BigCasino's DS NHA Stack Log

  1. BigCasino's DS NHA Stack Log

    Greetings all

    Going to be documenting my experience with Designer Supplements NHA stack. For those of you that have been living in a freezer for the past year or two that means a combination of two of their most popular products, Rebound Reloaded and AcTivate.

    Some relevant info about me...

    Age: 21
    Height: ~ 5'10"
    Starting Weight: ~255lbs
    BF %: If I had to guess, 18%.

    Supplements: Fish oil caps (10g/day), Whey protein powder, Creatine Monohydrate (20g/day)

    Cycle History: NONE!

    Notes: This log is going to mainly be about my observations and reactions regarding the NHA stack, not a detailed log of my workout regime. I will include lifting increases and stats (or lack there of) from time to time, but mainly it will be semi-daily commentaries. I train using a combo of powerlifting and bodybuilding ideas, so I suppose you could call me a power builder. The bottom line is I just want to get disgustingly huge and strong. That's my goal.

    Known Issues: I have a history of high blood pressure, and a rather ****ty immune system, so it will be interesting to see how the NHA stack impacts those traits.

  2. Weds----- 10/11 -------

    I picked up my UPS Package containing the NHA stack this evening. After having a cattle drive chilli + eggwhites dinner (yum yum), I had a small shake with a teaspoon of peanut butter. I did this because the directions for Rebound Reloaded say to take with 10gs of fat.

    Dose = 1 RR / 1 AcT

    I did this about 40min from my workout, then as I arrived at the gym I had a glass of grapejuice with 10gs of Creatine, just like I have been doing for the past few months.

    I want to say that it was way too early for this stuff to kick in, but I would be lying if I said I didn't have an awesome workout. I didn't go too crazy but everything felt "light".

    Some notable lifts for the night:

    Deadlift = 475lbs x 10
    Bent over BB row = 225lbs x 6
    BB shrugs = 315lbs x 10

    I did several other exercises, lat pull downs, DB rows, some cable work, but those were not as exciting or fun

    All in all a very good workout, especially after a long day of school / work , 11pm.

  3. Thurs -------- 10/12 ----------

    My back is extremely sore from deadlifts yesterday, but I'm happy. Mission accomplished. I'm just going to recoup, lounge around watching the military channel, eat a lot. Woke up with a slight headache today, if it persists after a few hours I will take some Excedrin.

    Friday -------- 10/13 ---------

    Ok, woke up with a headache again, wondering if this could be NHA stack related. Also my nose has started bleeding twice today.

    I shoved some paper up there and headed to the gym.

    I did Chest today, which I normally do Monday, but decided to mix it up a bit.

    to give you an idea...

    Incline DB 125lbs x 8.

    Not really too happy about this, totally not related to the NHA stack, what happened was I switched to doing BB incline and bench for a while and believe it or not some of my DB lifts actually went down. I'm really hoping this stack will help me turn it around, chest used to be my best body part, that honor now goes to my back. Overall a good workout, but not that different from last week, maybe an extra rep or two in some cases.

  4. Saturday --------- 10/14 ---------------

    Alright, the headaches are persisting and so are the bloody noses. I'm starting to think it could be a BP issue? I'll see if I can get around to go seeing a doc next week. I'm not sure when this stuff is supposed to kick in , but for whatever reason things have been going very well since I started.

    Also, sweet jeebus my skin is breaking out. I haven't had this much acne poppin' up since I was in high school. I guess something is going on inside.

    I did arms today. Everything was feeling VERY light, deffinately up from last week.

    Did a couple of sets of DB curls 60 x 10

    Felt a lot better than last week, so strength is up. I had a big fight with my gf this mornin though, and I strongly feel that if that had not happened I would have been in a better state of mind where I could have REALLY kicked some ass in the gym today.

    For those of you that have been waiting, my weight is up 257lbs, so 2lbs increase, some of which is probably water?

  5. Vigor would be good for antioxidant protection, since you have immune system issues.. Take a fish oil cap with your dose of Rebound Reloaded.. We all react to high test levels synthetic or natural in different ways, plus fish oil thins the blood abit so that explains the nosebleeds and slight elevation in blood pressure..

    Good luck with the log!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by bigpetefox
    Vigor would be good for antioxidant protection, since you have immune system issues.. Take a fish oil cap with your dose of Rebound Reloaded.. We all react to high test levels synthetic or natural in different ways, plus fish oil thins the blood abit so that explains the nosebleeds and slight elevation in blood pressure..

    Good luck with the log!
    Thanks BigPete, think I am going to order some Vigor from Nutraplanet!

    I was going to ask you if in the future you thought I should stick to the dosing protocol for RR & AcT as described on their bottles. I noticed you take 5 RR a day!?

  7. It's a trial/error type deal.. I liked the feeling on 3 caps, but 5 kinda felt abit overboard.. I usually taper up to 5, then back down to 2.. On 5 for too long hurts my elbows and knees..

  8. Sunday ----- 10/15 ------------

    Not working out today, taking Sunday to rest.

    Some more observations.... for the past few days I have been feeling a deffinite increase in appetite, I wanted to wait a couple days to make sure it was from the NHA stack, but I can now say for sure that it is. This is certainly a good effect to have for someone on a bulk .

    In other news my acne is still increasing, this continues and I will have to jack some skin care products from my gf's side of the bathroom

    If anyone has any questions ask away

  9. Monday ---------- 10/16 ----------------------

    It has almost been a week and my appetite is still going up, and even after I finish large meals I find myself still hungry. Starting to feel like a bear

    I worked out my arms today, bis & tris. Impressive strength gains all around. It's becoming apparent that these are not the usual weekly strength increases, in some exercises I increased my reps by 4 from last week, and still did not feel completely fatigued.

    From what I understand a lot of people have reported sore joints, specifically in the elbows and knees. I have not encountered any such discomfort, perhaps at a higher dose I would.

  10. Weds-------------- 10/18 ---------------

    * Back workout *

    The main thing to note here today is that my 1 rep max on Rack Deadlifts went up by 50lbs. It deffinately wasn't easy, but somehow I managed to squeeze another 50lbs up from last week. It probably had a lot to do with my mindset too, I was just feeling really focused and decided to jump by fifty all at once by slappin two 25lbs on each side.

    Other than that my voracious appetite is still in full throttle. I'm up 2lbs still, and no joint pain in sight!

    interesting side note - Whenever I sneeze, I get really bad tingly cramps in my chest and arms!? These started when I started the NHA stack.


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