VPX Zero Impact MRP Review

  1. VPX Zero Impact MRP Review

    I know there is a lot of disdain with VPX, I wasn't real fond of them during the "Gangsta Test" days. I was looking for a good MRP to help in my cutting and I picked up a box of their Zero Impact MRP. I am very impressed with them 4 grams of fat from flax, tonalin, and sesamin. 20 grams of carbs from whole grains (10 g fiber 0 g sugar) and 45 grams of protein from whey casein mix. There are only about 15 ingredients in them and I know what they all are, no weird stuff. I have the graham cracker flavor and it actually tastes really good, especially blended with some milk, ice, cinnamon and splenda, and they don't get overly thick like the myoplex.

  2. does it have the oat-like taste that it had before in the old formula?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Pimp C
    does it have the oat-like taste that it had before in the old formula?
    Not in the graham cracker flavor, I'm not sure about the other two, I'm going to try vanilla next, so we'll see about that.

  4. Ya i like VPX, they make some solid products, try the Zero impact bar, mmmmm it's good.

  5. yeah the bars are awesome. especially the pumpkin one. all it needs is some cool whip.

  6. Both bars are excellent. I have the Zero Carb Graham Cracker protein now and love it. Thinkin about picking up some MRP's, they look solid. And I am surprised no other companies have tried the Graham Cracker flavor, I personally love it.


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