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  1. Day 37

    Today seemed to just fly by. I woke up late this morning and I was feeling really tired. I notice that I usually have a problem getting up on time when it starts to get cool. Maybe its because it so comfortable all covered up in soft blankets. I was thinking that I was going to need to use one of the samples of Stimulant X I got the other day but I didnt get around to using it. Im actually curious to see how well it works.

    Im starting to gain weight again. Im glad because I was afraid not eating right or working out because I was sick would make it hard on me.

    Back to the daily grind. Id say around 3400+. I ate a boat load of whole wheat past and lean ground beef I made yesterday plus some of the leftover chicken breast.

    I took my last dose of JW today and I think tomorrow will end it for me with Restore. I look forward to the time off and starting again , hopefully with the new mystery mass supplement that should be coming out soon. I only have a few more days of TX. Shotgun is still kicking ass and I just bought a bottle of Xtend so Im supplementing that as well. I was thinking about trying Epic's 8 beta-anabol but I think I might wait to stack it will their 4 nitro-tropic when I run out of shotgun. We'll have to see.

    Today was leg shock day and it was actually the shortest workout Ive had. I think I finished under an hour. I was just blasting through the workouts with very short rests between. I was full of energy but I did have to wait a little bit because people kept getting on the machines after I would finish a set not realizing that I had more to do. It was cool though.

    Romanian Deadlift ss Leg press
    Wm on Leg press: 275 x 12 x 2
    Working set: 325 x 8 ss 185 x 8 x 2
    I was up on the RD's from last time and pretty good form as well

    Leg extensions ss Leg Curls
    180 x 8 ss 150 x 8 x 2
    I wanted to do more on the leg curls but the machine with the heavier stack was occupied the entire time so I just did the whole stack on the available machine.

    Smith Machine Squats
    225 x 10 ds 185 x 8
    My quads were burning by the dropset. I was happy with the endurance and I the pump going on in my legs

    Toe Press machine
    200 x 15 x 2
    Great burn in my calves but I think I need to find another workout for calves.

    Today was a quick but solid workout. Even right now a few hours after my workout my legs are feeling pretty full. Ive noticed with shotgun that I maintain vascularity for an extended time. I havent had this with any other NO product. Im also really diggin the energy. Today I was drenched again but I dont know if I can attribute it to TX because I havent sweated this much in a while. Well tomorrow is supposed to be my rest day but I think I might workout anyways because I might have things to do on Friday. We'll have to see but I really want to workout shoulders and traps because I didnt work them last week.

  2. Day 38

    Today last minute I decided to work out. I made plans for Friday night so tomorrow will be my rest day.

    Up again. Hopefully I can keep the momentum and keep gaining quality pounds.

    Unfortunately because today was supposed to be my day off. I didnt eat to clean. Had some cheat foods but nothing too bad. I dont even know how many cals I had today.

    Took my last dose of Restore. I should be done by Monday and Ill post my final review. Eventually all Im going to be taking is Shotgun, preworkout, Xtend during and Storm post. I plan on taking a month or so off before I start stacking again.

    Today was Shoulders, traps and I did some forearm work. I upped the weight and added an extra set to make up for last week.

    DB Overhead Press ss Seated DB front raises
    Wm: 40 x 12 x 2
    Working Set: 55 x 8 ss 35 x 8 x 3

    Wide Grip BB Upright Row ss Seated Lat Raises
    90 x 8 ss 35 x 8 x 3
    The seated lat raises really killed my side delts

    Rev Pec Deck ss Bent Over Lat raises
    75 x 8 ss 35 x 8 x 3
    Great focus on the rev pec deck reps. Nice pump

    Smith Machine Shrugs
    Wm: 135 x 12 x 2
    Working Set: 275 x 12 ds 225 x 12 x 2

    Rear Shrugs
    275 x 12 ds 225 x 12 x 2
    My traps were pumped. I love doing shrigs!


    BB Wristcurls
    Wm: 40 x 12 x 2
    Working set: 80 x 12 x 3
    I got a crazy pump going in my forearms quick!

    DB Wrist Curls
    40 x 12 x 3
    The pump was painful. I couldnt squeeze my hand.

    Today was an awesome workout. My shoulders and traps were so full and I couldnt squeeze my hand, it was great I actually got to use Stim X for the first time today and the energy was pretty good. I didnt crash at all and I didnt feel all cracked out. I think I might pick up a bottle. Tomorrow is my day off and I could use the rest. Ive been tired all week.

  3. Its been a while since Ive posted. i didnt want anyone to think that Ive forgotten my responsibilities. Its been one crazy and hectic month and it gets even worse near the end of the month at work. I havent really been to the gym since last week but Im completely done with TX so my final review should be coming up by the end of the week so stay tuned!


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