Finally The Jungleware Fare, Activate, T-5oo, Primed And Regen X Log!!!!

  1. Thumbs up Finally The Jungleware Fare, Activate, T-5oo, Primed And Regen X Log!!!!

    hey guys so i sold my controlled labs stack to my bro and got the alri stack-jungle warefare, primed and regenx with t-500, activate. ive been on this for 9days and now im making the log. ive been eating anywhere from 3900 to 4300 cals adays, 4 servings of whey with 1 serv of musclemilk a day.

    day 1 measurements-arms 16.6, chest 42.4, waist 33.3, thighs 23, calves 14.6
    day 9 measurements- arms 16.8, chest 42.8, waist 33.2, thighs 23, calves 14.6.
    ill keep u guys updated i might take this for anywhere from 3-11 more weeks later guys, and god bless alri!!!!

  2. Your arms have grown .6"??

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Mulletsoldier
    Your arms have grown .6"??
    .2 by my count, but yeah.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Rage (SoCal)
    .2 by my count, but yeah.
    No, no. I was just reading his other log that said they were

  5. no in my previous log i measured with a string and tape measure with this log i took the measurements by myotape that i bought from so the string measurements were really crappy. at the end of my long transformation il post up pictures to see guys

  6. DAY 10- so its day 10 so i had 4500 calories. the weightgainers make me feel like crap and i take them in slowly. they are 800 cals each and they have 2 scoops whey, 2 cups milk and 3 tbsp of peanut butter in them. any ways i also looked up the nutritional facts on wendys and ate 3 of their baked potatoes today but not past 5 o clock to make sure i dnt store to many carbs. anyways still to early to see DRAMATIC results but since day 1 i have gone up 3 pounds and stretch marks are turning really red and getting some new ones. not gaining on the gut. strength is great. oh and by the way primed is absolutly amazing!!! havent noticed regenx yet but i added that on the fourth day. libido rocks. im probably gonna do the jw all together for 3 months and the activate only for 2 and ill cycle off but i dnt know thats along time so we will see i just want to build up max concentration of jw so anyways il update later guys.

  7. DAY 11-okay so it was chest and now im drinking my post workout shake took regenx about half an hour ago. strength and vascularity went up. i look leaner on my upperbody but i still have the little ab pudge. its weird cause i still have visible abs. my incline went up to 225 for 3 reps being easy with couple of negatives. incline jammer press also went up. weight went up 1 more pound. so im a 191.4 and i was at 187 to begin. i weigh my self bare a$$ and at the same time everyday with trhe same amount of food and water (shake at night oatmeal in the morning). libido still high, woke up with serious wood! k guys il keep u updated laters

  8. really quick just wanted to remind you guys that i take my dosages like this:
    morning 2 caps activate, 2 caps t-500, and 1 cap jw
    evening 2 caps activate, 2 caps t-500, and 1 cap jw
    night 2 caps activate, 2 caps t-500, and 1 cap jw

  9. t-500 ????????

  10. t-500 is a tribulus rproduct from sci fit that is 500mg of trib per serving and has 80% saps and the highest 40% protodiosn

  11. Day-13 ok so it is my rest day i had major stomach ache yesterday evening which messed up my diet but im fine now. It was back and bis yesterday and the pumps were comparable to the controlled labs stack, they were awesome!!! today i woke up looking leaner but not fuller. weight seems to be the same. basically in 13 days i gained around 4 pounds and a lot of strength. libido is high so looking good so far.

  12. DAY 14-got to test my libido last night and it was amazing! taking one more break day and ive been slacking a little on the diet latly but i will start eating like a barbarian today again.

  13. DAY 15-i went to the gym for chest day and it was great. I can definitly see results! got much thicker, upper back looks wider, more vascular, upper chest mass looks fuller! strength was good. i also went up .9 pounds so now i weigh 192.3. so in fifteen days i gained 5 pounds, waist looks as big since i started. i dont think the weights all glycogen too because i was loading my body 2 weeks before this log where my weight from 183 to 187 (glycogen and etc.)

  14. nice stack..good luck


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