Foggia's Powerfull/cissus rx log

  1. Foggia's Powerfull/cissus rx log

    stats: measurements:
    6'2 neck: 18.5 inches
    225 lbs chest: 44.5 inches
    ~17% bf arms: 16.5 inches
    29 yrs old waist: 35 inches
    legs: 24.5 inches
    calves: 16.5 inches

    wk 1: dosage 3/4/3
    wk 2-5 dosage 4/4/4

    Cissus RX
    wk: 1 dosage 3/3/3
    wk:2-5 dosage 3/3/3 (maybe bump it up?)

    Day :1

    I obviously have not noticed too much and did Chest/shoulders/abs today in the gym. My bum right shoulder did feel slightly better than usual, but nothing spectacular. Workout was the first one since a 4 wk layoff.

  2. Day 2:

    I can't believe the quality of sleep that I got last night I just was diagnosed with sleep apnea a couple of weeks ago and my results showed that I get very little REM/stage 3&4 sleep, which is the stages of very sound sleep where muscle repair mostly takes place. HOWEVER, last night I had very vivid dreams some very pleasant/and a few nightmares too. I felt pretty groggy when I first awoke, but very refreshed compared to usual after waking up. Yeah

  3. powerfull made me dream every night, good stuff

  4. Day 3:

    I am continuing to enjoy the positive sleep effects of powerfull and cissus rx at 3/4/3 and 3/3/3 respectively. Today felt pretty good as I did hamstrings using dumbell stiff legged deadlifts, lying leg curls , and seated leg curls. Have been eating a lot more int the 4000-4500 range.

  5. foggia, u think the cissus is important to run with the powerfull? i been thinking of getting powerfull cuz its not too expensive but isnt cissus just a joint formula?

  6. Day 4 & 5:

    I am now starting to notice an elevated positve mood (is helping with my usual seasonal depression), increased aggression in the gym, and awesome pumps in the gym. My muscles are starting to feel a bit harder and I believe I have lost about a 1lb of fat. Did an intense bicep/tricep workout and it went extremely well. My joints feel a little better and my injured surgery shoulder has not been bothering me as much. Calories are at around 3500-4000 a day.

  7. Day 6: Today is an off day. I weighed 223lbs with just my boxer shorts on first thing in the morning without eating. Continuing to use 3/4/3 for Powerfull and 3/3/3 for cissus rx. My apetite is out of control I am also extremely sore in my lower back, hamstrings shoulders and arms. Still getting great quality sleep from the Powerfull, as well as my girlfriend stating that she is also getting great quality of sleep and dreaming a lot from her 2/2/2 of Powerfull. Also my muscles are begining to feel fuller like the begining stages of creatine when your creatine levels are increasing and more glycogen is being sent to the muscle cells.


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