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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Cordeen
    Mine took close to 4 weeks to arrive. The package was unopened by customs but regular USPS mail usually takes at least 3 weeks anyhow.
    Thanks, I will try to forget about it, then I will be pleasantly surprised when it arrives

  2. Quote Originally Posted by jjohn
    Thanks, I will try to forget about it, then I will be pleasantly surprised when it arrives

    Still waiting on your tracking#. Boss hasn't replied yet.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by dito
    Still waiting on your tracking#. Boss hasn't replied yet.
    Hehe.. Thanks man. I appreciate your help

  4. Day 20 (On day)

    Energy: 45min fullbody was a breeze

    Endurance: Still great

    Sleep: 8 hours seem to be plenty of rest for me now. Anymore and I get annoyed and stiff. I wake occasionally to unrinate but still feeling fully rested.

    Mood: Slight anxiety today but I had a few drinks last night and that's usually the case the next day.

    Muscle Fullness: Tight, full, and vascularity

    Strength: I am suprised with how steady my strength gains are lately. Sorta feel like when one's on a PH cycle. First I really noticed my legs more than anything but now I'm I'm really feeling it in smaller muscles groups too.

    Cons: none

    Comments: Went pretty intense today but kept the sets withing reason so not to go over my time limit. Good sweat on and energy to spare when completed. Really full again and followed typical protocol when finished by chasing down some simple carbs and whey when complete.

    Day 21 (Off day)

    Energy: Great

    Endurance: Went for a hard run again, able to push till the end, 5kms and my body was pumped again upon completeion. I like it.

    Sleep: 6 hours last night and I wanted to get out of bed but I stayed for another 2. I am not usually a morning person but seems my alertness is better and my morning crankiness has subsided

    Mood: Positive

    Muscle Fullness: Still feeling full all day. Looking really good in the morning.

    Strength: N/A

    Cons: none

    Comments: Leaning out yet again. My love handles are disappearing and back is showing more bumps and contours.

  5. Day 22 (On day)

    Energy: Great

    Endurance: Standard increases in between set recovery and little soreness from my prior workout.

    Sleep: Solid again. Vivid.

    Mood: Positive

    Muscle Fullness: Chest was crazy pumped tonight...I was going really deep and slow on my dips. Veins could be seen tracing through the upper portion.

    Strength: Increase in reps per muscle group. Plan to step up poundages next workout and lower the reps to 5ish.

    Cons: none

    Comments: My hunger is still really strong. One could easily have no problem taking in surplus calories while on this stuff.

    Day 23 (Off day)

    Energy: Great

    Endurance: Basketball and a run afterwards. Zero cramping of any muscles. Vertical jump has improved.

    Sleep: 8 hours was again plenty to feel fully rested this morning.

    Mood: Positive

    Muscle Fullness: Slight DOMS but feeling tight. I like it when I feel sore.

    Strength: N/A

    Cons: none

    Comments: I am staying well hydrated on this stuff and it appears to directly influence the pump. I usually take in enough water anyhow but I have bumped it up a few more glasses.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by ArnoldBR1
    OK dude you have like 27 posts and there all the same... posting a liknk to a non-sponsor site.... It's been nice knowing ya!

  7. Day 24 (On day)

    Energy: Great

    Endurance: The lactic acid burn has been cut back substantially and allows one to recover. So easy to overtrain on this.

    Sleep: Great since day one.

    Mood: Positive

    Muscle Fullness: The more hidrated I stay the fuller I feel. I did an additional set per muscle group today and went to failure as usual. Hard to get shampoo in my hair becaue of the arm pump.

    Strength: Like I said...weight have pretty much maxed out at my 4-5 rep mark on heavy days but I am able to complete more reps and sets compared to before.

    Cons: none

    Comments: I will be sore tomorrow. This was probably the hardest workour since day 1. Gotta finish the last week with a bang.

    Day 25 (Off day)

    Energy: Great

    Endurance: 5km run at about 90% and felt great.

    Sleep: Solid

    Mood: Positive

    Muscle Fullness: DOMS today but I still feel almost as full as yesterday. Feel like I can lift again today's a nice sore.

    Strength: N/A

    Cons: none

    Comments: Tomorrow will be another off day I think but for my last 3 workouts I am really going to push myself and increase good calories and protein even more. Weight is up another 1lbs by the way and I am looking and feeling leaner.
  8. Talking

    So far so good.

  9. Day 26 (On day)

    Energy: Great

    Endurance: Endless as far as the weight room.

    Sleep: Deep Deep Deep

    Mood: Top of the world Ma!!

    Muscle Fullness: Hydration is very important, plus carbs and lots of food in general...clean food that is. My body really relies on clean carbs and since increasing these in the last few days I've notice increased fullness bigtime.

    Strength: Feel like a machine. Pushin through an hour of ~5-7 reps per set and had energy to spare

    Cons: none

    Comments: Stepping up my caloric intake is something I plan to carry on with for a few weeks now. Hopefully some clean weight gain from it.

    Day 27 (Off day)

    Energy: Great

    Endurance: N/A

    Sleep: So deep I woke up in the under the

    Mood: Still positive

    Muscle Fullness: Still feeling the increased fullness and glycogen bigtime from yesterday's workout.

    Strength: N/A

    Cons: none

    Comments: A good deep soreness again today.

    Day 28 (On day)

    Energy: Steady

    Endurance: The same as usual...endless!!

    Sleep: 8 hours ideal for me lately

    Mood: Positive and wanna work mood

    Muscle Fullness: Hard to shampoo my hair pump!!

    Strength: Strength is steadying out now but that was expected.

    Cons: none

    Comments: Vascularity better day by day. Seems the 2 week mark was the most noticable progression though.

    Day 29 (On day)

    Energy: Great

    Endurance: Great

    Sleep: Vivid and sexual

    Mood: Positive

    Muscle Fullness: Hard and tight.

    Strength: Leveling out now but at personal bests.

    Cons: none

    Comments: Feeling great since yesterday's workout. Feel like I could train everyday. But logic tells me NO!!

    Day 30 (On day) FINAL DAY!!

    Energy: Great

    Endurance: Went for an hour again and pushed myself till what felt like "past failure"...recovery was still fast...I love it!!

    Sleep: Great

    Mood: Positive

    Muscle Fullness: Wicked!!!...Wicked!!!

    Strength: Added a rep or 2 to a few exercises.

    Cons: none

    Comments: Seems the increased clean caloric intake is really something that I was negleting from the start as far a lean mass gains go. I am up another 1lbs.

    I will post my final review and stats in the next day or so. Work has been busy...hence the delay lately. Have another bottle of E-Bol waiting to be opened tomorrow...this along with another training routine...perhaps DC training or something ...and increased caloric intake...I expect more, if not better gain next month.
  10. Thumbs up

    Looking forward to the final review...


    Starting stats

    Weight: 185lbs
    Body fat: 13-14% BF
    Height: 5' 11"
    Body type: Ecto

    Arms: L 16 1/4 - R 16
    Forearms: L 12 - R 12 3/8
    Quads: L 24 R 24
    Calves: L 15 R 15
    Chest: 45 relaxed

    End stats

    Weight: 188lbs
    Body fat: 13-14% BF
    Sex: Male
    Body type: Ecto

    Arms: L 16 - R 16
    Forearms: L 12 - R 12 3/8
    Quads: L 24 R 24
    Calves: L 15 R 15
    Chest: 46 relaxed


    Sorry for the delays the past few days but things got busy around here. I really liked this product fact as I stated above..I've started another bottle. The most significant effect for me was the increased feeling of well being, increased strength, and the GO GO Go "I wanna work" mentality. It really improved my mind muscle connection and overall focus while doing anything physical or mental. Midday drowsiness occured once and a while but nightly sleep was top notch. 8 hours was ideal, anymore and I wanted out of the bed. Dreams were crazy almost made going to bed alot of fun. MY bodyfat seems to have gotten less but I only guessed by a mirror visual at the start. I could almost guarantee it is lower now though. Pretty good increases in cardio endurance but nothing extreme. Pumps seems to be more intense during differing times of day...I could not figure out what triggered it. I am now taking in extra surplus calories while on my second bottle and am really liking it, I hope to squeeze another 1-2lbs before Xmas.

    Thank you again Thermolife for choosing me as a tester...I really enjoyed the product and am more than happy with the results.....wait a min...I meant I am continuing to reep results.


  12. Great log! Thanks for the conclusion

  13. Coordeen, good log, informative, now u need to keep this log going on how the next 30days go, so keep givin us the info.....

  14. I love it!

  15. booya!

  16. wish i caught this earlier. good log! I think i had good results similair to what you report with another ecdy product, Anagen w/fenotest stack, i kept gaining it was great. I wish there were more feedback or i saw this earlier because i just placed a NP order. Well it will be on my supplement to do list.


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