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  1. thanks i have lost another half inch since then....
    i am at 36 inch waist at the bellybutton.

    The greatest thing is that i was 215lbs and a 42 inch waist in january.....

    i weighed in at 181.8 today, cold!!!

    i have pics, too! but it is a disgrace! I am proud that i have made it this far and i hope to see my abs by christmas. Then i will bulk steadily in preparation for the Arnold. (being at the booth, not competing)

  2. NICE! Give Cialabol or Yellow Gold a try, i'm currently using boatloads of Cialabol and i've lost inches off of my waist incombination with a good diet.

  3. thanks for the advice...

    i have just started looking into the USPlabs products!!

    thinking of stacking YG and PF



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