lilkev's DCP Log

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  1. lilkev's DCP Log

    Workout Schedule
    Monday - Chest/Abs
    Tuesday - Back/Calves
    Wednesday - Off
    Thursday - Bi/Tri/Abs
    Friday - Off
    Saturday - Shoulders
    Sunday - Legs/Calves

    Diet Plan
    ~2400 Cals on workout days
    ~30/50/20 (CHO/PRO/FAT)
    ~2000 Cals on non-workout days
    ~20/50/30 (CHO/PRO/FAT)

    Peanut Butter
    Light Ranch Dressing
    2% Cheese
    Whole Wheat Wraps
    Rolled Oats

    Avant HEAT
    DS Basic Cuts
    Gaspari SizeOn(workout days only)
    CL Purple Wraath
    Bulk Cissus
    Bulk Turkesterone
    Ergopharm GF-Pro

    Initial Stats
    166 lbs.
    13.3% BF

    First Thoughts
    After taking my first dose I felt my body heat up after about 10 minutes. And after about 30 I got even hotter, almost began to sweat and I was just eating. So far no cramps, but its only the 2nd day. I started off at 3 caps 3x daily. After 4 days I will drop down to 2 caps 3x daily.

  2. Subscribed.

    I am going to like seeing this stacked with HEAT (a product I codesigned, BTW.)
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  3. Day 3+4
    Stil using the doseage of 3 caps 3x daily, and today I took the damage control to the test. Was on the road and was with friends for the past two days, so the diet wasnt exactly on point. Did play some bball and football, so I had exercise in. I am pretty sure I wasn't too bad caloric wise, but in the morning I will know for sure. I have not seemed to retain much water yet, when I used MP I would gain 4 lbs over night after the first few days. So I will keep an eye on that. Tomorrow I will drop down to 2 caps, 3x daily, and will try to get some before pics up as soon as I can.

  4. Day 5
    Today I dropped down to 2 caps 3x daily. And I must say that DCP makes me sweat a ton during my workouts. Nothing else to note, no cramps or anything to report. Diet was spot on today, my water intake is around 1.5-2 gallons on workout days, and around 1-1.5 on non workout days. Anything else anyone would like me to add, just mention and ill answer it.

  5. Day 6+7
    Diet was not that great the past two days, was around friends all the time, so you know how that goes. When I woke up on Tuesday morning however it did look like I started to hold some water, I will give stat updates tomorrow. I only weigh myself once a week, because my weight fluctuates day to day and can be confusing. So tomorrow I will have updates for everyone to see.

  6. Anxious to see.
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  7. Day 8
    Weight - 169 lbs. (+3)
    BF % - 13.3% (+- 0)

    Looking at the new stats, reflect a gain in water weight IMO. I know I hadn't been perfect on the diet, but I look softer(like how I did when using MP). Everything is going well now, and I must note that libido is up, so dsade you are correct in your assumptions with the carnitine(I believe) do work here. I am almost out of HEAT, but put in an order for some thyrotabs yesterday, so I am ready for some serious sweating after the new year. I will try to give another update later tonight.

  8. Day 9
    Well today I decided to go back up to 3 caps 3x daily. I ordered another bottle of DCP anyway, so I can keep this log going. I will try to remember to take some pics tomorrow, been kinda busy with the holidays and what not. So hopefully tomorrow I will get that done. Over the next few days I will most likely deviate from the diet, but I will try to keep everything under control.

  9. Knock yourself out...I designed this so you could ENJOY going all out without too much, if any, damage.
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  10. Just took some pics, sorry but I couldnt find my attachment for my camera so its off my cell phone.

    And on second thought, I will not worry about what I eat so much, I will enjoy myself. Sometimes I do eat about 10x what I should, I have a huge appetite for someone whos only 5'6" 170lbs.

  11. Day 10
    Well today I did enjoy a nice feast. Although I was sweating after eating, never had that before. I assume its from the RK's and the thermogenesis from eating, but no big deal. Im getting ready for another feast tomorrow, so Happy Holidays everyone.
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  13. Day 11+12
    Well I have been enjoying myself, and to my delight I just woke up and appear to have no fat gain at all. I look like I did before the holiday and maybe even a little thinner. Today I will finally get back in the gym as it was closed for the holiday. Ill be back later to update.

  14. man, if this stuff works that good when your not behaving, i cant imagine what it will do when you are eating right, keep up the good log.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by freezito
    man, if this stuff works that good when your not behaving, i cant imagine what it will do when you are eating right, keep up the good log.
    Thanks man, but yeah this stuff is as good as everyone is saying. I have tried Melting Point and Lipid FX(for tta products) and this one is much better. I dont have to worry about cramping, and is a very reasonable price. I have another bottle on the way so once I get past new years, ill be back on a good diet everyday and should really see what this product can do.

  16. Day 13
    Well today I finally hit the gym for the first time since the holiday. My eating was on track today, no binging today. I guess I will be good until this weekend for the new year. I just made a log over at because I got bored and figured it can show all the kids over there that DCP is the real deal. And hopefully help DSade out with selling DCP. I am completly out of stims now, so the BC and HEAT are gone. Not much else really, will probably update before I head out of town for the new year, because I will probably have an inflated weight when I come back. And for everyone who is watching the Emerald Bowl, GO FSU.

  17. Day 14
    Well today was another good day for the diet and workout. I got my Sesathin/Thyrotabs/DCP in the mail today, but Im gonna hold off on the tabs until I get back to school. I tried the liquid Sesathin for the first time today, so we will see how that compares to Scivation's caps. Avant has given me nothing but solid results in everything else I have tried, so I assume that this will not dissappoint me either. Also I will give updates in weight and bodyfat tomorrow morning before I head out for the new year. So I will miss a few days of posting due to being out of town. Until then, have a good new years everyone.

  18. Day 15-19
    Well I just got back from a little vacation. Really put DCP to the test, and it looks like I came back with minimal damage. I do have a little fat gain, but nothing major. I was basically off the diet, and will get back on tomorrow. At times I ended up basically taking my doseage with a meal, not sure if that matters or not. Was able to get in the gym a few days while I was out of town too, so that also helped with the binging of food. I will be back soon with new updates, sorry bout the last weigh in, I was running late.

  19. Great log, Kev
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  20. looks great so far

  21. Quote Originally Posted by lilkev42
    Day 8
    Weight - 169 lbs. (+3)
    BF % - 13.3% (+- 0)


    that nice numbers right there

  22. Day 20
    Well today I got back on track, everything was good. Seems that my cardio is getting easier, wondering if the DCP is increasing endurance. Since I have been off Sizeon, and the bulk Turk and BA I have been on for awhile. If someone could chime in on that, I would appreciate it. I went ahead and ordered some AP, so I might switch the macro's around to see how well this stuff works. I was weighing around 172ish today after I ate this morning, so I will try to update tomorrow if I can remember first thing in the morning.

    And thanks to everyone stopping by. Its good to know others are watching.

  23. DCP DOES increase endurance, yes.

    Expect to see a kickass endurance-boosting supplement from RPN pretty soon.
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  24. Quote Originally Posted by dsade
    DCP DOES increase endurance, yes.

    Expect to see a kickass endurance-boosting supplement from RPN pretty soon.
    Thats good to hear, can't wait to see whats in store.

  25. Day 21
    Today was the first day on bottle #2 of DCP. So I decided that I wanted this to run a month, so I went to the suggested 2 caps 3x daily. Diet was pretty good, decided to add more carbs to the diet. Want to see how this will work, so I was around a even macro total between all three. I have also used DCP recently pre-workout. It really heats you up during the workout, and leaves me drenched in sweat when Im done. As I mentioned last night, I weighed myself this morning. So it does look like the weekend hit me some, but I will get rid of that pretty quickly. No big set back IMO.

    Weight Update
    Weight - 172.2 (+5.2)
    Bodyfat - 14.0% (+0.7)

  26. Day 22
    Well today was just another normal day. Diet was pretty good, and the workout was solid. Cardio is getting by quicker it seems. I do LI on the eliptical or treadmill, depending on how my knees feel. So it can get boring, but its not so bad anymore. Tomorrow I will start a new supplement regiment. I will post that fully tomororow, as I am hoping I have my order in tomorrow. So until tomorrow, have a good one, and if I forget to post tomorrow, its because of the NFL Playoffs.

  27. Day 23+24
    Well I did miss the post last night, so here I am now. Everything is going well with the diet/workout and everything. I started a new supp. regiment, I will show below. Not much new really and today is an off day.

    Supplement Regiment
    DCP (2 caps 3x daily)
    Thyrotabs (1 tab 3x daily)
    Anabolic Pump (1 cap 2x daily)
    Purple Wrath (2 scoops during workout)
    Bulk Turkesterone (3-4g daily)
    Sesathin (1 tsp 3x daily)
    Super Antioxidents (2 caps 2x daily)
    Mult (2 caps 2x daily)

  28. Looks like an excellent stack. I am excited to see the DCP/SesaThin results.
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  29. Day 25+26
    So far everything is going great. I weighed myself in this morning at 169.0 lbs. Probably lost some fat and some water. I am getting stronger as well. It is a good thing its cold around here, because DCP/Thyrotabs really heat me up. So I dont sweat when Im just walking around like I would any other time. School is starting now, so if I do go MIA for a few days, its probably because of that. Dont worry tho I will be back. Well I gotta go got some friends coming over so Ill be back later. Oh and who else hates the begining of the new year at the gym, because it is all of a sudden 4x as crowded.

  30. Day 27
    Well today I learned that you should not take DCP and then take a nap. I took it and planned on eating 30 mins later but I fell asleep. Woke up a few hours later drenched in sweat, and its cold here. So it obviously heated me up pretty good, all things considered. I guess I havnt really given an "official" update yet. Ill try to get things in tomorrow morning. I have my tape measure here now too so I can give those, although its not that big of a deal since Im am 27 days into DCP. So hopefully tomorrow morning Ill be back.


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