't like fatty grounded meat so she's been using lean ground turkey for the dumpling fillings. I love it

  22. WOW 9 lbs. 6 days on EVOL Awesome ! You are getting increased nitrogen retention for optimal muscle growth, Oh this is gonna be a good ride :bb2:

  23. wow that is impressive. Keep it up bro!

  24. Wow 9 lbs after 6 days on the BAM. I CANNOT WAIT to start the bam. Good work bro..keep it up.
  25. Day 31, BAM day 8


    I woke up early to do some stuff on new years day, so I took a rest day. Legs yesterday. My effing knees still hurt from tendonitis, I realize that I should either accept having chicken legs for a long time to let it heal or let it hurt and limit me to do many things but keep working them out. Haven't decided yet...


    Leg Press: 360x20, 540x10, 540x10
    Hack Squat: 3 sets
    Lying Leg Curls: 4 sets
    Seated Leg Curls: 3 sets
    Seated Calf Raises: 5 sets


    Had a lot of ham/pork and chicken yesterday, everything's pretty normal.


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