Necro's Lean to Mean Hyperdrol&Retain(contest)Log

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  1. good work!

  2. Monday Day 17

    No cardio at all since Thursday Morning due to working [email protected]end spent time for Legs on Sunday.


    Waking up at 12pm and only 1st meal in before a Leg workout.I was not happy.Did not want to be there at start of workout.But I got over that.And progressed well.But did not have enough time to do all what I wanted.

    Squats Now with Valeo Belt.Up 20 pounds(total) on last week for my 2 heaviest sets of 8....Perfect form..Nice and deep and controlled.

    Stiff Leg Deadlifts Well I missed this last week.So there is no comparison.But I am up 65 pounds(total) from last time I did these.20 pounds off my best effort for this year.

    Leg Extensions 2 heavy sets and out....No time for Front Squats and another hamstring excercise...Feel a bit cheated.

    Lower Back giving pain during the workout....Merciless amount of stretching between..But just like last week.It only happened during the workout.Fine,once outside the gym.

  3. Tuesday Day 16

    Previous Workout

    Only Notice Tightness in Legs.Not soreness..Proving I did not do enough to cause muscle damage.Working out..Then going to work,may have something to do with it.Will be able to tell in 9 hours after I have been to sleep.As I just repeated the process.

    Chest and Triceps

    Wake [email protected] Big [email protected] psychologically,I prefer to train with 5 meals digested.Just makes sense....However results were astonishing in 1st part..Lacking in the 2nd part.

    Sticking with the previous formula
    Noted all last week's lifts from my log.10 pounds minimum increase on each lift required.Getting near my heaviest lifts now.Primed to go this week.

    Incline Bench.10 pounds Increase:1x8 1x4 1x3...
    Very Heavy..Slow controlled reps.I impressed myself!

    Dumbell flat:10 pound increase:1x8 1x 3 1x4
    Again Very heavy.But Controlled...Loving this...Screamed to get last rep.

    Decline Bench on Smith:20 pound increase 1x6...Every Muscle screamed in anticpation of bursting out thru my skin..Forearms and shoulders shuddered at doing this weight.No way I could rest/pause...had to drop set as well
    Drop by 5 pounds=1x4 1x4....Wow....Intensity was at it's peak.

    So I smashed chest and blew myself away..Had firm convictions on what I wanted for triceps to acheive.

    Went with same weights as last week..Did worst than last week..As well as going to failure 3 times in the one set.I had to drop set every time as well...Not happy...

    How can chest be so strong..and triceps let me down?

    Pumped as hell after.Not really fatigued at all.Writing this now after work.Going to sleep now.See how sore I am on waking.

  4. are you doing DC again?

  5. I am still doing DC with the limited amount I have read up on..Same as last 3 weeks.

  6. Any updates on waist measurement, arms, scale weight etc?

  7. Weighing now 178 Pounds.But waist has gained Nearly 2 inches....Due to overindulgence...Now I need to get diet clean....And do cardio like I use to before competition....I went a bit too far with the eating all I want.

    Measurements at end of this cycle

    Ordered another bottle of Hyperdrol and Retain.So I can see some real results in the 2nd month..Would order Mass Fx too if availible.

    I must get my hands on a Anabolic Extreme Shirt..

  8. No time to Scratch...Let alone post.Has been Work/alot of cooking and eating/Gym/sleep...9 days straight at work..So wanted to get Log entries done last 3 days too

    Wednesday Day 17

    No soreness from Chest and Triceps Workout

    Calves Spose to be a rest day...But calves never got trained on Monday.

    45 Pound Increase on Hack Squat Calf raises. Awesome

    Followed by....This was insane.Adding 55 pounds Aside to Leg Press calf raises...

    Finished with smith machine calf raises...quickly...

    Workout before Work...2 hours of intense fatigue followed...But no soreness after.

  9. Thursday Day 18


    Military Press..I smashed it...Very Heavy..Sensational Reps..Very Strong indeed.

    Side Lateral:Still not very strong here...*sigh*....come back to me.

    Front Raise and Rear Delts...Still average strength too.

    Barbell Curls.Added 10 pounds to last week's Lift...Really Strong.Intense reps.

    Seated Dumbells were good..but not what I wanted...

    Ez Bar was taken.So had to finish with cable curls

    No pump or overly noticeable fatigue after.

  10. Friday Day 19

    Previous Workout
    No Soreness.Cardio after work at 6am today.And Same on Saturday too.Like I say..No time but sleep and cook...Rush to get to gym.Only 1/2hr before they close.

    No time for forearms before gym closed.And I would have liked to do 2 more back excercises.

    Seated 2 arm Pull down and Seated 2 arm row.Were the same as last week.I wonder if gym I have been doing back at..Weights maybe different feeling..As I should definetly have increased today

    However there is Gold: Deadlifts
    Add another 20 Pounds here...Extremely Heavy..2 reps less than last week with the less weight.So I can live with that.....Very Happy with this effort today

    Shrugs...Same weight for deadlifts..However it felt too heavy....Which is should definetly do not....Not Happy about this.

    Need to fit in More DC Training reading this weekend if I can.Want to go buy a set of quality scales....But no time in next few days.

  11. Great Deadlift!!!

  12. At the moment it is 100 pounds aside.So total of 245 pounds.(warm up weight really)

    Will be happy when I am back up to 305 pounds(normal)

    And when I use to deadlift really well....I could deadlift 395 all year..

    Lots of Progress to come!

  13. looking forward to it!

  14. Monday Day 22


    Squats...add 20 pounds to Squats this week....Felt Fantastic...Slow/deep/controlled reps.

    100 pounds aside now....Back to the minimum required to lift finally.

    so 245 for 3 sets of 8....That was pure joy to do...Very Happy.

    However Lower back pain was intense...and i don't why....I could not do front squats or deadlifts because of it....Not cool

    Did Leg extensions and Seated leg curls instead but not the same

  15. Wednesday Morning Day 24

    Missed working out on tuesday....Working nights is killing me in terms of no time to fit everything in...Love/hate/Love it is.

    So I decided to do calves on the way home at 6am....Woah....I have never seen a gym so packed...It was too much...Every piece of equipment being used...and so bright from sunlight...bleh....I had to get out

    My calve block had disappeared too...Infuriating me.

    Still Leg Press Calves....added 20 pounds aside to last week

    Smashed it good....3 x 25k plates( thats 3 x 55 pounds aside)
    165 pounds aside..
    Very Happy

    Seated calves...weight same as normal

    Off to do chest and triceps before work now....Looking forward to it

    Weight Is 180 pounds 1st up= Up 6 pounds in 3 weeks ....tho waist has increased also in this time.

  16. Strength is going up!!!

    Good job, necro. Sucks when work gets in the way!!

  17. Wednesday Night

    Chest and Triceps

    Still sticking with the principle of must increase the weight alot each week...and show the journal who is boss

    Incline Bench....added 10 pounds from last week...With exactly the same reps. Hell Yes!! Think this is the heaviest I have ever done on Incline ever....Very Happy

    Flat Bench...5 pound increase in Dumbells...Heaviest ever.Wanted 7/8 reps...but got 4..failed on 5th...Then had to do drop sets with each dumbell set weighing 5 pounds less each time

    Decline's on Smith..Same weight and reps as last week....This I am fine with..As again...This is at the heaviest I have ever gone...100 pounds add 10 pounds aside to this will blow me away

    I have read more about DC stretches...I did Flyes to stretch and hold for 1 minute....I was shaking uncontrollably at 45 seconds....I had to stop then..I could not make a minute....Most of looked odd to others in the gym.

    Reverse Grip on Smith for Triceps....Strength was back for this after last week's absense...However Close grip....I did not have strenght for at all....dammit...And Ez Bar was taken again...So had to finish on V bar pressdowns

    Muscles trying to escape their skin membrane captors...Pumped and Fatigued...

    Work 1/2hr later...even with a meal and protein shake before this...It took me 2 hours to get it together and actually feel like being there...I just wanted to eat more and rest

    Photo's on the weekend I hope to post.

    This Is week 4 of DC now I have to change all these excercises....and build up with some new ones.

  18. Thursday Day 25

    Previous Workout
    Some nice deep intense soreness in chest

    Shoulders and Biceps

    Military Press: Added 10 pounds today...Now we are talking seriously heavy..Never done heavier than this...And I did it amazingly well...Pushed myself hard to attain this

    Barbell Curls/Dumbells curls...Barbell> increased reps margin..Dumbells pulled out some insane reps with a very respectable weight.

    Side Lateral and Front Raises....Same Weight...but increase in reps was phenomenal...Very Happy.

    No time for a 3rd bicep excercise...and finished off with rear delts...which added 10 pounds to also...A brick wall I have been trying to get thru for the last 3 weeks...

    Same at work again....Could feel muscles were in repair mode...Agony to hold any objects..till an hour passed.

  19. Friday Day 26

    Previous Workout No Soreness the next day.


    Rack Chins:I have not been good at these for a long time..But Solarize said I need to in order to increase back width.

    1x5 1x3 1x3 fail on 4th...DC Style.

    Front Pulldowns.Heavy...but not as heavy as I can.

    Deadlift.My Game of Pain...Last week was heavy to the extreme...So we add another 20 pounds total this week

    110 per side for a total of 265. 1x6....trembling at 6th..Sensational!

    Lower weight back to 100 for 1x9

    Close grip was disappointing as I can do the whole stack...I was not even close here.

    Rack Deadlifts...thought I could add another 20 pounds make it 130/side..but I could not lift it...Had to drop it back to 90 pounds for 2 sets...
    1 set of Shrugs..
    and no time for forearms...Gym closed on me..

  20. I have had the gym close on me a few times i'm just lucky that I know them pretty well and they usually let me stay and finish. I usually straighten the free weight room out for them before I leave so it evens out

  21. Quote Originally Posted by Necromancer
    Gym Closed on me

  22. Updates?

  23. Last week was mess.I was feeling fine..Just routine got screwed with work and other things.Only Made it to gym on wednesday for chest only
    and Friday for Back only

    Not happy...After 4 weeks of gold training.Still finding it hard to learn about DC training on their own website..I wish there was a post that just outlined the warm up sets required before the rest/pause set.And where u include the stretches..I want to be able to find the information easy..rather than have to sift thru so much and I still don't know where it's at.

    Gains in One Month

    Started at 169.5 pounds(77k)One week after competion.
    Now 178.6 pounds(81.2)
    9 pound gain. Waist gone up 2 inches tho and glutes 1.5"

    Chest:1/2" gain
    Shoulders:1" gain
    Arms:1/4" on both

    Forearms/Legs/Calves still the same.

  24. That is the biggest problem with DC!

    From what i gather, warm-up sets are up to you. How ever you need to warm up your body.

    Stretches are after your workout. I have a link to the various stretches if you want.

  25. I have found a post full of pics of the stretches...just was unsure when to include link anyways.Thx...


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