TEKNO3 Log

    Height: 5'9

    Weight: 195lbs

    Bench: 290

    Deadlift: 385

    Sex: M

    Age: 20

    Training Experience: About seven years weigth training, I've played sports since I was five, I play hockey so I am most serious about weigth training in the off season, and get as many workouts as I can in during the season.

    Training Protocal: Fullbody workouts 2-3x per week, Cardio, Sprint/agility work, Hockey

    Diet: about 3500 cals, about 50% carbs, 30% protein, 20% fat, no junk food, no soda, very little sugar or saturated fats, lots of fiber, protein, unsaturated fats, complex carbs.

    Shorterm Goals: Increase strength and endurance.

    Longterm Goals: Eventually get to 215 lbs, mostly LBM, and still be able to run a 4.6 40 or better, and run a mile in a respectable time, 365lb bench, 500lb deadlift.

    Other Supplements:
    Fish oils
    Potein (Casien+Whey)

    TEKNO3 Dosing: 4 tablets, twice daily, the bottle allows for a 30 day cycle.

    NO Product history: Nitrix, White Blood, Xpand

  2. Day 1

    Started TEKNO3 today.


    Bench: 225lbs, 3x8
    Bent Rows: 185lbs, 3x10
    Pullups: 3 sets, bw
    Military Press: 135lbs, 3x6
    HIIT cardio for 25 mins

    Notes: Not much to report yet, had a nice pump though.

  3. Glad to see you got it!!!
  4. Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by Supa Freek 420
    Glad to see you got it!!!
    Yea man, thanks for clearing that up for me.
  5. Day 3

    Only had time for a quick arm workout:

    Standing BB curls: 100lbs 3x8
    Rope Tricep pressdowns: 135lbs 3x8
    Skull crushers: 2x8
    Inclind db curls: 2x8

    Notes: Pump was great, I'm already feeling increased pumps form Tekno3.

  6. Day 7


    Incline: 205, 3x8
    Lat pulldowns: 3x8
    Santches: 115, 3x10
    Decline situps: 3x10
    Dips: 2x10
    BB curls: 2x10 100lbs

    Notes: Good pump, really nothing new to report.

  7. Great log so far, keep up the good work
  8. Day 11

    Did Tri-sets today, if you don't know what a tri-set is it's like a super-set but with three consecutive sets of three exercises. I was looking to kind of combine strength training with some cardiovascular training, it was great and really kicked my ass, I'm already feeling sore, I usually don't get sore until I wake up the next morning.

    4 Tri-sets
    ~Bench + Squats(A2G) + Bent Rows~
    (used 135lbs for all of these) I dont know how many reps were done for each, but it was 15+ for bench and rows and 20+ for squats.

    4 Tri-sets
    ~Pullups (bw) + Standing Military(115) + Decline Situps(bw)~
    Again, I dont know how many reps were done for each, about 7-8 pullups, and 15+ for the others.

    This took about 30 mins to complete (they really kicked my ass), I then had to take a 10 min rest because I felt like I was going to throw up and/or pass out. Then I did some light running on the treadmil for about 15 mins.

    Notes: Pump was freakin insane! Strength was normal, I can't say I have noticed much in that department yet.

  9. You should get some good strength gains with this product. I responded very well to it. Keep PUSHIN EM
  10. Day 14

    Incline DB press: 85s 3x10
    Lat pulldowns: 3x10
    Dips: 2x10
    BB curls:2x10
    Shoulder raises:3x10
    Sprints 40yds x10

    Notes: Two weeks in, awesome pumps lately, also seems like endurance is up.
  11. Day 17 (Dec 2)


    Incline DB press: 3x8 75s, 85s, 95s
    Lat pulldowns: 3 sets
    Dips/BB curls: 2 supersets
    Cleans/Decline situps: 3 supersets
    Calf raises: 3 sets
    Shoulder raises: 3 sets

    Rode the bike for about 20 mins.

    Notes: Pumps are still going strong, endurance definatley seems to be up.
  12. Day 21 (Dec 6)

    Cleans: 135, 3 sets
    Dips: BW, 3x10
    Lat Pulldowns: 3 sets
    Incline: 185 3x11-12
    Decline Situps
    Some Plyos
    Tredmill for 20 mins

    Notes: Pumps are continuing to be strong and seem to last throughout the whole day, endurance is also very good, even after my workout and some plyos 20 mins on the treadmill still felt like nothing.
  13. Day 26 (Dec 11)


    Flat bench: 205 3x12
    Seated rows: 3 sets
    Military: 115 3x8-10
    Pullups: bw, 3x8
    Front squats a2g: 135 3x5 (havent doen these in a while, they were tough)
    Decline situps: 3 sets

    Notes: Pumps are steady, definatley better than normal, I don't think they will get any better the results seem to have leveled off, not that that is a negative, because they are still better than normal, endurace is also a positive with this product.
  14. Day 30 (Final Day)

    Today I also took Yellow nEuphoria Pre-workout

    Incline: 135, 3x12
    Lat pulldowns: 3x12
    Dips: bw, 2 sets
    Full Cleans: 3 sets, 135
    Incline curls: 2 sets
    Shoulder raises: 2 sets
    Leg raises: 3x10

    Cardio: treadmill, 30 mins

    Felt like crap in the beggining of the workout, got a good boost from Yellow NuEphoria and felt awesome while doing cardio, I think the combo of the two really helped with my endurance during cardio today. The pump was also really good.
  15. Cool Final Review

    Final Review

    Strength: Strength gains were ok, didn't seem to be much better than normal, I felt stronger, but didn't see a huge increase in numbers.

    Pumps: Pumps were very good, I noticed fullbody pumps that lasted the whole day.

    Size: Although I was not looking to gain much size, I do feel this product would be a good addition to a bulking stack.

    Endurance: Endurance was definatley up from Tekno 3.

    Compared to other NO products: I would put this product equal to Nitrix as the best NO product I have ever used.

    Overall: I'd give this product an 8/10, I feel this is a quality supplement, and would like to thank Thermolife for allowing me the oppurtunity to be a tester.


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