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  1. Quote Originally Posted by MANDINGO
    Not so sound stupid, but can anyone tell me what the science/rationale is behind starting off with Restore for 2 weeks, than adding in the JW, and finishing with Restore?

    Yes, I've read up on both of these supps (and actually started day 1 of the combo stack yesterday), but I'm still a little confused as to what each does differently and how they work together as this thread's stack has them working?
    Hey Mandingo

    I decided to stack them as I did purely based off of a past experience that I was looking to avoid. I have another log wherein I ran JW solo for 8 weeks. When I ended I was at a higher dose than 3 caps I believe, and as a result I thought at the time it had lead to some minor depression. ALRI originally wanted me to end week 8 with 3 caps restore and 3 caps of JW, which would have been higher than the dose I ended with of JW only. So in an attempt to avoid the minor depression after the cycle, I decided to pyramid the products the way I did. It was more of a personal choice based on a past experience rather than a choice based on some other logic behind stacking the products. Hope that helps clear some things up for you I'm pretty sure I mentioned this in my very first post to start this log.

    Oh, and by the way, I have not experienced any depression "post-cycle", and it has been a couple of weeks now.

  2. Gotcha. Cool. When I have some time I'll add my own thoughts about this cycle. On day 2 now.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by MANDINGO
    Gotcha. Cool. When I have some time I'll add my own thoughts about this cycle. On day 2 now.
    Best of luck to you Gear up for week 3 because that's when the ride really kicks into high gear!!

  4. damn good cycle man. I will have to try this out soon.
  5. Update

    Ok, so it's been a few weeks since this cycle ended. One of my major concerns from my Jungle Warfare solo log was that when I ended, I experienced some mild depression for a couple weeks following. I was concerned that the same might happen again with JW/Restore stacked together.

    I just wanted to give everyone a quick update and let ya'll know that I have NOT experienced any depression after ending my JW/Restore cycle. When I was running JW, I think the depression had more to do with personal events in my life than the actual decrease and return to baseline in testosterone levels. Funny how it is easy to attribute effects to supplements sometimes when in reality it has nothing to do with them.

    Other than that, there has been a slight decrease in strength due there being less testosterone and free testosterone in my system. For example, I was dumbell benching 140lb dumbells for 7 reps. Now I'm down to 130lb dumbells for 8. But I have retained 90% of the strength that I gained while running this stack! Cool! And there has a been a decrease in my overall endurance in the gym. This has taken some gettin' use to!! When I was on JW/Restore, I felt as fresh at the end of a workout as I did at the beginning. I could bust through sets like it was nothing! Now that I'm's a different story. I'm beat 3/4 of the way through my routine. So it's been a struggle going from feeling like superman in the gym to feeling like average joe again.

    Overall, I can't wait to hop back on. Next time it'll definitely be JW/Restore/BAM all stacked together.

    Take care everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BOHICA
    If thats the case, then do your shrugs on an incline bench facing the back of it. Hang your arms over infront of you and shrug holding dumbbells. The angle will stimulate the traps all the way down into the lower back creating an all around bigger muscle.
    Nice Exercise

  7. Quote Originally Posted by maddenizor
    Nice Exercise
    Classic!! I love your avatar

  8. HAHA thanks terminator..


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