Joebo's PowerFull/Cissus/Camph/Mass Pump Stack LOG!!!

  1. Joebo's PowerFull/Cissus/Camph/Mass Pump Stack LOG!!!

    Will start with day 1 tomorrow. I have been using cissus for about 2 months now. Will start Powerfull today along with NP's mass pump stack and will add in camph when it arrives next week.

    Current Weight is 196.5

    I will put up a nice looking intro to this log later tonite.

  2. really interested in this stack. im going to start the very same one in about a week or so, but im not taking camph. i also added xtend to the mix. just waiting for the products to arrive. what type of creatine did u end up getting with the mass stack? keep us posted

  3. Powerfull/Cissus/Camph/Mass Pump Stack LOG

    Increases Muscle Mass, Sleep Quality, Fat Loss, Recovery And More!

    USPlab's Patent Pending Formula of PureSap(TM)(100% Saponis) and specially extracted Saponis from Muira Puama is a new unbelievable supplement. The science behind PureSap(TM) (100% Saponis) and our specially extracted Muira Puama is brand new to the industry. While Saponis and Muria Puama themselves are not new to the industry, we've revolutionized the way they are extracted and prepared. This results in a product with unrivaled quality and potency. The user will notice effects within 2-7 days of use.

    The effects of PowerFULL include:

    * Increase in Muscle Mass
    * Increase in Fat Loss
    * Increase in Strength
    * Increase in Recovery from Exercise
    * Increase in Quality of Sleep
    * Increase in Positive Aggression
    * Increase in Physical Endurance
    * Increase in Sexual Vigor
    * Increase in Erection Strength

    PowerFULL stacks very well with Cissus RX. Cissus RX is also a natural anabolic, anti-catabolic, and analgesic that strengthens tendons and ligaments. In the supplement or pharmaceutical industry, you will be hard pressed to find a product as effective as Cissus RX void of any undesireable side effects. PowerFULL needs to be taken on an empty stomach 15-30 minutes before eating or exercising. Food will hinder absorption to a great degree.


    Cissus Quadrangularis has been a staple of traditional Indian medicine for centuries. USPlabs researchers discovered the power of this unique herbal remedy and have now made it available to Western athletes and bodybuilders, or anyone else who wants to strenghthen muscle and bone.

    Its unique blend of vitamins, minerals, and steroidal compounds not only build and strengthen muscle and bone, but actually promote and speed the healing process of tendon related injuries, while at the same time soothe the pain of sports related injuries. Common painkillers like aspirin only mask the pain of injured muscles, bones, and tendons and can damage the stomach lining and even cause ulcers. Scientific studies have shown Cissus Quadrangularis actually speeds the healing process and prevents ulcers by strengthening the gastric mucosa, the stomach's protective lining.


    Burn Fat And Preserve Muscle While You Sleep!

    USPlabs has ventured into a territory no other supplement company could imagine. Our innovative research teams developed cAMPHIBOLIC, which is the first non-stimulant based thermogenic that's actually works! Beyond cAMPHIBOLIC's thermogenic properties, cAMPHIBOLIC was the first product to halt muscle catabolism that occurs during dieting. USPlabs has tweaked the cAMPHIBOLIC formula into the first NightTime Thermobolic. Yes, A product that will trick the body into using fat for fuel instead of glycogen and protein while increasing thermogenisis at night! cAMPHIBOLIC will shift the ratio of fat to carbohydrate for use as fuel towards fat burning. This helps preserve glycogen and skeletal muscle, which would otherwise be relied upon more heavily for fuel without cAMPHIBOLIC.

    By mobilizing fat, will make even more fat available as a fuel source, sparing more glycogen and muscle. The thyroid stimulating effect will further elevate RMR, leading to greater fat burning. By Blocking cortisol will help to preserve muscle tissue as well. An anabolic effect due to increased release of gonadotropins, as well as up regulation cholesterol transport into the testes, where it is converted to testosterone. Finally, a benzodiazepine-like anxiolytic effect that will doubtless promote sleep.

    NP's Mass Pump Stack

    Experience skin stretching pumps like never before with NutraPlanet's Ultimate MassPump Stack. This comprehensive stack incorporates the precision amino acids to engorge your muscles with earth shattering fullness and eye popping vascularity! Ultimate MassPump Stack offers the perfect powerhouse profile: Arginine Ethyl Ester, Creatine Ethyl Ester, and Citrulline Malate to "hyper-saturate" your muscles; taking nitrous oxide potentiation to a whole new level. Only NutraPlanet can offer these amazing "real world" tested ingredients at such an amazing economical bulk price. No underdosed kitchen sink formulas requiring 10 tablets a day here...Ultimate MassPump Stack offers the ease and flexability of bulk powder dosing to customize the perfect ratio for the individual.

    * Increased stamina and endurance
    * Unprecedented pumps and vascularity
    * Explosive power and strength
    (Please note that I substituted Creatine Gluconate for the CEE

  4. Days 1-4
    I tailed the end of my T-X cycle with PowerFull and added in NP's mass stack. Already in four days the powerfull I believe to have started working. Yesterday my workout was rushed due to getting home to watch the Eagles lose, but still a decent shoulder workout. I normally do shoulders with legs but actually got my legs in earlier in the week so I just did a quick shoulder routine. Strength was up a bit and stamina was excellent. Pumps were great as well and seem to last much longer then name brand preworkout drinks I have tried.

    Standing Military Press
    Bar x 20 (warm up)
    95 x 10
    135 x 8
    140 x 6 (up 5lbs)
    145 x 2 (up 10lbs)

    Front db Raises
    30 x 8
    35 x 8
    40 x 4

    Lateral raises
    30 x 10
    35 x 8
    40 x 6

  5. Day 5
    Off day yesterday, but I can def comment on the sleep benefit. I'm sleeping like a baby!! Libido is up as well. Camphibolic should be added today, just have to run to the post office and pick it up due to a misdelivery at my office yesterday. Tonite will be a chest day and I'm expecting it to be a good one!!

  6. Also want to comment that the pumps are great, even the next day! Just got my camph as well, so I will start throwing that in the mix as well.

  7. Day 6
    Decent chest/trap workout last nite. I did not take any additional camph yesterday other then the two i dosed around lunchtime. I think the headache was unrelated as I tend to get headaches when it rains for some reason(allergies or ETD...haven't figured out if one is causing the other). Slept great as usual and muscles are full pretty much 24hrs a day. Haven't weighed myself in the past few, but will tomorrow morning.

    DB Bench Press
    45 x 20 (warm up)
    70 x 10
    80 x 8
    80 x 7

    Incline BB Bench Press
    95 x 10 (warm up)
    155 x 6
    165x 6
    note: I have somewhat bad shoulders so its hard for me to do inclines. I usually do them on a hammer strength, but yesterday I did them with a barbell.

    BB Shrugs
    135 x 20
    225 x 10
    245 x 8
    255 x 6.5

    DB Shrugs
    80 x 10
    90 x 10
    90 x 10

  8. Day 7
    Off day yesterday. Weighed in this morning at 197, so I'm up 1lb. Muscles are full all day long. Took 1 camph prior to breakfast yesterday and 1 camph prior to dinner. I will again take 2, maybe 3 camph today. No headaches either, so that was prob unrelated. My realistic goal right now is to break 200lbs and have decent strength gains with hopefully some noticable recomposition. I forgot to note but I'm doing about 7-15min of HIIT after my workouts. Eliptical i can go for 15 but the treadmill i start to get shin splints. Continuing to take the mass pump stack as well on both on and off days and still dosing at 3g of each. Not noted either, but i will add to my original post. I'm also using ATW's Optimum Whey, multi vit, fish oil. And dosing 2 g of cissus/day.

    Sample diet from yesterday:
    Protein shake in skim milk w/oats, pb, bit of honey
    bowl of oatmeal
    can of chicken
    2 turkey breast sandwichs with low fat mozz on whole wheat
    small salad
    snacked on some whole grain tortillas
    buffalo chicken
    rice pilaf
    sugar peas
    sugar free frozen yogurt
    protein shake w/pb
    1 cup cottage cheese

  9. What dosages are you using for the mass pump stack? I was thinking:
    3g CEE
    2G AEE
    3G CM

    All taken twice a day, with one dose coming preworkout.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Dilsie
    What dosages are you using for the mass pump stack? I was thinking:
    3g CEE
    2G AEE
    3G CM

    All taken twice a day, with one dose coming preworkout.
    Nevermind, I just saw you were taking 3g of each.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Dilsie
    Nevermind, I just saw you were taking 3g of each.
    Yes, and only once per day. Don't think you really need any more than that.

  12. Day 8
    Back workout yesterday and it felt strong. While weights may not have changed or may not have changed by much, I felt good and could tell a difference. My muscles are pumped all day long which is almost annoying at times. I have not tried anything that has remotely come close to this stack and I can say that with only being 7 days in.

    Wide Grip Pull-ups (no weight belt so just bodyweight, not sure what the gym did with it)


    I made sure to come fully down and hang for 2-3 seconds in between reps to get a full stretch.

    Nautilus Free Weight Lat Pulls
    190 x 10
    280 x 8
    310 x 6

    135 x 10
    185 x 10
    225 x 6

    note: Lower back is def something i need to work on.

    T-bar rows (nautilus free weight machine)
    90 x 10
    100 x 8

  13. What other pre-workout supps have u used before this that dont live up to the PUMP STACK?? I was looking at getting some CHAOS but The pump stack is $15 cheaper so IDK.

    Also how is the Cissus RX treating your tendons and what is you doses like? I was looking at trying this during baseball season and am just looking just how good this workss

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Distilled Water
    What other pre-workout supps have u used before this that dont live up to the PUMP STACK?? I was looking at getting some CHAOS but The pump stack is $15 cheaper so IDK.

    Also how is the Cissus RX treating your tendons and what is you doses like? I was looking at trying this during baseball season and am just looking just how good this workss
    Pre-workout supps i've used could be a super long list of things, so its hard to list. I'll list what i think is comparable.

    Superpump 250
    Shock Therapy
    **I think these are along the lines you are talking about, however these are also all caffenated, so that aspect is not comparable. Other things i could list would be

    Omega Creethyl thunder
    Bulk CEE
    list could go on and on

    For the price you can't go wrong with it. Your only gonna get results with hard work either way though. Cissus is great. Using bulk at ~2g/day. Shoulders don't bother me much anymore.

  15. I'm currently going to stop this log. I still have enough powerfull left for a full cycle another time, but i've noticed a side effect for me that i think it directly related. I at first though it was from camph so I discontinued use last week, but the problem would still happen. My chest seems to get tight and breathing feels odd. I stopped powerfull for a day and didn't notice it at all. Last nite I took 2 powerfull before bed and about 1 hr after the feeling came back. I guess I'll actually continue the log, but for now the powerfull will be dropped. Oddly enough, I've never heard of any sides from it. Its almost as if my stomach gets very bloated and tightens my chest, because i notice if i burp it tends to feel better. Seems odd. Acne too has gotten bit out of control for my liking. Got some acne on my neck, like big red spots, not just little things and also on my shoulders. I'm acne prone, but this just isn't worth it, i'm too self concious and going to mexico in 1.5 months i want clear skin.


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