mass fx or diesel test

  1. Exclamation mass fx or diesel test

    What do you guys think is better for bulking and strength and if you can please share your results, diesel test or mass fx

  2. This is a tough one since Mass FX is a new supplement. From what I have read on the two I would say Mass FX is the one for bulking and strength.

    However, Diesel Test is a proven supplement that many people have had great success with.

  3. It's hard to answer this bro - you are talking about two totally different things. If I were to answer though, my answer would be stack them . Mass FX is supposed to be stacked with a test boost any ways (hyperdrol). GL

  4. DT would be a good stack with FX. My only problem would be the fact that DIM is the only AI in Diesel Test, and not in that large of an amount I assume. The stack with FX is mostly proposed with a Test booster primarily functioning with a decent AI, to combat the POSSIBLE raised T to E conversion.
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  5. Hyperdrol is made to stack with Mass FX - So I would think that would be your best bet.

  6. Agreed. 6 BrAD is one of my favorite AI's.
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  7. woah, wait.... R U guys saying MassFX isnt that effective by itself? (IE:w/out hyperdrol)?
    r u saying that it works through a different mechanism other than increasing LH/test?

    (subsequently requiring a test booster to maximize benefit)?

  8. MassFX is meant to be stacked with some kind of AI, like Hyperdrol, as an insurance policy. It's not saying MassFX is ineffective on its own, just that it would be smart to stack it with an Aromatase Inhibitor to ensure that you wont experience any shutdown or estrogen-related side effects.

  9. Oh, ok. Thanks rpen. I just started MassFX, but Im still finishing my toremifene from my PCT, and I have exemestane on hand. So I guess I wont need to spend 50 bucks on hyperdrol this time around. Maybe I'll try two together after my next cycle.

  10. Look at it this way, FX is suppose to be so effective at increasing T that for safety precaution AX recommends stacking with an AI.
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    Quote Originally Posted by prld2gr8ns
    Look at it this way, FX is suppose to be so effective at increasing T that for safety precaution AX recommends stacking with an AI.
    very well said my man


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