Necro's Lean to Mean Hyperdrol&Retain(contest)Log

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  1. Necro's Lean to Mean Hyperdrol&Retain(contest)Log

    The Above Link is required for background information to this Log.Since the competition I only did 2 workouts in the 1st week....3 in a row last week...but no legs in either of those weeks...

    This week I still consider a warm up week also.1st Leg Workout in 4 weeks on Monday...Weights that I normally Use for Warm ups was my Limit..and caused me soreness....Next week its on for real.And My Valeo weight belt should have arrived by then

    Background Training since 1995.....1st year was just a warm up year....So I count myself as only training 10 years..Once I knew what I was doing I gained well and consistently...Entering 1st competition in 1997.Next one in 2000...And last one 2 weeks ago.....I have always been consistent in weight training..Never having weeks off..During this period...Have been Hardcore in Training Methods.And have always got great results from supplements.Just go thru stages of buying them...More consistent here would have resulted in greater gains.

    I don't use the scales regularly to see if I am acheiving my goals..I use tape on waist and glutes to see how fat percentage is..And then when i do weigh myself I know If I am moving forward

    Waist was 29.5inch at time of competiton and Glutes 36"......Now due to eating everything I want.Have increased waist size to 31" and Glutes to 37" Want to take half inch off here if possible....or definetly not increase on this

    Current Measurements 174 Pounds.
    All meaurements are flexed where possible

    Chest :43.5"
    Arms :15.5"
    Forearms :13.5"

    Legs: Quad:Left 21" Right 21.5"
    Upper thigh/Biggest Part:24"
    Calves:Just under 16"
    Neck: 16.5"
    Glutes :37"
    Waist :31"

    Note this is me at my smallest.Should improve quickly with a month of solid training

    Goal before next competition is 209 Pounds....Achievable with supplementation that Progresess


    Spaced 3 hours apart
    1: One cup of oats/or 60g Muesli and 100gLow fat Yogurt with 30g added oats.....9 egg whites..One yolk
    2: 150grams Chicken 100grams of Pasta or Rice
    3: Repeat of Meal 2
    4: Pre-workout Protein Shake 1hr before workout minimum or Cottage Cheese for equal protein value
    5: Post Workout Protein Shake >Matrix Orange Cream
    6: 150gram Steak(minimum size 100gram of Pasta or Baked Potatoes.100 gram minimum vegetables
    7: 150 gram Fish and Broccolli
    8: Protein Shake...ON Rocky Road...

    All shakes with 2 tbs Flax... One handful of Nuts per day.When Snack Required...Also 2-3 bars of berries between meals if hunger gets too much. Try to start the day with green tea...And keep Coffee and Tea with Milk and sugar to a minimum during the week( a weakness of mine)

    Supplementation Thankyou Anabolic Minds for selecting me for this contest Log and Anabolic Xtreme for the supplements...Love your Quality....Just finished my last bottle of Retain before competition.

    Started Taking Hyperdrol and Retain when I received supplements last Thursday.

    Stim X sample 1st day: Worked really well after 1st big meal of the day..Felt very motivated...More so than feeling High...Had a great workout 3 hours after consuming

    2nd time:Took 1st up.Waited an hour then did cardio....I felt good....But felt even better after I ate 1st meal...weird hey.

    3rd: Was feeling Tired on Saturday so I took one when driving...I think it helped me snap out of it

    4th: Took with a small amount of food before 30min cardio....Felt Elevated.Focussed and Motivated during the rest of the day

    Definetly consider purchasing...As I believe cardio and fat burners are required all year round to maintain reasonable level of bodyfat.

    Other Supplements

    Stock is low at the moment..And I don't want to corrupt this Log by using Creatine or Nitric Oxide boosters.

    Protein I have the choice of 3...ON Whey:Rocky Road....Matrix:Orange Cream....Horleys Ice Whey(sold here in Aus) with 2 gram Glutamine per serve....very clean protein I used in lead up to competition

    Have Amino Acids to take before cardio and After Training and Before Bed

    Multivitamin....Of course Anabolic Xtreme Hyperdrol and Retain.

    And A small supply of Scorch Left. May add Steel Edge to this and IntraXcell if possible...As I want to use a Creatine stack next and cannot use Steel Edge with it due the caffeine..So best to use with this stack now.

  2. Good luck, and hopefully you can get back all thats lost!


  3. subscribed...
    GOOD LUCK! Let me know if you have any questions/problems!!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by macedaddy
    GOOD LUCK! Let me know if you have any questions/problems!!
    Hey Macedaddy....I want to know what to Expect from these Products..I have read some Logs before but I always assume that it is the MassFx causing the results,if stacked with Hyperdrol

    So what should u notice from using Hyperdrol as a stand alone product?

    I always assumed that Retain is a behind the scenes worker.That it is an excellent product....But not outwardly visible....Correct?

  5. the gains on HD are about 1lb per week of mass.

    The Retain does work behind the scenes. The results you see with MassFx help enhance the results from HD. Sometimes doubling them. You may not "feel" anything in your first week. But your lifts should steadily increase. In 30 days, you should expect close to a 4lb gain. I know your diet is in check so you should really enjoy this.

    Are you entering another show soon?

  6. Unfortunately no.They have all been and gone..There was a comp the week before that I wish I entered now...

    We only Have comps around the sept/october time of year....Rarely is there one's in April and March

    The others are Nabba/IFBB....and u know what that means...Still I would like to enter them in the future to see how well i could do there in the enhanced competition.

    Thanks for the information on Products.

  7. Still Continuing to restore the post I wrote originally...Try to get on top of this log and make regular posts from now on and make it look better.

    Tuesday's Workout.Day 5

    I have been reading about DC Training for Last 2 weeks...I did it my own style.As weights are not up to normal standard yet.So I thought I dip my toe in the water and see how I like it....I have been since informed that I have not grasped the DC system and need to do more reading.

    I did 3 sets for Chest...Incline Bench/Dumbell Press/Decline....All Taken to failure 3 times in the one set( only alot of warms ups for 1st set.So it went 8 reps fail...20 second pause....4 reps fail...20 second pause...4 reps fail for last time=16reps that smashed that bodypart.

    Next on Smith:Reverse Triceps/Close Grip Triceps and French Press for 30 reps..

    Now I was so pumped and about to explode....Was Insane(shame I got it wrong then)

    Next Calves...DC way is 5 seconds on big toe flexed....15 seconds stretched....2nd set is spose to be on Hack Squat..But I need to make a block for my gym so I can do this.

    So I did 2 sets on Leg Press for Calves..Using phone to time myself....After 1st 5 reps...You are holding on and screaming in agony(good) Took 3 mins to do each set

    Followed by Seated Calve.Feet kept slipping had to rack and reset...Failed hard at 8....but made self keep for another 4....I was shaking at end of this set..

    Hard to drive after....and they continued to shake for another hour after that

  8. Necro, remember that Dc requires one exercise per bodypart per workout. The reason you choose three for each body part is that you alternate your workouts. so Monday you do exercise 1, then Wednesday you do exercise 2 and Friday, you do exercise 3.

    That is how i understand it. You are limited to the total number of sets per bodypart per workout.

  9. Wednesday Day 6

    Rest day...Some nice deep soreness.Legs starting to recover..Inner thigh was where the damage was done..Sore in Chest/Triceps/Calves...but not enough to constantly think about it....I rate my soreness out of 10 in my gym diary..this was a 6.

    Thursday Day 7

    I got a bit disheartened after being told I need to read up On DC training....ANd not finding the time or direct links to what I need tor read either.

    So I did it my own way...Did Shoulders Hammer Press/Military Press/Machine Press/Front raises....4 sets...All rest Pause One sets to failure 3 times...followed by Biceps ...Barbell curls/Dumbell Curls/Cable Curls..

    Shoulders got really Fried and Arms did not really have nothing to offer in terms of pump....Just very fatigued after....but 1.5hr after workout I was all good.

    Also had 3 Scorch 1st up before 40min bike ride today.....They Started to work..then nothing.Has been 2 weeks since I have last taken them.

  10. Friday.Day 8

    Cardio 1st up..No extra's ....Not eat according to meal plan today...a bit out of wack..Still did not affect workout adversely


    Seated Cable Row/Deadlifts/Shrugs/.Thes 1st 3..I did warm up sets..2 real heavy sets for 8-10....And 3rd set was rest pause to failure 3 times at the end of each...Deadlifts...ha!..The weight used was half what I normally do. Machine Pulldowns(uses plates)2 arm Pull downs and
    Done Normal way

    3 sets of Wrist Curls with Long Bar.2 sets of reverse curls with short bar. Ez bar for Grip curls..Like u twist as u would drive a motorbike....3 drop sets till forearms are burnt out..

    Back felt smashed in best possible way..No real pump that lasted...And forearms just went solid and never noticed anything more...Fatigued for 1.5hr after...Then Came good.

    Next Week Game on 8th day of Hyperdrol and Retain today=Monday will be the 11th..So now I am fully back 100% into it...Results should really progress.
    May Train Legs on Sunday if time allows[minimum amount of ppl=concentration at the maximum and I don't have to listen to social talk about ppl's weekend's.

  11. try the ironmass forums or musclemayhem
    they have DC sections. i'll get you some info to read if i can find it.

    I wouldn't be hard on yourself, it is like a cult and VERY hard to find the info for it, as they are highly secretive and bash you for asking simple questions on the DC forums!

  12. have you tried Stimulant X, yet?


  13. Quote Originally Posted by macedaddy
    try the ironmass forums or musclemayhem
    they have DC sections. i'll get you some info to read if i can find it.

    I wouldn't be hard on yourself, it is like a cult and VERY hard to find the info for it, as they are highly secretive and bash you for asking simple questions on the DC forums!

    Thanks for the heads up....I plan to do alot of reading over the weekend....I already do the diet they suggest really....Green tea in the morning...Cardio 3-4 times per week...carb cutting carbs at nite....Last meal of carbs is post workout...then no more....That all fell into place along time ago.....

    Yes I tried Stim X....The sample u sent...I wrote about it in my 1st post.I will consider buying some on my next order I do overseas..

    You Need to get Anabolic Extreme into Australia...My friend who owns a supplement shop.Was going to ring AE during the week to sort this out..I showed him products I have to test and he wanted them.Well in fact when I showed him my Retain when I got it last time..He was drooling...And was like how do u know about all this cool stuff ...haha...

  14. Send his information to [email protected] and if he buys any of our products, then you get a bottle free!!!

  15. Quote Originally Posted by macedaddy
    Send his information to [email protected] and if he buys any of our products, then you get a bottle free!!!
    Awesome I will go visit him in the morning!!

    I already got him hooked up with Steel Edge thanks to me testing the product.( but it was too late for IntraXcell...GNC got exclusive right to sell it here....not that they have many stores here atm)

  16. FROM IM sticky:

    Introduction to Philosophy
    by: Dante a.k.a. Doggcrapp

    Please note that this document consists of several posts made by Dante on message boards over the last couple of years.
    My whole goal is to continually get stronger on key exercises = getting continually bigger. I will state this, the method I am about to describe is what I have found that makes people grow at the absolutely fastest rate possible and why I am being inundated down in this area to train people. It's going to go against the grain but I'm making people grow about 2 and a half times as fast the normal rate so bear with me. A typical workout for the masses is (lets use chest for an example) doing a body part once every 7 days (once a week)and sometimes even once every 9 days or more. This concept came to the front due to recovery reasoning and I agree with most typical workouts your going to need a great deal of recovery. Here's the problem---lets say you train chest once a week for a year and you hypothetically gain 1/64 of an inch in pectoral thickness from each workout. At the end of the year you should be at 52/64 (or 13/16). Almost an inch of thickness (pretty good). To build muscle we are trying to lift at a high enough intensity and load to grow muscle but with enough recovery so the muscle remodels and grows. The problem is everyone is loading up on the volume end of training and its taking away from the recovery part of it. You can train in a way so you can train chest 3 times every nine days and you will recover and grow faster than ever. If you train chest 3 times in 9 days you are now doing chest roughly 136 times a year! So instead of 52 growth phases you are now getting 136 growth phases a year. I personally would rather grow 136 times a year than 52. At a hypothetical 1/64th of an inch per workout you are now at 136/64 (or roughly 2.1 inches of thickness). So now your growing at roughly 2 and a half times as fast as normal people who are doing modern day workouts are. Most people train chest with 3 to 4 exercises and wait the 7-9 days to recover and that is one growth phase. I use the same 3 to 4 exercises but do chest 3 times during those 9 days and get 3 growth phases. Everyone knows a muscle either contracts or doesn't--you cannot isolate a certain part of it (you can get into positions that present better mechanical advantages though that put a focus on certain deep muscle fibers)--for example incline presses vs. flat presses. One huge mistake beginning bodybuilders make is they have a "must" principle instilled in them. They feel they "must" do this exercise and that exercise and this many sets or they won't grow.
    Base Program:
    How I set bodybuilders workouts up is I have them pick either their 3 favorite exercises for each body part or better yet the exercises they feel will bring up their weaknesses the most. For me my chest exercises are high incline smythe machine press, hammer seated flat press and slight incline smythe press with hands very very wide----this is because I look at my physique and I feel my problem area is upper and outer pecs---that is my focus. Whenever I train someone new I have them do the following --4 times training in 8 days---with straight sets. Sometimes with rest pause sets but we have to gauge the recovery ability first.
    Day one would be Monday and would be:
    Back width
    Back thickness
    Day two would be Wednesday and would be:
    Day three would be Friday and would be:
    Back width
    Back thickness
    (Sat+sun off)
    Day four would be the following Monday and would be
    And so on Wednesday Friday Monday Wednesday etc.

  17. Looking good Necro.

    First up, there is no issue with taking caffeine and creatine at the same time. You'd probably be taking CEE rather than mono anyway, as shipping will be cheaper etc.

    I'll be starting my lean bulk like you this week. Got my waist down to 32' so i"m happy. Scales will probably say 88-89 tomorrow I reckon.

    When are you making next order? Please add some retain to what I previously had told you I needed.

    Other advice would be, you should start to use some new exercises in your training, as you tend to use exactly the same exercises all year round. Glad you got deadlifts back in there, as I can see you making some excellent gains..

    Even just swapping out flat bench for flat dbell, swap incline dbell for incline barbell, and pullovers to flyes, or decline flyes, or combination of any of that for chest for instance, should make a bit of a difference for you I would think. You keep such strict journals, so changing up should be easy. Of course, if your doing DC, all that might be thrown out the window I'm swapping from my current program of each bodypart once a week, back to fullbody workouts for 4 weeks, probably 4-5 times a week, so I think I will get back to the 4-5,000cal range again But try and keep it clean and waist under 33'.

    Good luck with log.

    Quadzilla video for ya : YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
    And a lifting injury video for ya YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
    Last edited by solarize; 11-04-2006 at 12:42 AM.

  18. Sunday Day 10

    Previous Workout

    Nice deep soreness all over back and traps.Forearms solid all weekend.Still some soreness today.When putting bar on traps.

    3 Scorch Yesterday and 1 hour walk 1st up.But did not feel anything ....

    Quads 50 min Bike ride 1st up this morning...I just can't stop doing cardio...I look at it like this.It's Like Carbon Credits...The More u stimulate the metabolism..The more calorie deficent foods you eat get used up.

    Wanted to get another meal in before doing Legs today....6pm....Only Had 40 mins to do them before gym shut.
    So did not get full workout done...Was hoping to have monday off.But now I need to do Hamstrings and Calves.

    ( Calve machine at our gym bites...and they put the same machine in every one of their gyms..No one uses it...Hurts your lower back when u go heavy..and can't get a stretch like u need to on negative.Went and got timber to make calf block.So now can do on Smith and Hack Squats..Has been years since I have had one at gym I goto....I say the future of calf growth is now..I want that inch back I lost years ago..17" calves look mad!

    Squats were great today....Double the weight I was using last week.And great form.....and going extremely low.

    Front Squats added more weight than last week for 2 strong sets of high reps.

    (No Belt so>Lower back was grieving during this workout..But I continually Stretched Legs and Back during sets.Equaled..I blasted thru this workout focussed and everything working the way it should.No back discomfort once I left the gym...Next Quad workout we shall be 100% for it!

    Understanding Hyperdrol and Retain

    Now I understand how these work....Gains not as full on Superdrol or PheraPlex...But more long terms gains slowly given in a Herbal Formula providing a long term cycle is used.


    *Promotes Joint and Bone Health

    *200% Increase In testosterone....whilst delicately suppressing Estrogen.And Keep Estrogen intact whilst Testesterone Rises. Creating a Favourable Androgen to Estrogen role

    *Promotes Lean Body Mass by Circulation of Hypertrophic Hormones to Create Lean Hard Gains.


    has had these reported benefits:
    Lower cortisol levels in muscle tissue
    Significant lean mass retention or addition
    Decreased water retention
    Faster recovery
    Increased strength
    Improved body composition

    Excited that these products can deliver.And that I should invest in them for a few months to acquire quality gains.

    Now I need to do more reading on MassFx....and Hope that it would get be able to arrive safely in Australia..should I choose to add to my supplementation regime.

  19. Monday Day 11

    Previous Workout
    Quads Intensely sore....No chance I could do Hamstrings today.

    50 min bike ride 1st up.....Still had good pace despite quad trauma.

    Made My Calve Block....Sensational to be able to calves on Hack Squat again..3 warm up sets..One rest pause set...Like DC...5 seconds positive...15 seconds Negative

    Leg Press...Added 20k over last week...same 5/15 program...Failed so hard at 8...but with 20k more..this was awesome

    Seated Calve...Same weight as Last week and same reps..Failed hard at 8...doing rest/pause

    Smith Machine with Block...Just 3 normal sets...Fully Fried Calves...

    My Calves are inch down all most on what they use to be in 2002..So I am looking forward to reclaiming this.

    I am not thinking I will not Notice any effects from Hyperdrol or Retain this week ......I think they are both behind the scenes workers...Correct me If I am wrong.

  20. you may see a little less around your waist, but the effects should be felt and seen in weeks 2-3.

    That is where MassFX comes in, you "Feel" it on like day 2!

  21. Tuesday Day 11

    Previous Workouts
    Calves are sore..but not intensely...Quads are still very sore...Inner thigh alot...Definetly effected my 50 mins of walking tonite..No cardio in the morning.

    Chest and Triceps

    Still Not Had More time to read up On DC Training.So doing my style the same as last week...As I really Liked it.Kept Log...Must Increase weights alot each week is the game plan.

    Bench: 2 warm up sets

    Incline Press..11 pounds more...for 1x9 1x4 1x4...Rest Pause...Failure 3 times in the one how all they will be today.

    Dumbell Flat....Last week had to drop the weight significant amount for the 2&3rd part of the set.....Today I smashed it with a heavy weight fot the the full 3 parts...1x10 1x4 1x 4..Very Happy

    Decline on Smith....Extreme Heaviness...Add 22 pounds over last weeks lift. 1x8 1x4 1x4....Impressed myself.

    Reverse grip on Smith...same weight as Decline,Again this was Extreme...1x8 1x4...3rd part was not possible..Took 30+pounds off,for 1x7...but was meh.

    Close Grip Bench on Smith...Last week had to do one set then drop by 10 pounds each time for 2nd and 3rd parts..Today I smashed it..with the same weight through out..1x8 1x3 1x3.

    Only one ez bar in the gym and guy was not giving it up...So had to finish with V bar on cable..1x21..1x5..1x6...Pumped hard...and so fatigued for next 2 hours..Before any chance of Normal returned

    Today was hilarious..Saw 2 guys doing calve raises on smith machine without my block...coz it was downstairs..Looked so wrong.

  22. Looks good. Are you going to compete again? when and where?

  23. There are only IFFB type comps in march next year....which would be too soon for me....So will be september/october next year if i choose to compete here.Would like to have moved to england by then...Or even more rad would be canada....need to stop procrastinating.

    I see no need to post pics u have seen me at my best on here in lead up to comp in my Steel Edge Log...plenty of photo's ad my Comp thread.

    Waist has*ahem* swelled a bit too much more than I would like..Being enjoying eating alot...That is stopping right now.And need to decide on my next fat burner if I should order some stim x.

    Results From Workout

    Triceps feel so big and so tight...Like someone has put extra muscle in there overnight ....We all Love this feeling when it hits..Chest just feels nice and solid atm.(edit if changes later)

    Legs soreness seems to have increased overnight too...Must have really done some damage...Awesome!

  24. Thursday Day 13

    PreviouslyReally Needed wednesday rest day.Valeo Contour Belt arrived on wednesday...thanks To American Nutrition...but now has a roller system instead of the clip lock I was use to....Now we can get serious....

    Military Press....10 pounds more than last week....Very Happy that I could do this....17.5k aside..(38 pounds)....Can't wait to do 44 pounds aside(20k)..This is the benchmark

    Increase all lifts as DC program suggest....Beat your log every week..I am definetly doing that.
    Barbell curl added more weight successfully..Side Lateral however could not hack more weight....Any everything else was different excercises to last week....No other comparisons

    Quality Reps and very heavy

  25. Friday Day 14

    Previous Workout

    Nothing to Report

    Back and Forearms

    Now this was a quality workout

    First 2 back excercises..Warm up Chins...Then 2 arm seated row..and 2 arm pulldowns...Added 10k on each(22pound) and I pulled it off successfully....Still doing Failure 3 times in the One set,workout.

    Deadlifts....Lets try 44 pounds increase....And I did it very well indeed...Moving back in to serious heavy territory now...

    Same Increase in weight for shrugs straight after

    Very Happy....22 pounds more on a machine that uses plates for pulldowns.

    3 sets for forearms... Reverse Ez Bar and Hammer Curls....

    45mins done...Wanted to do wrist curls...But also time issue as well.

    Now we are acheving great progress...It is all coming together really well..


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