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  1. I'll definitely keep an eye out.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  2. Check out the FREE MassFX link in my sig, too!
    you could have some sooner and at no cost!!!

  3. Yeah, I already checked that out. Bad thing is that I absolutely know no stores around my town or in my state for that matter that doesn't have the letters g, n, c in it.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!


  4. Quote Originally Posted by prld2gr8ns
    Ersatz, just wanted to chime in and say your doing a great log. Keep up with the good work, cause I'm watching this and anxiously awaiting the release of FX..... these logs, dam these logs!!!

    Mace I believe he mentioned earlier that he doesn't compete, just likes the art. Don't mean to put words into anyone's mouth, just thought I'd mention it.

    Thanks for the kind words. Sadly, I'm am relegated to the role of spectator. Even if I could compete I doubt I'd be of the caliber to be in Pride. Nevertheless I still train in MMA for the love of the sport.

    Pride was simply spectacular and should you ever get the chance to attend by all means do, you won't regret it. And on that note I'll c&p what I posted over at the AX forums.

    This post is going to stray a bit off topic so if you're not interested in MMA it's probably best to skip this post. Attended Pride Real Deal and all I can say is wow! the Japanese really know how to put on a show. Production values and tempo of the show put other promotions including the UFC to shame. Attending the live event is actually an entertaining experience. In comparison to the other preeminent MMA promotion(UFC), Pride is a cohesive slickly packaged event where the UFC is haphazard and dul lat times. With the UFC they start with the 'undercard' aka untelevised fights. People are still filing in so it can be quite annoying when trying to watch the match-ups. Post-fight you get the obligatory interview where Rogan asks mundane question and the good ole describe what's going on in the replay. It's essentially worthless and just a forum for fighters to thank their sponsors. Then you proceed to wait for 20 mins for the next match-up to take place. Occasionally they'll air the some prefight intros for the upcoming match-up but usually they are hyping the main event. And they do this between every fight with the same boring footage. So to kill the time inbetween match-ups you converse with others in the crowd. Just when you're about to die from boredom the next fight is announced. Now if the already impatient crowd has to watch two fighters in a feeling out or stalling period the boo birds come out. Occasionally inbetween fights they will interview a fighter to hype an upcoming event. Sometimes they throw in a celeb interview which is usually pointless as it's just a further display of these celebs' ignorance. All in all it's a very hazard experience with no real beginning or end.

    Pride is another experience entirely. First off they have a distinctive start to the show, fighter intros and all. Pyrotechnics, dazzling lights, and the big screen graphics are nice eye candy but also serve as nice tranisitions into fights and also direct your attention to the approriate area. The downtime between fights is minimal with short prefight interviews to associate you with the fighters. Then comes the fighter entrance which is actually exciting. The fighter if he so chooses can address the crowd, which still sometimes boring is at least more interactive than the scripted UFC interviews. When a fighter does hype an upcoming fight they do so in the center of the ring as opposed to anonymously in the crowd. Attention is focused in one area instead of everyone looking around to locate the fighter causing some commotion which is commonplace in the UFC. How evident these differences are in tthe actual broadcast and how much they contribute to the excitement and overall entertainment is debateable. But the difference is quite stark when you see these two promotions in person.

  5. Day 26

    Sunday's workout
    Flat bench press (205lbs) 15, 15, 15, 14
    Lat pulldowns (180lbs) 15, 15, 15, 14
    Seated Rows (180lbs) 15, 15, 15, 14
    Deadlifts (205lbs) 15, 15, 15, 14
    Squats (245lbs) 15, 15, 14, 13
    Calf Raises (265lbs) 15, 15, 15, 15
    Overhead dumbbell press (60lb dumbbells) 14, 14
    Barbell curls (80lbs) 14, 14
    Cable tricep pushdowns (140lbs) 14, 14

    Ran out of MassFX on Saturday so hopefully it arrives soon. Can't say that yesterday's workout was affected due to lack of the MassFX. Today I've noticed libido is down a bit but difficult to attribute to anything. I'll measure weight tomorrow.

  6. Great log, thanks for being so detailed.

  7. nice log..keep it up

  8. great log. subscribed. keep up the good work!

  9. Ersatz will you continue the log even though your mass fx ran out? Maybe just log the effects of hd, and give a summary of your experience will taking fx.

    Just curious.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  10. I will continue the log for at least a full 30 days. I'll finish this week out at 4 caps of HD and next week drop down to 2 caps. Since HD contains an AI I figured it would be best to taper down the dose to avoid any potential problems.

    It's been 4 days off of MassFX and in that time I feel libido, aggression and muscle fullness have declined. Libido is around 75% of what it was last week and aggression is closer to half of what it was. Hard to approximate a figure on muscle fullness but it is apparent in a mirror but still up form the beginning of the log.

  11. Just for the record....
    There is absolutely NO NEED to taper or P.C.T off of Hyperdrol. It is fine if you want to, but the AI isn't a main ingredient.

    with that being said, Carry on my good man!!

  12. Wow I love the log but you're obviously a pride nuthugger lol... Pride did a lame ass 40 minute intercession at their last event as they normally do in Japan - Dont sway the facts just because you like their organization better. That being said I love watching both because I love Hughes and I love Phil Baroni. I'm constantly ordering the two.

    Support the sport!
    BtW I train BJJ too, who is your coach?

  13. Not sure how one can sway the facts per se. I was merely recounting my experiences having attended both events and my overall opinions of the experiences. It's true that I do favor pride for a number of reasons. I even favor their boradcasts as they usually air the entire card whereas the UFC has never done so.

    But just because I favor Pride doesn't mena I have to condemn the UFc or other promotions like KOTC, WEC, WFA, IFL, Cage Rage, etc. I always found it humorous that you had to align yourself with either UFC or Pride and that there was this mutual exclusion. When it comes down to it all that matters is enterataining fights and it doesn't matter where they take place.
    Like you I'll watch and support any organization that puts on entertaining match-ups.

    I watched the Real Deal broadcast yesterday and intermission was boring for the televised audience. Pride is normally on tape delay so the intermission is not an issue. If they continue to have live broadcasts then this is something they need to work on.

    I've trained at numerous places especially in the past few years.
    I'll have to say that Brennan is my coach even though I haven't trained under him for a few years. He was my second instructor and I trained with him for over 3 years so he is most influential in my training.

  14. Day 29

    Thursday's workout
    Workout: 1-2 rep max
    Flat bench press
    5 x 205 | 1 x 265 | 1x 305 | 1 x 305

    Incline Bench Press
    2x 205 | 1 x 225

    Seated Rows
    5 x 200 | 2 x 250 | 1 x 280 | failed x 300

    5 x 265 | 1 x 305 | 1 x 315 | failed x 345

    5 x 265 | 2 x 305| 1 x 365

    Calf Raises
    5 x 305 | 2 x 345 | 2 x 345 | 2 x 345

    Overhead barbell press
    5 x 100 | 2 x 150 | failed x 175

    Barbell curls
    5 x 80 | 1 x 120 | 1x 140

    Cable tricep pushdowns
    5 x 100 | 2 x 150 | 1 x 160 | 1 x 180

    Tried increasing the weights with varying success. Aggression and libido have definitely waned in the past few days. Aggression and intensity from MassFX would have helped with the workout. Stim-X also provided a nice energy boost when taken on a semi empty stomach that would also have been beneficial.
    Last edited by ersatz; 10-27-2006 at 10:46 PM. Reason: cuz i want to

  15. Final Review

    End weight 178.2
    Change +5.2lbs
    Bodyfat 7.3% I don't like measuring to the tenths degree of precision for various reasons. So there wasn't much if any change in bodyfat.

    Strength- Gains were moderate, +10lbs on deadlift and +20lbs on squats. Was also able to knock out more reps on the circuit based training.

    Cardiovascular - No change in endurance levels. Amount of time taken to reach a desired heart rate was consistent throughout which can be rare when trying to bulk. Blood pressure was also consistent within a -/+5% margin.

    Aggression and libido increased while on the stack and peaked around the 20 day mark and seemed to level off thereafter. Upon cessation of MassFX libido and aggression tapered off so it's reasonable to associate those effects to said product. Skin was also a bit more oily. These 'sides' seem to indicate an androgenic effect though I can say if it's intrinsic or not. Use of an AI maybe be necessary hence the recommendation to stack alongside Hyperdrol.

    Other sides were minimal at best, not much of a muscle pump like you would get from a NO product. No affect on sleep patterns, nor any increase in joint soreness, cramping, lethargy, appetite or water retention. Aside from increases in aggression, libido and oily skin sides were relatively free.

    Now for what you really want to know, how does it compare to other non hormonal anabolic type products. I've used a number of ecdy products including Anagen, and Activate+RXT, trib, PowerFULL and Symmetry X to name a few. This stack actually produced discernable gains in weight. I've used the other products for 6 weeks at a time with a 2-3lb increase in weight(lbm) but it's hard to attribute it to natural progression or the product. For me this stack has been the most effective at increasing lbm. The effects of the stack also manifest themselves within a week whereas most products take around 2 weeks to kick in. I was a bit surprised I could feel the stack by the end of the first week. The rapid gain in lbm was also unexpected and perhaps the result of increased glycogen storage. This will probably dissipate overtime as I thought my weight would have been higher than it was. It's been a few days off of HD and over a week off of MassFX and I feel like weight might be decreasing a bit. I'll see if the trend persists and report such in a further post. Certain circumstances arose that while I don't feel impacted my results may have nonetheless. Still a 5lb increase isn't too shabby. I'll likely run this product again in the future but for at least 6 weeks if not 8. 4 weeks just doesn't seem like an adequate enough period to derive the full benefits from products of this nature at least in my experience.

  16. Very Good!!
    Good Review!!

    Thanks For Testing With Us!!!

  17. Did someone say blood test results?

    Post bloodwork:
    WBC: 8.3 (4.5-11.0)
    RBC: 6.0 (4.2-5.8)
    Glucose: 83 (70-105)
    BUN: 14 (7-18)
    ALT: 23 (10-60)
    AST: 17 (10-43)
    Cholesterol: 140.2 (0.0-200.0)
    Triglycerides: 56 (35-160)
    HDL: 69.0 (29.0-85.0)
    LDL: 71.2 (65-131.0)
    TSH .89 low?
    T4 8.35 (5-12)
    T3 181 (40-180)
    LH 5.3 (0.8-7.6)
    SHGB 44 (7-50)
    Total Test 737 (300-1200)
    % free Test 1.6 (1.1-2.8)
    Estradiol-17b 18 (5-53)

    I wasn't able to get bloodwork done immediately pre cycle so I can only compare to results from 8 months ago and beyond.
    Total T is suauly around 550 and %free T <1.0. SHBG has always been high as well as thyroid hormones. Estradiol has been in the low 20s and LDL is usually 57-63. Everything else is within 5% of previous tests.

  18. Interesting!!

  19. I'm really impressed by the bloodwork. So far I haven't seen many non-PH products that can boost both total test and free test that significantly.

  20. Is test levels supposed to be that high, i am 21 and dont have levels that high. Or was it the supplements?

  21. erstatz any hint of gyno while on ths stack?


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