Matrix 1 & 2 review

  1. Matrix 1 & 2 review

    I was a tester for IBE's upcoming Matrix energy drink, here's my review from their forum:


    So, I work security for a living, 5-6 12hr shifts a week. For some reason, my boss got a bug in his head and made me work 2 night shifts (12 hours).

    So I worked Thurs night, went home, slept 5 hours or so, and got up to go work out. I felt like ass, not good at all. I had a cold two weeks ago, and still have residual nasal stuff going on.

    I got dressed, and was heading out the door same time as my wife. What's this? A little USPS box! My wife says, 'Uh, must be more supplements'. LOLollergag. Uh, i didn't order anything, so no. Hmmm. IBE? WTF? I open it up. Looks like samples of paint, or cough syrup. Or a bomb. Detonation in 3...2...1... I look up the street, down, no guy hanging in the shadows dialing a cell phone.

    I pull the bottles out. AHH, yes, I did order these. My wife rolls her eyes. I excitedly go to the kitchen to examine my score. Hmm, no direction, serving size, nothing. No ingredients either. How much should I take? Meh, I'm groggy, I mix in my NutraPlanet MassStack and down it all. I can see how it might have tasted ok, but my stuff ruins it. I immediately regret taking the whole thing; I'm sure I'm in for a bad ride.

    I make my way to the gym, waiting the whole while for some stim caffeine effects to relieve my foggy-headed-ness. Nothing. I get out of my car, and what's this? A slightly strange feeling: not dizzy, or disconnected, or lightheaded, but similar to all of those. I'm not sure how this is going to effect my workout, but let's go. It's not a bad feeling, just interesting.

    I go for my 2 mile run, and have a great run as I usually do when on citrulline. Finish up, and notice that I feel great. AWake, clear headed, ready to go. But no stim feeling.

    I feel a bit weak because of my lack of sleep, and I haven't eaten in 7 hours or so. But I had a great workout.

    Leave the gym, and I feel great. Not at all like I worked two nights in a row with little sleep. I actually feel like it never happened, and I'm on my regular schedual.

    I got home around 4:30pm, took my daughter to the park, went out with everyone for dinner, stayed up and watched a movie, and hit the sack around 10:30pm feeling fantastic.

    I noticed my sinus congestion was gone around 6:00pm. I woke up a bunch during the night, but the baby was crying a lot. Typically I don't wake up, so this may have effected my sleep. I had no crash or jitteriness of any sort.

    I feel good today, looking forward to trying the next bottle. Yesterdays experience was fantastic.

    So, what's in it? Is there an ingredient list anywhere?

    Well, I liked it so much I bought a gallon of it, and save it for emergencies. Love it.

    Now they're making last minute tweaks to the formula, and have come out with a new, stronger version which I recieved a couple days ago.

    I slept 5 hours last night, got up at 5:30am, got to work by 7am, and shot the Matrix at 10am. As with the regular version, I feel it creeping on within 5 minutes of taking it. Within a half hour I feel a bit of a rush, and good clearheadedness.

    It's now nearly 1pm, and I feel GREAT: very sociable, energized, and happy. The energy is super clean.

    I'll keep this updated as this wears off.

  2. Hey man, the story in the first review was mucho-awesomeo. Kinda like a first person thriller, I was hooked.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!


  3. Heh, thanks, man!

    It's now 6 hours after dosing, I feel GREAT! No crash whatsoever. I think I like this stronger one better, which really surprises me.

    Still going....

  4. I hit the gym around 8pm last night. The effects seemed to have tapered off gently, but motivation in the gym was fantastic, breathing was easier during my run. It was a great workout!

    Got home by 9:30pm, and was tired, but wide awake until I hit the sack, and slept like a baby.

    A++ 5 stars would do again!!! THe stronger Matrix is the way to go!

  5. Thanks for the review, I might have to buy this one.

  6. Freakin great. If you call the 800 IBE number, you might be able to score a gallon of the first formulation. I did.

  7. haha, bump, lol. I need some more of this, dammit!


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