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  1. Yeah - I think the leaning out is typical it seems.
    The hunger is too.

    Make sure to get enough carbs - it can make you hypoglycemic.

    I'm not sure of any effect with alcohol. But - I don't drink...

  2. sorry for not updating I stay away from the computers on the weekends

    day12(friday)-upper body(8 rep day)
    Inc. Bench(hammer strength)- 3 sets @ 310 8,6,6 reps
    Rows- 4 sets @ 320 lbs
    bicep curls with DBs- 3 sets using 70's
    tricep machine- 2 sets @ 170 and an extra set to see if i could max out the machine (205) which I did for 2 reps
    Rear Shoulder press(Hammer)- 3 sets @ 180lbs
    25 mins on elliptical burned 300 kcals
    played basketball for an hour and did some sprints out on the football field. I did all of this cuz I went out friday night with my new girl and lets just say I sometimes indulge in the alc.

    Day 13 (saturday) 4 rep leg day
    30 mins of cardio then to the wts
    Leg Press- 3 sets of 4 @ 720 lbs then really got ampd since my cousin was training with me and talking **** to get me to do more I did one set of 6. Really happy with getting six. no Knee pain at all not even the day after when it should really be ****ed.
    Didnt do calves because of the extra stuff I did on friday they were sore.

    Day 14(Sunday)- Off
    notes: I think I am getting sick because I havent felt this bad in a long while. I did get a flu shot on wed and I have heard that sometimes ppl get sick after getting the shot. I hope that is not true because I am enjoying this cycle and I dont want any thing to get too f'd up. I will get up in the morning and see how it goes.

  3. day 15(monday)- sick as hell. I am still eating pretty well and my weight is 206 and I am starting to see cuts in my oblique areas. I am not going to lift today and I will be in bed soon so that I can rest. I hope this **** doesnt last too long. I will be adding some B12 shots when I get it later this week. Going to lie down and watch some football and go to sleep.

  4. Seems like most people I know get a 3 day flu when they get the vaccine. Should be over soon enough for ya. (Hopefully.)

    Keep us updated!

  5. Day 16- upper body 4 rep day
    inc Bench (hammer)-2 sets @ 360
    rows-3sets @ 340 lbs
    shoulder press(DB)-2 sets @ 75's
    rear delts- 1 set @ 50's for 6 reps
    DB curls 2 sets @ 70's
    rope pulls- 2 sets @ 170 lbs

    notes: felt a little bit better today. more of a generalized fatigue, but the fever was gone according to my therm. I was about to just say **** it and rest again today, but I felt well enough to get in a work out. Surprisingly, I was able to lift pretty well today and though my appetite is not great right now I had a good post work out meal. I think all of this had to do with a bit of overtraining, a bit too much partying in smoke filled bars and being a lil stressed out about some other aspects of my life and maybe just maybe the flu shot I took. I am going to take a nap before I have class. Also, I wanted to ask about maybe switching to E3D would there be any advantage. I read a post by Grunt76 late one night and I wasnt sure if i may benefit more from that.

  6. day17-off
    i am still feeling under the weather and my body just said no today when I was warming up to do legs. So, I just decided to rest one more day then get back into it. hopefully tomorrow will bring me some good health.

  7. Day 18-legs 4 rep day
    finally felt 90% today. so I gave it a go.
    Leg Press-4 sets @ 770 lbs X 4 reps(PR)
    single leg ext-3 sets @ 80 lbs to fail
    oblique machine- 3 sets205 lbs X 6reps
    swiss ball + 35 lbs plate- 3 sets X 8, 6 , 4 ( got a muscle spasm after i got up)
    lower back machine- 3 sets @ 255 lbs X 5reps

    notes: i felt a bit stronger today than i had in previous days and when I started doing warm ups i felt even better. The PR i set for leg press i think was due to a lil bit of extra rest and just the fact that mentally I am much stronger now than I was previously. I am still noticing that I am getting leaner and more defined with out any wt loss. i looked at my weight today and I was 205.5 lbs and my abs are the best they have been since I was 180 lbs about 3 yrs ago. So, i am excited and glad to be over this cold. I will be out of town this weekend I will post again hopefully tomorrow and def on sunday nite

  8. I actually found a gym to work out at and it was pretty nice so I decided to give it a run
    Day 19- upper body 12 rep day
    bench machine- 3 sets @ 250 lbs
    Lat pull down- 3 sets @ 200 lbs
    shoulder press w/ DB- 3 sets @ 60's lbs
    pushdowns-2 sets @ 150 lbs
    curls DB- 2 sets @ 55's

    Day 20- legs 12 reps
    machine leg press- 5 sets @ 400 lbs(maxed out machine) X 15 reps plus did calf press using same weights
    did sit ups on an incline with a 25 plate across the chest 3 sets to failure. grabed a 45 lb plate and did twists 3 sets 15 reps

    Day 21-off
    travel day

    notes: havent take oratropin since friday morining. I am going to take it monday morning and I should be wrapping up this log by dec. 1. I will take weight tomorrow and I am going to take a dose of the methyl B12 not sure how much yet I am going to research it a bit more before making a final decision. Overall I look leaner and i think when I do my sdrol over xmas break I will be extremely happy.

  9. day 22- upper 8 rep day
    Inc. Bench(hammer strength)- 3 sets @ 320
    Rows- 4 sets @ 320 lbs
    preacher curl machine- 155lbs 3 sets
    tricep machine- 3 sets @ 180 lbs
    Rear Shoulder press(Hammer)- 3 sets @ 190lbs

    40 yd. sprints, agility drills and a 9 min mile on the treadmill
    hit the heavy bag for 4 rounds. took a methylb12 shot today and didnt notice anything different. the focus xt has been money and I have not suffered anymore bouts of fatigue. I have been contemplating using a albuterol for the cardio and to enhance the leaning effect but I think I will wait until post cycle so that people can get a look at what oratropin can do for them by itself. also, I will be running a log for superdrol next month can someone tell me if I am doing this log the right way and if not can you plz give suggestions on what i can do to make the log more beneficial to those following it

  10. I think it looks pretty good man. Just tell folks what you are feeling, noticing, etc.

    With PH's - calories and macro's are good to provide.

    Might consider just a lipids/liver before and after blood-test for superdrol so you'll know how it affects you (for possible future runs of it). It can be bad on the lipids.

  11. update: i will be leaving today for thanksgiving break. I will not be posting until next sunday. thanks

  12. Quote Originally Posted by robster11
    My thoughts exactly....How long do you keep the Ora in your mouth before you swollow it?

    good log so far
    Don't swallow it.. Just keep it by by your cheeks. Normally takes around 30-45 minutes to fully absorb, just to be safe.

    Great log so far!

  13. Day23(tues)-travel day

    Day 24(wed)-legs 8 rep day + abs/obliques
    5 sets of Leg Press @ 700 lbs ( more confidence in my knees because this is the heaviest i have gone and I have not had any pain at all)
    obliques- 55 lbs db's bending to the side for 8 reps and then doing twists
    hanging leg raises- 4 sets to fail( very slow up and very slow down)
    cardio- boxing 5 rounds treadmill- 15 mins(varying speeds)
    notes: I am looking leaner esp in the midsection and my traps are looking much better than before. I am not having joint pain at all even when I run on the treadmill. I am still eating like a horse and it doesnt really translate into any fat around the mid section.
    day 25(thanksgiving day)-upper body 4 rep day
    hammer inc bench- 3 sets @ 350 lbs
    t-bar rows- 3 sets @ 245 lbs 3,3,2
    Military press- 3 sets @ 200 lbs
    tricep machine- 3 sets @205
    bicep curls- 70 lbs DB's 3 sets

  14. day 26(friday)- off b/c legs still sore

    day 27(saturday)- legs 4 rep day
    leg press- 5 sets @ 790 lbs 5,5,4,3,2(knee started hurting)
    hanging leg raises 5 sets to failure
    boxing- 6 rounds treadmill- 20 mins + 15 on ellipitical

    day 28(sunday)-travel day

  15. also before i forget... did a weigh in over the break and in boxers and in the AM i was 205.5 lbs and I will be running superdrol + thyrotabs or albuterol or another stim starting as soon as I do some more research and get some feedback from some ppl. this new log will start dec 4th

  16. day 29(monday)- upper body 12 rep day
    bench machine- 3 sets @ 250 lbs
    Lat pull down- 3 sets @ 220 lbs
    shoulder press -3 sets @ 165 lbs
    pushdowns-2 sets @ 150 lbs
    preacher curls- 2 sets @ 140 lbs

    notes: I did 7 rounds of boxing and then 20 mins on the treadmill without pain in my knee. I also did some yoga later on in the day and I have noticed a nice increase in my flexibility. I am going to start doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and I think this added flexibility will serve me well in that persuit. Other than that I have one more syringe left and I will go ahead and continue this log until day 32 then I will be moving on to a superdrol log that is under "cycle info" in the anabolics discussion. For that log I will be adding thyrotabs and will be doing a PCT using rebound reloaded, retain, nolva, and a thyroid PCT to get that up and running. The total time for that log will be 42 days 3 weeks on 3 off. I will be doing this because I want to give people an idea of what to expect from using oratropin then going into a cycle of an androgen. I hope this log has been helpful to who ever has been watching.

  17. day 30(tues)
    leg press- 5 sets @ 680 12,10,10,10,10
    calves- using leg press machine same weight, sets X 10 reps
    abs-3 sets hanging leg raises to fail (slow tempo)
    twists using 45 lb plate 3 sets of 15
    boxing 7 rounds and jump rope 45 secs X 4 reps
    20 mins on treadmill @ 6.0 mph

    notes: diet is still not so clean because I am trying to keep carbs up. I am still @ 3700-4200 kcals. I took a look at the scale today prior to lifting today and it was 207. this stuff is pretty f'in good.....

  18. day 31(wed)- upper body 8rep day
    bench machine- 3 sets @ 300 lbs (8,6,5)
    Lat pull down- 3 sets @ 250 lbs (8, 5,4)
    shoulder press -3 sets @ 185 lbs (7, 7, 8)
    close grip bench on smith machine- 3 sets 205 lbs
    BB curls-155lbs 2 sets

    took my last dose last night. I am done with the kit. Tomorrow will be my last post for this cycle. At that time I will post my conclusions, gains and maybe some pics.

  19. day 32(thurs)- off i am sore all over and I need another day to rest before doing legs.

    final thoughts- I felt like oratropin is a quality product put out by IBE. I am not having joint pain like I used to which is a huge plus. I did see some strength gains and overall my body looks leaner esp around the midsection(i think I am about 7.5-8% Bf now)I added 2lbs of weight and my jeans are a bit looser than before. This was done while not eating as clean as I normally do. I dont think the full effects of this product will be seen until i finish my next cycle using superdrol and thyrotabs. I am expecting to see an increase in strength and the development of the new muscle cells created during this cycle. I think this product will work wonders for those people over 35 and those looking to bust thru plateaus. The sides to watch out for: slight lethargy, hypoglycemia, hypersomnia(sleeping 10 hrs plus). Other than that I hope this log has been helpful and if there are questions I would be more than happy to answer them to the best of my abilities. thanks

    p.s.- I will be logging superdrol/thyrotabs cycle in the cycle info part of the anabolics section for those interested.


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