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  1. Quote Originally Posted by CHAPS
    Haven't been slacking off guys, i just had some nasty stomach flu and i stopped literally all supplements for a bit, i'm back on everything now and i'll be working out tommorow, so i'll post my results tommorow.
    Hope you are feeling better.
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  2. Much better thanks, i didn't even wanna look at food

  3. Yikes....take care.

  4. Day 8 Oh man i feel nice n rested and i hit some more personal bests today, i racked the horizontal Hammer Strength bench press for shrugs and hit 12 reps, so i've got to drop this exercise now . I also have been close grip bench press on a seated chest press using a wide grip row bar, well i racked it today, i got 250lbs for 35 rest pause, so i've gotta start adding plates to the stack. Close grip pulldowns are 275lbs up from 270lb, once i can rack it (300lbs) i'll start doing bodyweight chins (i'm 268lbs). I'm looking ALOT leaner and my uniform at work is starting to fall off me when i walk, lol The pants that is. But i'm still getting stronger. Oh and i'll say this, i tried doing a workout with the Focus XT and tried ALRI Primed, ya i got good pumps but the quality of my workout WASN"T EVEN CLOSE! I'm hooked, never again will i workout without this stuff, i was so friggin jacked today i was pacing between sets, i was in and out in 35 minutes flat!

  5. Day 9 1 scoop Pre-workout with 2 caps lipo-6, good workout as usual, soaked through my shirt which has come to be the norm, the focus and mood lifting effects are still as strong as ever. I'm also up 4 reps on one-arm preachers, 20lbs on Hack squats, 10lb on seated calf raises and 10lbs on one-arm reverse cable curls.

  6. Day 10 1 scoop Focus XT+ 2 caps lipo-6 and i did 45 minutes cardio with my heartrate around 140 BPM, my new gym has tv's build into the treadmills so that combined with the moodlift from Focus XT has made cardio much more bearable. I burnt around 450 calories and was just drenched, lol. Felt good though and i'm getting comments about how much leaner i'm looking, i've got some major recomposition going on.

  7. I need to weigh myself again and I want to get my body comp done again in a month or so, when i'm farther along in my diet. It's a nice feeling when all the personal trainers at my work are commenting on how much leaner i'm looking though, and for once i actually feel great while dieting, lol.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by CHAPS
    I need to weigh myself again and I want to get my body comp done again in a month or so, when i'm farther along in my diet. It's a nice feeling when all the personal trainers at my work are commenting on how much leaner i'm looking though, and for once i actually feel great while dieting, lol.
    Glad to hear your recomp going well. I need to get myself back on track as well.
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  9. Yeah - me too. I'm a fattie.

  10. Day 11 1 scoop Focus XT+ 2 Lipo-6, did 45 minutes of cardio and burned 450 calories, i wanted to do an hour but the gym closed, oh well another time i guess. And as i'm writing this i'm soaked in sweat, lol.

  11. Day 12 1 scoop Focus XT, i had a good workout but was around 9 at night, not my usual time so i felt a bit off, but still i made the following gains:

    Hammer strength rows: +25lbs
    V-bar Pushdowns: +10lbs
    Hammer strength incline press: +15lbs
    DB shrugs:+10lbs

    It was a good workout just not an exceptional one that i've come to think of as the norm, i didn't do cardio tonight because i was too tired. I'll do cardio in the morning tommorow though for 45-60 minutes.

  12. Day 13 1 scoop Focus XT+ 2 lipo 6, well guys i'm getting a HELL of alot leaner, today when i used my belt (i haven't used a belt in ages) i had to pull it in 4 more holes! A few new personal bests as well:

    Pull-throughs: 300lbsx22 RP
    Standing DB curls: 65lbsx10 RP
    Barbell Squats 315x18 reps (i wanna hit 20, my endurance is back thank god)

  13. Day 14 2 scoops Focus XT+2 Lipo-6, i hit some more personal best today:

    Bent over lateral (dumbbells end to end): 45lbs x 12
    Barbell Rows: 305lbs x 8
    Decline Dumbbell tricep extensions: 60lbs x 10 RP
    Wide Grip chins: +2 reps
    BTB Shrugs: + 3 reps

    I followed this up with 45 minutes of cardio, excellent workout good pumps, felt great.

  14. Day 15: 1 scoop Focus Xt 2 lipo-6, good workout, i hit more personal best today as well:

    Barbell Step ups: 245lbs x 8 reps
    Pull-throughs: 320lbsX 20 RP
    Standing DB Curls: 65lbsx12 RP

    Sadly i'll have to drop pull-throughs soon, i think i can only add about 10 more pounds, then i'll wait till i hit like 30 rest-pause reps, this sucks because i love em, i'll switch over to glute-ham raises, my #1 ham builder.

  15. Cool stuff main.

  16. I'm goin on a cutter of Test/Tren/Var in a month and i'll post up a log for that i expect some nice strength gains

  17. Day 16: 1 scoops Focus XT, 120mcg Clenbuterol, today was a good workout as usual making more progress:

    Lateral Raises:+4 reps
    Straighbar Pushdowns: +10lbs/+3 reps
    Close Grip chins: +4 reps
    Incline Hammer Press: + 10lbs
    Barbell Rows: 320lbs

    The chins are on one of those assisted machines, my new gym has an EXCELLENT one with about 6 different grip styles you can use, so i've dropped pulldowns completely and do these, i'm sooooo close to being able to use my bodyweight. But i've already noticed my back is wider from the chins

  18. Day 17: 1 scoop Focus XT, 120mcg Clenbuterol, tonight is nothing special just 60 minutes of cardio. You'll notice i'm using Clenbuterol now, that's because i ran out of Lipo 6 and found some Clen that i had lying around, once it's gone i'm getting some Clen/Ketotifen that i'll be using for 12 weeks. I've decided to cut right to september, well i'll cut till i'm at 5%bodyfat we'll say that, i what to recomp. Oh and i'm currently 271lbs but i'm at 15%bf muahahah. The Focus XT definitely is helping me on these lowered carbs i've been eating, i've switched to 120g's carbs/day which i thought would be killin me but i'm feeling good. USP Labs Cialabol is helping me keep my glycogen stores full and the Focus XT is helping me keep up my regular workout intensity.

  19. Day 18 1 scoop Focus XT, 1 hour of cardio 700 calories burnt

  20. Day 19 1 scoops Focus XT, Cardio for 1 hour and 700 calories burnt.

  21. Day 20 My LAST scoop of Focus XT, excellent workout increased the reps all all my lifts.

    My summary: Focus XT has REALLY impressed me, i had tried PowerDrive in the past by Biotest and it was ok at best but Focus XT has really made a dramatic difference to me and i'll be alternating using it and Primed for my pre-workout supplement from now on. I love this stuff and would definitely suggest that anyone who's never tried it pick up a tub. Yes the taste is less than stellar but it's bearable, and besides if your a serious lifter you know taste doesn't matter. All my workouts were kicked up a notch while i used this stuff i could be a little drousy from work and then take my Focus XT and i'm good to go, in the zone and ready to go train like an animal, can't say enough good about this product you really have to try it for yourself!

  22. Cool stuff Chaps (you supplement hoe you).


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