Lbarber4's redemption log! Man HVBO, Yellow Gold (anabolic pump)... Green Mag...

  1. Lbarber4's redemption log! Man HVBO, Yellow Gold (anabolic pump)... Green Mag...

    Goal: To put on 15-20 lbs by mid-january!
    I'm a little over 130 at the moment, but my muscle memory should kick in pretty quick, and I'll probably bump up to 136-137 in the next two weeks. Also, I'm 5'10-I'm small, but wiry! lol, but no, I'm going to put on this weight, and I"m going to throw 90 plus by next season, or maybe towards the end of next season.

    I focus on consuming protein/carbs from morning-evening, and then split my meals up into protein/fats.

    My vegetable source: Blended spinach (Green Smoothie). I hate vegetables, but they're healthy, so I blend spinach up, and drink it.

    I will be deadlifting once a week-atlernating between rdl and sumo. Plyometric workout done on upper body day.

    Plyometric workout consists of:
    3x5 Jump Squats
    4x5 Box jumps
    3x6 split jumps

    The workout: Upper 1

    DB Incline press: 3x10
    BB Rows: 3x10
    3 way shoulder raise: 3x10
    Weighted Pullups: 3x...
    Dips: 3x10
    DB Curls:3x10

    Lower 1:

    Back Squats: 3-5x10-30
    Front Squats: 3x5-10x30
    Hyper Extension: 3x10

    Upper 2:

    DB Press: 3x10
    DB rows: 3x10
    Shoulder press: 3x10
    Weighted Hammer Chins:
    Dumbell Over Head Tricep Extensions: 3x10
    Hammer Curls: 3x8


    DB Lunges: 3x10
    Front Squats: 3x10

    I supplement for Strength/size gains, as well as health reasons.


    Protein: GF Pro Cherry/dutch Chocolate
    Cassein Protein: Xtreme formulations ultra peptide

    Creatine: Controlled Labs Green Mag

    Multi/Antioxidant/Fish oil/health:
    Mega men multi
    Vigor/Vitaberry plus
    Now Super EPA
    Now Ginger root
    Now super enzymes

    Lactic Acid buffering/endurance:
    High Voltage Body Octane

    USP labs Yellow Gold (anabolic-pump).

    Supplements used on Workout day: Recovery:
    BCAA: Excell

    Post workout shake add in: 5-10 grams of Bulk L-leucine (aids in protein Synthesis).

    I'm a pitcher who would like to hit 90 plus on the radar gun by this upcoming season. Currently, I'm throwing low 80's, and the one thing that's holding me back is my weight! Which I'll be fixing in the next 5-7 months!

    As far as weight is concerned, I've actually been losing weight over the last couple of weeks. I haven't been able to get to the gym, but I'm fixing that problem. Currently, I'm waiting for my job interview to commence. I should be getting a call in the next week regarding employment, and will be working part time on the weekends to fund my training! I'm pretty much am fed-up with how this offseason has gone so far, and my parents don't understand what consistency means when it comes to utilizing supplements/workouts. I will be paying for my gym membership, as well as changing my sleep schedule on certain days to compensate for my workout, which will happen, and no, there will be no more excuses for missed workouts.

    Once I get the first paycheck, I'll be working out before school, taking a taxi to the gym. However, in the next week, I'll either be working out at the house, or take the bus to the gym in the afternoon. By working out before school, I'll be able to get 3-4 meals in prior to going, since I'll be sleeping during the day time, and waking up sometime around 9-10 o'clock at night.

    Anyways, I'll update later on how upper 1 workout goes.

    Note: I've been using body octane for a little over 2 weeks. My last workout was 2 weeks ago, but I continued to use what I had left of one of my bottles. I have a full 50 day supply which I'll be using during this log, and will probably order more when I run out.

    Will recieve yellow gold probably on monday or tuesday. My order shipped out today.

  2. Anyways, here's how things look for today:

    Upon waking:
    1 scoop cherry wpi
    1 serving body octane

    1 scoop gf pro dutch chocolate
    2 tbsp natural peanut butter (skippy natural)
    16-20 oz lactaid milk 1 % reduced fat
    1 cup oats
    2 fish oil
    ginger root

    Meal 2:
    4 pieces wholewheat cinnamon toast
    1/2 cup cinnamon oatmeal
    1 boneless chicken breast
    lactaid milk

    Meal 3:
    4 pieces wholewheat cinnamon toast
    1/2 cup cinnamon oatmeal
    1 boneless chicken breast
    lactaid milk
    2 fish oil
    vitaberry plus

    Meal 4: Shake
    1 scoop dutch chocolate wpi
    16-20 oz of milk
    1 cup oats
    2 tbsp natural peanut butter

    Pre/during workout nutriton
    1 serving green mag 30-45 minutes prior to warm up

    Pre/during workout:
    2 scoops excell
    1 scoop cherry wpi
    1 serving body octane


    DB Incline press: 1x30x8, 1x45x4 (1x35x5), 1x45x3 (1x35x3, (1x30x2)...
    Long armBB Rows: 1x2x35 lb platesx10,1x3x35 lb platesx7, 1x70 lbx10
    3 way shoulder raise: 3x10, 3x7.5 for interior deltoid, or something to that effect. The one where you're bent over.
    Weighted Pullups: 1x10 CGPullup, B+25x8 hammer chins, BW+50x2, BW+30x5, BWx8
    Dips: 2x10, 1x6, 1x4

    Notes: Strength was okay today, but then again, I haven't worked out since the 21st.

    Pumps felt good, nothing new to report here.
    Green Mag gave me a nice little energy boost going into the workout, and it helped me push out a few more reps, as well as keep my strength.

    Body Octane: Sipped on this while working out. Recovery was pretty good between sets, and endurance was pretty good also.

    First time doing long arm bb rows. I did a warm up set with the bar to get the form down, and strength should improve on this as I continue to do the exercise from week-week.

    Other then that, not a bad workout.

    Aggression: 7.5 (could have used more on db incline presses!)!
    Strength: 7 Not bad considering I haven't worked out in 2 weeks...
    Recovery: 8 Recovered pretty quickly between exercises, and went at a pretty fast pace at the beginning of the workout! 30 second rest times.
    Energy: 8 Felt pretty good going into workout, and energy levels actually rose as I continued from one exercise to the next! I attribute that to some of the supplements I use.

    Overall: 7.5 Workouts will continue to get better as I progress, and man do I look forward to it! I'm out for now... I should be receiving anabolic-pump on monday! I will be futher increasing my carb intake while on this!!!

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