Rampage Jackson's StimX CONTEST log

  1. Rampage Jackson's StimX CONTEST log

    After much anticipation....and speculation....and a little procrastination, I present to you my freaking awesome StimX log. Seriously though folks, my StimX just got here yesterday….because some jerk (think Monty Python’s Black Knight) left me off of AX’s list…I wonder who that could be? Anyways, after doing a few “special favors” for Macedaddy (gave him the # for Dsade’s male escort service), I’m back in the mix. Lets see the tale of the tape.

    Age: 24
    Sex: Only with Mrs. Jackson
    Height: 5’11”
    Weight: 245
    BF%: ~22% (fatter than Jayhawkk )
    Stim Experience: All-Madden

    Sooo….now that we got that out of the way, I took my first cap about 30 minutes ago, and now I feel like Tyrone Biggins on Red Balls…

    I’m really looking forward to logging this ****, as I’m mainly interested in its appetite-suppressing effects. It seems like after a long day of classes or work I always want to eat a horse…which actually would be pretty lean (so is buffalo…for real, that shis is real lean…a 10 oz steak has like 4g of fat, and 50+ g of protein), but I have no horse of buffalo.

    I can’t really post my diet due to contractual obligations….lets just say hopefully I’ll be ripped…(I woulda went with Bobo, but he’s busy these days…plus he secretly hates me for being such a smooth operator. I’ll probably hit him up for bulking purposes later on).

    Workout wise, I’m doing a basic 3 day split. I was going to try a DC routine, but for fairness I’m going to wait until after the log. I plan on keeping the reps low (10,8,6) and the weight high.

    I’m most interested in the appetite effects of StimX, but I must say…I’m high as a ****ing kite right now…so the stimulant definitely works! Can’t wait to see how this makes me feel on my workout later.
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  2. Ok...got back from working back/bi's and I'm still wired! I had a good focus in the gym, and the intensity was there as usual. One thing so far I've noticed is I'm in a better mood than normal.

    I just realized I need to list off the supps I'm taking in addition to StimX:

    Dymatize Elite Whey Vanilla
    Optimum Men's Multi
    Extra Vitamin C
    6-9g Fish Oil Daily
    1 TBSP Apple Cider Vinegar PWO
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  3. Today was tough...I barely slept last night (not because of the StimX, I had to study late). I took my StimX cap with breakfast, and after about 20 minutes I felt awake. Now I feel kind of like I want to sleep, but know I couldn't even if I tried. I'm going to do cardio later...will see how that goes. So far, the appetite is squashed. I don't really have any interest in food right now.
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  4. who are you training with?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by macedaddy
    who are you training with?
    I'd rather not say out of respect for Bobo...

    Yesterday and today were good, clean even energy. Appetite has been kept in check pretty well. It'll be interesting to see what I'm at when I weigh in on Tuesday. I'm thinking of upping the dose to 2 caps...don't feel the cracked-out feeling anymore .

    One thing I can note is that I've been sleeping like a rock lately. I can only speculate, but I think it's probably a let-down after the StimX wears off. I'm not saying I just crash out, but when I do go to bed...I sleep!
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  6. Yeah, it definitely doesn't crash, it is a gradual wear down! I have been sleeping well, too!

  7. Today I upped the dose to 2x per day (8am, 1230pm). I feel a little more energized. It seems like things are slowing down for me...I can't explain it, but I got a bunch of work done today, and went to look at my watch....only 5 hours had gone by. Now I'm screwing off in my cube...waiting on 5pm.

    Appetite has been nearly squashed. I just downed a bowl of turkey chili...wasn't really even hungry, but it'd been 4 hours since I ate. I don't have like a stuffed feeling, but it seems like 1 can of chili is all I could possibly eat right now. Another factor in this is that I've been consciously drinking as much water as humanly possible. I've probably refilled the 1/2 liter bottle 10 times. I'd carry a gallon jug around, but that won't work in meetings .

    As far as sides go, there really haven't been any noticable ones. I feel smooth, energized...and I'm in a far better mood...there have been firings at work, and everyone is stressed, but I'm not freaking out like I thought I would. I was afraid that StimX would aggrivate my anxiety, but the opposite has happened. Not at all what I expected from a stimulant...so far I like it!
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  8. Question: How do you get your video to show up like that? What is the code?



  9. just go yt insert youtube # here then /yt, but with brackets around the yt's
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  10. Today was off day...from everything. Mrs. Jackson and I slept in, and watched movies all day. Didn't dose anything, but still ate clean. Weigh in on Tuesday.
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  11. Drumroll please.......242lbs at weighin today. Same effects from the StimX. I've decided to go to a 2 on lifting days, and 1 on off days routine. I don't feel like I need the extra energy on off days, so why waste the StimX. I attribute the weightloss to being able to dial my diet in more due to the appeitite suppression capabilities. Lifts are staying level, slightly up on shoulder presses, as I'm doing them on a smith press now, so it takes a bit of getting used to. Feeling good.
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  12. when you take 2, are you taking them botha t the same time or splitting them up? jw

  13. I'd been taking one...then one about 4-5 hours later
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  14. Sorry for the couple of day lapse in updating...but there is nothing new to report. Energy is still there, but I'm getting used to it. No more crackhead feeling here (except when I double dose on workout days). When I do double dose I tend to get dryed out easily (this was expected though). My mental clarity is great when on, especially when writing papers (which I do alot). Last but not least, appetite is still being suppressed. It's not weird anymore, as I've grown used to not wanting to eat. Weigh in is on Tuesday, but I only expect to lose 1-2 lbs.
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  15. I'm down another .5 inch.
    Taking 2 per day....

    Good job so far!

  16. Quick update...been in BFE, no internet access at Mrs. Jackson's parent's house . Appetite is doing ok...I almost felt like I was gorging myself the last 2 days. I've also been extremely dry...but I should mention that I've drank almost no water since Wed. It's all been tea and diet sodas. I'm sure that is contributing to the dry feeling. Note to self: Don't ever drink a diet redbull whilest on StimX! Seriously...I was up until like 3am Friday morning because I drank one at 1pm. Luckily, there was a James Bond marathon running (License to Kill is underrated). I don't expect to gain much weight this weekend, but we'll see... Couldn't really measure the focus, as I didn't even attempt homework or anything of the sort.
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  17. Quote Originally Posted by rampage jackson
    Note to self: Don't ever drink a diet redbull whilest on StimX! Seriously...I was up until like 3am Friday morning because I drank one at 1pm. Luckily, there was a James Bond marathon running (License to Kill is underrated). I don't expect to gain much weight this weekend, but we'll see... Couldn't really measure the focus, as I didn't even attempt homework or anything of the sort.


  18. Hey guys....grad school is kicking my azz! Had a big ass presentation to do this week...just glad I'm done with it, I almost don't even care what I got at this point. Weigh in on Tuesday was 242.5. I gained 1/2 a pound over the last week. Not bad, considering I've done NO cardio since last tuesday, and only hit the gym 2x. Aside from PWO my diet has been ****. The stimulatory effect has lessened, but I've been dosing for more than 2 weeks, every day (2x on weight days). I forgot to take it the other morning, and felt weird all day until I did take it. I'm not sure if the focus effects have lessened, or if I've just got used to it. I will say that this is a solid product. Controls appetite, give focus...works like a charm. I wouldn't mide seeing something extra for fatloss, but all in all I'm giving it a 4.5/5 so far.
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  19. NICE!! Still on 2 per day myself.

    I gotta get off soon. I have been dosing it that way for about 6 weeks!!

    rampage, notice the sig? lol email me: [email protected]

  20. Quick update: Yesterday was last dose...I feel tired. I've been starting my thesis, and it's beating me up. Diet has been ****ed up since Thanksgiving...mainly due to the finals, papers, and such. I really like this product...but I'll never high dose it every day again. Lets put it this way: it does its job. I lost total about 1.5% BF in a month...and diet has been crap last 2 wks (I have been doin alot of cardio to makeup). Without further ado...here are the ratings:
    (out of a possible ****)

    Stimulant: ****
    Appetite Suppression: ***
    Fat Loss: ** (Kinda added benefit, since it isn't marketed as one)
    Bang for Buck: ***
    Dry Mouth: ***
    Effect on Libido: 0 -(this is a good thing!)

    Would I buy StimX again? -Sure, but mainly for pre-workout and cardio use..this is really where it shines.

    Limitations of Product:
    Dry mouth can really set in at high doses. Appetite suppression starts to lose effect at high doses over time (to be fair, I haven't found an appetite suppressant that doesn't).

    Strengths of Product:
    Does what it says it does. Provides a truckload of energy, with no real crash...more like a wind down. The appetite suppression is top notch initially (first 2-3 weeks). The added ingredients for fat burning really are a nice addition.

    Opportunities: I'd love to see some additional fat burning things in there. Possibly Green Tea, or Raspberry Keytones...something mild, but with appreciable effect.

    I'd really like to thank AX, Jayhawkk, Bobo, and all of AM.Com for the opportunity to participate in this great contest. I've had fun doing it, and can't wait to do it again.
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  21. Looks Good, Rampage!!!

    Good Luck On That Thesis!!!


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