Minor Report - Cissus at 2 + 2 ED - Raised Test by 150 ng/dl

  1. Minor Report - Cissus at 2 + 2 ED - Raised Test by 150 ng/dl

    Not much to report, but thought it was interesting enough to post. I had bloodwork done the day before I started a daily 2 + 2 regim of Cissus RX and my testosterone came in at 250 even. 3 weeks later, for my next bloodtest, my testosterone was at 400 even. No changes in diet/workout. Just the Cissus. I was pleased. Thought I'd share.

    Now I'm on HRT with 5g of androgel daily and still taking Cissus. Dr said it would be fine. Next bloodwork will be in 2-3 weeks.


  2. That is very interesting. I would have to ask what the circumstances surrounding your bloodwork was? As in, time, meals, stress, etc., Many, many factors come into play with bloodwork. I only say this b/c I haven't come across any literature of our product having that much of a pronounced androgenic activity, more on the anabolic side.

  3. I realize that it's not an exact science - I may have slept an additional 30 minutes the night before, or I might have had a lighter work out the day before. But overall, there were no significant changes in my diet, stress or nutrition other than the addition of the Cissus, and the testo level went up by 150 which made me do a double-take. I really wasn't expecting much, if anything. Maybe 10-50 ng/dls worth. My testosterone has consistently tested at the mid 200's and 300's ng/dl and the reason for all the bloodwork was because I was trying to get on HRT which finally has happened.


  4. maybe no releasing of the swimmers for a while helped a bit with the large jump.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Blesum
    a daily 2 + 2 regim of Cissus RX and my testosterone came in at 250 even. 3 weeks later, for my next bloodtest, my testosterone was at 400 even. -Blesum
    well when your this low (250) it doesnt take too much to kick it up, but its good to hear you had some effect (whether cissus is responsible or not), 2 + 2 you took 2 twice a day? is that what you meant by this?

    ive been thinking about taking bulk cissus for a bit, its got its promises and im curious to see what happs...cool thou good luck with the HRT

  6. Yup, two pills twice a day, per instructions on the bottle.

    HRT is working much to my surprise and delight as I had always heard that Androgel was crap. I don't weight myself as it's a trap that I too easily get stuck in, but I can see changes in the mirror - increased water retention and mass with minimal body fat gains even though the Androgel says visible changes will take 1-2 months. It's only been 2 or so weeks now.

    Oddly enough, my left elbow started hurting two days ago and still hurts. No idea why as my last arm workout was about a week ago and I typically don't have any elbow pains. One of the effects CissusRX is supposed to give is to repair/relieve this type of pain and instead I just got it. Go figure. Almost at the end of my first bottle. Was saving my 2nd bottle to stack with Powerfull but am not sure if that's a good idea now that I'm on HRT.


  7. yea ive heard mixed responses from androgel. question.. your 31..any causes for the low test #'s? (ie bad pct back in the day) or can you attribute it to anything in paticular? just curious.

    thats weird with the elbow pain, but then again, i get little aches and pains here and there, you might just be noticing it more bc you are looking for it? i dunno maybe.

    ive heard great things about that powerfull/cissus stack, so interested to see if you have the same results if you do it. i dont think the HRT and muira puama in powerfull would cause a problem, but then again, i only know so much on androgel. but from what ive looked into it doesnt look to be a problem at all. good luck keep me posted!

  8. As far as the low test levels, I don't know why this happened. I have always suspected my IGF/testosterone levels were below normal due to the difficulty in my gaining quality mass all my life compared to my friends and gym buddies despite eating better, more, cleaner, better form, better rest/sleep. It was only recently that I learned that head injuries can cause lesions on the pitutary gland which in turn can cause abnormally low testosterone levels. I have had several head injuries throughout my life and am waiting for my MRI referral to go through my HMO. I hope to have a MRI scan done within the next 2-3 weeks to see if this is the cause and if perhaps it can be fixed.

    I have only done two cycles in the past. The first being a transdermal S1+ (testosterone) and the second a Superdrol cycle. Both cycles were short and at the lower end of the dosage spectrum, followed through with what some said was "overkill" PCT consisting of both clomid and nolva.

    I did develop gyno out of the blue 7 or 8 months afterwards. I haven't read up on the delayed gyno threads here, but I assume this is what happened. This reaffirmed my doctor's belief that something might be wrong with my pitutary gland.

    When I noted that my testosterone levels only hit the upper 500's mid-cycle (2-week long, with front loading) of my 10mg superdrol cycle, that's when I started trying to get on HRT. On superdrol, I gained 15 pounds, and kept 8 until a bad injury (non-gym) put me out of commission for a few months. I kept about 2-4 of that while out.

    I don't weight myself anymore like I said, but ever since starting HRT just two weeks ago, if I had to guess, I would say I've gained about 4-5 pounds so far. Not nearly as good as the superdrol cycle, but almost as good as the S1+ and HRT is a lifetime thing so I'm thrilled. I can't wait to see what I'm going to look, and feel like this time next year. I'm guessing I'll have picked up at least 10 solid pounds of muscle even at this ripe old age.




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