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  1. ALRI Primed

    Here we go.

    I just finished a jar of ALRI's primed that I ordered with my gold membership and I figured out I have to review it. I have been taking the product on empty stomach before workouts, about 25 min. before.



    I read the label: "Sour puck lemon". I figured out it can't be that sour. Wait. It is. This is more intense than a real lemon! Wow, I made the weird face there! I didn't liked it first time, but after the first dose, you get used to it, and actually like it.



    I mixed the product with a spoon in a big glass of water. There was a little left at the bottom when finishing to drink it, but I jus ass more water, and drink the rest.



    I found the product to do wht it's supposed to do.. Get you primed! i liked the frive it gived you, like a swift kick in the ass. You re more focused, and don't want to speak during the training



    I found this product to be very effeective, and to show those veins a little more( even though I don't have a lot ) and boost the motivation a lot. I am really satisfied withthis product overall, and pleased with the results.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by jjohn
    like a swift kick in the ass. You re more focused, and don't want to speak during the training

    A swift kick........Good explanation

    The sour lemon is SOUR.....I prefer the watermelon

    Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Yep. It's really good once you're used to the taste.. I just tried it because it was free (+ shipping of course I am in Can.) , but I might buy some more later on my next cut

  4. I think the watermelon tastes much better. Overall, like you, I think it is a good product.

  5. watermelon margarita is the way to go.

  6. Yeah, I guess this will be the next flavor to go, but I finally learned to like it though.


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