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  1. Finished up my log, waiting for tonights workout to measure up going to weigh, post final conclusions, and take pics. tonight i hope to take my finishing pics but are still unable to post starting pics lol. Good thing some logs havent got off the ground yet, they will have the decided edge to see what has been done.
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  2. looking forward to it.

  3. General Info:Wont be putting up before pics ended up taking camera/laptop combo back due to problems. Still have measurements to post. Bought the ole lady a sweet digita underwater cam and can take current pics to compare to some i took on a back up cam at my buddies house day 1 of cycle..

    Exellent product, hard pumps, increased strength i look forward to H-2. tommorow posting measurements.
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  4. Measurments of the somewhatgifted one

    Right Left

    Calves 15" / 14.75"
    Above knee 15.5" / 15.5"
    Quad 24.5" / 24.5"
    Waist 36.5"
    Belly button 36.5"
    At nipple chest 42.5"
    Back (armpit) 43"
    Shoulder 52.5"
    Neck 17"
    Bi's 16.75" / 16.25"
    Forearm 13.5" / 13.25

    Measurements as of morning of Dec 5, cold muscles, Pre-workout.

  5. Gains
    Starting Weight, Nov 7- 210.2- End - Dec 5 213 +2.08
    Calves R/L +.5/.25"
    Quads R/L +.5"each
    Waist -.5"Chest +.5"
    Back +1.5"
    Shoulder +.5"
    Bi's R/L +.25/0"

    General info: No measurable change was recorded for forearms, neck and left bi. Added strength, pumps and endurance, noted some fat loss as well as recomp during hearty meals, as well as cutting ability during a calorie deficit. After coming off hyperdrol it was boring going to the gym compared to how the workouts went on hyperdrol. Great product cant wait for H-2 safe, smart and effective. Retain the silent agent, its hard to say what role this played in my stack, although when things improve, if it aint broke dont fix it.
    :bb2: :bb:
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  6. This product is beneficial for :

    * Anyone needing a good recomp.
    * Reducing body fat.
    * Adding muscle mass.
    * Increasing endurance and workout volume.
    * Decreasing lactic acid.
    * Stimulating metabloism/ hunger.
    * Mind blowing pumps and muscle fullness.
    * Effective for bulking and cutting depending on diet.

    Supplements can never take the place of good diet/nutrition, and cant fix problems created in these areas. This log didnt live up to my expectations, at first it was golden but lost some steam with losing my starting pics..... Im still hoping to get up my back up pics and post some newer ones for some sort of basis for comparison. I think this was a learning experience as well as an informative venture into smarter safer supplmenting. It try to make training effective, eating desirable and watching my log entertaining and readable. No page after page of text, no long winded entires about the dramas of life just a little introspective into the supplement and unbiased feedback.

  7. These are my goals: lets see how well this log staked up!


    In this log i hope to provide a clear, consise and unbiased log as well as personal evaluation of hyperdrol and retain. During this time i will maintain a thourough log of my exercises effects noted and progress made. Going into this log i am very excited in reasonable shape and hope to make some significant ground in strength, endurance and of course physical appearance.

    I would say this more than met my criteria going in, in the future with a basis of expectations i could make more realistic goals and set the bar higher. I Hope this log was safe, smart and effective.

  8. I certainly don't think any one was killed because of THIS log, so it was def SAFE!

    Lets get you on some HD X-2!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by macedaddy
    I certainly don't think any one was killed because of THIS log, so it was def SAFE!

    Lets get you on some HD X-2!
    Yeah, now that i have a $500, underwater/dust proof camera at home, no force in the universe can stop me.... unless i dont get another comp, lol. Keep in mind i did this entire log at a friends house or at work, no home PC. hoping to change that but christmas, supps, vacation something just keeps popping up lol.

  10. Heres my backup post hyperdrol pics.
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