okay guys im thinkin about running jw, activate, and t-500 which is an extremely strong tribulus product from sci-fit. now i know il get great gains if i take 1500mg of the t-500(80% saponins and 40% protodicin!!), 3 caps of the jungle warefare and 6 caps of the activate but one thing i cannot jeapordize is my LIBIDO! i hate shutdown or when its down, i thought jw is supposed to increase it bt sum of the people doing the logs sait decreases it a little. also, i want it to be high when i get of this cycle so please guys respond and help with any suggestions!!!!! i dont need atd cause it kills libido plus jw has aded which is good.:bb:

  2. Well i'm running jw, 16 days into it right now and my libido is through the roof. If you're libido does decrease, you can always decrease your jw to 2 a day.
    just my 2 cents...

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