Necro's Lean to Mean Hyperdrol&Retain(contest)Log

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  1. Strength is going up!!!

    Good job, necro. Sucks when work gets in the way!!

  2. Wednesday Night

    Chest and Triceps

    Still sticking with the principle of must increase the weight alot each week...and show the journal who is boss

    Incline Bench....added 10 pounds from last week...With exactly the same reps. Hell Yes!! Think this is the heaviest I have ever done on Incline ever....Very Happy

    Flat Bench...5 pound increase in Dumbells...Heaviest ever.Wanted 7/8 reps...but got 4..failed on 5th...Then had to do drop sets with each dumbell set weighing 5 pounds less each time

    Decline's on Smith..Same weight and reps as last week....This I am fine with..As again...This is at the heaviest I have ever gone...100 pounds add 10 pounds aside to this will blow me away

    I have read more about DC stretches...I did Flyes to stretch and hold for 1 minute....I was shaking uncontrollably at 45 seconds....I had to stop then..I could not make a minute....Most of looked odd to others in the gym.

    Reverse Grip on Smith for Triceps....Strength was back for this after last week's absense...However Close grip....I did not have strenght for at all....dammit...And Ez Bar was taken again...So had to finish on V bar pressdowns

    Muscles trying to escape their skin membrane captors...Pumped and Fatigued...

    Work 1/2hr later...even with a meal and protein shake before this...It took me 2 hours to get it together and actually feel like being there...I just wanted to eat more and rest

    Photo's on the weekend I hope to post.

    This Is week 4 of DC now I have to change all these excercises....and build up with some new ones.

  3. Thursday Day 25

    Previous Workout
    Some nice deep intense soreness in chest

    Shoulders and Biceps

    Military Press: Added 10 pounds today...Now we are talking seriously heavy..Never done heavier than this...And I did it amazingly well...Pushed myself hard to attain this

    Barbell Curls/Dumbells curls...Barbell> increased reps margin..Dumbells pulled out some insane reps with a very respectable weight.

    Side Lateral and Front Raises....Same Weight...but increase in reps was phenomenal...Very Happy.

    No time for a 3rd bicep excercise...and finished off with rear delts...which added 10 pounds to also...A brick wall I have been trying to get thru for the last 3 weeks...

    Same at work again....Could feel muscles were in repair mode...Agony to hold any objects..till an hour passed.

  4. Friday Day 26

    Previous Workout No Soreness the next day.


    Rack Chins:I have not been good at these for a long time..But Solarize said I need to in order to increase back width.

    1x5 1x3 1x3 fail on 4th...DC Style.

    Front Pulldowns.Heavy...but not as heavy as I can.

    Deadlift.My Game of Pain...Last week was heavy to the extreme...So we add another 20 pounds total this week

    110 per side for a total of 265. 1x6....trembling at 6th..Sensational!

    Lower weight back to 100 for 1x9

    Close grip was disappointing as I can do the whole stack...I was not even close here.

    Rack Deadlifts...thought I could add another 20 pounds make it 130/side..but I could not lift it...Had to drop it back to 90 pounds for 2 sets...
    1 set of Shrugs..
    and no time for forearms...Gym closed on me..

  5. I have had the gym close on me a few times i'm just lucky that I know them pretty well and they usually let me stay and finish. I usually straighten the free weight room out for them before I leave so it evens out

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Necromancer
    Gym Closed on me

  7. Updates?

  8. Last week was mess.I was feeling fine..Just routine got screwed with work and other things.Only Made it to gym on wednesday for chest only
    and Friday for Back only

    Not happy...After 4 weeks of gold training.Still finding it hard to learn about DC training on their own website..I wish there was a post that just outlined the warm up sets required before the rest/pause set.And where u include the stretches..I want to be able to find the information easy..rather than have to sift thru so much and I still don't know where it's at.

    Gains in One Month

    Started at 169.5 pounds(77k)One week after competion.
    Now 178.6 pounds(81.2)
    9 pound gain. Waist gone up 2 inches tho and glutes 1.5"

    Chest:1/2" gain
    Shoulders:1" gain
    Arms:1/4" on both

    Forearms/Legs/Calves still the same.

  9. That is the biggest problem with DC!

    From what i gather, warm-up sets are up to you. How ever you need to warm up your body.

    Stretches are after your workout. I have a link to the various stretches if you want.

  10. I have found a post full of pics of the stretches...just was unsure when to include link anyways.Thx...

  11. will post info later tonight....
    stretch AFTER your workouts.

  12. /me keen for link also. I'm still doing boring static stretches, need some DC action.
  13. Necro: 'Aint nuttn but a peanut'

    Who filled out that shirt ?
    I can confirm Necro has added some size. He's wearing an XL shirt today, and I think he might need to go up a size, good effort, and without the Turtle Power of an IFBB Pro.

    DC Training with Necro
    I am a DC virgin. Its good ****. Necro and I trained Chest/Triceps today, incredible pump and some decent popped blood vessels in my eyes, excellent work.

    I'm super keen to train back with him also at some point. Training once a week together is going to make a huge difference, twice would be spectacular, time allowing.

  14. Back Tracking

    I changed chest excercise last week.As I thought I read u change them after 4 weeks..However today I read u have a different set of excercises for chest ie..2 in the one month mixed up...More confusion

    Anyway.Chest workout and Back Workout last week were of quality...Excellent weights used.But I did not progress further up the scale just did same weights as the week before.The Reps Improved.


    Well I have gained well as u can see by measurement increase...Hyperdrol and Retain the silent behind the scenes workers? Or natural progression from competition till now?

    Do I finish this Log now as My bottle or Hypedrol is just about dry..
    I have got more Hyperdrol and Retain now.But would that be against contest rules to go for a 2nd month? I need to find out

  15. Monday Day 36

    Squats were great.Excellent form..Heavy weights but no increase.
    Then the evil back pain hit.No more compound excercises for rest of this workout which bites

    Results Thinking I done a Light leg workout..I was wrong.Today Tuesday we learned there was much intense sorness

    1hr+ bike ride in morning had no pace.And 1 hr walk at night....was very hard to do.

  16. Tuesday Day 37

    Chest and Triceps

    Training with Solarize today.To show him how great a DC workout can be

    Bench Press Warm up sets.Then the rest pause set....Massive increase in reps and not dropping the weight on the 3rd helps alot with someone to push u...Did not think this weight was possible for these reps

    Incline Bench 10 pounds heavier again than last week. Again so the scale....And I really pulled out the reps required...Hell Yes

    Decline Flyes Went very heavy and did a great 3 part set

    Dips 45 pound plate btw Legs. Pulled out some fantastic reps.Should have gone heavier

    Hammer Tricep Machine This piece of work owns..And Pushes your triceps to the edge of extinction..I love it..Wish I had one at my gym

    Finished with cable pressdown for 30 reps


    Happy again...I beat my 45 second record and got 1 minute...Awesome...Dumbells flyes that is..Love how hard this is to do

    Tricep Stretch.Dumbell behind the head...Hard to get dumbell to sit there without touching back for cheating.But I really liked it

    Lat Stretch for 55 seconds to finish..Not needed..we just wanted to do it

    Well pumped and fatigued after but not drained.Came good in half hour

    More DC reading today.Means disregard post i made 1st up.I have learnt more today.And think I am nearly on the rite path now.I have been reading about it for 6 weeks now.

  17. sorry i didn't post that, but it is probably the same as you have.

    Have you been reading the stickies on that site?

  18. Yes I have been reading the stickies...tho alot of them are not that great...just re-posts of other posts...but u sift thru and find some information sometimes.

    So do I continue this Log.Or do I wrap it up? And start my own one?

    I can't wait to read some Massfx and Hyperdrol Logs with results....10 Lb's of Lean Dry Muscle gained
  19. DC training thoughts

    The 'soreness' I feel today is completely different to anything I have had in training the last 4 years. Its bizarre, and I think its related to the extreme stretching - which I am going to continue, whether I continue with DC or not.

    DC Shoulder Day sounds difficult.
    Actually, it all sounds hard

  20. Quote Originally Posted by Necromancer
    Yes I have been reading the stickies...tho alot of them are not that great...just re-posts of other posts...but u sift thru and find some information sometimes.

    So do I continue this Log.Or do I wrap it up? And start my own one?

    I can't wait to read some Massfx and Hyperdrol Logs with results....10 Lb's of Lean Dry Muscle gained
    Are you out of product? if yes, then the "contest" log would be over.

    I would continue on a different one. But, let me know where. I'll be there!

    GOOD JOB, Necro!
  21. Man... that was a bit truck

    WHo's been playing with my joints?
    It's decent to have a training partner again, helps putting up the 'big' numbers. Added 5kg a side to Mill Press with Necro yesterday, loved it.

    The joints are saying "NOOOO", but they just know they're freakn weak, and need to get in line.

    DC Training on Calves feels like a leg explosion.

    Hopefully I'll be up for some back today.


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