CHAP'S Anabolic Pump+Cialabol Log

  1. CHAP'S Anabolic Pump+Cialabol Log

    Ok guys so i'm going to be doing 1 cap of AP and 2 caps of Cialabol per meal, so a total of 6 AP and 12 Cialabol. No one has gone this high with AP so for but i'm a bigger guy and just wanna see what this stuff can do . Oh and my caps are 500mg per cap so i'll be taking in 3grams total daily.

    I popped 2 AP last night just to see what would happen, i got a head rush and started to feel hypo pretty quick, i ending up eating 3.5 cups of whole wheat pasta and instead of looking bloated i looked nice and full with veins sticking out.

    Day 1:

    I changed my diet around to the following:
    2726 calories 284 protein 284 carbs 50 fat, i figured i'd be ok considering before this i was only eating 100g's of carbs as i'm cutting well um my diet isn't gunna cut it! lol My carb intake was WAYYYYYYYy too low, USP was right about 100g's per meal, i probably coulda eaten more, lol. So today i felt kinda out of it all day and was absolutely starving for all my meals. So starting tommorow i think i'll be trying this:

    3000 calories 338 carbs 263 protein 67 fat

    We'll go from there but i have a feeling i'm going to have to up it further, you may notice that i also switched my macronutrient ratio as to allow more carbs so now it's 45/35/20. Honestly guys you eat a plate of pasta on this stuff and your muscles are just like a sponge, this feels MUCH more potent than Cialabol or atleast the beta version of Cialabol, 1 cap of AP feels like 10 caps+ of the beta Cialabol. But i'm not looking bloated, i'm looking tighter and i'm feeling MUCH warmer. I am using Clenbuterol but i have been on it long enough and have used it long enough to know the feeling and after i take the AP i start sweating, my temperature just goes up and stays up for around an hour or so. I'd like some feedback from the USP guys as to how my diet is looking, i don't wanna increase calories too fast because i want to recomp and ANY fat gain is unexceptable.


    Alpha Drive
    Lean Extreme
    Animal Pak
    Whey Isolate
    Focus XT

    When they are released i'll be picking up the finished version of Cialabol and the new Cissus to add to the mix. I'll be weighing myself tommorow morning and getting bf% measurements again i'm around 274lbs right now and 16%bf i believe.
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  2. I've been taking about 800 mg of AP pre meal for the last 24 hours and I can definitely tell something is happening. My head feels "swimmy" all the time until I eat some extra carbs. Muscles feel, look and just plain are bigger already. Very full, dense feeling.

    Last night's wo was great. I took 1600 mg pre wo with my shake and it was like a wo on cycle. I just wanted to go forever and the pump was righteous.

    All this in week one of PCT. Hopefully it will burn some fat off. I am not taking Cialabol, just YG.

  3. Day 2.Today will be my first day of training while on it, so i'll report back. I'm already looking tighter in the midsection and oblique areas, super full and dense just like Bioman described, and i'm feeling MUCH better now that i raised my carbs. I'll be taking in 100g's or so of gatoraide post-workout and i'm excited to see how i look after that.

    Ok got in about an hour ago, had my 100g's of carbs with 1 cap of AP and 2 caps of Cialabol, i'm not feeling bloated or anything just nice and full. Oh and did i mention that the pumps during my workout were ridiculous? I felt like i was on gear! My strength is also up which was to be expected but i didn't expect it up THIS much:

    hammer strength rows: +15 lbs
    medium grip pulldowns: +10 lbs
    Incline Hammer strength press: + 25lbs!
    Straight bar pushdowns: +20lbs!

    The pumps in my tri's were painful like the pumps i got on m1t, minus the annoying lower back pump. And just like Bioman said i felt like i could just keep GOING AND GOING AND GOING
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  4. Day 3 So um ya i'll be buying like 10 bottles of this stuff, lol. I know this sounds like total bull but i'm already looking noticeably leaner! My strength is climbing nicely and i think i may need to up carbs even more! Maybe 400g's would be good. This is a POTENT recomposition stack, i did legs today and the pumps were NUTS literally these are steroid like pumps, better than any NO2 booster i've ever used. And they stayed pumped for sometime. I woke up soooooo hungry this morning that i had to down 150g's of carbs in my breakfast! I can't get over the fact that i'm naturally predisposed to gaining fat just as fast as i gain muscle but now that the fat storage has stopped i'm getting bigger AND leaner, this stuff is just awesome. I've already had ppl say i look leaner! I need to weigh myself, i've haven't used IGF-1 yet but i'm getting the effects that i'd expect from that stuff. I've already decided that i'm going to run 6 caps a day throughout my cutting cycle, so that's a good 5 months of being on this stuff. I think AP+cialabol+test+tren will spell some SERIOUS recomposition. I'm so excited about this stuff it's just plain awesome.

  5. Glad you're liking it so far. I for one am desperate to get a stash of this to run for a few months.

  6. Neat! You seem to be responding to it exactly the same way I do

  7. Quote Originally Posted by CHAPS
    D I think AP+cialabol+test+tren will spell some SERIOUS recomposition. I'm so excited about this stuff it's just plain awesome.
    Serious is right my friend.

  8. Day 4 I'm pimping this stuff to all of my buddies, they all want some of my stash but i told them they'll have to pry it from my cold dead hands, lol. I don't even think i'll bother running my cycle for another 8 weeks things are going THAT well, my obliques which are a PAIN IN THE ASS for me to lose fat off of are shrinking daily, my back is more seperated and looking alot wider now that my waist is tightening up, legs are getting more seperated as well. My brother wanted to run a light cycle of VAR to help him cut up and i told him to save his money and run this stack for 12 weeks. My arms which have been lagging a bit behind are looking noticably bigger now, and i look pumped all the time. I've just got a perma-smile because everyday that i wake up i notice subtle changes and the fact that i'm getting comments from quite a few ppl that i'm looking leaner and bigger is makin me feel good . I may just cut right down on usp/ds/alri supps and then keep this stuff in there and bulk on the test+tren+var. I'm doing like a mock contest prep right now, wanting to get down to 5% bf, i'm at 14% right now i believe give or take i'll have to get it checked again but i'm actually getting bigger. My goal within 2 years is to be 270lbs at 5% onstage. I've already got a couple buddies using REM and PowerFull during their contest prep for their effects on sleep.

  9. Yeah, it's pretty crazy. It's ridiculous a legal product works this good. In my first 4 week run I put almost a full inch on my arms, though I should stress this was glycogen.

  10. Ya it makes you crazy full, i'm sure if you put on almost a full inch on your arms that atleast SOME of that was muscle. I'm getting comments about how dense i'm feeling as well, i had a girl hug me at a bar last night and she was like "holy **** your hard" lol.

  11. Yeah dude, I ran out just as things were getting CRAZY, which is funny that a product gains efficacy after a month, not loses it. Some stayed, but it just goes to show how insane the glycogen retention ablities are.

    And go start repping you Wanker!!

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    Please Note that CHAPS was not a USPlabs REP before the start of this log. He was just a USPlabs whore!lol

    As that being said chaps, you can continue the log or just end it becuase the public will start Screaming the word "biased." They are correct and understood for that belief.

    up to you.

    take care

  14. Quote Originally Posted by USPLabs
    Please Note that CHAPS was not a USPlabs REP before the start of this log. He was just a USPlabs whore!lol

    As that being said chaps, you can continue the log or just end it becuase the public will start Screaming the word "biased." They are correct and understood for that belief.

    up to you.

    take care
    If you don't mind doing so Chaps, I would like for you to continue the log. Biased or not, I like to see feedback.

  15. I'll continue the log but i'm going to post every couple of days from now on. And yes i am a USP whore, lol. I've also decided to change my diet back to a 40/40/20 split as my main focus is fatloss, and while i AM losing fat i think my original diet was more geared towards size with SOME fatloss, whereas i want MAJOR fatloss

  16. looks good chaps

  17. I totally forgot about this thing! Ooops, well it's now been 30 days i believe on my stack and i'm 275lbs right now and my waist has shrunk 2 inches, my legs have shrunk 1" and i've put 1/2" on my arms and calfs, and an inch on my chest! I'm looking and feeling ALOT harder and leaner which is awesome. I decided to switch my diet to a 45/35/20 split about half way through as yes i was dropping fat but just not fast enough.


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