Ultimate Mass Pump Stack (Contest)

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  1. DAY 15

    I started my dosing of E-BOL at 3 tabs morning,noon,night and took the mass pump stack 1 hour before workout.

    Squats- WU / 225 x 6 / 265 x 6 / 265 x 6
    Deadlifts- 225 x 6 / 315 x 5 / 315 x 5
    Flat Bench- WU / 225 x 8 / 255 x 6 / 265 x 6 / 265 x 6
    Incline DB Press-75 x 8 / 95 x 6 (2 sets)
    Close Grip Row-240 x 6 (3 sets)
    Overhead Press-170 x 6 (3 sets)
    Dips- BW x 10 / Bw (+45) x 10 / BW (+70) x 8


    I felt really strong today and it showed to me at the gym. I could have easily done more reps/weight in several exercises. I had to rein myself in as I know the latter part of the week will be harder. I know that the couple days rest has helped out some.
    The pump was awesome. I started dosing E-bol yesterday on a rest day to allow it to get into my system. I have taken some measurements and will get my weight this week also.
    I must say again that the taste of the stack is really nasty no matter what it seems to be mixed with. For you guys that have used it why not let NutraPlanet know if you would like some kind of "FLAVOR" or "PRE-MIX". I, for one, would like to see it as I would like the simplicity of it.
    Other than that, I really can't say anything bad about it.

  2. DAY 17

    Following E-bol schedule of 3 tabs morning,lunch,dinner and mass pump stack pre/post workout as previously stated.

    Squats- WU-135 /225 x 6 /275 x 6 /275 x 6
    Deadlift- 225 x 6 /315 x 6 /340 x 6 /340 x 6
    Flat Bench- WU-135 /225 x 6 /275 x 6 /275 x 6
    Incline DB Press- 75 x 6 /100 x 6 /100 x 6 (PR w/100's)
    Cable Rows- WU-135 /225 x 6 /270 x 6 /270 x 6
    Nautilas Overhead Press- 170 x 6 (3 sets)
    Dips- BW x 12 / BW (+45) x 10 /BW (+90) x 8


    After having taken E-BOL for 4 days now, I have noticed that I do not feel as sore the next day after workouts. I still have some muscle aches but they are not as pronounced as they were before. I have a little more endurance as I could have pushed more reps on several exercises but am trying to follow the protocol of this workout as the next two are at 95% & 100% of my 5 rep maxes.

    DAY 18

    Taking it easy...Rest day...Feeling good

  3. Coming along really good.
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  4. Looking good. Keep us posted on your results.

  5. Nice log. Keep it up!

  6. DAY 19

    Followed dosing schedule of E-BOL and Mass pump stack @ 45 min prior to workout in a shake of 2 scoops cytogainer. I was feeling froggy today and have the weekend off, so I decided to see what I could do in dead's and bench.

    Squats- [email protected]/ 225 x 5/ 295 x 4/ (Been going deep on the squats,have to have a pride check.) (failed on the 5th) -295 x 4
    Deadlfts- 225x5/ 315 x 5/ 405 x 3 (PR-could have done more-lost grip-no straps)/ 355 x 5
    Flat Bench- [email protected]/ 225 x 6/ 275 x 2 & 315 x 1/ 295 x 4/ 295 x 4 (In hindsight, I should have just went straight to 315 as I was spent after the deads.)
    Incline DB Press- 75 x 6/ 100 x 6/ 100 x 5
    Cable Rows- [email protected]/ 270 x 6 (3 sets)
    Nautilas Overhead Press- 185 x 6/ 185 x 6/ 200 x 8
    Dips- BW x 12/ (+45) x 8/ (+90) x 8/ BW x 23- what a pump!!
    Machine bicep curls- 125 x 8/ 150 x 8 (2 sets)


    I had an incredible pump and just a good feeling for about an hour after my workout was over then I slowly started to feel like crap for the rest of the day. I had a deep soreness all over. I could even feel it in my joints. Good thing I have 2 days rest coming.

    DAY 20

    I just knew I would be paying today for yesterday's workout but surprisingly enough, I am just a little sore. Most of it is in my joints. I have the 100% 5 rep max workout on Monday. I think I will take the video camera and see if I can get anything interesting on film.
    On another note, I had lost about 3 lbs during the 8 rep phase of this workout, but have gained one lb. back since starting the 5 rep phase. I haven't gotten any bigger with the tape measure but have kind of "filled" in. (I.E. upper chest, rear delts-the places you really can't measure.)

    Chest-46 1/2 (taken A.M.-cold)
    Waist-34 1/2

  7. DAY 22

    Followed E-BOL / Pump Stack dosing. Took stack 45 minutes prior to workout.

    Deadlifts- 225 x 6 /315 x 6 /355 x 6 /355 x 6 on a 6" box (added a whole new dimension to exercise)
    Flat Bench- WU /225 x 8 /275 x 4 /315 x 2 /225 x 15+2 w/help
    Incline DB press- 75 x 6 /100 x 8 /110 x 2

    I stopped workout at this point as I was just too tired. I decided to take several days off as Thanksgiving is this week and I feel tired a lot and having trouble getting a full night's sleep. My shoulders and lower back also are very sore. Sounds a little like overtraining to me.
    I took a video of the repping out bench press to send to my in-laws in Canada & Maui, so I am posting that also. Have a happy Thanksgiving. I will....time to eat & spend some relaxing time w/ the family!!!
    225 x 15.wmv

    DAY 23 - 26

    R & R

  8. Bumpity for updates! Its lookin really good so far! How many days you got left?


  9. Bumpity for updates! Its lookin really good so far! How many days you got left?
    Thanks, I have less than a week left on the contest and about 2 1/2 weeks worth of E-Bol.
    I followed along with most of the contest logs in the shadows. I remember yours looking pretty good yourself. I figure I may log about 3 more workouts before my log is done. I have had to stop twice now on this workout. I think I may have been too ambitious in the exercise selection as the joints do not recover as fast as my muscles.

  10. DAY 27

    Back to work at the gym with a sore right shoulder
    I tried something different today. I took the pump stack a little over 2 hours before I went to the gym in a Cytogainer shake. I didn't notice anything different from when I take it a 1/2 hour before,which is good. I am a student of simplicity!

    Today was the start of my 3 rep workout scheme.

    Squats- WU/ 245 x 4 (3 sets)
    Deadlifts-WU/ 225 x 6/ 295 x 4 (3 sets)
    Flat Bench- WU/ 225 x 6/ 245 x 4 (3 sets)
    Incline DB Press-75 x 4/ 85 x 4 (3 sets)
    Cable Rows- WU/ 220 x 4 (3 sets)
    Nautilas Overhead Press- 160 x 4 (3 sets)
    Dips & Flex Bisolater-(Superset)- (BW)dips x 12 and curls x 10 @ 140 lbs. (3 sets)


    Workout was excellent even though it felt light. It was hard to do ONLY 3-4 reps as I knew I could do more.Overall, I felt good during & after workout w/ the exception of this nagging shoulder. I think I am going to look into a supplement for it as it is in the joint. Anybody think cissus would be appropriate for this?? I was also told of something called Bioflex. I have never heard of this.

  11. DAY 28


    DAY 29

    I took pump stack in a shake again about 1 1/2 hours before hitting the weights. Again, I noticed no change between the different times that I have been taking it.

    Squats- 135 x 10(atg) /185 x 8(atg) /275 x 4 (just below parallel)-(3 sets)
    Leg extension/Leg curl superset (1)- (L.E.) 150 x 10/140 x 10 w/ pause at top of movement
    Deadlifts-(on 6" box)- 225 x 8 /315 x 4 (3 sets)
    Flat Bench Press-135 x 20 / 135 x 20 /135 x 25-(TUT 4 seconds decending)
    Incline DB Press-75 x 8 / 75 x 9 / 75 x 10
    Cable Rows- 135 x 10 / 240 x 4 (3 sets)
    Dips / Bisolater supersets (3)- BW dips x 12/ 150 x 10 on Bi's


    I had to change my workout today because of my shoulders. I have finally figured out that my tendons are what is so sore. I figured that I would lower the weight and up the reps to get a little blood flowing to maybe help with some healing. I had tremedous pumps in my legs,chest and arms today. I did not do any shoulder presses on purpose.

  12. DAY 30


    DAY 31

    I took supplements 2 hours before workout in a shake. Gonna get some reps in today for that "ultimate pump"

    Squats- 135 x 10(atg) /225 x 8(atg) /275 x 4 / 315 x 4 / 315 x 3 (last 3 at or below parallel)
    No Deads Today
    Flat bench-135 x 15 /225 x 20 (yea baby, a PR, whata pump)/225 x 11
    Incline DB press- 90 x 8 /90 x 9 /90 x 10
    Cable Rows- 135 x 8 /255 x 5 (3 sets)
    Nautilus Shoulder Press- 170 x 8 /185 x 6 /185 x 6
    Dip/bisolater superset- (3 sets) - BW dips x 12-15/ Bi's 150 x 10


    I could barely bend my arms by the time I hit the showers because they were so BLOATED! The pumps are incredible when doing alot of reps. My shoulders felt much better today, I think in part to lightening the weight and upping the reps on certain upper body exercises.
    I guess my log is almost over, I will post final comments in a few days.


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