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  1. Day 10

    15 mins Pre Workout
    -1/2 scoop GREEN MAGnitude
    -1 cap Green Tea Extract

    2x10 Warmup deadlifts
    7x5 Heavy deadlifts
    5x10 Hacksquats

    Well this was a quick Friday workout but nonetheless brutal. My legs, glutes, lowerback and shoulders are all killing me. I neglected legs all last week b/c my schedule got messed up, so I hit it with the Big 2/3. I take Sat & Sun off usually for rest and recovery, so I wanted to make up for missing my leg workout last week before I went into recovery/eating mode.

    When I do deadlifts from the floor, my hamstrings and glutes are always very sore the next day. Sometimes I will incorporate them into a workout with squats and get quite the nice leg workout plus some lower back and trap stimulation also.

    Just to note: An hour after doing this workout, I completely fell asleep for about an hour. Man, those take alot out of ya

  2. Day 11

    15 mins Pre Workout
    -3/4 scoop GREEN MAGnitude
    -1 cap Green Tea Extract

    15 mins post workout
    -Kai Ka Prow :dinner: (thai ground chicken with rice and vegetables)

    2x10 warmup BP
    7x4 Bench Press
    4x4 CGBP
    8x8 dips > bodyweight

    Focusing more on strength than hypertrophy today. My partner was sick so i was alone. Greeg MAG, like always, was pushing me to do more work, but I decided to keep it short and make up for it by eating a lot. They say to keep your workouts short and heavy, and spend more time in the kitchen than the gym when you are 'bulking'. can you beleive i'm still sore (monday) from doing deadlifts on friday? Tomorrow is legs, whether theyre still sore or not.

    It's about 30mins after my workout and my arms are shaking: thats a good sign. Can't wait till my Purple WRAATH shows up. Should be a few days courtesy of ISLANDSUPPLEMENTS.COM <Great store. I can definately tell the difference when I run out of BCAA. I get alot more DOMs.

    Wanted to do my max BP today...maybe next week...

  3. "The happiness of a man in this life does not consist in the absence but in the mastery of his passions. "
    Alfred Lord Tennyson (1809 - 1892)

    EDIT: And if you create another thread and pimp this company one more time, as your affiliation/loyalty is quite obvious, I will remove this log as well. Quit it!


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