PGHT experiences for 6 users

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    PGHT experiences for 6 users

    I ordered 6 bottles of PGHT around 2 months ago for 6 different people and this is a report of their experiences:

    Subject 1, Male, age 33:

    -Suffers from occasional insomnia, does get some sleep but ussually 2/3 hour blocks then awake for 2/3 hours etc. After around 1 week of using PGHT he reports improved sleep, only waking up once or twice each night and getting back to sleep is easier, after 2 weeks only waking up once every night for 30 minutes-1 hour. After 4 weeks of use sleep improvements get less, stopped for 2 weeks, went back on and improved sleep returned. This person also used REM-R3G which did little to imrpove his sleep, it actually made things a little worse because of excessive sweating at night.
    -Other effects reported are improved energy at daytime but that might directly be caused by the improved sleep. No other noticable effects.

    Subject 2, Male, age 60:

    -Reports improved sleep length, up to 10 hours a night while normally sleeping ~7. Also has difficulties waking up. Lowered dosage to 1/2 pump, sleeps ~8 hours now and no difficulties waking up. Feels refreshed, more energy during the day, seems to reduce stress for him and has a calming effect. Improved endurance (he rides horses 6-8 hours a day).

    Subject 3, Male, age 35:

    -Reports greatly enhanced libido and endurance during s*x, can go again and again and again. His GF actually requests not using PGHT every night, too much for her :-D We had some good laughs over details I won't get into here ;-) Also reports more energy in the gym and improved recovery from heavy workouts. Doenst notice improved sleep but always sleeps very good.

    Subject 4, Female, Age 26:

    -Reports improved sleep but has trouble waking up. Reduced dosage to 1/2 pump, no problems after that. Is dieting to lose fat which is going well, she thinks PGHT is helping in this department.

    Subject 5, Male, Age 29:

    -Suffers from anxiety attacks around 10 minutes after applying PGHT. Tried 2 times, both times same effect. Discontinued use.

    Subject 6, Male, Age 34:

    -Reports slightly improved sleep and a more rested feeling during the day. Also an improved sense of well-being. Claims his hair and nails are growing faster. Says he's losing fat on PGHT, also takes Sesamin. He's a chronic weekend alcohol abuser ;-) Anyways he says he feels a lot better on mondays after another heavy weekend of drinking.

    5 of the 6 users will order again, overall very positive!

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    is this product still available?

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