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  1. PGHT Log


    Weight 181
    Height 61
    BF % ? Highest ever maybe 19% 22%
    Age 33
    Diet 3,000 3,500 calories

    I started PGHT about 3 weeks ago, after my bulking when too far. I bulked from 155 to 181 in 5 months but my belly was getting way too fat. For my entire life I was never able to gain weight, I tried everything and nothing seemed to work until I got my IBS under control. With my IBS under control I gained almost 30 pounds, but the gain was too quick I wasnt use to having to watch what I ate. So I deiced I had to do something about my belly fat, and didnt want to loose too much of the gains I have made. My diet consisted of eating everything in sight, but I made sure I ate around .75 to 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight.

    08-21-06 My weight is down to 176 and Ive been doing nothing to loose weight. My abs are much tighter and the fat seems to be melting off my stomach since the beginning PGHT of the cycle. Ive been sick, then bad allergies and now I just pulled a muscle in my back and Im only one workout away from taking a week off my HST cycle so Im quitting not to let my back heal.

    The effects of PGHT so far:
    I sleep great and look better then ever, my stomach looks great. PGHT is definitely working, I seem to have lost fat but no muscle. We will see what happens when I get back in the gym at the end of next week.

  2. How much longer do you plan on running the PGHT?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by stxnas
    How much longer do you plan on running the PGHT?
    I have 3 months worth but if it keeps working I'll run for a year. I think PGHT is suppose to be slow acting like HGH, so I should run it a long time. Also I'm using 5 days on 2 days off.

  4. You probably want to skip every 5th week if your main goal is weight loss. This is also being said about HGH too.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Werewolf
    You probably want to skip every 5th week if your main goal is weight loss. This is also being said about HGH too.
    ok, sounds good, Can you tell me the reasoning behind skipping every 5th week?

  6. It is T4 down regulation, but I'm having trouble finding the article for you. The week off lets it bounce back up. You can also just go until you are not losing weight as fast and then know you need a week off.
  7. Thumbs up


    I'm back lifting, doing HST doing the 15 rep phase that usually kills me but I'm ont fatigued as easy now and my muscle don't seem to stay sore very long. My weight is stable at 176 to 178 and the first muscle in my 6 pack is starting ti show. Th great thing it my gut is getting smaller but my weight isn't drooping fast I seem to have stabilized around the high 170's. If my body weight continues to be stable and my gut gets smaller I will be very happy.


  8. just wondering what pght you were using, the transdermal or the oral...

  9. He's using indicated by the T after pgh
    E-Pharm Nutrition Representative

  10. Quote Originally Posted by rampage jackson
    He's using indicated by the T after pgh
    Thanks a lot for clearing that up and taking the time to address my stupid question

  11. Im taking my week off 6th - 13th to let my natural T4 recover. So I wont have much to report until the 13th.

  12. 10-15-06

    I stared PGHT again on Friday and I'm sleeping better. I have noticed my hair grows faster and my finger nails and toe nails grow faster. I'm 179-180 and looking much better then I did 6 weeks ago at 181. I plan on running maintenance calories and see what happens to my mid section flab. I'm hoping my fat will continue to decline at maintenance calories. 5 weeks on and I love this product so far but the real test lays ahead if I can still loose some fat while maintaining my current weight.

  13. Good job, Bart.

  14. I'm going to add some morning cardio, 20 minutes on non lifting days.

  15. 10-18-06

    I did cardio today and wow I was very surprised at my endurance level. I did 20 minutes of fast walking on my treadmill and my endurance was huge. I always struggle the first couple weeks of cardio I usually want to fall dead at 7 minutes the first time I do cardio on my tread mill. I think it might be two things eighter its th PGHT or my new magnesium supplement I'm taking. I have a heart mur mur which make endurance a challenge and magnesium is good for a heart mur mur. But I've been taking magnesium for a long time but I switched to a different brand a week ago, Country life not the cheap Wal Mart junk I was using. Or maybe its a combo of the two.

    Also I used two squirts last night and it I didn't sleep at all sweating and having crazy dreams. It defintley made my body too hot.

  16. 10-20-06

    Well the PGHT is really starting to work for me now, I'm 180 and looking better then ever. My work outs are more intense and my energy and mood have improved a lot. I sleep better but require less sleep. I try to get at least 9 10 hours a night but now its 7 8 and I feel great, I'm not getting tired until late at night. My skin is looking better and my abs are looking better every day. Also my IBS is totally gone, my IBS was 90% under control before the PGHT but now is gone 100% gone. I'm drinking too much coffee and not feeling and problems with my gut. I'm loving so far! Not to mention my monster endurance. Another strange observance is when I start cardio after a long break my ankles are sore the first week or two, but no soreness what so ever.

  17. What dose are u using and when? I am looking to use this for baseball seaon wich wuns Feb.-June. But i'll start it on Jan. 1 so It'll have some time to "kick" in. Keep up the good work

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Distilled Water
    What dose are u using and when? I am looking to use this for baseball seaon wich wuns Feb.-June. But i'll start it on Jan. 1 so It'll have some time to "kick" in. Keep up the good work
    1 squirt at night, I tried 2 squirts at night but I could not sleep.

  19. 11-06-06 Update

    My weight is still holding around 180 and my adds are looking better every week. My tread mill belt broke two weeks ago and I installed a new belt so my fat should start to disappear at even a faster rate now. My finger nails, hair and toe nails are still growing at a faster then normal rate.

  20. is this the universal kits pGHT???

  21. Quote Originally Posted by klugman
    is this the universal kits pGHT???

  22. Did you check your body fat before you started? If so what is your body fat now?

    I just bought a 3 month supply and plan to start as soon as it arrives. Where is the best place to apply, I have read so many different answers I thought I would get your take on it since you are doing so well.


  23. My electric body fat measuring device broke a while ago so no I didn't measure I'm just going off the mirror. The best place to apply PGHT is on thin skined area without a lot of hair, I apply PGHT to my chest and shoulders or my upper thighs. The fat is coming off with no effort on my part, not melting off fast but my stomach is thinning out with zero cardio up until this point. I just added 20 minutes of fast walking in the morning on an empty stomach 3 times a week so I suspect the fat will come off at a faster rate now. HGH takes 6 months to really show its effects so I should have 4 more months until the effects are fully felt. I'm only 2 months on PGHT and very happy so far. I think PGHT is a legit product my from my improved mood, fast hair and nail growth, better looking skin and fat loss. Those improvements seem to mirror HGH use.

  24. Thanks for your take on where to apply. Hope I have similar results as you. Keep on posting so we can see how you are progressing.

  25. 11-16-06

    My weight is still around 180 and my abs look better just shy of a six pack. But I'm changing back to bulking, I'm going no holds barred on the bulk for a while. One notable effect is I'm at the end of my HST lifting heavy low reps and I don't get sore joints like I usually do. Skin looks great and I ganging strength even on a low Calorie diet. I can't wait to see what happens with a bulking diet! Then aster I gain another 15 pounds I'll do a hard core cut.

    Nest week is my week off of PGHT and I'm on vacation.



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