Splenda and Size on

  1. Splenda and Size on

    Great product, got me a few more reps here and there along with less "fade" later in my workouts but the Sucralose (read Splenda) is harsh on my stomach. Loud noises from my gut. My wife heard it across the room last night. I had the same reaction with sugar-free cookies with splenda some months ago. Anyone else having this problem? I just did legs though and took a dose anyway LOL.

  2. i don't think it's the sucralose but their is definitely something in their that messes with my stomach for a good 4-6 hrs after consuming it. I've tried it several times and always the same result.

  3. I havent tried Size On yet but I do know that artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols, etc. are notorious for giving you gas and some stomach upset. Ive used NO Xplode and had the same reaction that youre describing with S.O.

  4. I get the same reaction with sucralose, its the devil in certain amounts, lol.

  5. I've never got this type of reaction with splenda, how ever if I eat anywhere near 10gr of sugar OH's a day, I'm in for some trouble. I avoid those things like the plague.

    "Whoo, look a new protein bar." "Mmmmmm, taste good what's in it, 12 grams of sugar alcohol..... IT'S THE DEVIL!!!
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!




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