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  1. Focus XT Log

    NICE i recieved my Focus XT like 20 minutes ago, it's a smaller bottle than i thought it would be, not complaining just it's un-expected. I'll be starting up my log tommorow but for now i'll give my basic info:

    Weight: 278lbs
    Height: 6'2
    Age: 23

    Supplements: Whey isolate, animal pak, Rem, PowerFull, Cialabol, Isobolic (protein blend), Excell

    I train DC style and will be doing interval sprints on my off days for fatloss, in which i'll most likely take some Focus Xt before. I lift 3 days a week.

    And thanks again to the guys at SNS for giving me the chance to try this stuff out for you

  2. Sorry guys i'll be starting tommorow i worked a 4am-4pm shift and was dead tired, so i took the day off to rest and tommorow i'll beat the bejesus outta my legs, god i'm dying to try this stuff.

  3. The bottle is kinda small but so is the scoop. There are a lot of doses in that container.

  4. Day 1

    I took 1 scoop of Focus XT about 20 minutes before my workout today on a semi-empty stomach. It tasted awful BUT i brushed my teeth RIGHT before taking it so i'm waiting till next workout for final judgement on taste. It mixed really well and in about 10 minutes I was noticing a difference another 5-10 minutes later it had fully kicked in and i felt more "aware" of the cars around me when driving to the gym. It was a really nice clean clear headed feel and i just felt plain good. I worked out for an hour and I noticed a big difference in focus, like normally i'll come in say hi to everyone maybe talk for 5 minutes then go into my workout and say a few words between exercises, ohhhhhh no, not today, it was all business baby. I also noticed when i talked to people after my workout that I gave them 100% of my attention which isn't like me, lol. Normally i will look around a bit after a while, but today i was completely involved with what they were saying. I did sweat more than normal and my heartrate was up a bit which i expected considering the caffeine in the formula. So far the effects are much more pronounced than Biotest's PowerDrive.

  5. Cool.
    I can't wait to try some of this stuff.

    Keep up the good work Chaps.

  6. A tip on the tastes much better in cold water than it does room temperature water.
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  7. Make that Gatorade :P

  8. Cold water? Ok i'll try that.

  9. Day 2 AMAZING workout, i waited longer this time so i took drank it (in cold water) waited 20 minutes then hopped in my car and drove to the gym (10 minutes away) i felt the effects MUCH more this time 30 minutes seems to be my sweet spot. This time the taste was decent in cold water, i think last time it was because i brushed my teeth before taking it but this time it wasn't so bad, not like i'd drink it for the taste though, lol. Mental clarity was once again AWESOME i just feel damn good on this stuff, just so alert and focused but not like stimulant/paranoid focus, lol. Oh and did i mention i sweat like a pig on this stuff? lol I was talking to someone after my workout and looked in the mirror and sweat was just poring outta me, lol. I'm curious about trying a serving of this 30 minutes before cardio tommorow with maybe 20mg of Ephedrine, but i'll ask before i try that. So, so far guys i'm REALLY likeing this stuff, i was having good workouts before but this has just bumped it up another notch. I never miss workouts because i don't feel like working out, but today i was kinda unsure if i was going to have a good workout but after taking this stuff it's like bam i'm in a good mood, clear headed and ready to beat the bejesus outta my body, lol.

    So for tommorow i'll try it before my cardio and report back. Oh and my log will be up on as soon as they approve my new account on there.

  10. I took 1 scoop with 8oz of orange juice this time and I think I found the drink and timing ~30-45minutes as well.

  11. How did you find it at 2 scoops? Your focus must be razor sharp, and i'm dieting right now so orange juice is a no no

  12. Amazing for academic stuff for sure! It's a nice clean energy and focus, your not all stimmed out.

  13. feels consistant for like a good 5 hours maybe more, i believe it will vary from person to person.

  14. Seems to last about 3 hours for me but it's a mild physical stim in my case. The mental focus is there. So far seems ideal for business/school settings where shaking/jitters are not good.

  15. Ya i'd say 3 ours but i still feel SOME effect 2 hours later.

  16. Day 3: I took 1 scoop of Focus XT with cold water along with 32mg of Ephedrine (4 8mg tabs) and i must say the Focus XT really helps to keep you from feeling insane on the ephedrine, i did an hour of cardio and the ephedrine still helped keep my heartrate up and i was sweating like an absolute pig but i feel awesome, something i could never say before about using ephedrine, i like it's fatburning effects but DON'T like how i feel on it, but now i feel GREAT when i stack it with Focus XT, this is awesome because i'm dieting and could use the extra help from the ephedrine. So ya my cardio went awesome, i'm not a fan of cardio but it helps when your in a good mood and Focus Xt seems to always perk me up it's nice feeling i must say, now i wanna take this stuff everyday! lol

  17. Nice log! I agree- one of the best things about Focus XT is the lack of crash and that it can help tone down the harsher aspects of some stims.

  18. Day 4, Biceps, forearms, quads, hamstrings and calfs, 1 scoop Focus Xt+ 24mg Ephedrine and i sipped on 6 scoops of Excell throughout workout, oh man i'm hitting some new personal bests while dieting that is, i've never has SUCH good workouts while on a diet. It's night and day the Focus XT puts me in the zone and the ephedrine helps get me jacked up even further so my aggression is up and I feel like i just wanna tear apart the weights, lol. Hacks were 500lbs for 15 reps then i did a widowmaker set RIGHT after with 225 for 20, oh man were my quads burnin. It's 2 hours after my workout now and i'm still feelin the Focus Xt. For those of you who hate having the whole racing heart on ephedrine, Focus XT makes it MUCH more bearable, like i didn't feel like my heart was going to leap out of my chest, i just soaked through my shirt within like 10 minutes that's all, lol. Getting paid next thursday and i'm going to pay off my huge credit card bill then next check i'm buying a tub of this stuff, i really don't want to stop using it! So i'll be using around 5 servings a week from now on, when lifting and when doing cardio, never though a focus supplement would help with cardio so much but it really does. And this is coming from a guy that loaths cardio, lol. Oh and i'm down 4lbs and looking bigger actually muahahah.

  19. Glad that you are pleased with it.

    Any further updates on it?
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  20. Day 5 i Worked out at a new gym that i joined, awesome equipment, i hit a couple more personal bests today, did v-bar pushdowns with 255lbs and shrugged 550lb behind the neck. I'm still noticing that awesome focus the effects aren't dying off at all which has impressed me a great deal and i love using it for cardio as well, which i'll be doing tonight. I really do feel that this product is helping me get in the right mindset to train really intensely so i can definitely say that it's helping me add weight/reps to all my exercises.

  21. Day 6: 1 scoop Focus XT and 32mg Ephedrine and i went to my new gym and did 45 minutes of cardio, i was sweating like an absolute pig! lol It was great, still finding that it makes cardio more bearable, maybe because of the lift in mood, but honestly i just wanna take this stuff like everyday now, lol I think i just may! lol

  22. Day 7: tonight is quads, hams, calfs, biceps and forearms, i'll be back later to comment on how it went.

    1 scoop Focux Xt+ 16mg Ephedrine and i had another awesome leg workout, i can't really comment on weights because i'm using new equipment at my new gym, but i can say that i was doing farmers walks with the 125lb dumbbells and held them for a total of 90 seconds, so i was happy about that, i use that for grip and for forearm size.

    So far the best way to use Focus Xt is like this, drink it with cold water, use more than the 8oz of water that is suggested on the bottle, i normally use about twice that and it doesn't taste bad this way, if you only use 8oz then ya it can taste nasty. Also give it a good 30 minutes to feel it's full effects, and if your doing cardio or just want to feel a little more jacked add in some ephedrine.
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  23. I need make sure its working for ya

  24. lol when i'm done my test/tren/halo/ 5months of gh then i'll post some picks, lol

  25. Haven't been slacking off guys, i just had some nasty stomach flu and i stopped literally all supplements for a bit, i'm back on everything now and i'll be working out tommorow, so i'll post my results tommorow.


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