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    Start off by thanking chuck for allowing a few of us AM members to try nos precursor/ether.

    Visual: Bottles look cool, plastic labels. Looks better than the old Diesel Fuel bottles Change is good. The pills are blue and others are white. These are rather large pressed pills, about the size of the old Uni-Liver tabs we used to take 18 of a day. Although they are pretty big, i can easily swallow two at a time so dont get discouraged if you hate taking a lot of pills each day.

    5'7, 184lbs, 11ish% b/f

    Goals: Gain a solid 4-5lbs, go up in weight at least 5lbs. and finally feel this "all-day incredible pump" that NO products are suppose to create.

    Notes: I am a fan of Get Diesel and the science behind his products, but i am not a fan of NO products like most are. If Chuck pays me a large sum i will speak great and wonderful things Do not think that because i am a fan, i will write all good things. From previous post and logs, i dont feel this all-day pump and never had good experiences with products of this sort. This will be the biggest challenge Get Diesel has to fulfill for me personally. Hopefully, this will be the first product that works well, as it sounds like it should from the description. Also, i love how there is an EXACT/Specific dosing chart on each bottle, a little confusing if you read it fast (had to read it twice) but a very smart move that i wish other companies would do with products like this.

    Workout plan:
    Mon - Chest/Tri's
    Tues - Legs/Lower back
    Wedn - Off
    Thurs - Bi's/Forearms
    Fri - Upper back/traps/shoulders
    Sat - Off
    Sun - Off


    Breakfast - bowl of oatmeal and PureProtein protein bar
    Lunch - Chicken breast w/ cheese, bread, and glass of nectar
    Postwork - 100% whey
    Snack - protein bar, filet, tilapia, or turkey - depends on mood w/ serving of fruits/veggies
    Dinner - Chicken (gotta love it)
    Bedtime - Musclemilk

    *avg 200g protein a day between shakes, bars, chicken, and meat.
    *about 400 carbs
    *3500 cals.

    *100% Whey
    *AI Cookies (when they come in)
    *NOS Precursor
    *Ether 2010
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  2. Day 1

    Semi-superset like lifts. I lifted with a buddy of mine who lifts about 20lbs heavier and weighs 25lbs more than me, same height. Needless to say, endurance and recovery must be up because usually he always lifts more than me but towards the end up the session he was only getting one more rep, same weight as me. Hopefully this is the ether/nos giving me this extra pump and speeded recovery.

    Felt great all day except i got soaked going to my classes today great workout, felt good throughout.

  3. Day 2 & 3

    great workouts. great energy in the gym, surpassing all my normal weight lifts which is great. had a semi-painful (but good) pump wed. in the gym when doing biceps.

    have been eating VERY well, up 1lb+.

    is it just me or does this ether or precursor make your piss smell very strange, even with drinking alot of water. regardless of smell, im beginning to enjoy this stack.

  4. Day 7

    Up a solid 1-1.5 pound in weight pending on scale, def. up in strength.

    I had a great chest/tri workout. Blew threw my reps even when i went up 10lbs in weight so this stuff must def. be working. Decided to go up one size heavier in dumbbells today and i man-handled it with ease, only needed a spot for the last two reps on the last set. I feel great throughout the day, great pumps, feel like a beast in/out the gym.

    Diet just got a little better, increased protein intake about 30g after Nutra had their blowout sale. I love these protein cookies (eat them for a quick breakfast w/ oats & milk). Going to breakdown my diet again tomorrow to see where i stand on micros but i will prob. bump my calorie intake a bit.

  5. Day 15

    sorry for not posting. my aunt passed away recently, busy with work, and got loaded up with mid-terms for school so i have stayed busy.

    regardless of my work schedule, i have been eating clean and training hard.

    up 3lbs in weight, look very hard, VERY vascular (specially when i workout). i have never been so vascular before. look and feel great except today my sinuses began acting up. will increase vitamin C, CoQ10, and take some DayQuil so i dont get sick.

    moved up another 5lbs on dumbbell exercises so strength is at a steady increase.



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