PGHt log (of sorts)

  1. PGHt log (of sorts)

    I bought some PGHt and just recieved it 3 days ago. Nice speedy delivery from UK, I like it.

    I've been interested in hGH for a while now, and read whatever I find on it when possible. I was in the military, was pretty well abused, and at 32yo, I'm starting to see the results of that, manifesting themselves as joint pain, tendon pain, etc.

    I work 60-72 hours a week in security, and another 5-15 hours with my own coffee roasting company. I work out 3 days per week only, and I am married with a 4yo and a 6mo. My wife stays home for the kids, hence the crazy hours I work (well worth it!).

    Anyway, I'm tired a lot, and usually sleep less than 6 hours a night, with no reprieve. I never sleep until I wake up. Add all this up, and it's pretty unhealthy.

    So, I'm interested in HGH as a way to counter the self-inflicted abuse, to keep myself energetic and healthy, and to help heal some of the wear and tear from the past, which include rotator cuff irritation, achilles heel irritation, herniated disc, and recent minor hip pain. Not to mention hair thinning and so on.

    So two nights ago I applied my first 'serving' (one squirt) on my lower abs and thighs, and went to bed. I didn't get any GABA-type symptoms, which is just fine. Usually I sleep like a baby, no issues there; I sleep sound and never remember dreaming. WEll, the alarm woke me up with a start, and I shot out of bed from a very, um, interesting dream which I won't detail here, but which was vivid and a bit nuts. Felt fine that day.

    Last night was my second night, and I DID go to bed an hour earlier than usual. Again, I was torn from another alternate reality in dreamworld very rudely by the alarm, and I honestly felt as if I hadn't slept, in a way. I felt as if I had been busy all night, instead of switching off for 6 hours. But sleep was sound, for sure. Freakin dreams!

    I feel fine today, tired as usual, relieving my caffeine withdrawl headache as I type now, with 2 double espressos.

    Anyway, I'll be updating as I go here, and if I see ANY results over the next month, I'll be giving this a long term shot. If I like it, I plan on putting my wife on it too, once she's done nursing. She lost all her pregnancy weight very quickly, but the skin takes a year or so to go back to normal, and this stuff might help.

  2. Ok, so I've finished my first 5 days, and I'll be taking 2 off.

    Wow. I'm surprised at the effectiveness of the product. As I said, the first two nights I had such vivid dreams that I felt tired mentally upon awaking, lol. The next three nights I just had the deepest, soundest sleep I've had in ages. I never have problems sleeping, and never wake up, but the sleep on this stuff is so obviously deeper, it's a bit crazy. When my alarm goes off I'm yanked from the deepest darkest depths of darkness.

    Interestingly, I went to dose up two nights ago, and got some air in the dispenser, so I got a partial dose. So I pumped again, and the same happened. I did it a third time, which looked a bit more than usual, but rubbed it on anyway. I was so intensely groggy in the morning, it took a couple espressos and a fatburner along with a 2 mile run to shake it off. Moral? Use caution when upping the dose.

    I can't wait to get into my second week...

  3. Any updates Poison?

  4. Sure, just finishing up my 3rd week. The only thing I've noticed is the OUTSTANDING deep sleep. Let me re-iterate: I sleep like a baby with ZERO sleep issues, without PGHt. EVen so, my sleep is astoundingly deep(er) on PGHt. I've found that if I sleep 5-6 hours, I wake up feeling like I deperately need more sleep, whereas nowmally I feel OK on 6-5 hours. When I sleep 8 or more, I feel simply fantastic in the morning. Sprightly. Pretty nuts.

    I haven't seen the cutting results, but then I'm on a permanent bulk and eat like a whore.

    The skin under my eyes seems better, according to my wife and co-workers, who didn't know I was taking anything.

    I will be using it for at least a couple more months.

  5. Oh, I'm using 1 squirt a night. I think I have more than a week left.

  6. I'm about to take a week off. Interestingly, I've recieved comments of 'you look more rested' and a wicked burn scar on my arm from a year ago, nasty red thing, is now nearly invisible.


  7. Hey, we have very similar situations with work and sleep. I'm very interested in this thread. How is joint pain? My job is a very demanding one on joints and tendons. I also work third shift. I wonder how well this would work with powerfull? How easily does this stuff transfer to others? Let's say after I go to work my wife gets into bed, could it transfer?

  8. i haven't noticed an improvent in joint pain, but then I don't have much o that; I have tendon pain which has not been effected.

    I wouldn't worry about transferring it to the wife, in fact I'll be putting my wife on it ASAP. I just don't want it on my kids.

    But it's not greasy and doesn't leave a residue that's as transferrable as, say, Dermabolics TD stuff. I just put it on my thighs and lower abs, so my boxers cover it.

    i'm taking Powerfull, too, you should check it out also. It definately effects sleep, too.

  9. Any more news, reports, observations? I'm really interested in this stuff, particularly as it (might) apply to tendons/joints.

  10. also interested......

    what is recommended dose versus what you are taking?

    any before or after pics?


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