Dazilla 8-week NHA LOG

  1. Dazilla 8-week NHA LOG


    Just picked the NHA Stack... without Lean Extreme...
    Height: 5'6"
    Bodytype: Endo
    Weight: 193
    BF: Last time was about 16%

    Workouts will be 5*5 starting next week..

    Supplements:Fishoil,Multi,ZMA. .. base supplement
    -Finishing off GG.. in about a week... will be adding SizeOn...

    Supplement Schedule:
    5:30 RR + Act
    7:30 Multi+Fishoil+Greens
    9:30 Act
    11:00 3 fishoil
    2:30 Act+ Basic Cuts...
    Start sipping SizeOn before workout
    WORKOUT: 3:30-5:00
    Postworkout: Multi+VitC+
    7:30 ACT+3 fishoil+Green+
    9:30 RR +ZMA
    All Day... Gallon of water with 3 scoops of Excell

  2. Good luck! I'll be watching closely

  3. Whats your split 3 day?

    Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths . Proverbs 3:5-6

  4. Still looking into the 5*5 workout this weekend.. Do you have any suggestions?
  5. Unhappy

    I started to fell sick today. I think its allergies but I still made it to the gym..I have sinus pressure so I could not go as hard as I wanted but I was stronger, that was kinda funny... I won't be taking my last does of RR or AA tonight because I will be taking sinus meds... Hopefully I will get some rest and be back at it again tomorrow

  6. Damn.. I feel like [email protected]$#...I going home today and try to get better dont want to take NHA when on this meds.. So I will continue ASAP... I still going ahead and ordering my Sizeon... Really would like to train today but It would be wise for me rest..

  7. Feeling better but you know how cold meds are you feel tired.. about 60% right now... Hopefully I will be back at 90% tomorrow and hit the gym hard..

  8. I'm back.... Yes it feels good... Hitting the gym hard.. I still see change already in my body.. Lovin THAT... adding Lean Xtreme Next week... to complete the stack .. was going with sizeon but money a little funny.. so going with GB

  9. would it be ok to add Powerfull to the NHA stack I'm starting on Monday

  10. I was think on that too.. but I read alot to use one or the other ... I wanted to add X-Factor but money a little low...

    - One thing is my libdo is not all that high its kinda down. Why?

  11. RR and some other OTC AI's reduce libido when used at higher doseages. 2 ATD's messes with my libido...so i ramp up from 1-2-... Your bodies estrogen levels may have been reduced significantly(and quite rapidly) from the RR (estrogen is also required for libido) so i think your body will get used to it overtime...but i'd go back to 1 RR(in the PM) for app. a week. Libido should return.


  12. Thanks SOMA

    I'm adding LX tomorrow so I will lower my RR to 1 for a week.

  13. I'm back... I haven't posted in a while... just really busy at work and then working out and sleeping. BUT the NHA stack is really kicking in...
    -My diet Sucks right now but will try to clean it up after X-mas
    -Just a quick up date on my workouts...
    Incline Press 185*5 not increase yet
    Bench Press 185*3 increase to 205*3
    DeadLifts 185*4 increase to 255*5
    Leg Press 10plates *5 increase to 14 plates *5
    Squats 225*5 increase to 275 *5

    -One thing is that I have gas all the damn time now..
    - Couple of pimples *Nothing 2 bad*
    - Drop my RR to 2 a day for a week when I added LeanX...
    -Weight is up and down.. I think I'm about 198 but holding some water

  14. Looking good so far. Try to get that diet straighten out cuase you know supplements can only take you so far.


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