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    This is going to be my first log and I am very excited. I would like to first and foremost thank FitnFirm and the rest of the ALRI group for giving me the opportunity to test out Thyrogen X. It really does mean a lot to me!
    With that being said I would also like to point out that the main purpose of this log is to track my progess while on Thyrogen X but I will also be logging my progress of the other ALRI supplements that I will be taking as well. Im currently on my 4th week of Jungle Warefare and will be stacking it with Restore for the next 4 weeks. I will also be using Primed and Regeneration X in my supplementation, so I will be using ALRI supplements throughout my day thus the name of the log!


    Age: 23
    Sex: Male
    Height: 5'6 roughly
    Weight: 165
    BF%: I have never actually calculated this but the last time I was checked in high school I was roughly 18% and I was a lot chunkier. Currently I am a lot leaner so I can only assume that I am lower than 18%.

    Training Split:
    I will be utilizing the P/RR/S training method which I have recently been come across from other members and on other boards. My schedule is based on a sample given on another messageboard that I will try out and will be making adjustments as I feel necessary.This is the basic layout of my week:

    Monday : Chest and Bi's
    Tuesday : Legs, Abs
    Wednesday: OFF
    Thursday: Back, Tri's and Abs
    Friday: Delts and Traps
    Saturday : Cardio and Abs
    Sunday: OFF

    I will go into more detail about the individual workouts on a daily basis in my entries. Because I am currently bulking I will limit my cardio to 30 minute sessions on Saturday and depending on how I feel I may do cardio on my off days.

    Supplementation and Dosing:
    ALRI Thyrogen X : 3 ED with meals
    ALRI Jungle Warfare : 3 ED morning, afternoon and pre-bed
    ALRI Restore : 3 ED morning, afternoon and pre-bed (with JW)
    ALRI Primed : Preworkout 30 min prior
    ALRI Regeneration-X : Postworkout
    Universal Storm: Preworkout 30 min prior (with Primed)
    other supplementation:
    ON WHEY : Postworkout after Regeneration X
    Anabolic Innovations EXCELL: During and Postworkout especially during cardio.

    I will try to consume at least 3000-3500 calories daily. It will mostly from protein and carbs ie chicken, tuna, lean beef and whole pasta and bread. On workout days I will increase my protein and carbs. I will also try to drink at least 1.5- 2 gallons of water daily.

    My log will start tomorrow and I will be including before and after pics. I really am looking forward to seeing the results. LETS GET IT ON!!!!!

  2. Day 1

    Ok today is the first day for Thyrogen X and Restore. Today also is the start of my P/RR/S training split.

    Starting weight: 165lbs

    JW: 1 w/ meal every 8 hrs
    Restore: 1 w/ JW
    Thyrogen: 1 w/ meal every 4-6 hours
    Preworkout: 2 scoops Primed and 1 Scoop Storm
    Postworkout: 2 Scoops Regeneration X immediately post workout and shake about 30 min following.
    This is basically what Im going to follow throughout my log give or take a few hours variance depending on my work schedule or any unforseen issues that may arise.


    Today starts Power Week. Today is Chest and Bi's There is going to be a 2-4 min rest between each set.


    Vertical Chest Press
    WM 100x12/ 120 x 10
    Working sets 180x6 x3

    Incline DB press
    65 x 6 x 3

    Flat BB press
    225 x 4 x 3

    Decline Hammer Press
    235 x 6 x 3

    Note: This is the first time Ive actually done a workout in this rep range. Im used to going 10-12 reps. My strength seemed to me a bit weak


    Standing Preacher Curls
    Wm: 50 x 12 x 2
    Working sets : 80 x 6 x 3

    Concentration Curls:
    40 x 4 x 3

    Standing Hammer Curls
    45 x 4 x 2 ; 50 x 4 x 1

    Note: For some reason I was a little gassed on my last set

    I need to pay attention more to my macros but I all I know is that today I seemed to eat a lot of chicken and beef. I also consumed about a 1 1/2 gallons of water today not including what I drank at the gym

    Initially I think that it is too early to say anything about Thyrogen or Restore. I did however feel a little funny after taking Thyro but I dont know if it had anything to do with that because I tend to always feel a little weird throughout the day. JW on the other hand seems to be kicking in quite nicely. Even though I think my strength needs a lot of improvement, I feel like pressing harder everyday. I feel more and more confident about pushing myself and I feel a lot fuller and harder. People at work are commenting a how much bigger I look and even venture to ask whether or not Im taking steroids Only downside is I seem to have a never ending supply of pimples but I can live with it for now. Primed is also working well because I seemed to have a lot more energy and I am very focused on every rep. Regeneration X has helped me go longer and feel better daily. DOMS havent really been an issue so far even on leg day when I sometimes wonder how Im going to walk to my car. Im also going to be adding in AI's Excell during workout to aid in recovery. I felt pretty good going into the gym today. Im hoping that this new training routine is going to help me improve. P/RR/S seems pretty intense but after todays workout I think I need to push myself a little harder. Tomorrow will be leg day and pics are going to be up by the weekend.

  3. Your gonna get JACKED I love your log

  4. Looks like we have another ALRI fan , Great start on your log, looking forward to reading your progress.

  5. Thanks for the support guys!!!!

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    Thanks for the support guys!!!!

    :bb: :bb2: That will be you

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    :bb: :bb2: That will be you
    hahahahaha! Hopefully by the end of my log or at least in my dreams!
  8. Day 2

    Well today is day 2 and there are already some changes being made! Due to some unforseen yet very beneficial and lucrative organizational changes at my job I have changed my workout schedule. My supplementation hasnt changed but now Im going to train three days on, one day off , two days on, one day off and repeat. So therefore today which was intended to be Leg day (which I like to do before my rest day) has become back/ tri's day and tomorrow will be leg day. Ive changed thursday to be my rest day instead on wednesday. Anyways....

    Weight: 165

    Same dosing for JW/RESTORE. As for Thyrogen-X, I took the first in the morning with breakfast and the second 4 hrs later. The third I took a little later because I actually forgot about it with all the excitement at work. I took it with my preworkout Primed and Storm which is always at least 30 min prior.

    I consumed after 3400 calories which I calculated to be about 45/45/10. I might be a bit off but Ive been a little more picky about what Im eating even though Im bulking because I think I putting on a little too much fat due to my lack of cardio. I think it may be just a little paranoia because Im looking a lot leaner. Go figure

    Today was Back/ Tri's and some Ab work at the end. On back day I like to use straps to limit my bicep involvement especially because my bi's were a little sore from yesterday. I really mostly use them because my grip sucks ( got to be honest )


    Bent-over Barbell Row
    Wm: 135 x 12 x2
    Working Set : 190 x 4 x 3 Note: On the last set I used a reverse grip which actually made it more difficult. I think for future reference Im going to utilize it more often)

    Seated Cable Row
    165 x 4 x 3

    DB Pullover
    75 x 4 x 3
    Note: I think I could have done more but I felt a discomfort on my left side when I extending.

    One arm DB Row
    80 x 6x 3
    Note: I workout at Planet Fitness and unfortunately the highest they go in Db's is 80. After doing the rows I come to realize that I could probably pull heavier so I have to find an alternate workout when I start power week again


    Wm: 100 x 12 x 2
    Working set: 150 x 6 x 3 Note:When doing the working sets I felt the same discomfort as I did when doing the Lat pullover. I dont know what I did to cause this

    Overhead DB Extensions
    75 x 6 x 3

    Dip Machine
    140 x 4 x 3

    Rope Pulldowns
    150 x 4 x 2 Note: Due to the continual discomfort I ceased anymore reps to prevent injury. This is the first time I have ever experienced anything like this so as recommended I just followed up with some stretching


    Rope crunches
    140 x 10 x 4

    10 x 4 superset with oblique cable pulldowns 100 x 10 x 3

    Overall I felt pretty good about the workout despite the discomfort. Every workout seems to getting better as I continue taking JW. Today I felt exceptionally good, I dont know if is has something to do with my timing of Thyro but I seemed to have a bit more energy and in an overall good mood even though I was sweating like a pig. I noticed body temp seemed to be up throughout the entire day. It was like I came in from the rain without an umbrella by the end of the workout. I dont think the Restore has kicked in quite yet. I think the hormonal changes in my body i.e. mood, temperment etc is mostly attributed to continual use of JW. From other logs Ive read, there is a reocurring increase of response in individuals after 4 weeks. They have noted it just gets better. I would like to hope so. Im really starting to get used to the taste of PRIMED and Regeneration X. I actually am looking forward to it daily. I really like the focus and recovery aspects of both. I think they will be staples for me from now on. Well tomorrow is definately going to be LEG day as planned. Im going to hit it hard. Tomorrow I going to mega dose EXCELL to help in the recovery because I really wanna push it!
  9. Day 3

    Today was leg day. Ive been sore more than usual lately, which I thoroughly enjoy. Thank god for Regeneration X or I wouldnt have workout today. I could only imagine what I would feel like without it!

    Weight: 167 +2lbs

    Because of my new position at work, my work schedule has changed which is kinda messing up my dosages. Mainly because my breaks have changed and I come in and leave earlier, which is good but I have to do some refiguring. Today I took my first pills in the morning as usual, my second dose of Thyro 6 hours later and my second dose of JW/ RESTORE 2hrs following which meant now only 1 1/2 hours before workout. Im not sure it that made any difference but Ill have to see as I go. The rest of my preworkout was the same ie Primed and Storm 30 min prior. I also used Excell for the first time today and I have to say it is awesome!

    3560 calories today roughly. I have to go to the grocery on my rest day tomorrow and Ill be using the food suggestions provided by FIT ( THANKS!!)

    Leg day is one of the hardest days of the week. They are the shortest workouts but sometimes really intense. I really seem to push myself harder. I never really had dedicated leg day before mostly due to a previous ankle injury. That was over a year ago and Ive been slowly building back up. I have to thank Cissus RX for the added support.

    Smith Machine Squats
    WM: 135 x 12 x 2
    Working sets : 225 x 6 x 3
    Note: Although it seems a bit light to some. 225 is actually a PR. Due to my ankle injury the most I could get up before on smith squats was 185.

    Seated Leg Curls
    220 x 5 x 2 ; 235 x4 x1

    Leg Press
    325 x 6 x 3
    Note: This was a PR for me which was actually unintentional. I loaded the each side with 3 45 plates because I usually struggle with 270 especially this late in the workout. I started going and I immediately thought I was gassed because it more difficult than what Im used to. I continue through each set and when I started pulling off the plates I realized that there were two 25's behind the foot plate. I didnt know they were there which is good because I was able to press more.

    Seated toe press (calfs)
    190 x 6 x 3
    Note: I really felt it on the last set.

    By the end of the workout I started to feel the fatigue in both my legs. It was a good feeling. I was sipping Excell throughout my entire workout and I hope it helps in addition to Regen-x. I know Im going to feel it tomorrow. I dont know what it is about T- X but my body temp seems to be up and Im sweating a lot more during my workouts. Maybe it has something to do with an increased metabolic rate or caloric expenditure. Im also noticing that I am always hungry. Im not sure if it has something to do with JW or the RESTORE but its hard for me to pinpoint which supplement is making me feel this way because Im not using them standalone. I do know that the RESTORE might be kicking it because I a bit more aggressive and tempermental. Im actually looking forward to seeing the other leaning results but I hope it doesnt inhibit my mass growth. This is a concern because Ill have to watch even closer what Im eating to be sure its clean. Anyways tomorrow is my off day which is good because I dont know if Im going to be able to walk Im going to take my last dosages of T-X, JW and RESTORE before bed
  10. Day 5 (really 6)

    Recap for past two days. Day 4 was rest day. Same supplement regime and daily caloric intake. Yesterday was Shoulders, traps and abs.

    Weight: 167

    A bit off yesterday because I had plans to go out which I knew would entail some moderate drinking so I only took two of the three doses that I take. I dont know what effects alcohol would have on the body while taking JW/RESTORE/TX and I didnt want to find out so I made sure that there was at least 8 hrs between the last dose and first drink.

    3425 calories and about 2 gallons of water. Because of the increase in body temp and water expenditure during my workouts, I feel more thirsty while working out so Im bumping it up.

    It was shoulders, traps and abs yesterday. I had some great focus and energy throughout the entire workout. Usually by the end of the week Im pretty beat with recovery, rest and work but for some reason I felt pretty refreshed. I felt really rested which I think has to do with the change in my schedule.

    Shoulders and Traps

    Smith Machine Military Press
    WM: 110 x 12 x 2
    Working set: 165 x 6 x 2 ; 165 x 4 x 1
    Note: One the last set I was struggling on the 3 and final rep. I think if I had a spotter I could have done two forced reps.

    Standing Upright Rows
    110 x 6 x 3
    Note: I used a wider grip to put emphasis on mid delts and held for 2 sec. I had an awesome pump by the end of the last set

    Bent Over Lateral Raises
    45 x 6 x 1 ; 55 x 4 x 3 PR
    Note: I started with 45 because previous I could barely lift 40's but when I started I they felt a little light so I went heavier. Strenght seems to be up! I love JW!!!!

    Db 80 x 6 x 1
    BB 235 x 4 x 3
    Note: Usually 80's gives me a nice burn but today it seemed a little light as well. I felt like I didnt need my straps. So I went for some BB shrugs and thats where I got the burn!!!!


    Rope Crunches
    140 x 10 x 4

    12x 4

    Oblique Cable Pulldowns
    110 x 10 x 4

    Yesterday was an awesome workout. My strength seems to be up. I think the JW is really kicking in as well as the Restore. TX seems to be kicking in also because increase in body temp and leaner feeling. Im looking forward to Rep/ Range week because I think it test the potential of these supplements.
    I think Im going to permanently going to supplement BCAA/EAA with Regeneration X because it seems to increase the recovery rate. AI's flavoring system tastes awesome. Their whey is amazing. Today was supposed to be cardio but it was a late night and apparently lapdances can really take a lot out of you Im going to rest up and do some cardio tomorrow. I will also be putting up pics finally tomorrow as well.

  11. great updates nosaj03. keep hittin it hard
  12. Week 2 Day 8

    I come to realize that the only consistant thing in my life is inconsistancy. Yesterday was cardio day as planned but the pics have been put on the back burner because the person who was supposed to take the pics bailed on me so Ill have to wait on those. Im disappointed but what can I do. Sh*t happens

    Weight: 168 +1

    Ive actually changed my dosing. JW and Restore are the same but Im actually timing my TX so I take it closer to my workout. It seems to make me feel more amped and I really burn up. I feel like Im working harder and I feel pumped and ready to go throughout the entire workout. Also adding Excell to Regen-X has really seemed to enhance my recovery.

    Eating is becoming more of a necessity rather than for satisfaction. Chicken breast and tuna are getting kind of old but you gotta do what you gotta do. I consumed about 3300 cal today which I think was mostly the 1 1/2 lbs of lean ground beef I had for my 1st and 2nd lunch.

    Today the first day of rep/ range week. All I can say is that you better be ready to push yourself. I had one hell of a pump at the end and I had some forced reps during the last few sets but Im really liking the training regimen.
    Today was chest and bi's. There is a 3 min rest between sets.


    Db Incline Bench
    WM: 45 x 10 x 2
    Working Sets: 55 x 9 x 3

    BB Flat Bench
    175 x 12 x 3
    Note: I think that I may have gone a little too heavy because I had trouble finishing the 2nd and 3rd sets. This is were the forced reps came in.

    Cable Cross-overs
    50 x 15 x 3
    Note: I had an awesome pump but the end of the 2nd set and 2 forced reps at the end of the last set. Chest was pumped by the end.


    Standing Alt. Curls
    WM: 25 x 12 x 2
    Working set: 45 x 8 x3

    EZ Curl Bar Preacher:
    60 x 10 x 3
    Note: I really felt in it during the 2nd set. My arms were so pumped and full. The feeling remained throughout my rest before my third exercise so I extended the rest before continuing

    Single Arm Curl Machine
    30 x 12 x 3
    Note: I reached failure early but forced the last reps on each set with help from someone in the gym. By the last set my arms felt so tight. I was loving it

    I havent had a chest or arm workout like this in a while. I think that shock week may kill me but Im looking forward to it. TX is kicking in nicely. Im hoping it will help me lean out while upping the calories. I think the entire ALRI stack is actually coming together quite nicely. Only problem I seem to be having is that my Primed is clumping up pretty badly. Kinda like what my Xceed did. It turns into hard clumps that do not dissolve well in water. I think it has something to do with moisture so I think Im going to store it some place else and see what happens. Tomorrow is back and tri day
  13. Day 9

    Today was back and tri's rep/range. Ive been really busy at work with the new position. Things have been pretty hectic but overall pretty good. Chest and bi's are sore which is a good thing because soreness is often a sign of hypertrophy. That means no pain no gain. I have also made a poor attempt to take pics. This is the reason why I wanted someone else to take the pics of me but I have to make due.

    Here they are, nice, in the bathroom in front of the mirror pics. I took them when I got home from the gym. When I take my final pics I will definately have someone else take them because hopefully I will look a lot better.


    Weight: 167 (-1lb)
    I seem to fluctuate in between 165-169. I cant seem to get more than that without accumulating fat. Hopefully TX will remedy that!

    Like I said before things have been a little crazy. I wasn't paying attention today and I accidentally mixed in a scoop of Regen-X with my Storm instead of Primed. I dont know what affect it had (if any) on my workout today but I hate when I do stupid things like that. I only took one scoop of RX postworkout with an extra scoop of Excell. I didnt want to end up short. Everything else was the same. Took TX close to preworkout again today

    Same old thing different day. 3000+ cal plus a 1 1/2 gallons of h2o. I did actually have so awesome top round for lunch today. The cafeteria at my work does a pretty good job and they have no problem cooking things the way I want i.e. cooking spray instead of grease.

    Back, Tri's and some abs. Rep/range is pretty difficult especially later in the set. Im really using a lot of forced reps to make it. Thank god for straps!


    Bent Over BB Rows
    WM: 95 x 12 x 2
    Working Set: 135 x 8 x 3

    Wide Grip Pulldown
    110 x 10 x 3
    Note: During the last set I really start to feel it

    Cable Row
    130 x 12 x 3
    Note: During the start of the 2nd set I started to feel a little gassed. I dont know if the weight was right but I started to struggle and lose form on the last few reps.

    DB Rows
    50 x 14 x 3
    Note: This is really where I was glad I had straps. I felt my grip weaken nearing the end of each set and if it werent for the straps I would have dropped the db.


    After the back workout. I took a little time before starting just to catch up to speed. I didnt want my tri workout to suffer. Also I seem to have this weird discomfort in my shoulder area. I noticed it a little yesterday but even more so today. I used to have to same feeling a while ago but it stopped after I used Cissus. I think I might start using Cissus again

    Push Downs
    WM: 70 x 12 x 2
    Working set: 120 x 8 x 3
    Note: Got an awesome pump in my tri's

    Overhead Extensions
    60 x 10 x 3
    Note: Fatigue started to set in on the last set. I did some slight rest pause to get the last few reps

    Rope Pulldowns
    70 x 15 x 1 ; 55 x 15 x 2
    Note: After struggling to finish the first set I dropped the weight so I didnt have to sacrifice form.


    Hanging leg raises
    15 x 3

    Cable Crunches
    130 x 15 x 3
    Note: After the 3 set I was gassed.

    Today for some reason I started out hyped to workout, I was full of energy but by the end I was spent. I dont know if it has to do with the rep/range or the fact the I took RX prewokout or inadequate rest or maybe a combination of all three but I was tired by the end. I have never felt so worn out during a workout. It was almost like someone flipped a switch and turned all the energy off. I hope this is not the diminishing effects of Primed. I really hope that this is not going to be a regular occurance. Tomorrow is Leg day. Lets hope tomorrow is a whole other story
  14. Day 10

    Today was so much better. I was pretty bummed about yesterdays workout but today really was another story. It seemed like everything just came together

    Weight: 167

    Today I paid attention and used the Primed and Storm as normal. I did however forget to take my pills in the morning so I ended up taking my first dose in the afternoon and the second preworkout. My last will be before bed later tonight so the timing between doses is 6 instead of 8 and 4. I also sipped on Excell throughout my workout, which I usually do just on leg days for the added recovery.

    I did kinda slipped today and ate some things I shouldnt have but its ok. I still managed to get about 3200 cal in and the usual h2o

    Today was Leg rep/range. Like I said before I never really had a designated leg day but after today, leg day is actually one of my favs. I think I over did it a little because I just felt good compared to yesterday.

    Smith Machine Squats

    WM:135 x 12 x 2
    Working set: 185 x 8 x 3
    Note: I had a good pump in my quads during the last set!

    Seated Leg Curls:
    175 x 10 x 3

    Toe Press (calfs)
    170 x 12 x 3
    Note: I paused during the end of each rep just to get the extra burn

    Leg Extensions
    150 x 14 x 3
    Note: This is where I really felt it. I was hammering away at each rep. By the end of the last set, when I got off the machine, I could feel my quads throbbing. It kinda hurt but it was that satisfying pain you get after a good workout!!

    Today was so much better than yesterday. The workout was short but sweet. I felt like I could go on forever and I wanted to stay a little longer because there were these cute girls on the treadmills watching me workout. I dont know why but I get a rush out of people watching me workout. I usually dont like attention, I just go in to do my thing but its a good feeling to have someone stop what they are doing and just watch. Anyways TX is continually making me burn up. I start sweating the second I exert myself. I think the Restore is kicking in more daily because Im breaking out even moreso like when I first started taking JW but only not as severe. I think its also making me a bit more aggressive because people at work are saying Im being short. They are also saying that Im looking a lot bigger. RX is doing a great job holding back DOMS but Im actually feeling it later which is different. I usually feel it the next day. Well tomorrow is off day and I could use some rest. I cant wait until friday which is delts and traps. Hopefully I dont get that pain in my shoulder.
  15. Day 12

    Another awesome workout. I feel so much more pumped and eager to workout after my day off. I usually catch up on some R&R and feel refreshed when I get into the gym.

    Weight: 168

    I was on the ball today. Took everything at the right time. It was just like clockwork (no pun intended). Im almost out of Primed so Im going to have to get some more. To honestly test the effectiveness of the product Im going to wait a few days before ordering again just to see how I feel afterward.

    Lots and lots of protein. Overall around 3400 cals and I think I might have eaten two whole chickens today

    Today was shoulders and traps. I havent worked my shoulders this much in one day. I think I may have overdone it because I was so eager to workout. Rep/Range really kicks your ass. You dont realize it until the last set when you are in the higher range.

    Military Press
    WM: 110 x 12 x 2
    Working set: 135 x 8 x 3

    Note: Strength must be up because it seemed pretty easy or maybe I just used to light of a weight. I would like to think its the strength

    BB upright rows
    80 x 10 x 3

    Note: Nice burn in the middle delts with the wider grip. I didnt pause too long at the top this time.

    Lateral Raises
    30 x 12 x 3

    Note: I was blasting through the first two set and during the 3 third set where I started to get a little gassed finished the last few reps cheat reps. Im happy I was able to maintain form throughout the first two sets.

    Reverse Peck Deck Fly
    55 x 12 x 3

    Note: Nice burn in the rear delts with the high range reps.

    BB Shrugs
    Wm:100 x 12 x 3
    Working Set: 185 x 10 x 2 ; 185 x 12 x 1

    Note: I wanted to push it a little more on the last set. PR on that one!

    BB Rear Shrugs
    135 x 12 x 2

    Note: This is the first time Ive included these in a workout. Nice burn in my traps. I think I will include these more often.

    Today was a great workout. Im glad that I didnt have any discomfort in my shoulder, oddly enough. My shoulders and traps feel so pumped and tight right now, thanks to JW/Restore. I seem so much fuller everyday especially after a workout. TX has been the same ie increase temp. I wonder what happens in the latter part of the cycle but I guess Ill find out later in the log. I was going to do abs as well but the gym was packed for a Friday and I didnt feel like standing around to get to the cables or machines. Ill just have to do some tomorrow with cardio day.
  16. Day 15

    A little recap on day 13. Cardio for 30 mins (15 min on tread / 15 mins of eliptical) and ab work. I alway played some touch football later on in the day. Today was the first day of shock week. So far its been pretty challenging but now comes the pain!

    170 +2
    I havent weight myself since Friday and Im suprised I gained two lbs. Im sure its mostly muscle mass because Im feeling leaner

    Pretty decent today, roughly 3400 all clean. Im pretty proud about that.

    Everything was on point today. I have one more dose of Primed and Im looking to get some more. I was actually considering AI's Chaos it looks pretty decent. Ill have to see how I feel after a few workouts without it to determine what I do.

    Today was Chest/ Bi's, first day of shock week. It was brutal. The short pause between each set just to catch your breath makes it very exhausting. I was pretty beat by the end of the workout and I dont think there is anything I could have taken to prevent that. All I can say is that I was lovin' every moment of it.


    Db incline/ Pec Deck Fly's
    Wm on incline:45 x 12 x 2
    Working set : (55 x 8 on Db incline ss Flies 65 x 8) x 2
    After my first taste of shock, I knew I was in for a world of hurt.

    Flat BB / Cable Crossovers
    175 x 8 flat bb ss cable cross. 60 x 8 x 2
    Fatigue was definately setting in. I was really pushing on each rep.

    Decline hammer press
    155 x 10 ds 135 x 8
    I was going to go 10 on the dropset but I could barely push up the last rep. My chest was burning pretty good. Quite the welcoming feeling!!!!

    Before I started I had to collect myself. It goes pretty quickly but it takes a lot out of you.

    Standing bb curls/ Alt curls
    Wm on bb curls: 40 x 12 x 2
    Working set: (70 x 8 stand bb curls ss Alt curls 35 x 8) x 2

    Preacher curls/ hammer curls
    (70 x 8 preacher ss hammer 40 x 8) x 2
    My bi's felt like they were going to explode

    Curl machine
    65 x 10 ds 50 x 8
    I was giving it everything I got to finish the dropset. By the end of the last set I felt nausous. I have never ever pushed myself to the point that I almost got sick. It made me realize that I havent been pushing myself enough.

    Even though I was so gassed, I wanted to do some abs. It was pretty short.
    I did 15 x 4 knee-ins, 15 x 4 hanging leg raises and 10 x4 reverse decline crunches.

    Shock week is definately kicking my ass and its only the first day. My chest and my bi's are so tight right now its insane. I got some really good pumps today. I also noticed today that I had a pretty bad headache that just came out of nowhere. It was this sharp pain in the back of my head. I never get headaches so Im wondering if this is a common side effect of Restore. I know its been reported to happen with JW but I had never experienced any headaches when I was on JW standalone. Ill have to see if occurs on a regular basis, hopefully not. Anyways tomorrow is back and tri's.
  17. Day 16

    Today was another productive yet exhausting and grueling workout. P/RR/S really does bring on the pain. Another pain is try to get to all the machines and benches during the supersets. I think I may have to start going to the gym later.

    Weight: 171 +1
    Im up again. I think it might just be water weight though. I dont think its possible to gain a pound in just one day or maybe it is. Im going to chalk it up to water.

    Nothing really new to report. Monotonous at its best.

    Everything was good as far as pills go. I took my last dose of Primed today. it kinda sucks because I was hoping I would make it past leg day but ohh well. Leg day would be a good indication as far as effectiveness goes. Recently Ive noticed that when Im taking my last dose of Restore and JW, I get this acid reflux type feeling shortly after. Like an acid like burn similar to when you throw up. Maybe its because Im not drinking enough water with the last dose but its kinda weird. I dont seem to have that burning up feeling from TX throughout the day. It now only occurs during my workouts and Im still leaving the gym drenched.

    Today was Back and Tri's. It was a sick workout today. Like I said before its hard making sure the machines and cables are free for the supersets especially when the gym is packed. I had some onlookers again today which got me pumped and helped me through the sets. I didnt want to fail in front of a crowd


    Reverse Grip Bent Over BB rows ss Wide Grip Pull Down
    Wm up on BB rows: 110 x 12 x 2
    Working sets: 155 x 8 (BB rows) ss 115 x 8 WD Pulldown x 2
    Nice pump going on the reverse grip rows and I didnt need the straps until the las set

    CG Cable Row ss Reverse grip pulldown
    (115 x 8 ss 100 x 8 ) x 2
    This is where I felt the burn came in. Im glad I had straps because I felt my biceps a little bit on the last few reps.

    Pullover ss DB rows dropset
    (65 x 8 ss 65 x 8 ) x 2 drop set 55 x 10 x 1
    I dont know if this is the right way to do this but I forgot about the dropset half way throught the super set and just decided to do a drop set on my last set of db rows. By the end my back so so full


    Skull Crushers ss Close Grip Bench Press
    Wm on SC: 40 x 12 x 2
    Working set : (75 x 8 ss 75 x 8 ) x 2
    Nice pump during the warm up and early fatigue on the last rep

    Reverse Grip pulldown ss Pushdown
    (60 x 10 ss 90 x 8 ) x 2
    With the short pause between the ss, my tri's were throbbing.

    Overhead extensions
    65 x 8 x 2 ds 55 x 6 x 1
    Fatigue set in and the dropset was taken to failure. My arms were so dead by the end. I actually almost dropped the weight on my head but luckily I moved.

    I was exhausted by the end of the workout. It was also a lot quicker than usual. Time seemed to just fly by. I was a little sore from the workout from yesterday which resulted basically in my entire upped body feeling worn. Regen-X seems to be helping a little. I was also just covered in sweat. TX does a good job of that. I also notice that I feel so much fuller by the end of the sets. I wonder if this is the effects of Restore? Tomorrow is going to be leg day!

  18. Keep up the great work! I know that feeling too, when someone is watching you during a set, your like, OMG dont fail now!!!!!! LOL
  19. Day 17

    Today I was beat. Doms are really kicking my ass today. Shock really does "shock" the muscles. I usually dont get sore until a few days later but today it hit me at once. Its a good thing it was all upper body or else I wouldnt be able to work legs today. Dont get me wrong Im not complaining about the pain but damn its sore! Another thing is that everyone at work is sick so Im doing everthing I can to not get sick and DOMS wont help any.


    Its customer service appreciation week at work so we had a luncheon. It was from this local bbq place, so my diet today was not so good but man those slow cooked ribs where awesome. The meat was just falling off the bone. I did eat the chicken breast and loaded up on salad. Unfortunately it was all in one sitting so the rest of my meals consisted of oats and plain fat free yogurt. I was for some reason very thirsty. I was drinking water all day and pissing like a race horse every 30 minutes!

    Pills are good. Havent had a problem forgetting to take them and usually I do. It was pretty much clockwork today. No more Primed. I just took Storm preworkout. I still have Regen-X which is weird because they are supposed to have the same amount of servings but I still have a lot of Regen-x left.

    Today was Legs and abs. I was looking forward to leg day on shock week because it would give me a chance to really blast my legs. I did a lot of stretching before and after each exercise.

    Leg Extensions ss Leg Curls
    Wm on Curls and Ext : 135 x 12 x 2 each
    Working set : (Leg Ext 160 x 8 ss Leg Curl 160 x 8 ) x 2
    My quads were so full. I felt it when I walked to the waterfountain after the last set.

    Romanian Deadlift ss Leg Press
    (RD 135 x 10 ss LP 315 x 8 ) x 2
    I had to straighten my form on my RD because I felt it in my lower back right away ( DOMS from yesterday) and when I did my hams and ass got pumped.
    I felt a little sick after the last set of LP's

    Smith Machine Squats
    185 x 10 x1 ; 185 x 8 ds 155 x 8
    My quads felt smashed during the second set before the ds and I was really pushing on the dropset. Afterwards I thought I was going to be sick. It was awesome!!

    Seated Calf Raises
    200 x 10 x1; 200 x 10 ds 175 x 8
    I did a dropset on calves because I didnt really work them at all. Nice burn afterwards

    15 x 4

    Weighted Cable Crunches
    130 x 15 x 3

    Todays workout was really short. I was in and out in about an hour. My legs felt so full walking to the car. I did some extra stretching when I got home. I had some pretty good energy today despite the fact I didnt take Primed preworkout. I wonder how long it will last. For some reason I felt really really hot in the gym. My body seemed so much warmer. I looked like I took a bath in my gym clothes after the first ss. Im afraid to wear light color shorts because I might soak right through them and I dont want to be "that guy" in the gym with the ass sweat My shirts are getting a little tighter which Im happy about and Im still able to keep it lean (for the most part) so TX seems to be doing its job in conjunction with JW and Restore. Compliments are always a plus. Tomorrow is supposed to be my day off but it may become shoulders and traps day because I may have plans for Friday. We'll have to see what happens but hopefully it will be my day off because I could use the rest.
  20. Day 22

    Long time no talk. Man, things can get so crazy sometimes especially when you think you have everything under control. Today was the first day in the gym since Thursday. I felt so out of it. I hate missing the gym but sometimes things are just out of your control. It did feel good getting back to the daily grind. Last Thursday finished up shock week and I had a killer last workout. Today started another series with power week.

    174 +3
    Im almost at my target weight but from the looks of things I should keep going and weight more leaner. I think because of all the excess cals, Ive been packing on a little fat. TX is doing a great job but it can stop everything.

    Everything has been pretty much on schedule despite my absence from the gym. Im running out of Regen-X and no more Primed. Today was the second workout day without it and Im not really feeling too much of a difference. I do however notice a slight decrease in energy. Im still getting some great pumps in the gym which leads me to believe that Primed didnt really do much for me in terms of pumps. It apparently did aid in boosting energy levels. Im still undecided as to whether or not I will purchase it again. I am actually looking at alternative preworkout supplements. I finished the first bottle of TX and started the second. I think I will continue the log until both bottles are empty.


    Today was chest and bi's power week. Im a bit annoyed at todays workout because apparently everyone and their mother works chest on Mondays so I had to wait a little bit between each excercise so I can use the bench. It was ok because the little wait did help me catch up.


    DB Incline Press
    Wm: 50 x 12 x 2
    Working set : 75 x 4 x 3
    I increased the weight from the last time which was pretty good. I was able to tell immediately that my strenght was up.

    Pec Deck Fly
    130 x 5 x 3

    Flat Bench BB Press
    225 x 4 x 3
    I was kinda hoping that I would be able to up the weight on the bench but because of the limited availability of the bench, I couldnt do this excercise early in the workout. I still pushed it up pretty good but this is when fatigue started to set it

    Decline Bench BB Press
    205 x 4 x 3
    I havent done decline bench in a while. I got a nice pump going.


    Standing Alt DB Curls
    WM: 30 x 12 x 2
    Working Set: 50 x 4 x 3
    PR on this one.

    Preacher Curls
    90 x 4 x 3
    Upped the weight on this one as well. Felt pretty good about the strenght going up but took a lot out of me.

    BB Curl
    80 x 6 x 4

    Hammer curls
    50 x 6 x 3
    Fought for every rep during the last set. I was really gassed and my bi's felt dead. It felt good though.

    Wasnt a bad workout today considering the fact that I havent been there after a while. 3 days is much but can feel like a lot. I think everything is coming together quite nicely. I wasnt drenched today for some reason but I did feel hot. My libido is higher than normal thanks to Restore. I find myself a lot easier "distracted" in the prescence of attractive females (and even some not so attractive). Im definately getting more mass because I feel fuller everyday. This is definately an awesome stack so far but Im just not to keen on the acne. Thats one thing that I am looking forward too and its not having an acne covered face.But you gotta do what you gotta do. Tomorrow is back and tri's so I think Im going to get some extra rest.
  21. Day 23

    Today was a good day. It was a bit busy at work but other than that it was all cake. Today's workout was awesome despite another busy day at the gym

    Im almost at my target weight but like I said before I think I need to gain some more quality pounds before I start cutting. I think I will base my target weight not solely on just weight alone but also visual appearance. I still starting cutting when I feel I am at the appropriate size regardless of weight I am. I dont know if this is the right way to go about things but this is all apart of the learning process.

    I didnt really go over this last time but there is really not much of a variance on a daily basis. It is truly monotonous at best. Chicken breast, chicken breast, chicken breast, tuna, tuna,tuna. Most of you know what Im talking about when it comes to food. We all eat out of necessity not pleasure.

    Everything was on point again today. Im almost out of Regen-X and Im pretty sure that Im going to get some more but like with Primed, Im going to wait a bit to see what effects it has on my workouts without supplementing them.

    Today was Back and Tri's Power with some abs. After todays workout I can tell my strength is up. I was still using some of the same weight but I was able to get more reps which ultimately means next go around Im increasing the weight. It was basically PR's all the way around As with all my back excercises I will be using straps to limit bicep involvement.


    Bent over BB Rows
    Wm: 135 x 12 x 2
    Working Set: 200 x 6 x 3

    WG Pulldowns
    165 x 6 x 3
    Great form throughout the entire excercise.Im pretty happy about that.

    CG Seated Cable Rows
    160 x 6 x 3
    I didnt get gassed early like I did last power week.

    DB Lat Pullovers
    75 x 6 x 3
    Each reps on these and great pump in the lats. Also I didnt really feel any discomfort in my shoulders like last time.


    WM:90 x 12 x 2
    Working Sets: 165 x 6 x 3

    Overhead Extensions
    75 x 6 x 3
    Last time I could only get 4 and gassed on the last set.

    Cable Pulldowns
    110 x 6 x 3


    Hanging Knee Raises
    15 x 3

    Cable Crunches
    130 x 12 x 3

    Today was an awesome workout. Im happy that my strength is up. JW/Restore has been good so far. The whole libido thing isnt really helping in the gym though I was tired all day until I got into the gym and I had some pretty good energy throughout. This is the third day without Primed and Im sitting on the fence trying to determine whether or not Im going to get it again. I think Ill give it more time. Tomorrow is leg day but it may be an off day because my best friends sister is having a babyand depending on when she goes into labor I might be too late. We'll have to see.

  22. a bla bla. LOL I get sick of it too, but we do what we have to huh! Glad your day went like cake
  23. Day 24

    Well due to doctors ordes my friend isnt going to be induced until early tomorrow morning so I was able to workout legs today. It kinda worked out for me because tomorrow is my regular off day but it sucks for her because she has to wait one more day.

    175 + 1
    Im steadily gaining day after day. I dont know if thats good or bad but to be honest I dont feel much bigger. But then again you cant really feel a pound. I am pleased to say though that the Im asked on a regular basis whether or not I workout

    This entire week at work is Hispanic heritage appreciation week. Today there was a bunch of latin food for everyone. I am happy to say that I didnt eat any of it with the exception of some cuban coffee. Its not that I didnt want to for healthy eating sake, I didnt eat it because spanish food always gives me the worst gas. I stuck to my grilled chicken breast and oats. Id say I got in a good 3400 cals.

    Same ole, same ole. Im getting down to my last few doses of JW and Restore and I took the last of Regen-x postworkout. Pretty soon its just going to be storm, TX and whey. Im still undecided on getting some more Primed.

    Today was legs power day. The gym for some reason was pretty much empty, so my workout went smoothly. I really burned out my legs today. I had PR in reps and weight!!


    Smith Machine Squats
    WM: 135 x 12 x 2
    Working Set: 245 x 6 x 3
    +20lbs from last time. It actually felt kinda easy at first until I was halfway through the 2nd set.

    Leg Curls
    235 x 6 x 3

    Leg Press
    425 x 6 x 3
    100lbs more on presses!!!! I fought for each rep too.

    Romanian Deadlift
    185 x 6 x 3
    I stood on one of those stair stepper things and I was able to target my hams and glutes better. My ass was so pumped from the squeeze after each rep.

    Smith Machine Calf Raises
    235 x 6 x 3

    I has some awesome endurance in the gym today. Im happy about the PR's and Im glad to see my strength is going up. My legs felt worn but I would have kept going if it was not going to be bad for my growth. I think that the p/rr/s training routine has really helped me with some great gains and the addition of supplements is the icing on the cake!! Tomorrow is going to be off and I can use some much needed rest.

  24. Hope your friend has a smooth delivery !!!! I hope you get some rest, but I have a feeling you wont, lol. Its great that you are there for your friend
  25. Day 26 and 27 (Day 28)

    This is basically a recap for the past two days. Its been crazy. First I happy to say my friend had a beautiful baby girl on Thursday. Friday, I didnt post because my internet was down the whole day and didnt get back up until yesterday afternoon. Needless to say, I was pissed off for the past two days because I couldnt use the net. You dont realize how much the internet is apart of your life until you dont have it anymore. Its like a cellphone. Anyways.....

    Day 26

    Friday was delts and traps power. I was a bit tired because I was up late with everyone at the hospital to see my friend. I didnt get home till 2 and I had to get up at 5. It was a rough morning. I was actually thinking about not working out and just getting some rest and the weird part was even my horroscope said I should get some rest. Needless to say after a few No Fear energy drinks later in the day, I decided to man up and work out.

    I was up again.

    My intake was about 3000. It sucked and I was off the entire day. It was busy and it sucks when you are exhausted.

    Amidst all the chaos at work I still managed to take everything when I was supposed to. Im almost done with JW/Restore. I think I have just a few more days. Unfortunately, Ive decided not to get Primed again. I think Im going to find another preworkout supp to replace Primed and Storm. Im going to use Storm postworkout. There is a bunch out there so I havent decided yet. Im also still undecided about Regen-X.

    It was Delts and Traps Power with a little ab. The gym was empty on Friday night which was good because I didnt have to really wait for anything . What sucked though was there was no working water fountain in the place. The county was switching the tap or something like that which was only supposed to last only a few hours in the morning but ended up lasting all day. I had to BUY water from the gym which was expensive at first but the guys there hooked me up.

    Smith machine Military Press
    WM:110 x 12 x 2
    Working Set: 185 x 4 x 3
    I upped the weight and dropped the reps from last time

    Standing Upright Rows
    110 x 6 x 3
    Same as last time but the next go around Im going to use the smith instead so I can up the weight.

    Seated lateral raises
    35 x 6 x 3
    My middle delts felt smashed afterwards. The seated lateral raises are so much harder because it forces you to utilize your delts more. Its hard but I like it

    Bent over lateral raises
    55 x 6 x 3

    DB/BB Shrugs
    Wm: 80 x 12 x 3
    Working Set:315 x 6 x 3
    PR on the BB shrugs. This is the first time Ive tried it and thank god for straps because I felt like I was going to drop the bar a few times on the last set.

    Hanging Leg Raises
    15 x 4
    I was pretty tired by the end of my workout. I didnt feel like doing any more ab excercises

    Day 27
    Yesterday was cardio

    I didnt weight myself yesterday but I assume I didnt change

    My intake usually sucks on the weekend but I always get at least 3200 +. Unfortunately its not always as clean as it should be but I try to limit my fats. I had some awesome turkey burgers yesterday

    I only took two doses because I had plans to watch the UFC fight which was awesome. Rich Franklin got his ass whooped. Anyways I had a few beers and I didnt want to drink while on my supps

    On Saturdays I used to do cardio in the gym but instead Ive been playing baseball and football with some friends. We play both and we usually play for a few hours so this is my replacement for cardio.

    Im almost done with my log. Im going to continue until TX is gone. The odd about TX currently is that Im not sweating as much and the increased body temp has subsided. I dont feel as hot throughout the day anymore. I dont know if thats a good or bad thing. Tomorrow starts REP Range WEEK.


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