Jungle Warfare - Post Cycle

  1. Jungle Warfare - Post Cycle

    I am new to this board and I have read a few posts about using Jungle Warfare as part of post cycle therapy. As with others, just seeking thoughts about stacking Jungle Warfare with AX's Retain and PCT immediately after 4 week 20mg cycle of Phera Plex. Any concerns or better options?

  2. personally i would go with either tamox/clomid or tamox on its own, or even better toremifine alone... well stacked with the retain. Then the month following the PCT month i'de put in jungle warfare to only further bring back your testosterone and keep the gains you made. Not always best to use it all at once.

  3. thanks for the input. Not in any sort of hurry, so happy to wait a month to start JW.

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