Advice on how to stack all my stuff

  1. Advice on how to stack all my stuff

    hey im getting ready to start a new stack at the beginning of the new year. I just got done wtih my 3 week post cycle after taking superdrol and phera plex....i had amazing gains taking that and dieting to a tee. Right now i have.... mega zol(prostanzanol) mega H(haladrol) Phera max(phera plex) and xmass( a superdrol like product)........ i for surely want to take all of them in a stack except maybe the superdrol...i can do with out that ....i am just looking for some advice on how i should stack atleast the three things together....if you could help me out id greatly appreciate it

  2. Damn, that's a lot of orals. Diet and training will delegate most of what you gain and by loading too much juice, you will not increase the side-effect/benefit ratio in your favor. What are your goals? Do you just like cycling pills because you get harder and more vascular while you're juiced? Some people just love the feeling while they're "on" and have no particular goals. Are you cutting? Bulking? Are you psychologically in a bind and are just testing your luck with pro-steroids?
    I'm not trying to rip on you, but you have a crap-load of designer steroids and you just want to know how to get the most of them. If you were to take all of them at once, it wouldn't really matter how you take them; You'll be screwed on cycle (side effects up the wall), and you'll be screwed post cycle (even with HCG to jumpstart your balls, I don't think your body would ever forgive you for punishing it so much)...
    If you're looking to gain some lean mass:
    Weeks 1-4:
    Weeks 5-8:

    Zol and Xmass (I believe Xmass is a Max LMG clone) are not very liver toxic, so stacking them with halo isn't going to put much more strain on your system.

    Max LMG has some cases of gyno flareups and prolactin issues, so maybe run some Restore throughout the cycle and as part of your post cycle therapy protocol. Do yourself a favor and give your body a break. If you can't stop cycling designer juice, you're going to have major issues down the road.

  3. Yeah stacking all of those orals at the same time is just begging for trouble. I would figure out what your going for bulk/cut and then divide accordingly. I would NOT put halodrol and superdrol in the same stack, I would use one or the other, preferably halodrol if you are going to use phera and xmass too. Superdrol should really be used only with very low toxic compounds. This is my two cents....

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