It's Time For Some E-BOL Guys!!

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  1. It's Time For Some E-BOL Guys!!

    Hey what up my fellow iron brothers. i was one of the lucky few who got picked by thermolife to test this new product!Get ready because its time for a much anticipated log on the new non hormonal anabolic E-Bol.

    My stats as of right now
    22 years old
    5'8 3/4
    9.4% bf
    current diet state: very very lean bulk might as well be cutting haha.
    training style: blood volume
    other supplements that i will be using protein and a prework out drink of my choice either no-xplode, noz turbocharged, supercharged.

    My goals from E-Bol
    Muscle volume
    Recovery Time
    Fat Loss while gaining size

    i am starting this today i will report after my work out but i hate doing this the first day of anything because of placebo effect haha but i will state the effects it has on me today. i plan on going into detail in this log. and please ask questions if you have them.
    i am not big on throwing my numbers around but if there is a huge increase then you will know.

    i will post a pic for those of you who dont know what i look like this one is from augest i will have more recent ones this weekend because i am going home for fall break.

    No more B.S. Lets get this party started!!!!!
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  2. Best of luck. Keep it up and this is going to be a kickass log.

  3. thanks rage i hope you guys like it

  4. Lookin huge. I'll be following.

  5. Looking thick!


  6. I'll be watching close.. As soon as I get mine,I'll do another log in here..

    Good luck

  7. Day 1:

    Today was the first official day of E-Bol! No other way to start it out other than a leg day!!! This is one of my bigger days love to crush legs, so I was very excited it feel like this!! Lets get into it

    Pumps today were of the chain, they usually are when I do legs but extreme today. But then again I was training for blood volume and I was doing huge amount out supersets and drop sets. I can do that because of how my legs grow I need to pump a constant flow of blood in them the whole workout.
    I cannot give full credit to the E-Bol for my pumps today even though they were awesome I donít want to jump the gun, so we will see what the future hold in the area of pumps.

    Strength was normal today. Legs are always pretty strong for me it is where I throw up my biggest numbers.
    My workout load was pretty awesome, I did 4 sets of squats for 10,10,10,8, super setting each set with extensions, then moving into front squats 4 sets 20,15,10,5 super setting with extensions. donít worry I am not overtraining this is how I grow trust me haha. Finished with 2 sets of barbell lunges. My legs are already big enough I need to bring in those deep cuts thatís what I am working on now.

    Recovery is kind of a section that will be updated from the previous days workout. I did back on Monday still a little tender but nothing out of the ordinary. My legs should be torched tomorrow it will be a big test to see how they feel.

    Other things I noticed today is that my intensity as out of control today. I worked out alone because I am back home for fall break and might be one of the best leg days in a long time! I was screaming at myself and the beat of the music was driving me so much I never felt a drive like that. So kind of and odd side note, but lets hope this keeps up when I get back to school and have some insane workouts and scare the crap out of people, make them wonder why it looks like I am going to rip someoneís head off!

    Well guys a good day one down many more to come lets hope! I am pretty sure I am going to be doing chest tomorrow, I have a massage and a chiropractic appointments in the morning so look for the workout to be in the evening.

  8. Day 3: 10-19-2006

    Hey guys back with an update for day 3. This is day 3 day, day 1 was really day 2 but it was the first day with a work out day. Haha hope this was not to confusing.
    Today was a chest workout! This is my lagging body part, so I really try and pump it up as much as possible. So sit back and enjoy my results.

    Pumps today were once again nothing sort of amazing. This was a little different pump than I usually experience. Todayís pump was a very deep muscle pump, and my chest looked very very full, fuller than I can normally get it. It was just so deep of a pump felt really good, and not just my chest was full. My whole arm triceps and biceps we pumped. Awesome! Definitely a good start to this trial of a new product!

    Like I said my chest is a weak part for me, so I am not overly strong in this area so I can really tell when I increase in strength. As for todayís workout nothing to write home about not really any increases in strength.
    But once again that workout load I was talking about was a factor for this workout as well. I did 5 exercises for chest which is not normal for me for this body part. So I am going to keep and eye on this, because if this allows me to maybe get one more set out of a body part I am in love haha.

    Recovery from legs yesterday is decent, not as terrible as I thought it would be. They are sore but not to the point where is can not walk, which is what I was expecting. But everything else is perfect and ready to rock and roll.

    Other news for you guys is that I will be starting my pre-contest prep on Monday, for the Npc Kentucky in march. It wont be cutting yet I have about 6 weeks to try and but on my last bit of lean mass before I start contest cut. So I will be starting cardio and my and I will be eating a little more than I am now but it will be clean clean clean!! So I should really start to tell maybe a little bit of fat loss and some lean gains.
    Also I am a little more vascular!

  9. Day 4:

    Day off today. My chest is a little sore so I want to let that clear up and then hit shoulders hard probably Sunday, depending on what time I drive back to school. If not I will hit them up on Monday!! Stay tuned guys.

    Some notes to add, my muscles have felt full all day especially after I eat a meal and then take my E-Bol about a half hour later I am pretty full. So just wanted to keep you updated on that

  10. hey guys i will have an update for you guys later on today after classes

  11. Quote Originally Posted by buffhunk29
    Some notes to add, my muscles have felt full all day especially after I eat a meal and then take my E-Bol about a half hour later I am pretty full. So just wanted to keep you updated on that
    Wondering why you're not taking it with your meals?

  12. i should have worded that different. i eat and take my e-bol then about a holf hour later feel very full.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by buffhunk29
    i should have worded that different. i eat and take my e-bol then about a holf hour later feel very full.
    LOL I get it now!

  14. good luck..ebol looks solid

  15. There's kind of a problem with mixing Rhodi and Ecdy into one pill and that is Rhodi is best absorbed on an empty stomach while Ecdy should be taken with some protein. It's not a huge deal really, you'll still get a little Rhodi absorption, but it won't be maximized.

    I may trial this product in a few months if the reviews are good.

  16. Perpetual pumps are nice!

  17. Quote Originally Posted by bioman
    There's kind of a problem with mixing Rhodi and Ecdy into one pill and that is Rhodi is best absorbed on an empty stomach while Ecdy should be taken with some protein. It's not a huge deal really, you'll still get a little Rhodi absorption, but it won't be maximized.

    I may trial this product in a few months if the reviews are good.
    Perhaps dose 30minutes or so prior to eating a slow absorbing protein source. This way at least some of the Rhodi is absorbed, and the slow absorbing protein is there for the ecdy. I dunno just a thought.

    Something that I was wondering though is that I have heard it is best to dose ecdy often throughout the day. Why not split the two pill dose up and make it 6 servings during the day instead of three?

  18. Dude its so good to see someone whos not all about the upper body . Good looking wheels dude.

  19. thanks for all the posts guys i have been kind of busy betwen school and i had a family emergency to tend to so i missed a few days of training. will resume tomorrow.
    it should be well into my system by this point so lets look for some sweet results now!!

    i will post my last work out that was tue of this week. which was legs.

  20. Day 6:

    LEG DAY BABY!!! Buckle you seat belts get ready here we go!

    UNREAL!! I had such a deep pump I felt it down to the bone. Pretty sick! of course I was training blood volume style but that how I always train as I stated and this was more intense then any other workout. I almost puked on my first 3rd set of fronts! haha got to love leg days. But back to the pump, like I said a really deep muscle pump, my legs felt like some inserted a hose and pumped a few gallons of water in them.

    Was about the same but like I have noted every workout is the workout load and it is out of this world! I feel like I can just keep pounding my muscle into submission and I wont lose the intensity!!

    Since I am writing this now I can tell you my legs are pretty sore 2 days later which is normal for me after a leg workout. Recovery has been nothing to brag about yet.

    I have to note this today because it was like jonnie and branch training intensity is way up in my workouts.

  21. Great log! Honest, clear, and to the point I guess mine will arrive only next week...

  22. thanks jj!
    i want to see what you think of e-bol and how it works for you, i will follow your log for sure!

  23. Quote Originally Posted by buffhunk29
    thanks jj!
    i want to see what you think of e-bol and how it works for you, i will follow your log for sure!
    I am impatient for this as it's been awhile since I was selected, and I will be able to compare it to ecdysten

  24. i bet you are getting a little restless to start!!

  25. hey guys this is the 10 Day mark!

    i havent lifted since tuesday of this week like i said i had a family emergency come up this week so i have been home from school. plus i havent had a break in a couple of months so i thought it would be a good time to take one.

    anyways i was very excited to see that my bodyfat has droped since i started noticable to me and my old training partner here at home who has seen me since i started!! so def losing bad weight. and even though i have not lifted for 4 days i still look full!!

    monday we are back at school and going to hit it hard!!

  26. Good log buff, hope everything is okay on the home front. How's your energy levels pre and post w/o on Ebol? Just curious as most rodia containing products really give me a all day good type of feeling.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  27. thanks for the concern prld and yes everything is good now!
    energy is really good really nice intensity during the workouts, overall good feeling as well.
    energhy through the day is decent i still get tired at night but really hyped pre-workout!

  28. Quote Originally Posted by buffhunk29
    i bet you are getting a little restless to start!!
    Hell yeah! Everyday, I go to my mailbox 2-3 times to see if it's there..

  29. hey guys back with some updates!!
    Day 13
    Chest and tri's day! as i said before i am in contest training right now, so its a big change up from what i was doing so we got some new stuff we are doing.

    INSANE!!!! best pump i have had for real my tri's were commented on as watermellons! haha let me tell you the sure felt like it. and my chest was just insane. such a huge pump!:bb3:

    nothing to really brag about. i have come to find more than strength the workout load is greatly increased, and this is huge for people who love to train like myself. so this is a very nice compound of this product.

    not really to impressed with the recovery from E-Bol maybe its just me but i have noticed that i recover any quicker from using this. but its day 13 maybe it needs a bit more time.

    side notes feel awesome through out the day just a good mood until people start trying to take my chicken haha but then any of us get mad when that happens!!

    shoulders and legs tonight

  30. How's the diet coming along?

    Hopefully halloween went well for you

  31. hey guys sorry for the slight delay but school is kicking my butt. this past week has been the best week of workouts i have ever had!! yes muzi halloween went well no conflict with diet, i will try and post a pic of my outfit hah hulk time.

    Day 13:
    today was shoulders and legs. legs stiff leg, leg ext, and ham curls. then my squat day is on friday.

    I cannt say much more about pumps other than they are INSANE! no joke my skin feel like tissue paper, and its a good thing because i want to try out of joy.

    Strenght: is slowly climbing. i noticed it on shoulders i moved up 10 pounds on shoulder presses with the same amount of reps. so this is a big plus!! this is what i hope to continue to increase over the duration of my trial of this product.

    Recovery: still not increased, am so sore this week like i said best week of lifting ever. my trianing partner and i are nuts so we just push eachother to no end. anyways not too impressed with the recovery from this product.

    other: i am up 3.7 pounds from when i started and looking a lot leaner and dry. that a problem for me i hold a lot of water do drying out is a very big plus.

  32. shoulders was Day 14

    Day 15:
    today wasan off day i was soooooo sore from the past two days its was a much needed day of rest. plus i didnt get in till real late because a bunch of guys and i went ghost hunting halloween night so we were out late so i didnt get a lot of sleep that night but made up for it during the day little naps here and there.
    Good note to add is that i still feel a lot of blood in my muscles eventhough they are really sore.

    Mid way review:
    So far i would have to give this product a B-, the pumps have been well you know nothing sort of amazing every workout. i have leaned out as well as dried out. i am up 3 pounds mid way thru. strength is starting to climb also. there is that factor of not recovering as fast as i thought i would.

    Side not
    I was walking back from class today andmy legs just feel powerful, i dont know how to express my feelings for this, basically i feel as if my legs are giant boulders. man weird i like it though.

  33. Man you're a hard grader.

    Up 3 lbs, stronger, leaner and drier in 2 weeks and B-? On a curve compared to test?

  34. haha very true supafreak i would like to give this one an A but the only thing lacking is recovery or it would be a perfect product.
    i will have a pic up soon from the ween

  35. hey guys here is the HULK
    Attached Images Attached Images  

  36. thats off my cell phone so bad quality and the kid who took it is a retartd

  37. hey supafreak i dont look as good as the thermolife girls in body paint but u have to admit i could pass for a one haha haha. maybe i will paint a big E-BOL onmy chest for you guys!! some good news to come later tonight i need to recover alittle bit from legs

  38. Alright guys let get to it.

    Day 16:

    Today was a Back and bi's day! went very very well

    I am so impressed with the pumps from this product. i dont really know how to describe them anymore. my back was HUGE so full and hard. my arms felt like they were going to rip through my skin!! thats the truth.

    Going up dumbbell rows the 110's felt like baby weight, that is as high as our db's go if they went higher i think i would have been able to get at least 125's.

    Recovery still not great, although i feel full the next day i dont feel like my muscles are flat they feel really full and hard just sore.

    Workout load:
    This is another area where i feel this product does a great job! i just feel like i could stay in the gym forever!

  39. DAY 17!!!!!:

    LEG DAY BABY!! remember i had said how strong my legs flet the other day, haha well i soon found out it wasnt just a feeling is was a reality. lets get to it.

    intense pumps as always but they were also very very deep tissue pumps. they were so pumped and full you could see the seperation thru my XL pants!

    This was the big part of this workout that stuck out most! every rep of squats just felt like i could move any amount of weight just blast thru the roof! man this was an insane feeling.

    Still nothing great to note in this area!

    Workout load:
    Once again a feeling of i could workout with the same intensity the whole way thru the workout as when i started!

    Lets get ready for Monday BABY!! Weekend off monday chest and tri's

  40. Keep it up bro, you're doing great!


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