Basso's Alpha DriveXL/StimX contest log

  1. Basso's Alpha DriveXL/StimX contest log

    Well I'm finally starting this log, I've got the goods and I'm ready to go so here's an intro then I'll post Day 1!

    ME: Ok here's my current stats and a little background.
    Age: 41
    Weight: 235
    BF: around 15%
    I haven't done measurements in awhile but I'll try to get them up before the end of the first week. From May until Sep I was cutting, I went from 21% BF to 14% BF and everything was going great! Then in Sep life hit me with a couple roundhouses to the head and a few body blows, so my diet suffered as well as my workouts, I've managed to keep my unwanted gains to a minimum but it's time to get serious again.

    GOAL: As some of you know I'm living in ROK away from my family, I will be traveling back to the US in Dec in about 35 days, so this is my last push towards getting my BF down before then. My original goal was 10%, but with only 30 days I'll settle for around 12%. I will probably get radical with my diet the last 2 weeks and try and drop as much fat as possible before I head home.

    WORKOUT: I'm a PLer at heart and I incorporate a lot of old school lifting into my routines. I don't do anything radical, I keep things simple and do what works for me. While cutting I just try and maintain strength and stay healthy. I workout 4 days a week with the following split.
    Mon: Chest/Tris
    Tues: Back/Core/Bis
    Thur: Shoulders/arms
    Fri: Legs/Core
    Cardio: 2-3 days of low impact 20-40 minutes, 1 day 1-2 mile run.

    OBSTACLES: Already my first obstacle has presented itself. Tomorrow I have to go out of town on business and will probably not make it back in time to hit the gym. Next week I'll be working 14-16 hour shifts at night and the gym will be closed for 5 days. If nothing else it will be a good test of the StimX!

    SUPPLEMENTS: I'm down to bare minimum at the moments so the following is what I'll be taking daily.

    Annobolic Innovation Whey
    Fish/Flax oil
    StimX (x1-2 in am)
    AlphaDriveXL (x1 3 times a day)

    What you can expect from this log: I'm not really in a position to do a winning log, with all that is going on in my life right now, but I will try to be consistent and honest. I will post my w/o's and how I feel the supplements are affecting me. I hope this will be informative and useful. Thanks to BioScience and AnabolicXtreme for the opportunity to test their products.

    Let the Log begin!
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  2. DAY 1 Nov 6

    Supplements: First impressions
    StimX: Dropped one at 5:30am, Very nice, mellow pick up but nothing extreme, didn't w/o until late and still felt great. What I really enjoyed was the fact I had zero appetite all day! So appetite suppression was outstanding, I certainly hope that keeps up.
    AlphadriveXL: First day, nothing to report yet, I'm optimistic that I'm going to like this product though.

    Diet: Thanks to StimX, it's 7pm and I'm still not hungry! At days end I'll hit 2000cals at 45p/25c/35f. I'm only taking carbs in the a.m. most days so my carbs will be around 25-30% of my intake. Protien will be at least x1g per lb most times more.

    Workout: Chest day

    Bench Press: 345x4x2
    Incline DB Press: 130sx6,5,5
    Hammer Strength(HS) wide press: 405x10,8,8
    Incline Flys: 75sx10x3
    Push Ups (2 light bands): 10, 6 (ouch)
    Push Downs: 115x12, 140x10x3

    Felt pretty good today, my new partner had to work so I was able to get through this quickly being by myself. Felt like I had great stamina, Alpha Drive? we'll see.

    Final Thoughts Good day, I can tell I'm really going to enjoy the StimX, I'm anticipating the AlphaDrive will kick in around 5-7 days. Hopefully I'll be able to hit the gym tomorrow, if not I'll just do 3 days in a row and skip my run on Wed.

    Until tomorrow: Basso Out

  3. Good luck Basso! You should enjoy the Alpha Drive. It's pretty good

  4. good luck!!

  5. Well I need to apologize for a truely pathetic log! The last week and 1/2 I've had very limited access to the internet and no access to a gym. I did continue to take the supps and I will review the past week later today after I w/o. Anyway I'm back and will be continuing the log as long as I have supps left to take!

  6. Life happens!!!

  7. DAY 15 Nov 20

    StimX: I'm fairly pleased with it so far, after 1 week I increased to 2 caps and started feeling a little effect but nothing earth shattering. I continue to get good appetite suppression also. The one thing about this StimX as well as the last version, it does not overcome lack of sleep. When I'm well rested I get great results, but when I'm limping on 3-4hrs of sleep it just makes me feel worse. This past week I never got more then 5hrs of sleep and was working nights so the StimX was not a big help.
    AlphadriveXL: Unfortunately it's pretty hard to give an assessment since I haven't been to the gym for about 10 days. The one thing I have noticed is an increase in Libido.

    Diet: I gained 5lbs over the past week so with only 3 weeks left before I head home for the holidays I'm getting a little drastic, today I'm at 1950 cals with a 50/25/25 split. I'm going to stay at 2000-2500 for this week and see how it goes (-turkey day)

    Bentover rows: 185x12x3
    Seated rows: 120x12x3
    Hammer Strength Pull downs: 225x10x3
    Pull downs: 165x12x2, 125x12
    Curls: 95x10x3
    Cable crunches: Stack x15,12,10

    Very light and very quick day, I was in and out in less than 25min. I'm going to try and force myself to stay light this week and it should be easy since I felt like a little girl in there today.

    Final Thoughts
    I feel really bad about this log, but it was out of my control I'll try and make up for it with an extra week but that last week is going to be crazy for me. Anyway I feel like garbage, I slept about 2 hours last night trying to switch back to day shift and I'm falling asleep as I write this so I'll sign off for today.

    Until tomorrow: Basso Out
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  8. DAY 16 Nov 21

    StimX: Another night of very little sleep, although double the previous night, a whole 4 hours! StimX just isn't cutting it for these days, I almost popped 3 but stopped myself. I'd probably have a heart attack or something.
    AlphadriveXL: Still not much to report, this week is pretty much a get back into the swing week so hopefully next week I'll be able to assess results

    Diet: 2200 cals with a 50/25/25 split.

    Bench Press: 225x12x5
    Incline DB: 90x12,10, 80x10
    Hammer Strength Wide press: 315x12, 275x12, 225x13,16
    Hammer Strength Dip: 275x12x5

    Another light and fast day, about 30 minutes with about 60sec rest between sets.

    Final Thoughts
    I'm tired and I feel like crap, sure hope I sleep tonight! Legs tomorrow, Thursday off and Shoulders/arms on Friday.

    Until tomorrow: Basso Out

  9. DAY 17 Nov 22

    StimX: 8 Hours of sleep and 2 caps of StimX at 4:30am=A very good day! Low hunger and good focus on work, etc. When I get a good nights sleep StimX is definitely the shiz
    AlphadriveXL: Continued upswing in Libido

    Diet: 2000 cals with a 50/25/25 split.

    Squat (Ultra wide/speed) 225x10x4
    Hammer Extensions: 225x10x4
    Leg Curls: 110x10x4
    Calf raises/leg press: 500x10x3/250x15

    20 minutes and super light, very good leg pumps, fast w/o's are brutal for an old PLer

    Final Thoughts
    Feelin' good today, still feel extremely weak but it'll come back, taking tomorrow off so I can stuff myself with Turkey!

    Until tomorrow: Basso Out

  10. enjoy that turkey!!

  11. you know I will!

  12. Hey whats up?????????? you'll have to stop by when u get back here.

    Happy holiday. You try yellow gold yet??

    Much much fun

    eat up


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